Saturday, April 29, 2023

I’m back, for awhile.

Although I will try to do better about posting than I have been for the past few months. 

Life here at the apartment sure keeps me busy, but there is news on that front too. I've been happy here, but it IS very expensive to live here. I've enjoyed the activities and company and opportunities to help the other people here who are unable to move furniture, change light bulbs, etc. Dennis has sure done lots of those things and liked doing it too, but has missed his garage and owning our own place. We're not used to having to ask to do things to the place where we live, like a lot of you. 

Anyway, even before we moved here, we knew we would be watching for a condo to be for sale at a certain complex we like that is only about a 3-5 minute drive from Mom, depending on traffic. The only problem was, there had been no 3 bedroom condo’s for sale there for several years, so we gave up and moved here. We bid on one condo a few months ago and lost the bid. Our agent called us this morning about a condo that just came on the market today. It's a long, long story, and it's been a long, long day, but to shorten it, we bid over the asking price, in cash, and were accepted. We are supposed to close next Friday! Less than a week later! They had many offers today, but we finally won. The condo is EXACTLY what we've been wanting. Three bedroos and 2 bathrooms, (so Piper will have a room to stay in again). I can't wait to show you photos. So yes, we're moving...again and I hope for the very last time ever. Five moves in less than 2 1/2 years is terrible. Especially for a nester like myself. Before that, we had been in our house for 20 years!

So please be patient with me if I miss commenting again, I'll try very hard to keep up. I had begun to think this apartment was where we would be living for the duration of our lives, so had really settled in. Now I have to take things off the walls and pack all of my craft things back up again. *sigh* We have an indefinite time to move though, since we're under a lease here, we don't have to get out all in one day. We'll do it slower than our last move of Mom and then us. And we've had six “whole” months to rest up for to move again.😂

Before all of this though, we went camping Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We came home on Thursday and we had a wonderful time. Only one other camper was in the entire campground and it was so nice and quiet. In fact, we booked the same days two weeks from then before we left the park, not knowing we would probably be right in the middle of moving! Dennis says we're going anyway. 🤦‍♀️

I have just a couple of photos for you of our trip. Here's my little camper wall hanging. I do love being at the camper.

This was our campsite and it was nice and warm during the daytime. At night we would turn the furnace on just before we got out of bed and warm things up because it was in the mid-thirties F. We had plenty of blankets to keep us warm during the night so we didn't bother with the heater.

You can see the trees just beginning to get their leaves. It looks like velvet fuzz.  We had deer in our campground throughout the time we were there. Zoey was intrigued by them but she didn't bark or cause a ruckus. She just stared at them with intense curiousity.

Here we were all packed up and ready to leave Thursday morning.  Dennis definitely has camping "hat hair,” plus I caught him mid sentence with his mouth open! All we had left to do was pull in the slide. Zoey loves to camp. She can see both of us from anywhere in the camper. That's very important to her. She is definitely what is called a "velcro dog".  Very attached to us.

I did finish this blanket on Tuesday morning before we left town. I had to substitute three squares in the multi-colored yarn because I ran out. I did use the same brand and color, but NOT the same dye lot. You can really see the difference but I'll donate it anyway. Maybe someone will want it.

I also finished a pair of socks for me with some of the West Yorkshire Spinners yarn that I bought when I was in London. It's the Wood Pigeon colorway. I just did a plain vanilla sock pattern.

Also today, I finished this sleeping mat for the Union Gospel Mission. There are a group of us ladies here at the apartment building that meet on Tuesday mornings to crochet these mats out of mainly plastic grocery bags, but we do use other plastic bags too. They are 4 x 6 foot long. Apparently they are very welcomed by the homeless population. They put them under their sleeping blankets or bags. It keeps them warmer and dry from the ground moisture. You use a great big hook. Mine is an "N".

Gosh, it's going to be hard to leave the wonderful friends that we've made here. I know the new condo won't be like this. Most people stay inside their own units, at least when we've been there viewing them. I hope we can get to know some of our neighbors after we move in.

Tomorrow after church Mandy and I are going to go to a movie with my sister Melanie and her daughter Chaela. Mandy and Chaela have always been close cousins while growing up. I have a picture somewhere of Chaela at 2 years old, holding newborn Mandy and grinning from ear to ear. To this day, those girls giggle like teenagers whenever they're together. I love it!

I need to get ready to go to bed, but first I need to shred a pork roast I've had in the crock-pot with BBQ sauce all afternoon and evening. We can have sandwiches after church tomorrow and it will be an easy lunch. There will be enough to put into the freezer for later too.

Take care all. Chat again soon.

Blessings and love,


  1. You have moved so often, like you say, let's hope this is your last move. The condo sounds like a good choice for you, especially with 3 bedrooms. Your dog is so cute!

  2. exciting that you are finally getting one of the condos you've been waiting for. i know moving is a pain, but soon you'll be where you wanted to be all along. So I hope and pray it all goes well for you guys. Can't wait to see pics of the new place. Glad your camping trip was fun too!

  3. I am so happy to hear about your new move! May God give you both the strength and energy to do all the work and may it be a peaceful transition. Camping looks like a restful break. The baby blanket you made is beautiful. God bless!

  4. Oh My, Betsy! You will be quite busy for a while! So happy for you and I pray your new home will be a friendly, happy place! Take care and don't overdo it while packing, etc. I am very happy for you!!

  5. Moving again? Wowza....I am more than impressed with your stamina for it. The whole idea makes me tired thinking about it. I can't wait to see your new place.
    I've got serious camper envy. I do just about anything to get out of here for awhile. I would even sit in the woods in a tent to get away from you know

  6. I can't wait to see your new condo! It seems that anywhere you and Dennis move, you always find new friends and fit right in and I have a feeling that this new move will prove no different.

  7. Exciting news even if it does mean moving again. It's lovely that you won't be rushed this time. Taking it slow and easy will make it more manageable. How wonderful that you found exactly what you want...with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!
    The new blanket looks fine to me. I'm sure someone will love it. The socks look super comfy. You really turn out great projects in no time at all.
    I hope you enjoyed the movie. Granny M

  8. I'm happy for you but it sure has been a journey! You will make the condo your 'home, sweet, home' in no time, knowing you! take care-hugs!

  9. I am thrilled for you! I know that family will help you move and I hope you really like it! I bet you really enjoyed camping!!

  10. I remember moving a lot decades ago ... but that was an ex who refused to pay rent. Ha. But really, great for you. I hope it turns out to be everything you want and that you can stay put. In today's world, people are having such trouble finding places to live. There just isn't enough, especially for low income folks. Most trees have turned gereen here, but not all. It's so dry - no measurable moisture for over a year. Hope no one tosses a match! We havea lot of dirt storms nowadays. I'm rambling lol, probably because I'm tired. Sending you hugs and lotsa prayers! 💟

  11. I am so happy for you!!!! I know you met some great friends at your apartment and it was a wonderful and busy place, but I felt in my heart you were very cramped and "settling". I can't imagine yet another move . . . but you have a wonderful family to help and this really will be your final move. I hope you can make new friends and find new activities, maybe with your church or library, instead of fellow apartment friends. And what a joy that Piper will have her "own" room! All your projects are so pretty, but I am partial to your "London Socks"! Your camping trip sounds just perfect. I bet you can't wait to go back!

  12. Congratulations on finding a condo you like and that fits your needs.

  13. Congratulations on your new condo. I hope you find friends to craft with. Don't worry about visiting blogs. I haven't been as faithful with posting like I should either. I've heard of crocheting with plastic grocery bags but I have never tried it. I will have to watch a tutorial on how to do that. Take care my friend!

  14. Wow ..I can't believe you're moving again. I'm glad you found the condo you wanted and more space. I'm sure you'll miss your new friends but hopefully you can stay in touch with them. I'm feeling OK but hope to get more energy soon and less pain in mouth. Have a blessed week my friend. ❤️ Becky 🌷

  15. Wonderful news on the condo! Don't worry about us! We'll be here. Take the time you need to get things done!

  16. Boy you are just full of news and surprises!! I'm glad you've found a condo that suits you and Dennis and I hope all goes smoothly with the closing and move - good luck! Sounds like you had a lovely camping trip (and another one very soon!!).

  17. I'm so happy for you - but oh my goodness - so much moving indeed. Thankful that you will be in a place that is perfect for you, and hopefully a place to call your own! Your blanket is beautiful, and I love its multi-colors! Praying for you in this time of transition!