Sunday, November 15, 2020

November Challenge Day 14

Today’s challenge is to tell you about my average day. Well, weekdays and weekend days are different.  During the week I usually get up with Dennis about 5:15 in the morning and let Chloe outside and then after he leaves we go back to bed for an hour or two. Then I get up and get dressed and take Chloe for her walk to the dog park. We come home and I do whatever housekeeping needs done around the RV. After that I check blogs and spend time working on whatever project I currently have going.  

Chloe and I usually take a couple of more walks during the day and I talk to Dennis at noon every day. Piper will usually call in the middle of the afternoon for a 30 minutes to an hour or so, for my art and writing lessons.  By then it’s time to get dinner started and take Chloe for another walk. After dinner we usually watch a video or read. Usually I will knit or crochet.

On Thursday nights we have Bible study. We have had Bible study on Thursday nights at our house for the last 40+ years. We have had pretty much the same group of people ever since we moved to Spokane 27 years ago. They have become very good friends. We have been meeting via zoom since April. We had hoped to be able to have our annual Christmas party and potluck this year to celebrate being done with the virus, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

And that is my normal day. Of course sometimes things change with doctors appointments or errands, although I don’t have many of those anymore. With the virus, like most of you, I don’t go out much.  Most nights I don’t go to bed until 11:00 or midnight.  I have had trouble sleeping for the last several years.

I have a few more decoration photos for you. This candle on the left was a gift from Teresa a few Christmases ago and the one on the right is one I’ve had for a while. The candles were lit, but it was too light and you can’t see them glowing.  I’ll try to remember to take a nighttime photo soon. Nita gave me that pretty little lantern in the middle. It has a battery operated candle in it.  They sit on top of our printer. In an RV you have to put things wherever you can! 😍

A few more snowman live behind the stovetop. On the left is a salt and pepper shaker set and the picture is actually a card that I framed.  My mind has just gone blank but I think it was Debbie who is Araignee on my sidebar who made the card. If I’m wrong, somebody let me know down in the comments.  I apologize, I have such a horrible memory.  The backsplash is a peel and stick vinyl that I put up last fall. It was plain wallpaper and I was afraid of grease spatters or spaghetti sauce or something getting on it. This just wipes clean and it adds a bit of color too.

We had a very quiet but busy day today. We talked to a realtor about a house back home but it turned out to be something that we are not interested in. Then we both took a long walk with Chloe. I’m trying to get at least 45 minutes of walking in every day.  The bloodwork came back from my physical and my cholesterol numbers were not good. Last year they were perfectly fine, but this year they were pretty bad. I don’t know what has changed except I am less active and it’s been a stressful year. So I’m working to get them down.

Then we took the truck through the car wash. It’s touchless so we didn’t have to be near anyone, we just stayed in the truck and rode that little track through! We got diesel fuel and headed home. I made homemade burritos. They were really good and hit the spot. Did you know beans and lentils are good for lowering your cholesterol? I didn’t. Ha!

I’m working on in knitting a pair of boot toppers for my rain boots. The tops really hurt my legs when I walk because they are made of a very stiff vinyl like material. Especially when it’s cold. We are supposed to have a lot of rain over the next week and I’ll have to walk Chloe during the day. I thought knitting a pair of toppers to go over the top where they hit my legs might help. I’ll take a picture for you tomorrow when it’s light out.

Take care and I will hopefully be back tomorrow. Please stay safe and well, all of you.

I can’t remember if I shared this verse with you before, but it was my mothers favorite verse in the Bible. I thought we all could use a reminder, with the everything that is happening around us. 
Blessings and love.


  1. Oh I love mummas favourite verse too amd when I used to take my dad fir a drive up along the ridge overlooking our mountains I’d quote that passage to him in the hope that he’d believe before he passed and praise God he did! Faithful Heavenly Gather so blessed!
    I love snowmen but not really Aussie a shame cos they’re soooo cute.
    I’ve mailed your card last week so pray it makes it to you in good time.
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these unusual times! Praying you’re all kept well too!
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  2. Your seasonal decor is coming together and looking wonderful. Your day is very similar to ours at the moment, we too are staying close to home and spending time on our hobbies. It is the safest option for these very strange times that we are living in. Take care and stay safe.

  3. It's a great verse to go with a wonderful stage in your life!

  4. I enjoyed reading about your average daay. I've enjoyed all of your November Challenge. Most of the time I'm behind. I've just read back to...Nov 12th ?? and love that Dennis calls and says he will pick up pizza for dinner. That would absolutely make my day! Dan doesn't care much for pizza so we rarely have it. I could eat pizza every day.

  5. Much of my typical days are similar to yours, except I don’t have a dog. It would be nice to have a furry companion, but pets are not allowed in this complex. Stay safe and be well.

  6. I can't wait to see the boot toppers. I have a pair of boots just like that. This week my grandchildren are all quarantined with their parents (one is a "exposure", my son had Covid but has turned the corner). After spending one day depressed, I have embarked on deep cleaning. It is going so much faster without any help from my little people.

  7. I was thinking how beautiful your backsplash is. Double score that it was so easy to put up and take care of.

    We are expecting wild weather tonight. I'm guessing Steve will be out on calls most of the evening. I think I'll hunker down and knit. That's MY normal evening. LOL

  8. That's a wonderful Psalm!

    God Bless!

  9. We don't get up that early anymore but we used to. We wish we had a dog to walk...but not yet. Stay safe out there!

  10. Nice post... I love your peel and stick backsplash, it's very pretty. Your holiday decorating is coming right along nicely. We have a dog but he just goes out into our fenced backyard so we don't have to walk him regularly. Have a good weekend.

  11. The pretty candle containers on either side of the lantern are lovely. I had never seen any like that until last evening. I was watching a YouTube video that I often watch and the couple were unwrapping their Christmas pretties and they had just such a candle dish like yours. If you're interested in watching it the name of the video is Kirsten and Joerg. Let me know what you think of it IF you decide to watch it.

  12. I trust the Lord will help you to get your cholesterol down. I know how scary that can be. One thing I have found is very good is to take a ground flax meal and psyllium powder mixture each day. (I take 3 heaping Tbsp. of ground flax mixed with 1 heaping Tbsp. of psyllium in juice.) It really does seem to make a big difference and is so wonderful for the digestive system, too. May the Lord richly bless you, sweet friend.

  13. Oh are you on a simple statin?? They make a huge difference of most people. It is really hard to get the results with diet that a statin can give you.
    You take lots of walks and that's great. Oh Teresa's lamps are beautiful.
    I have been reading on how I could make a 15 in 15 list. 15 things I could get done in 15 minutes. so a total under 4 hours. Of course they didn't mean all at once.
    Today's demonstration of his love for me, which is unwavering ,and I thank God for him, was driving me 2 hours total to go to pick up my paper prescription for my med which has run out. We didn't want to wait to have it mailed from Illinois to wisconsin. Fireman was a gem. I made him a great dinner. He napped when we got home and I put on a meditation tape and meditated while he slept. Fezzik was happy to be on the bed with us. Bless you Betsy. Im proud you are part of the cure.

  14. It cheers me to see your snowmen and learn more about your productive life routine. Your regular walks with Chloe encourage me to get back into my daily mile walk. I got off track during the wildfires. Your parting verse reminds me how grateful I am our help comes from the Mighty Maker of heaven and earth!!! 💜🤗🙏