Sunday, December 26, 2021

December 26

My goodness, it is almost time for bed and I am just now getting online today for the first time. I am so sorry everyone. It’s been a busy day today. I did not go to church this morning because I woke up with a horrible headache. Dennis gave me some Advil and told me to stay in bed and he went to church without me. I woke up about 10:15 and my headache was gone, so I got up and got busy. I NEVER stay in bed that long. I must have been tired. Mandy, Piper and Mom came over for a lunch of ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cream cheese corn, Jell-O salad and sweet potatoes. For dessert we had double chocolate cake from Costco and apple pie. Then, after mom went home, we opened gifts and watched a movie. The day was gone before I realized it had even really began.

The photo below is to prove to you just how warm it was here yesterday. 56°F. I can’t believe that I wore my flip-flops and a sundress on Christmas day in Nebraska! I have never before done that. Sorry about the face I was making. I think I was looking into the sun when Dennis snapped the picture.

Now mom on the other hand, is always cold. She had a sweatshirt and a sweater and a coat on when she came over today. Our niece bought her those new slippers for Christmas. They are lavender infused and you can put them in the microwave to make them warm. They will be perfect for her as she always has cold feet. She brought them with her today so Mandy could show her how warm to make them. Since mom is a diabetic, Mandy also checked her feet and checked for numbness, pulse and everything that you have to do when you’re diabetic. She didn’t want grandma wearing the slippers if she had no feeling in her feet, because she didn’t want her to accidentally burn them because she couldn’t feel how hot they were. It’s really nice having a nurse around. 😍 Please ignore the sloth puppy toy by her feet. They are everywhere in our house! No matter how many times a day that I pick them up, they still are scattered all over constantly.

These two are the reason why. They are constantly kissing each other or touching their noses to each other. I have never seen two dogs like this before.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday weekend and are ready to tackle the new week. I hope to be back with a new post tomorrow.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. We had a snowy cold Sunday. Stayed home and watched church online via YouTube. Roads were worse than this eve when we went out to dinner on this side of town. I'm glad you're feeling better. Nice slippers for mom. So far we're good warmth wise. That's quite the temperature in Omaha this time of year. I need to get laundry folder and put clean sheets on the bed. Have a good week. ×× Becky

  2. It was crazy warm here too for the past few days but I am waking up to cold and rainy this morning which is not nice for my poor back. I slept on the couch last night so I could get comfortable. All I need now is my usually rainy day headache and I'll be staying right here on the couch all day.
    Your babies grew up fast! They look like such big girls now in their cute bandannas. Pup would never go for that. We have to chase her around to get a sweater on her to go for a walk on cold days.

  3. Those slippers sound like a very good idea. Mom looks very pleased with them.

    I can't believe you were outside with no sleeves!!!! LOL 56 isn't all that warm.

  4. It's not warm here! We had lots of snow yesterday, too! Don't know what it was like in Spokane though, but I'll bet they had snow, too. You are amazing to post every day; I'm lucky if I do it once a month. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  5. The Christmas Day storm dropped 4”, and yesterday three squalls came through with more in a short time. Definitely not sleeveless temperatures here for another four/five months.

  6. Oh, those slippers sound amazing! I imagine they smell so nice, too. And, those puppies are truly something else!

  7. What a beautiful post! I'm glad you had a wonderful day! (I am finally catching up on my blog read!)