Monday, December 7, 2020

December 7th

It’s December 7 already! Today is Alex’s birthday. Tara worked very hard to arrange a zoom video chat with all of us. By choosing noon Spokane time it worked out for everyone except Mandy and Piper, because they were at school so they recorded something yesterday and sent it on ahead to Tara. Mandy also recorded Grandma too so that was extra special.  I also recorded Dennis singing happy birthday yesterday and sent it to her, but he surprised us all and he was able to join in for a little while from work since it was lunchtime. Jamie and Kyleigh and Caleb were also there, along with Shane who has been Alex‘s best friend since he was five years old.  It was the next best thing to being there. As I keep saying, I am so grateful for technology.

My stocking today had candy and a plug in with a USB port for the car. It fits into the lighter space and will come in very handy when traveling.

I added on the blue section to the blanket this morning. This is called the Floret stitch. The tan color from yesterday is actually a stitch I just did on my own with a double crochet and chain stitch. I didn’t particularly like the way the other one that Jane chose was working out. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m enjoying doing this along with Jane at Scraptastic Yarns every day. At the end of the month I should have a wheelchair blanket to donate to a local nursing home.

This morning when I took Chloe to the dog park the hoarfrost was on all of the trees and bushes again. You’re going to get tired of seeing pictures like this, but I couldn’t resist sharing another one with you because I think it’s beautiful.

We have some friends who are full-time RVers who are very ill with Covid right now. They had gone home to help care for his dad who also had it and then their daughter and her family all caught it the week of Thanksgiving. They had thought they just had the flu, because they had nausea and bathroom issues, not realizing that’s all part of the Covid symptoms that can manifest. Consequently, Jim and Deb both got it. They are very sick, especially Jim who has some underlying conditions. If you would keep them in your prayers I would appreciate it very much.

As we prepare for Christmas it would be wonderful to remember the reason why we celebrate the day to begin with. It’s the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We give gifts to one another as a way of remembering the greatest gift of all that he gave to us. Salvation. 

Blessings and love,


  1. I love hoarfrost! We don't get it very often here. I'm not sure why.

  2. Hoar frost creates a magical world. My former community had perfect conditions for the frost.

  3. Such pretty frost!
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Prayers for your friends with is all so scary:(

  4. I used to love that strawberry candy. My grandmother always had a dish of it around. I haven't seen it in years.
    I don't think I've ever seen hoarfrost before. It really is pretty. My phone alarm went off on Monday morning waking me up to warn me about.....snow. Was there any? No. Not a flake. It was a terrible way to wake up.
    My sister had the tummy troubles when she had Covid. It took her 3 months to recover from it. She did lose a lot of weight but there are easier ways than Covid. It's not something anyone wants to get.
    Stay safe.

  5. Beautiful photo of the frost on the evergreen! Glad you had a good connect with your son for his b-day; prayers for your friend who is sick!

  6. Hoarfrost is so lovely. I don't get tired of pictures of it.
    I hope your friends are going to feel better soon. Prayers and positive thoughts for them.
    Can't forget to send birthday wishes ( a little late) for your son.

  7. Sorry to hear of your friends and their family all coming down with Covid - it sounds like they weren't very careful.. what scary stuff it is. I loved the frost photo. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to Alex!! My tree was delivered today! More about that on my blog post tomorrow. Dayle took the books I'm sending to Piper and got them in the mail today, please let her know to watch for the package and let me know when they arrive. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

  8. Oh The frost is so so beautiful! Great photo and thanks of sharing it! It is God's painting.
    I think we are all hearing of more and more with COVID, so we are also hearing of people we know getting the infection. Stay healthy Betsy!!!!

  9. I know the nursing home recipient will be blessed and warmed by your beautiful afghan. I am praying for your friends who have covid. God bless you with a wonderful day!

  10. Adding your friends Jim and Deb to our prayers for their quick recovery!!

  11. You continue to inspire me in many ways dear Betsy. Your family connecting with video calls encourages me to get braver and more persistent with tech visits. Happy Birthday to Alex! As it is I have been Zooming frequently for small group church meetings. I have been so involved with book based studies and facilitator tasks I have had little time for stitching. Your amazing productivity in stitching prompts me to want to stitch more and better!! I am so grateful we celebrate together, Jesus, the reason for the Christmas season!