Tuesday, December 7, 2021

December 7

Happy, happy birthday to Alex! I always find it hilarious in a way, that our son that has been fascinated by Japan and its culture since he was 12 years old, was born on Pearl Harbor Day. My goodness how we love that boy. He’s has given us a new daughter that we love very much, and now a new granddaughter on the way. Life is very good and chock filled with wonderful blessings from the Lord.

Advent Stocking number seven!
More delicious candy and look at that cute little snowman with his skis. This was another of my Facebook marketplace finds. Remember, I got all eight of the snowman for $20. The big ones like this are about 8 inches high.

A happy present in the mail yesterday was from Vera. Thank you so much Vera! She said it was supposed to be a housewarming gift. I just love it! It will have a very predominant place in my craft area. There is no way I’m using this to wipe my dishes!

And here are two more of my favorite ornaments. I received both of these from Gene and Connie, a.k.a. Far Guy and Far Side. Connie has the blog “The Far Side of Fifty” that you can find on my side bar. Far Guy carves these amazing ornaments every year and then Far Side paints them. They make an amazing team. The one on the left I received in 2019 as the winner of her blog giveaway. The one on the right is this year‘s ornament, and it was also a housewarming gift for our new home. Aren’t they wonderful?

The back of the stocking. Just look at the intricate carving a detailed painting. Such talent!

The bottom of the gnome. I will treasure these always. Thank you so much Connie and Gene!

How is your December going? Are you accomplishing everything on your to do list? The drywaller is here today and I believe he will be back tomorrow. Things are moving along although a bit more slowly now because of drying time, etc., required between each step. It’s OK. This too shall pass and then we will have a beautiful bathroom and laundry area.  I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday.



  1. Happy birthday, Alex. May this next year be filled with joy!

    Today was a day of maintenance. The boiler guy was here to make sure the heat will stay on all winter and my car went to the beauty shop for a winter wax. DUG (the car) looks brand new, not the 12 years old he is. The guy who did the detailing kept remarking that he wished he could find a car like mine. DUG is pretty good for an old guy (DUG --- is Deep Unrelenting Grey --- he's a metallic gunmetal color)

  2. My son, who was also fascinated by Japan and went to live there to teach English for a while, is also a December baby. He married another December baby and then they had a December baby. My second son also married a December baby and had a December baby last year. Golly. When I think about it that way it's just crazy. Oh, and I am also a December baby....March must be a boring month...lol.

  3. Your new snowmen look like they are part of the Boyd’s Bear line. They are very cute! Happy Day to Alex.

  4. Happy Birthday Alex! What wonderful housewarming gifts! The towel is just adorable, so perfect for you. I have a handcarved ornament from the Far Guy and Connie, too! I was lucky to be drawn for the stocking. I was blown away by the detail and it has a very special spot on my tree. I was having a difficult Christmas and just looking at the stocking still makes me feel better.

  5. So glad you like the ornaments! Happy Birthday to your Alex!

  6. I hope Alex has a nice birthday in London! Eating fish and chips and hot tea would be fun when living there. Nice gifts you recieved. I need to pull out my snowman I found last year at a thrift store. A good thing that happened today is that I have a job at Panera. Start Monday with paperwork then training schedule set up! I am so happy I got a job that really close to home. A bit rainy today but not too cold. Hugs my friend!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son! You've a lot of rejoicing to be grateful this Christmas!

  8. Aw, the ornaments are so pretty! And the dish towel, too. I agree that it is too pretty to use!