Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A bit more about the trip...

Hello again and happy summer!

It's Wednesday and I'm back from the lake.  I had two wonderful relaxing days and nights out there and now I'm ready to tackle some projects here at home.  The biggest news?  Jamie, Kyleigh and Caleb are coming to visit for the weekend on Friday!  Yippee!  For Grandparents that rarely see their grandchildren because of distance, seeing all three of them within the space of one week is pretty awesome news.  I know that they will want to go swimming at the lake and have a picnic there.  They usually plan one weekend for that every summer.  It's supposed to be pretty hot, in the upper 90's so the water will feel very good.

Now for some Nebraska photos.  Here's Grandpa and Piper laughing at something in the car on Sunday.  We spent lots of time laughing AND in the car.  I think we were on our way to dinner with my family at "The Cabin" in North Omaha when I took this picture.
Here we are at dinner.  From left to right.  Me, my big sister Melanie, my oldest brother Roger, and the next oldest, Lynn.  Yep, I'm the baby of the family.  Behind us are my niece Chaela and her husband Tim.  There were others on the other side of the table, about 20 in all.  We had such a great time and spent several hours visiting.  We had an early dinner so we wouldn't be taking up so much space when they were busy.  The food was really, really good too.
Here is Miss Piper and my nieces son Hunter on the porch of "The Cabin".  It was the first time they had met each other and they hit it off right away and had a grand time together.
The night before we had the reunion of the singing group we were in 36 years ago!  Many, (most), people were unable to make it, but those of us that did had a great time remembering.  There were several photo albums to go through and remember the fun we had together when we were much, much younger.  One of the girls drove from Louisiana and we drove from Washington, but everyone else still lives in the area.
On the drive I made this blanket, hat, sweater and sock set that quickly found a home on Pipers baby doll.  Do you see her little foot in the top of the picture?  Isn't it cute?  I made another complete set while driving too, so I still have one to donate.
Here is another little blanket I crocheted one afternoon for one of her other babies that is still in the moving truck.  She said "Rosie" needed a blanket too, so of course Grandma made one.
On Monday and on Tuesday the 4th of July, we drove to Fremont to Brad's parents campsite.  They belong to a similar place that we do and leave their 5th wheel trailer there in the summer.  They had a golf cart parade on the 4th.  I missed the one that was pulling a wagon with Dennis, Piper and Mandy on it.
Don't they all look like they're having fun?  Our campground does a similar thing, only it's with a boat parade on the 4th.
Even sweet Polly was dressed for the holiday.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This dog went crazy when she saw Grandpa and I arrive.  She was SO excited to see us.  It's been over a year and a half and she remembered who we were.  She slept with us almost every night while we were there and followed us everywhere.  Mandy said the day we left she kept going to our room and the front door looking for us.  So sad.
I painted Piper's fingernails early in the week and she was so pleased.  I think she's only had them done once before.  She picked out the color.  Pink of course!
Then on Friday she insisted that we painted Mommy's toes.  Now that was fun!  She did a pretty good job on the big toes and I did the little ones.
Also on Friday we went to Forest Lawn Cemetery.  We have a lot of family buried there, both Dennis' family and mine.  We actually have a headstone already in place there too.  Mandy thinks that's morbid, but we're trying to make it easier for the person left behind.  Since she's the executor of our will, it may be her!  What do you think?  Dennis' Dad, sister, both sets of Grandparents, aunts and uncles are all there.  My parents and lots of people I grew up with are also there, with all of the gravesites fairly close together.  The cemetery is only a few blocks from Grandma's house, so we decided to visit since it's been several years since we've been there.  Forest Lawn is an absolutely beautiful cemetery, very well kept and peaceful.  Miss Piper found some flowers, (weeds), on the edge of the woods next to the cemetery and brought them home.  Isn't she beautiful?
Brad also flew to Texas on Friday before we left to get his plane, a Piper Comanche!  Here he is picking it up.
It's a very pretty plane.  We didn't get to see it since he didn't get back to Omaha until 12:30 Saturday morning and we left before 6:00 a.m.  But next visit maybe he'll take me flying!
Mandy sent me this picture of Piper and Daddy in the cockpit.  She knows the call sign and told us all week long that the call sign of Daddy's plane is N6882 Papa!  She has her own aviator headset and logbook that I showed you in an earlier post.  They've been at the airport this week and she's talked to several pilots about their planes.  I'm amazed that she knows the makes and models of them all and I think the pilots she talked to were too.  They said she'll be flying herself before long!
And here we are on the drive home.  I do NOT take good selfies! Ha!  I always look mad, sick, puzzled or worse! The reading glasses don't help at all, but without them I can't see the phone!  Dennis looks as  handsome as always though.
A gorgeous sunset as we drove.
Oh, and I also made these mittens while gone.  Progress on the 110 pair needed for the school children.  Piper has also requested a new pair since she's outgrown the ones I made her.  I forget that she'll be five years old in September!  These mittens fit her perfectly.  Of course Grandma told her that as soon as we knew what color her coat will be, I will make her a new pair. 
The other baby set I made while driving.  Out of a one pound ball of baby yarn, I got two complete sets!  Not bad.  I also used a 50% off coupon for the yarn so I made both sets for around $6.00.  Remember, I always use acrylic for my charity knitting.  That is what they have asked for because of ease in washing and drying.  And, in my humble opinion, acrylic yarn has improved drastically in the past few years too.  :-)
Finally, I received this beautiful card from ShazinOz on my sidebar.  She is a lovely sister in Christ who lives in Australia and has been a prayer warrior and cheerleader for me ever since the first days of my heart issues.  She is feeling under the weather herself right now so if you could say a prayer for this wonderful lady, I would greatly appreciate it and I know she would too.

She knows my favorite color is purples/lavenders.  Isn't this beautiful?  She makes these gorgeous cards herself.  You can't tell from the angle, but the words are all raised.  SO much work and love went into this card.
Sorry this is so photo laden.  I didn't know what to leave out.  I hope you enjoyed a little of our trip with me.  I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the week and stay cool wherever you may be.

"But if anyone obeys His word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did." 1 John 2:5-6

Blessings always my friends.


  1. I enjoyed all your photos including your selfie! So there my sweet friend who looks just fine in your glasses!:-} Glad you had a good time. We've had temps around 80 this week. Actually I was chilly this a.m. as I have early shift so put on my sweatshirt I have in car. Wore it some at work as a/c in store made me chilly and break room too. Long pants too. I'm thankful your back is better and you're still cranky out mittens and....keep it up. I hope to knit more this fall. God bless you my sweet friend!!

  2. Great post, it looks like you had a wonderful time. Your needle work is amazing . . . The things that you make will be treasures forever. You are so talented.

  3. Great post, it looks like you had a wonderful time. Your needle work is amazing . . . The things that you make will be treasures forever. You are so talented.

  4. Piper is beautiful and you take amazing pictures of her. I can feel the love!

  5. Such a lovely post Betsy, always a delight to catch up with you. I can understand not wanting to leave any of the photos out. I think it is wonderful to have a plot already at the cemetery it makes it so much easier for those left behind.

  6. It is a wonderful trip when you can fill the family tank of your heart!
    Your grand daughter is a sweet girl; the amount you knit is amazing!

  7. Oh what a wonderful blog post! I so loved seeing everyone and sharing in your happy adventures. I am so glad you all got a chance to be with each other. Little Miss Piper is just so adorable, as always. Rest up sweet friend, and I look forward to more photos later of your new adventures back out at the lake. Blessings always. ((hugs))

  8. Your trip looks like it was a smashing success. Nothing better than visiting family and friends, making new memories, and remembering past adventures.

  9. Oh Piper brings you such joy! I'm so happy you had time to spend with all the family! Your photos are fun to see. I too end up looking wacky in selfies.
    I'm happy to hear that acrylics are getting softer. And your charity and baby doll knits are wonderful. Any happy grand dog is a delight
    What I'm most happy for is your body held up on the trip! I ve said a prayer for your dear friend.

  10. You had such a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you had a chance to see everyone in Omaha and that you'll get to see your other grandchildren so soon too. I can tell that you are very devoted to your family, especially the little ones. I loved seeing Piper! She's getting so big. That photo where she's showing her nails is so sweet, I love her face in it. I'm no good at selfies either. I always look really goofy, I think it's because I raise my eyebrows and put my chin down, so I look like a dog in the pictures. I'm totally serious, like a dog that got in trouble and is being scolded. Haha.

  11. Betsy, I so enjoyed this post! Full of news and photos and darling little Piper! I'm so impressed with Brad's plane! I totally believe that Piper will be a pilot herself. What a wonderful skill to pass on to your child! I am so impressed that you got two whole baby sets done.. you're pretty amazing. I'm glad you're feeling so much better and getting to do more things. Thank heavens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Oh, it was wonderful catching up with you and seeing the wonderful time you had while gone!! So thankful it all went well, sweet friend. God bless you all!

  13. Lovely photos and narrative, Betsy! I am smiling at you. It is good to see happy Miss Piper, and so many members of your loving family as well. Your stitching leaves me in awe, and I agree that acrylic yarn is much nicer than it used to be. I am so excited you are having more Grand time and with Jamie! I am enjoying Carolyn's visit and plan to pick up my sister, Margaret, at the airport tomorrow night. Yay!!! xxxxxx

  14. I loved all the photos especially of your family and your singing group! How cool is that? Cute photos of Piper and you and Dennis too! Since Brad ahs a plane maybe he can come and get you so you won't have to drive!

  15. Looks like you had a fantastic trip and made good use of your car time with so many wonderful projects completed. Hope you are having a grand weekend at the lake.

  16. Hi there dear friend Betsy,
    Am so glad your card has made its way, there in one piece and yes it was made especially for you, brushos are amazing the paint powder used, and you never know how it will turn out!! That's the fun eh?
    Love little Miss Piper she's very pretty as you say, and def turning into a pilot, she has such concentration. For a five year old that's pretty remarkable. I'm hopeless at selfies too, I aiways look like a tortoise 😉
    I'm glad very glad you've had such great times with so many family dear ones ..

    Love how the Lord lifts ones heart after a long period of trial, to fill your heart with joy to overflowing. He helps us to see He is working, in spite of everything.

    Hugs and prayers dear sweet Betsy.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  17. Betsy, I am getting all caught up and am so happy to read about your wonderful trip. How exciting to see everyone in your family and hear about your fabulous time. Hope you are having a great weekend with your other grandchildren. You are blessed.

  18. Hi Betsy, What a wonderful time it looks like your had on your trip! And all the crocheting that you managed to accomplish! No idle hands on your part! It is so great that you can spend all that time there and seeing your singing group friends! Have fun this week-end when the grands are there! Lovely card from your friend too. Nancy