Friday, December 17, 2021

December 17

I’m back! Still no internet which is REALLY messing up Dennis’s work but we did get our power on last night. It was out about 27 hours. Most of our neighbors left to go to relatives or hotels, but we were blessed to have our whole house generator. We brought Mom and Maple her cat, over here and she stayed until this morning. She really has nowhere to go in storms. Under our stairs is a much better spot than her bathroom. Here are a couple of pictures of our time under the stairs. Doesn’t Dennis look thrilled?

Mom had a nice cozy little bed made up for her

Here is yesterday’s advent calendar gift. It’s a nice little peppermint hot chocolate stirrer. The snowman is one of the first I ever collected.

Today’s advent was candy. This snowmanwas my last purchase just before Thanksgiving. He was 70% off. He is also by far my biggest snowman. He is about 18 inches tall. I think he’s pretty cute.☃️

I did manage to complete two hats in the last two days.

I like the colors on this one. Now I have started working on mittens again.
I thought I would share a couple of pictures of our bathroom remodel. This is what it looked like this morning. Steve is coming today to caulk the bathtub and then he and Dennis will carry the vanity up and set it in place. I think by the end of the day he will be done, but the plumber won’t be back to put the toilet in or hook up the water until December 29.

And my laundry area is complete. I still have a few things to put away but I really like the cabinets.

On the 28th Steve will come back and take the vanity and toilet out of the bathroom in our bedroom and put the new floor and vanity in. That way the plumber will be able to hook everything up when he’s here on the 29th.

I hope all is well with you. How are your Christmas preparation’s coming? I’m having trouble getting online enough to check your blogs but I will be trying as I have access to the Internet. 

Mandy got her Covid booster this morning and has the rest of the day off. I’m picking Piper up after school and taking her Christmas shopping. I think it will be a fun afternoon. 

See you tomorrow!



  1. It looks pretty comfy under your stairs!!!!

    Dave bought us a small generator a couple months ago. It won't run the whole house, but it will keep the furnace and a couple lights going for us. We just have to get Michael back to hook it into the fuse panel for us.

    I love your big snowman! And your renos are coming along nicely. I promised Dave I would finish mudding the walls in our laundry room so he can install the the laundry tub... I've been putting it off.

  2. There's a lot of room under the stairs, glad you have a safe place to go. Love the scripture!!

  3. Glad you are all safe and sound!! The storms have just been awful, haven't they? Take care Betsy. PS - Loved the picture of you with the antler headgear on!!

  4. I spend a lot of time under my stairs when the wind is howling. I have an Ikea chair and footstool that I drag down there for sleeping. I've seen what trees can do to a house and it's pretty scary. Pregnant Daughter got boosted today and I was a wreck waiting to here from here. She's fine so far. I hope she stays that way.
    Your bathroom is killing me. It looks so good and it was so fast. We are still slogging away in the kitchen but at least now it looks like we're getting somewhere.

  5. You had scary weather! Glad you are okay! :)

  6. Glad you made it through the storm okay. Hope the internet comes back soon.

    ALL of your snowmen have been cute, but the 18" one....SUPER cute.

    The bathroom looks great. Our main bathroom is done nicely, but some day we will have to update the hall bath. I'm guessing the bath was put in somewhere in the 1950s by the style of the tile. The tub is in good condition and the toilet is somewhat new, but the vanity, tile, floor, and medicine cabinet could REALLY use an update.

    We'll see. A new yard fence is next on the big money list.


  8. The new cupboards in the laundry room look good and will be SO useful for keeping laundry-related stuff.
    Your newest ( and biggest) snowman is super cute.

  9. Scary weather, but glad you are okay. And glad you are there to rescue Mom and bring her to your safe quarters. Dennis does look thrilled, LOL. That generator is pretty darn nice to have. I love the floor in your bathroom, too! It is really coming together.

  10. Good memories of an interesting December. Your house bathroom looks nice and the cupboards and wall color in laundry room is nice as well! It's been cold and rainy. May get snow tomorrow but i hope not as we are planning to go out to dinner after I get off work tomorrow into Mt. Angel to a sausage restaurant, a favorite one he likes. I saw a dog today inside of a dog sack when I was working at Panera. He's a chihahu and reminder me of Zoey! Have a good weekend and hope things settle down soon in the weather conditions in your area! ==Becky

  11. Oh, a sleepover is making the most of the power-outage! The hat is going to warm up someone nicely!

  12. Whoa Nellie! You had it worse than me...I never even had to go to the basement but it was close! Glad you are safe and sound and glad your MIL had a place to come and ride out the storm. So sorry you lost power....but glad you have a whole house generator! I looked into them but they are pretty pricey so I figured I can deal with power outages with my fireplace etc. We'll see...i have a feeling we are due for another ice's been 12 years I think and I will never forget the last one!
    I love your new bathroom and laundry room! Very snazzy!

  13. Glad you all were safe through the storms. I know your MIL was happy to be with you and Dennis. I hate being alone in bad weather. Your bathroom is looking so pretty.

  14. I love that picture of "Mom" tucked in bed in the basement in your house. The safest place to be in a storm.