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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A hat!

I don’t have a whole lot of exciting news for you today my friends. I haven’t left the house today. After getting some chores done this morning though, I whipped up this hat in a couple of hours.

It’s a super simple pattern that I found free somewhere a few years ago and made a lot of adjustments to. I think I’ve told you before, but I make them for my friend Teresa. She wears them, but gives them out to anybody that she sees needing a hat throughout the winter. Last year I think I made her seven of these hats. She texted me Monday and told me that she didn’t have any left. I had one I had just made for myself that I gave her yesterday and told her I would have a couple more for her by Sunday. They don’t take long as they’re made with bulky yarn on size 10.5 needles.

Last night I also started a pair of socks for Brad for Christmas.  I hadn’t planned on it being so hard to see the dark yarn in the evening though, so all I got finished with were the cuffs. Now I’m onto the leg of the first sock.

A bit of a closer look.  I’m using the Hermione pattern which is free on ravelry.

It’s another very cloudy day here today and I’m enjoying staying inside and watching Christmas movies this afternoon. The banana bread was wonderful last night with my tea. And the house smelled so good.

A few people have asked what Alex was doing in London last weekend. He was visiting a friend that lives there.  It’s a city he had never been to before and so he had a lot of fun exploring. I’ve been there twice and Dennis has been there several times so it was fun to see again the places that we enjoyed so much.

I’m enjoying this posting every day for November but I’m afraid I am boring you. My life is pretty much the same from day today. I hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday and I’ll be back tomorrow.

“Then Jesus declared, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” . John 6:35



  1. You are not boring us! I love your posts- it’s sort of like sitting down with you!
    I like the pattern and yarn for the socks, and also the hat. I’m working more on my knitting this winter.
    It’s dark here, too, with snow and ice tomorrow, so I’m digging out my projects.

  2. Isn't Hermione's a great pattern. Works with almost any yarn and good for men or women! And, best of all ..... FREE!!!

    Hope you have a great evening.

  3. Nice hat! What a sweet friend to give them away! I am working on a crochet beannie hat...adjusting the pattern so I will have some all sizes:)
    I am enjoying the gals that post everyday...never boring:)

  4. Boring? Not in the least - I hope you'll continue after the challenge.

  5. Dark yarn is hard to work on, I agree! But that's a great pattern, isn't it? How nice of to make hats for your friend. I always enjoy your posts whenever you write them!

  6. That's a great color for a guy. Those socks will be beautiful when done.. I hope you show us a photo as you go along! That's very nice of you and your friend Teresa to share those hats with those in need of a warm head. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. You are so generous with your mittens and hats. How wonderful that Alex is revisiting some of your favourite haunts to share with you. The name of the yarn Stormy Sky conjures up some beautiful pictures in my mind. It is certainly knitting up well.

  8. I'm not bored at all! I love to hear what 'regular' people do on a daily basis. I'm not in to those 'fancy schmancy' blogs who are trying to make a living and showing the more 'materialistic' side of life. I'm way too old for that! LOL!
    Love your hat and I need to make an order for Knit Picks for needles as I have found some bulky patterns and I don't have the big needles. It snowed here last night....2-3 inches! I can't believe this weather we're having but I'm not complaining! Except I do need to go to Walmart soon but it will be 47 today (it's 26 right now) and in the 60's next week so maybe I will still be able to get some window washing in! LOL! Have a great day! So nice that you and your friend share the hats.

  9. Yarn photos NEVER bore me. Those are fabulous!

  10. You are never boring Betsy!! I'm knitting dark socks in the Hermione pattern as well. It knits up so nicely. Did you save me a piece of banana bread? LOL

  11. ORdinary life posts are joys for me Betsy. Never boring. They give us insight into the fact that our lives are all pretty ordinary and ordinary days are to be appreciated. Your hat knit up will warm someone. That alone is a great thing to post about. I'd like to stay in all day , but Fireman wants to check out the new FARM andFLEET here . We've never been to one.

  12. Oh Friend, you are never boring. How else are we to know what is going on with you if you don't share it with us? Besides, I enjoy seeing all the things you make. You make my heart smile by the humble, selfless acts you do in His name. Others are staying warm because of you. Truly you reflect His love into this dark world. Blessings to you sweet friend. ((hugs))

  13. I enjoy reading your daily blog I'm there with you! Don't always read it the same day you write it as I'm not always on the computer. Now I need to get off computer and get a few things done and crawl into some warm covers on the bed. Good night my friend! God bless you...and no you are not boring!

  14. It is unanimous! Your posts are a delightful visit with you. You are one I admire and never tire of enjoying your industry and faith in action...including the final Word for the Day! :) xx