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Thursday, November 1, 2018


Imagine my surprise when the mail carrier rang the doorbell yesterday and I had two huge boxes on my front porch. This is what was inside of them.

Sharon, “Grammy Braxton” over on my sidebar sent me these two big boxes full of yarn.

And not just any yarn. Lots of Knit Picks bulky yarn. Caron Simply Soft, which I like to use for baby sweaters and much more.

Lots and lots of Scheepjes cotton too.

This is some great yarn.  I cannot believe her generosity. The postage alone on these two boxes was astronomical not counting the yarn costs.  Sharon, thank you very much. I will definitely be using this for my charity knitting.

Five more pair of mittens are made for the bag for next years school children. Also an adult pair was made for a lady who’s been attending our church recently. She just moved from a homeless shelter into her first apartment last week. While she was here for dinner, she saw the children’s mittens and I told her I would make some for her own. She wanted them to match the kids!

I finished a pair of socks too. These are in the “Petty Harbour” pattern, which is free on ravelry and made with Knit Picks stroll fingering.  I love the gradient purple color.

I also made a hat for myself. I have made several hats for myself over the last year or two, but I always end up giving them away. This was made with the leftover yarn that I used for my sweater, so I think I’ll be keeping it. It is a free pattern on ravelry and is called “Jasons Cashmere hat.”  I like the way the brim can be doubled over the ears for those cold days. Especially since I chopped all my hair off!

Just look at these cute unicorns. Piper, Aria, and baby Maddie were all unicorns for Halloween. This was not planned. Here they all are at great-grandma‘s house. I just love that Piper lives close enough to play with her cousins now.

Then, they went trick-or-treating. Piper’s unicorn wings, (do unicorns have wings?)  :-) are blocking baby Maddie‘s face. I love how she and Aria are holding hands.

And the back view is my favorite of the three. Look at that unicorn tail!

On Monday for dance class, the girls dressed up as princesses. Mandy had cut Pipers hair over the weekend. She put it in a ponytail and chopped off 8 inches! It looks like a professional cut doesn’t it?  She has such a pretty wave in her hair.

And here they all are. Such pretty princesses.

Sorry for the photo overload this week. I am just so grateful to Sharon for sending all of that yarn. Aren’t bloggy friends the best? It’s been a rough week here. Our heat went out on Saturday and it’s been getting into the 30s at night, 40’s and 50’s during the day.  The service man came out on Monday, ordered the part and fixed it Tuesday in the late afternoon. Wednesday morning I had my “every 10 year” colonoscopy. Unfortunately he found some things and I have to repeat it in six months. He removed several polyps and I’m having a little bit of pain today but it is already getting better. That preparation is the worst. I don’t even want to think about repeating it in six months!

We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters last night. I don’t understand it. When we first moved here we had several hundred trick-or-treaters every year. It has dwindled down to nothing last night. Just north of us a couple of miles another friend had 600+ trick-or-treaters at their house! That’s crazy! I’m not complaining though, I wasn’t looking forward to going up and down those stairs every time the doorbell rang last night.  I was drowsy pretty much all day from the anesthesia.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8



  1. Pipers haircut is beautiful. I love that cousins are close and can play. I may be doing some more charity knitting to finish the year out. Inspired by you

  2. Sharon knows you will make wonderful use of that pretty yarn! It was so generous of her to send it to you and you both inspire me. It is lovely to see Piper and her sweet little cousins and friends :) Last night was rainy and quiet here. The house was shown three times this week so far! Praying you are well and get good rest, dear Betsy. Monday I was with a group of ladies from church who went to serve pastries and thank the caseworkers where Taci works and I got to give her a big hug. We agree we miss you and would love to spend time with you! xx

  3. Imagine all the wonderful things you can make for others with the yarn, treasure boxes! You will be able to bless many people. Love the photos of Piper and her cousins.

  4. Wow! What a generous surprise gift of yarn. Very nice of your blog friend. I like how you added a variegated stripe in those mittens, it brightens them up a lot. I'm glad they got your polyps. Those procedures are the worst, especially the prep. Ugh. Your socks and hat are so impressive, they would take me a year to knit! LOL! And what darling photos of Piper and her friends. She's such a doll. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a haul!!! That was very generous. I love the Halloween pix. I miss trick or treaters. It seems so weird without them.

  6. Wow, what an awesome gift!!! The kiddo's are cute... love little trick or treaters!

  7. Now that is some gift, a very generous blogging friend. Hope you are feeling a bit better today and the effects have worn off. You will be in my prayers for a quick healing we are certainly blessed with great medical care. Love your wonderful knitting, the hat and all those mittens are a delight but my favourite is the socks. As always a joy to see Miss Piper with her cousins. Have a good rest.

  8. Such cute unicorns! Love all the Halloween photos!

  9. What a sweet post . . . charity, goodwill, and loving generosity. On your part and Sharon's. Love your mittens and socks.
    I remember dressing up as a kid for Halloween, it was so much fun . . . such adorable unicorns. They are making fun memories.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. The girls all looks so sweet. Love those halloween outfits. Too, cute. The mittens are awesome. How wonderful that this lady has gone from homeless to having her own place. Well, now that is a lovely heart gift Sharon sent your way. I know many, many people will be blessed by all that yummy yarn. Yes, bloggy friends are awesome. Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend. ((hugs))

  11. WOW! That's a ton of yarn to be gifted. how lovely and how nice that you will use it for charity knitting. Love the pics of the two cousins holding hands - so sweet!

  12. That is a very wonderful gift. Love the unicorns.

  13. I just got all caught up on your wonderful travels, knitting and yarn donations. First of all your trip just looked wonderful, even the beautiful car ride looked amazing. Piper is growing up so much I can hardly stand it. Sharon is a love to donate all that wonderful yarn to you, and you deserve every skein. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. What a wonderful surprise gift! You will have that yarn made up and given away in no time. Sorry about having to have the repeat colonoscopy. Wonderful pictures of the girls. Pipers hair cut looks cute. Nancy

  15. A lot of yarn in those boxes and what a sweet friend to send it to you. The recipients will like your creations for sure. Glad your furnace got fixed...again. In May you were having trouble when we were there...I think . Piper and girls are cute and fun times. We don't give out candy at Halloween .We watched Young Frankenstein movie....our favorite! Hugs my friend!

  16. Well you can knit up a storm now! What a thoughtful blogging friend:0 Piper is so cute in all her costumes:)

  17. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Praise God for famiy friends and His FAITHFULNESS.
    Love unicorn trio.. cute pls beautiful knitting. We had one lot of trick treaters. Thankfully it is not big over here. Just reflects age of neighbourhood I think.
    We don't have many young ones around..
    Keep well I pray dear sis. So agree re colonoscopy prep.
    We have it in our family (polyposis) and cancer from it so need checking gere too.
    Prayer hugs Shaz in oz.x

  18. I can't think of anyone more deserving of that yarn than you! You do so much for charity. Love the pictures of 'the girls'! So cute in their outfits. I don't have colonostomies or a lot of those other tests. I'm not looking for trouble at my age because I would not take the treatments anyway. LOve that hat and the socks too and of course...the mittens! Stay warm!