Friday, November 6, 2020

Day five of the November challenge

Before I say anything else, I want to tell you all how very much I appreciated your wonderful, wonderful comments and advice on yesterday‘s post. It was very helpful and just knowing you all care means a lot to us. There is nothing new today except... I had my six month check up with my new cardiologist as mine retired this year and I don’t have to go back for another year! That is such good news. I also have about 5 1/2 years left on the battery for my pacemaker if I continue to use it at this rate. That would just get me into Medicare! Apparently I’m still having quite a few bouts of tachycardia and then my heart slows down and stops. It’s like it doesn’t quite know what it wants to do.  Go fast or not at all!

Anyway, I haven’t been able to go an entire year between appointments since I got the pacemaker a little over five years ago. So this is good news indeed. I asked him about weaning off some of my medications and he said absolutely not. Apparently I have had multiple episodes of tachycardia with my heart rate well over 220 bpm and I didn’t even know it. One of the medications is supposed to help with that and obviously I can’t stop it if I’m still having episodes while I’m taking the highest dose I can.

Today’s subject of the challenge is to SHARE YOUR FEARS.

Oh boy! I have always been a worrier, so I have a lot of fears. I guess one that has been with me my entire life is the fear of being homeless. It makes absolutely no sense because I have never been homeless. Well, until now and technically our RV is our home.

I have always been afraid of snakes and other creepy, crawlys.

I guess this year a big fear that a lot of us have is this virus.  I know I’m not alone in that. It’s the unknown, I think, that gets to a lot of us. How long is it going to last? Will anyone we know get it?

For those of us in the US another fear right now is the election and everything that goes along with it. I am not exactly afraid but I do worry about possible violence by one or the other side when a decision is finally made. We are supposed to be the UNITED States of America and it saddens me to see what’s happening to and in our beautiful country.

Every morning when I read my Bible I asked God to deal with my fears and to help calm them and take them away. And it works! He is so good to me. There is no reason to really fear anything if you put your trust in the Lord.

I made a hat today for a Christmas gift but it was pitch dark before I finished it. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow and put it with DAY 6 of the November challenge.

Again, I just want to thank you all for your friendship and your love. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Friday wherever you may be. I’m taking Chloe to the vet at noon for her six month check up. Fun times!

Blessings and love,


  1. We share many of the same fears. Right now it is of copperheads in the backyard. I am so afraid Pup is going to wonder upon one. We had someone point one out on our walk the other day and now it is all I can think of.
    As for the virus, I've been letting my guard down a bit when I know I shouldn't. Too many close to me have suffered greatly from it. I don't know how The Mister and I would survive with all these pets and so much to take care of if we both got sick. It took my sister 3 months to get back on her feet and she has no pets or huge yard to care for. She also has her son in the area to make sure they had food. We have no one near. It would be a catastrophe.

  2. I'm glad you know the remedy for fears...thank you for the posting about them.

  3. I'm glad you had good news at the cardiologist.

    I guess I'm lucky that I don't fear much. Oh, I just thought of one. Steps that you can see through without a back riser (metal grid) .... I used to fear those. But, I LOVE lighthouses and if you want to get to the top, you climb metal grid steps. So, it's really not a fear anymore. It's just something I really don't like.

  4. That is great news about your heart! Now maybe you can make your move to be near your family and girls soon. I have a fear of falling so I am extremely careful of where I step. We finally got some rain here and it's okay by me. Your daily posts are putting me through my paces to keep up on the comments. LOL! Dayle suggested you get the Cobra insurance.. would that work? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. There are so many things that make us afraid in this world. I think almost all of us share your kind of fears. Your pacemaker literally saves your life by the sound of it. How wonderful that your cardio doc is so confident that you don't have to go back now for a whole year.

  6. I am so very afraid of snakes...unreasonably so. I like winter because there are no snakes:) I try not to worry...if you pray way I pray harder!! :)

  7. Well we share some of the same fears, but thank the Lord we share the Savior from our fears, the one who is with us always and will welcome us one day into his glorious eternity!!! 💜🙏