Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

Another week has gone by and it's been a hot one!  Actually, it's been pretty hot for weeks now and the forecast is for the 90's for the entire 10 day forecast.  Very unusual for our area.  Usually we have one or two hot weeks and then it's in the 70's and 80's.  I don't like heat.  Not at all.  For some reason the past few years I've felt it more, perhaps all the meds the doctors have me on?  Who knows?  I am ready for some cooler days though.  At least it always cools to the 50's at night at the lake, in town, not so much!

Nita's pretty flowers.  See that big plant in the back?  That's her zucchini that she has planted in a pot!  There are lots of zucchini's in there too with a few almost ready to be harvested.  You can see the faint blur from smoke over the hills in the background.  Lots and lots of fires again this year.
Do you see this little guy on the side of the tree?  He's making a mess of our campsite every. single. night.  How one little squirrel can tear up so much is astounding.  At least it's just pinecones that he's chewing up and throwing around and not our furniture!  I'm not kidding, every morning ours and Paul & Lori's spots are completely covered with pieces of pinecones.
This is Dennis' new baby.  We've been looking for a smaller trailer that was reasonably priced to use to go on trips since our trailer is pretty permanently placed at the lake and I don't want to pull something that big. We stumbled upon this one last Saturday.  It's a 2009 but the stove,oven, refrigerator and microwave were never even used! It seriously looks as though it was only used once or twice.  We will be letting others use it to take trips too.  We feel God has blessed us and we want to share that.
It is smaller than our lake trailer but still has a queen size bed, although curtains separate it, not a true door.  We don't care about that at all.  The table also makes into another bed.
Kitchen area and bathroom door.  It has the same exact appliances as our lake trailer and they have always been reliable.
The bathroom has a tub and shower and more counter space than our lake trailer.  It also has a huge closet to the left of this photo that you can't see here. I honestly think this camper has more storage than our big one.  Maybe we should full-time RV in this one!  :-)
We're already going to use it next weekend when Alicia, Jeremy and the boys come to visit.  We've rented the spot across from us at the lake and will take this trailer there for them to use.  When Jamie and the kids come or when Mandy, Brad and Piper visit in the summer, we can take this up to the lake and not have to run back and forth to town every night.  It's like a little guest house. :-) We're hoping it gets lots and lots of use.  A bit of advice for anyone wanting to buy a trailer?  Wait until this time of year or later.  They are trying to get rid of them before winter hits and boy, can you talk them down, down, down in price.  I was really surprised at how cheap we got this.  We've been watching Craigslist for months and not finding anything that wasn't damaged or filthy,  This one is like brand new.  We are really looking forward to sharing this blessing with others. :-)

Dennis and I went shopping last night for all of the hoses, adapters, pillows, kitchen stuff for it.  Goodness!  It was like outfitting a small apartment!

Kim from Napiersknits sent me this book.  Andrea is the daughter of Max Lucado, Dennis' favorite author so I'm really looking forward to reading it.  Thanks Kim!
I finally finished my beaded shawl. It is the Asana Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I really do like this pattern.  Every pattern of hers that I've done has been very well written and easy to understand.  She even provides the number of stitches that you should have at the end of each row so you can check yourself.

My problem was the yarn.  I don't even know what yarn it is since it was given to me years ago from someone's stash.  I blocked this thing like crazy and look at it, still curled up.  I could tell it was going to do this, so I bound off several rows early.  I spent soooooo much time knitting this and I'm so disappointed.  But, it is a beautiful pattern and don't let my yarn issues stop you from knitting it yourself.
Look at that beautiful pattern.  It really is a fun knit, just not worth wasting time with this yarn.
I also knitted four more pair of mittens this week and started a pair of socks.  I'm sure not getting much accomplished this summer.  I think this disappointing shawl makes me want to tackle some smaller projects.  There is a KAL going on for double knitting next month and I've never tried that.  I may just go pattern browsing and try to find something simple to try to learn something new.

I hope you're all enjoying summer and all of it's fresh produce.  I picked 3 gallons of raspberries last week and froze them.  That will be a nice reminder of summer in the snowy days ahead. :-)

Have a lovely week my friends.

"Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139:23-24


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lazy, No, Busy Day's of Summer!

Happy Hot Summertime in Washington.  We've had some really hot weather since our return from Nebraska.  Some of that time has been at the lake but some at home too.  Last weekend our son Jamie and two of our grandchildren came to visit.  They arrived early afternoon Friday and left Sunday morning.  We spent all day Saturday at the lake where they went boating and swimming.  By request, I am no longer posting photos of them.  Suffice it to say, they are absolutely wonderful kids, both inside and out.  They are so polite and thoughtful and we had a wonderful time.  It is always so hard to see them leave because visits are few and far between.

Then yesterday Alicia and her boys drove to our lake place from their home in Moses Lake, WA.  It's about a 3 hour drive.  Kale and Hayden are about the same age as our grandchildren and they treat us like grandparents which is really sweet.  They swam all day, (literally in the water for 5 hours straight!), and then we came home and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and had watermelon and macaroni salad.  Yum!  Then we watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie which was wonderful.  They spent the night with us at our house and then left this morning to do some school shopping and a doctors appt.  They may be back the weekend of July 29 with their Dad.  Dennis is preaching that Sunday and they want to go to church with us.  Dennis baptized both Alicia and Jeremy and also performed their wedding.  Alicia worked for me for a number of years when I was a bookkeeper.  They are a really sweet family and we enjoy having them for visits.  You may remember that they had Thanksgiving with us last year.

Here's a somewhat smoky view at the lake yesterday.  The smoke is from fires in Canada and also across the Columbia River in Washington.
Nita's flowers are thriving.  She hasn't even been at the lake for almost a month but Lori takes good care of the watering for her.
Nita's container zucchini plant.  Again, Nita planted the seeds and then Lori took over. Look at all the blossoms!
There are lots of little zucchini's in there.  Can you see them?
Chloe and Maddie.  They are such great friends and really miss each other in the winter.  We're doggy sitting Maddie this weekend while Paul and Lori go canoeing and biking the "Trail of the Coeur d'Alene's" in Idaho with some other friends.  Last weekend we had Sophie.  I think I should hang out my shingle as a dog sitter!  Both Sophie and Maddie are very easy to care for and all three dogs love each other.  Larry and Nita are camping in their motor home on the Columbia River in Oregon until Sunday.  They just arrived this morning and Nita sent me a text saying she should have left Sophie with me.  There are a bunch of other dogs at the campground and she's so little she's scared to death.  We would have had all three dogs if they would have left her with us!
Only four pairs of mittens were done this week.  I have been busy with company all week and not much time to knit at all.  Kale and Hayden have asked for socks so I need to get busy with those too.
This is the little purse my grandmother crocheted way back in the 1800's.  I keep it in my cedar chest to preserve it.  The stitches are the tiniest I've ever seen.  The hook must have been a "0".  The thread is just that...tiny, thin thread.  She was about 8 years old when she crocheted it and the workmanship is so perfect it's almost unbelievable.
She even put a zipper in it...perfectly.
Look at those tiny clusters!  I remember her telling me that her grandmother made her do it all by herself with no help so she would learn to do it right.  She's the one who taught me to crochet and I'll forever be grateful to her.  I miss her.  She taught me so much about sewing, yarn work and cooking.
I made a spaghetti salad this morning for a luncheon I'm going to tomorrow.  It's best if it sits at least a day to let the flavors marinate together.  Doesn't it look good for a hot day?
My English Rose bush bloomed this morning for the first time this year.  Usually it's around the 4th of July so it's a bit late this year.  I just love the gorgeous lavender color of these flowers.
Well, I think I've bored you enough today haven't I?  Life is in it's round of lake time, company time and home time.  I still haven't gotten into the water at the lake, but that's my plan for Friday!  I have my floaty inflated and I'm going to enjoy myself.  I hope you're all having a wonderful summer, (or winter if you're down under).  May God bless each and everyone of you.  I'm SO thankful for you being here to visit me.

"Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galations 6:2


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A bit more about the trip...

Hello again and happy summer!

It's Wednesday and I'm back from the lake.  I had two wonderful relaxing days and nights out there and now I'm ready to tackle some projects here at home.  The biggest news?  Jamie, Kyleigh and Caleb are coming to visit for the weekend on Friday!  Yippee!  For Grandparents that rarely see their grandchildren because of distance, seeing all three of them within the space of one week is pretty awesome news.  I know that they will want to go swimming at the lake and have a picnic there.  They usually plan one weekend for that every summer.  It's supposed to be pretty hot, in the upper 90's so the water will feel very good.

Now for some Nebraska photos.  Here's Grandpa and Piper laughing at something in the car on Sunday.  We spent lots of time laughing AND in the car.  I think we were on our way to dinner with my family at "The Cabin" in North Omaha when I took this picture.
Here we are at dinner.  From left to right.  Me, my big sister Melanie, my oldest brother Roger, and the next oldest, Lynn.  Yep, I'm the baby of the family.  Behind us are my niece Chaela and her husband Tim.  There were others on the other side of the table, about 20 in all.  We had such a great time and spent several hours visiting.  We had an early dinner so we wouldn't be taking up so much space when they were busy.  The food was really, really good too.
Here is Miss Piper and my nieces son Hunter on the porch of "The Cabin".  It was the first time they had met each other and they hit it off right away and had a grand time together.
The night before we had the reunion of the singing group we were in 36 years ago!  Many, (most), people were unable to make it, but those of us that did had a great time remembering.  There were several photo albums to go through and remember the fun we had together when we were much, much younger.  One of the girls drove from Louisiana and we drove from Washington, but everyone else still lives in the area.
On the drive I made this blanket, hat, sweater and sock set that quickly found a home on Pipers baby doll.  Do you see her little foot in the top of the picture?  Isn't it cute?  I made another complete set while driving too, so I still have one to donate.
Here is another little blanket I crocheted one afternoon for one of her other babies that is still in the moving truck.  She said "Rosie" needed a blanket too, so of course Grandma made one.
On Monday and on Tuesday the 4th of July, we drove to Fremont to Brad's parents campsite.  They belong to a similar place that we do and leave their 5th wheel trailer there in the summer.  They had a golf cart parade on the 4th.  I missed the one that was pulling a wagon with Dennis, Piper and Mandy on it.
Don't they all look like they're having fun?  Our campground does a similar thing, only it's with a boat parade on the 4th.
Even sweet Polly was dressed for the holiday.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This dog went crazy when she saw Grandpa and I arrive.  She was SO excited to see us.  It's been over a year and a half and she remembered who we were.  She slept with us almost every night while we were there and followed us everywhere.  Mandy said the day we left she kept going to our room and the front door looking for us.  So sad.
I painted Piper's fingernails early in the week and she was so pleased.  I think she's only had them done once before.  She picked out the color.  Pink of course!
Then on Friday she insisted that we painted Mommy's toes.  Now that was fun!  She did a pretty good job on the big toes and I did the little ones.
Also on Friday we went to Forest Lawn Cemetery.  We have a lot of family buried there, both Dennis' family and mine.  We actually have a headstone already in place there too.  Mandy thinks that's morbid, but we're trying to make it easier for the person left behind.  Since she's the executor of our will, it may be her!  What do you think?  Dennis' Dad, sister, both sets of Grandparents, aunts and uncles are all there.  My parents and lots of people I grew up with are also there, with all of the gravesites fairly close together.  The cemetery is only a few blocks from Grandma's house, so we decided to visit since it's been several years since we've been there.  Forest Lawn is an absolutely beautiful cemetery, very well kept and peaceful.  Miss Piper found some flowers, (weeds), on the edge of the woods next to the cemetery and brought them home.  Isn't she beautiful?
Brad also flew to Texas on Friday before we left to get his plane, a Piper Comanche!  Here he is picking it up.
It's a very pretty plane.  We didn't get to see it since he didn't get back to Omaha until 12:30 Saturday morning and we left before 6:00 a.m.  But next visit maybe he'll take me flying!
Mandy sent me this picture of Piper and Daddy in the cockpit.  She knows the call sign and told us all week long that the call sign of Daddy's plane is N6882 Papa!  She has her own aviator headset and logbook that I showed you in an earlier post.  They've been at the airport this week and she's talked to several pilots about their planes.  I'm amazed that she knows the makes and models of them all and I think the pilots she talked to were too.  They said she'll be flying herself before long!
And here we are on the drive home.  I do NOT take good selfies! Ha!  I always look mad, sick, puzzled or worse! The reading glasses don't help at all, but without them I can't see the phone!  Dennis looks as  handsome as always though.
A gorgeous sunset as we drove.
Oh, and I also made these mittens while gone.  Progress on the 110 pair needed for the school children.  Piper has also requested a new pair since she's outgrown the ones I made her.  I forget that she'll be five years old in September!  These mittens fit her perfectly.  Of course Grandma told her that as soon as we knew what color her coat will be, I will make her a new pair. 
The other baby set I made while driving.  Out of a one pound ball of baby yarn, I got two complete sets!  Not bad.  I also used a 50% off coupon for the yarn so I made both sets for around $6.00.  Remember, I always use acrylic for my charity knitting.  That is what they have asked for because of ease in washing and drying.  And, in my humble opinion, acrylic yarn has improved drastically in the past few years too.  :-)
Finally, I received this beautiful card from ShazinOz on my sidebar.  She is a lovely sister in Christ who lives in Australia and has been a prayer warrior and cheerleader for me ever since the first days of my heart issues.  She is feeling under the weather herself right now so if you could say a prayer for this wonderful lady, I would greatly appreciate it and I know she would too.

She knows my favorite color is purples/lavenders.  Isn't this beautiful?  She makes these gorgeous cards herself.  You can't tell from the angle, but the words are all raised.  SO much work and love went into this card.
Sorry this is so photo laden.  I didn't know what to leave out.  I hope you enjoyed a little of our trip with me.  I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the week and stay cool wherever you may be.

"But if anyone obeys His word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did." 1 John 2:5-6

Blessings always my friends.

Monday, July 10, 2017

~Home Again~

Hello Everyone.  We got home from our grand adventure last night and boy are we tired.  I haven't been online hardly at all for the last week and a half, so I'm way behind in reading your blogs.  I'm sorry.  I was busy playing with Piper!  I think I'll just start fresh today and hope that's fine with you all.  :-) 

We left Wednesday afternoon, June 28 about 4:00 in the afternoon.  First we drove from Washington into Idaho.
A short hour or so later, at the top of Lookout Pass, we crossed into Montana.
Montana and Idaho are so beautiful.  Lots of snow is still on the mountains, even with the heat we've had.  We spent the night at the bottom of Homestake Pass in Whitehall, MT.  Early Thursday we were on the road again and drove 12 1/2 hours that day.
After Montana's 550 miles, we entered Wyoming and enjoyed views of the Bighorn Mountains as we made our way southeast.
After just a few hours and 200 or so miles, we crossed into South Dakota.  Although we drove through Sturgis, (where the motorcycle rally is held every year), Spearfish and Rapid City, there was no stopping us.  We were on a mission to see our girls.  Thursday night we stayed in Mitchell, SD, home of the famous "Corn Palace."
We knew we were back in the plains states because of the endless vistas of prairie and cows!
Friday morning we were up bright and early and finished the South Dakota portion of the drive and entered Iowa!  We were getting close!  It's only about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to Omaha once you enter Iowa.
We made it.  We crossed the Mormon Bridge into north Omaha and Grandma's, (Dennis' Mom's), house is only about 5 minutes from here.  Finally, after 23 1/2 hours of driving we were here.  Mandy and Brad have bought a house in Omaha and are waiting for the closing late next week.  Meanwhile, Grandma is enjoying having everyone there with her.
This was our prize when we arrived.  She was thrilled with the baby sweater, hat, socks and blanket I knitted for her baby on the drive.  It was SO good to get hugs from her and her Mama. 
Leaving on Saturday morning wasn't nearly as much fun.  We drove from Omaha to Billings, MT on Saturday and the rest of the way yesterday. We're both exhausted but it was worth it.  My back did fine on the drive.  We did stop often at rest areas for only five minutes, but enough to stretch muscles.

I have lots to do today and plan to head to the lake this afternoon for a day or two.  I'll try to catch up with everyone soon.  I'll write more in a day or so to tell you about the fun things we did while in Omaha, but I wanted to thank you all for your prayers for my back while traveling.  I appreciate each and every one of them.

I'm already planning my next trip there in a couple of months.  This time I'll try flying!

"Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4