Friday, December 24, 2021

December 24

Happy Christmas Eve!

Just a short post today. We’ve had a busy morning. We actually tackled Costco so I could get one of their chocolate cakes and apple pies for Christmas dinner. That place was insane. Dennis waited in the car with Zoey and I ran in. I felt like a fish swimming upstream. I had a cart and I ran through the store and picked everything up and just as I got up to the checkstands they opened two more registers. I waited to see if anyone else that was already standing in line was moving to them but when only one lady moved, I went behind her. I hate cutting in line when other people have been waiting, but everyone seemed content to stay where they were. In less than 10 minutes I was able to grab the pie, cake, a roasted chicken, pretzels and dried onions and check out. I think that is a record for Costco, even on days that aren’t near holidays.

After that, we stopped by Mandy‘s and shared the Costco chicken with her and Piper for lunch. She had salad and crescent rolls so it was a nice lunch together. Brad was out flying with a friend trying to build up his flight hours. Since he’s been working out of town so much he needed to get some flying time in. 

Now Dennis is taking the ceiling fan from our dining room and putting it in his office and we’re replacing the dining room fan with one that matches the living room fan since those rooms are attached to each other. The ceiling fan in his office hasn’t worked since we moved in so this will really help out in the summertime.

Dennis and Mandy took the puppies for a walk while we were at their house, but Dennis and I plan to go out and take Zoey for another one when I’m finished blogging. It is 55° today and we want to take advantage of it.

My advent today was more yummy candy. I also wanted to highlight the snowman that I got from Cindy at the “Delighted Hands” blog. She sent it to me last year when we were living in the trailer and it has been out all year long. I just love this sweet little snow person.  When I drove from Spokane to Omaha, I wrapped it up carefully and carried it in my purse. It is truly one of my prized possessions and it will continue to be out year-round. Cindy made it herself on her lathe and I’m so impressed by her skills.

I did finish one more pair of mittens yesterday, plus one mitten and the cuff started on the second.

Several of you shared your Christmas plans yesterday and I so enjoyed reading them. Tonight we will take my laptop over to moms and watch the Christmas Eve service with her. I think we will also get some pizza. We may go to my sisters tomorrow morning for a little while to see my nephews family, since it’s been over two years since we’ve been able to see them. Then, we will take mom to another nephews home for Christmas dinner. Mandy and Piper will be over Sunday after church for dinner with Dennis and I, as Brad will be on his way back to Indiana for work. I think it will be a fairly busy weekend.

I’m not sure I will be online much tomorrow so I want to wish you all a very blessed Christmas as you celebrate the day we remember Christ’s birthday. May you and your family all celebrate with love and laughter. I’m so grateful to have each one of you in my life.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

Love and Blessings,


  1. Wishing you a blessed, joyful, peaceful Christmas day.

  2. You've had a whirlwind day already!
    Dave and I had to brave Walmart this morning. I got a text that they had last-minute opening for COVID boosters. Even though I knew the place would be a zoo, I decided to go for it - the soonest appt I can get anywhere else is January 17th! It wasn't too bad, but as we were leaving, the cars trying to get in were starting to pile up. We timed it just right, it seems!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Sending peace and many blessings to you and yours, Betsy. Sounds like a great weekend you have planned. We will be celebrating with our daughter Heidi and her family...they should arrive in another hour or so from Southern Wisconsin. We have about 40 degrees today and rain off and on....still piles of snow Heidi and fam will see a white Christmas after all, since they don't have snow in Southern Wis yet this year! A very Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Merry Christmas Betsy!
    That little snowman is adorable. Cindy really is talented!

  5. Merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful celebration being back with your family.

  6. I had a good day at work. Not alot of people in today, even though the outlet mall had alot of people there. 5 cars in line to turn right for the mall when I went to work this a.m. I got some free pastry and bread at work today. Even a free flatbread pizza which I was going to buy it! SWEET!!! A bit rainy and lots of water on I-5. A bad accident that had some casualties.....SAD! :-/ Have a blessed Christmas and God bless you and your family! Sounds like a fun time together!!! ----Becky

  7. Sweet Betsy....Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  8. Merry Christmas and many blessings from Canada. Love reading your blog every day. Please keep up your daily sharing
    Cheryl (aka seajaes on ravelry)