Thursday, December 3, 2020

December 2

When I peaked into my stocking for today this is what I found.  Some yummy candy. I want you all to know that I’m not keeping all of this candy that I’m finding every day just for myself. No, no, no. I have a bowl on the counter and it’s there for Dennis too, but I must confess I ate that Reese’s peanut butter cup right away!

I wrapped and packaged all of our Christmas gifts yesterday. I drove to the post office early this morning so I was there when they opened. I was actually the second person to go in the door. I didn’t want to be around many people, but I had to get the packages mailed. By the time I finished there were nine people behind me in line. I felt bad, but mailing international packages always takes a bit longer, even though I have the forms filled out before I go to the post office.  It was frustrating though, because I had tried so hard to plan it so I wouldn’t be around very many people. The good thing was everyone had masks on and had several feet between them. I can’t think of anywhere else I have to go now. I do have one more gift that I’m working on, but I’m not sure it will be done by Christmas although I’m going to try. It’s an adult size sweater and the recipient knows they’re getting it. I won’t show it here until after it’s been received because I know that person sometimes reads the blog.

On my way back to the RV park  I pulled off the side of the road to take these next three pictures.  I thought the frost on the trees was absolutely beautiful against the brightening sky. It had been very foggy and cloudy, but the sun was just beginning to break through the clouds.

Here you can see where some of the trees had the white frost already melted off from the sunlight. I thought it was a beautiful contrast. The white trees in the background and the green ones in the front.

So now all I have is a very relaxing sweater to knit for Christmas. Everything has been mailed and there is nothing else pressing. I like to do this so I can enjoy the season, although this year it won’t entail going to the mall and watching people. That has always been one of my favorite past times since I quit working. I would take my knitting or crocheting and find a bench at the mall and sit and people watch.  

I have been watching vlogmas videos on YouTube yesterday and today. In one of them a lady is crocheting a blanket for charity. She’s invited people to do it along with her this month and so I started a blanket today too. Every day she will show us a different stitch and we’ll crochet five rows before the next video. Of course you can keep the blanket if you want, but she is donating hers to charity and I will donate mine to a retirement home or the Veteran’s Home.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and are enjoying the preparations for Christmas.



  1. Wow.. what amazing frosty tree photos you got! Wow! And I'm very impressed that you got all your packages sent. My big problem is I can't get my granddaughters to tell me what they'd like for Christmas which is very frustrating for me. I end up having to send $$ instead because they can't make up their mind. Not very fun as I like to send gifts. Oh well! As for your card I'm sending to you.. yes you can just wait and use it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The frosty trees and the contrast of white and green make for a beautiful photo. You are so organised Betsy I love that you can just sit back and enjoy the season. Enjoy this very special time of year.

  3. Well done on doing all your mail. Ive still a few local ones, about twelve to do, mostly hand out. Hope to have done by the weekend.
    Love the photos too.. so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  4. How beautiful! We finally got the cold but snow or ice is sight. We haven't quite hit freezing yet.
    I tried to order some chocolate bars for The Mister for Christmas yesterday and they are all out of stock everywhere like during lockdown. So is lots of everything else. Getting supplies is going to be difficult again. I'm glad I stocked up over the summer.

  5. I would have eaten that peanut butter cup too! Good for you for getting your stuff mailed. I have a pile to send out - Luckily, my Mom works for the post office, so I can leave them with her (with some money) and she can take them in when she goes to work the next morning.

  6. Some of the most beautiful scenes in nature are trees covered in hoar frost.

  7. Beautiful pictures Betsy!! I love the look of frost on trees.

    Glad you got out and got your packages mailed - I need to do that soon!!

  8. Oh it reminds me of a Bob Ross painting. I can't wait for our snow. It's snowed briefly but didn't stick last month. We will be decorating this week but it makes me sad that so many Christmas events here have canceled.

  9. Wow! That frost is amazing! I've never seen anything like that and thought it was snow. Congrats on getting all your packages mailed. I'm not there yet, but I'm knocking out my gift knitting fairly quickly now. I have to admit, I am Really looking forward to selfish 'for me' knitting.

  10. LOve the pictures of the beautiful trees and sky. There is something special about a clear blue sky with trees covered in frost against it. So pretty. I love that we are both knitting. I am still working on the shawl. Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend. ((hugs))

  11. You're very organized with your parcels all sent. A few years ago we quit with exchanging gifts with our grown children and grands, They all have everything they want/need and so do we. This sure simplifies Christmas. I always found thinking of suitable gifts so hard.
    I absolutely love the pictures of the frosty trees!!

  12. Your tree photos are lovely, especially the last one.

    Have fun with your new blanket.

  13. good for you to have all of your packages mailed! You've captured the photos of the snow in the trees perfectly! Breath-taking! Enjoy a bit of candy....!

  14. You had a sweet day! I have one more Post Office trip to make next week....then I am done. The frost is beautiful...we have very little snow so it could be a frosty Christmas for us. I belong to a crochet group on facebook and the one gal there is collecting 7 in squares for making blankets to donate...the challenge was to do a square a day in December I am behind one day but I may catch up later tonight! It is great for me as it uses up odd ball colors of yarn. :)

  15. I admire your energy and continued optimism as you continue to think selflessly of others. You are an inspiration.

  16. Sweet stocking stuffers :-) The frost photos are lovely! God does such good work! I mailed 3 packages on Monday and spent nearly an hour masked and in line six feet apart from other people. Yay for your new charity project! This is the day the Lord made and I am rejoicing! 💜🤗🙏