Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Peace before the storm?

It’s been a few days since I posted so I thought I would just drop in and say hello. We have a snow storm on its way that is supposed to start within a half an hour or so. It is just after 9:30 on Tuesday evening and it is supposed to snow quite heavily for the next 36 hours. Right now the weather person is saying we should have 10 to 12 inches by the end of the day tomorrow, but snow is forecast for every day for the foreseeable future. The new year will definitely come in with a bang if the forecast is correct. ☃️😧

Today has been a peaceful day, although it was very icy out this morning.  It snowed a bit during the night and then we had a freezing fog and mist early this morning that iced everything over. I dropped some mail into the drop box at the post office and picked up a few groceries at Walmart pick-up, but I almost turned around and came home and canceled my order. I braved it out though and was able to accomplish everything, but not without a few slips and slides along the way. Now all I have to do is walk Chloe for the next few days. I have no reason to drive anywhere. Dennis does have to go to work every day except Friday though. He’s a good driver in this kind of weather, but not everyone else is and I worry about the other people driving. I would appreciate prayers for him as he’s out and about.

I have spent some time knitting on Dennis’s sweater the past two days. I am in the process of binding off the body and will start on the sleeves tomorrow. This is the Adirondack Pullover by Elizabeth Morrison and it is a paid for pattern on ravelry. I’m using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn in worsted weight in the Cobblestone Heather colorway.
I received a wonderful surprise package in the mail today. Look at the goodies that were inside.

Three beautiful balls of Lion Brand Cupcake yarn. Two skeins were in the Forest Path colorway and one skein was in the Happy Dance colorway.  The sweet person who sent them to me wishes to remain anonymous but you know who you are and I appreciate it so much. I will definitely be able to make some things for charity with this yarn. Thank you!

Obviously some snow fell in Nebraska this week as you can see by the photo below. Mandy and Brad‘s neighbor built a snow cave for these four little girls today. I have marked out the faces of the other three girls as I don’t have their parents permission to put them on the Internet, but you can see Little Miss Piper. There is also a very cute video of her going sledding down a huge hill at the school, but I cannot figure out how to get it into Blogger. It was obvious that she had a good time though. I wish I still had this kind of love for snow!

I have been enjoying that quiet, in between week that happens every year between Christmas and New Year’s. I always enjoy this week as it seems to be a time to catch your breath and prepare for the new year. I did take the Christmas decorations down yesterday and put them away in our storage unit. After putting them up the first week of November, I was ready to get back to normal.

Be safe out there, all of my friends who live in the paths of these winter storms that seem to be rolling across the US one after another right now. And for the rest of you in the other parts of the world that I don’t have access to the weather, I wish you a very safe and wonderful week too. 

Do you all have BIG plans for New Year’s Eve? We do! I’m going to make a cheese ball and we’re going to watch the new year come in at 9:00 pm our time, because that will be midnight in New York! Then Dennis can go to bed without guilt! 😍. We have never been party goers, so this year won’t be any different than any other year in that respect.

Blessings and love,


  1. It does indeed seem like the quiet before the storm here too. It looks like we will be getting a lot of snow over the next few days. I love the snow, when like you, I can just stay home, but it is so hard to drive in it. Prayers for your Dennis for sure, and also for my husband, son, and son-in-law who have to drive in it for work. Thankfully my daughter works at home, what a blessing. My chickens will not be happy about the snow either, but my dogs will be over the moon happy, ha! Many blessings to you sweet friend! Happy New Year to you and Dennis! Not sure what our plans are yet for the New Year, we had thought about getting with the kids to do something but will have to see what the weather is doing. :)

  2. Dear Betsy. My prayers are for Dennis as he drives.
    "the angel of the LORD encampeth about them that fear Him and delivereth him"
    Praying for you to rest in that promise.
    Lovely knitting, gorgeous wool, the Lord blesses, and cute Piper house!
    Praying for you as you walk Chloe too. I put my decorations up on 6th Dec. Was thinking of pulling down but I've a friend coming who loves Christmas. Ours usually stay up till new year anyway, 12 days after Christmas. Ie 6th.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  3. Stay safe in all that snow! Our little Christmas dusting was enough for me for now. I think I'd rather have an early spring this year since being stuck in is no fun these days. Cabin fever is only fun when you've got interesting things to keep you busy and nothing interests me these days.
    You've made great progress on that sweater. My knitting mojo has all but disappeared. I've got the attention span of a fruit fly at the moment.

  4. Glad you are cozy in your RV. It sure does look comfortable.

    The storm will eventually make it way over here, but so far they are saying just rain, rain and more rain. (Unfortunately, the roofer has not been here yet.)

    Those cupcakes will make some cute mittens and/or hats.

    Your New Year's celebration sounds like ours. We haven't gone out in years. We won't miss it this year like some people will. Although, watching the ball drop in NYC with no one there will look quite weird.

  5. Oh, I can't even imagine waiting for that kind of snow storm. Glad you got all the errands done and back home safe. I am scared to drive in icy weather and usually we get ice instead of snow. We are both hoping for at least one big snow this winter. Eli loves it! What a neat snow cave! That would be such fun. We've never had enough snow to build anything close to that. Miss Piper is pretty as ever. Your New Year's Eve sounds like ours. We will probably have our usual ice cream and watch the New Years specials on TV. Happy New Year!

  6. Boy, that is a lot of snow!!! Stay safe and warm!

  7. Hope you are cozy in all your snow Betsy and hope Dennis is safe on the roads. Piper looks cute in her snow cave. OUr New Year's Eve plans are as they have been for decades: I will make a crab quiche for dinner. Fletch will put the TV on and I will try to stay awake till midnight. No guarantees though! LOL Happy New Year my friend!

  8. That is a bunch of snow! Good thing you got your errands done! We always stay home on New Years eve so this year is no different for us. We are digging out today but just got about 3 maybe 4 inches of snow. Prayers for all the drivers out there especially Dennis! :)

  9. What a sweet photo of Piper and her friends. I used to love playing in the snow, too, but now I’m perfectly content to watch it from inside. I celebrated New Year’s Eve once and didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

  10. So good to hear from you again, Betsy! You spoiled me with the steady stream of good Advent posts so I was missing you and looking forward to hearing from you. I admire the progress you are making on the handsome sweater for Dennis. It is fun to see Miss Piper enjoying the snow while I stay warm and cozy bundled up in a blanket inside. πŸ˜ƒ. I like your plan to celebrate the start of the New Year at 9PM! I will join you! May the Lord bless you, Dennis and yours with enjoying His loving presence always. πŸ’œπŸ™

  11. I haven't stayed up for midnight for many years! This year we are in quarantine so no party going for us! Here's to thankfulness for the year we have seen God to be faithful once again....

  12. Fun to read your blog, Betsy. We don't stay up too late on New Year's Eve either and we will do takeout for dinner tonight. I'm interested in your RV living as my husband surprised me by buying an RV this fall and wants to travel a bit with it starting next summer....maybe going south for the winter next year. Do you travel with it all year long? time will tell, how we do! Happy New Year!