Saturday, April 1, 2023

Boys Town

Hi my friends. It's definitely been a week. I told you about the day we had on Tuesday with Mom's doctor appointments. She started the new med on Wednesday night. One pill. More on that later.

Wednesday afternoon, between visits to Mom, Dennis and I actually went to lunch at Cheddar's and then stopped at Boys Town to wander around for awhile. Have you ever heard of Boys Town? If not, I highly recommend that you Google it and read about the life changing things they do for kids. Father Flanagan began it in 1917. It continues to this day as a wonderful program for children and teens. It changes lives. Children of all faiths and of no faith are welcome to live at Boys Town. There was a movie made, I believe in 1937, with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney telling some of the Father Flanagan and Boys Town Story. He started this endeavor with a loan of $81.00 to rent a building in the inner city of Omaha.

I grew up knowing about Boys Town but not the story of how it came to be and the love that abounds there.

This is a reproduction in the history museum of the monument that stands at the entrance to Boys Town.

The Iconic Statue of a boy carrying another. The success rate of boystown is unbelieveable.

Girls are also now welcome at Boy Town. The children all live in houses with their foster parents. I can't remember how many children to a house, but the homes are absolutely stunning. The boys and girls live in separate houses.

This is the Dowd Chapel where Catholic Mass is held. Father Flanagan is entombed here.

There are many stained glass windows around the chapel.

Father Flanagan, the poor Irish immigrant who began it all.  He has changed the lives of thousands of boys for the better.

This is his tomb. You can certainly tell he is an Irish boy can't you?

If you're ever in Omaha and have a couple of hours, I encourage you to visit the campus and see for yourself. We only stayed a short time, but plan to go back soon and absorb more of the story in the museum. It's a free will donation for admission. My back wouldn't let me walk through and read everything, but we can go back as often as we want. It's only ten minutes from our apartment.

Here's funny I saw on facebook. I know a lot of you have had eye surgery and I thought you might find it humerous.

I made this shawl in a day and a half. Another Shallow Triangle Shawl for the Med Center. This one is made with Red Heart Ombre in the Carrera Marble colorway. I make each one a bit different, adding eyelets or a bit of lace stitching.
Thursday Mom was VERY confused and we realized it was probably the one dose of the new med that she took Wednesday night. Because she had a bit of a cough we also gave her two covid tests that came back negative. 20+ people at her apartment building have tested positive. She was so weak and frail that day. I stayed with her and helped her to eat and get to bed because she couldn't walk or stand up by herself. She's normally so independent, if forgetful. Friday, Dennis gave her another test and it was positive. So now we're dealing with the one dose of that medicine that she took Wednesday night. It apparently has a half-life of 1 week, so the side effects can last that long. Plus the covid. Dennis was with her most of yesterday and a lot of today too. He's wearing a mask but doesn't want me to go back until she's better. Oh my gosh. It's so hard. She doesn't remember anything and doesn't want to eat because she said the food tastes awful and metallic. She has to eat because of her insulin injections. What a mess.

I know "this too shall pass," as my Mom used to say, but right now we're exhausted. Especially Dennis.
We would appreciate all of the prayers that you can muster for us. :-) God is faithful and will watch over us all. I fear we're going to have more changes sooner, rather than later for us and for Mom.

Take care and I'll be back soon.

Blessings and love,


  1. I'm so sorry! Of course, I will be praying for all three of you! Go ahead and nurse her--you've had Covid so it isn't so scary anymore for you!

  2. Oh, dear.....I'm so sorry to hear of your new troubles. The Mister has his surgery in three weeks and we're staying isolated until then. They told us even a cold would move him to the back of the surgery center line which has a 6 month wait.
    I love the Boys Town movie. It makes me think of my dad. He was raised in a boy's home like that in Indiana after being deemed incorrigible by the local authorities here in DC. I wish I could say it turned him around. He was a good dad but a life long petty criminal. My earliest memories were visiting him in prison. There was nothing out there he wouldn't try to figure out how to steal even when I was hauling him around in a wheelchair. It was a matter of pride for Growing up dirt poor in a family with 9 kids who all had to fend for themselves pretty much from day one left him a 1930's version of the Artful Dodger.

  3. Sorry to hear that your Mother In Law is struggling. I hope that she got the antiviral so that the covid doesn't last too long. Medications can have some awful side effects now a days. Prayers for you all!!

  4. Boys Town is a fascinating place and has been a blessing for thousands. Thanks for posting the photos. Dennis’ mom is fortunate that you and Dennis are close enough to see she gets the help she needs.

  5. Prayers. I am so sorry that Denis has to nurse his mom through this, I have a special affinity for caregivers. And his poor mom. She has to be so scared and confused. A double whammy with the drug effects and then covid. More Prayers. What a wonderful place to visit. I have strong feelings about how we treat children in this country and I think it would be wonderful if every town could have facilities like this to provide REAL families - not people who resent children and don't put them first. I think that children deserve - AT THE VERY LEAST - a clean, warm, welcoming home and enough food to eat. And just one person who cares what happens to them. Sadly, that is not a priority in many families.

  6. Boys Town certainly sounds like a great place and Father Flanagan started an excellent work which thankfully continues to this day. The chapel is beautiful...I love stained glass.
    I'm sorry for the problems the new meds plus Covid are causing your MIL and of course, Dennis, as her caregiver for now. Take heart, Granny M

  7. I read two books a long time ago about Boys Town, so I knew about it. Love the stained glass windows, things like that are always so beautiful and majestic. I certainly understand about new meds giving a person surprise results since I'm one of those people, so I feel for your mom and you guys. 82° and sunny here today with windows wide open. Glad winter is over. I'm still alive down here... just send up a few prayers, please. Just stuff. Trying to get myself to do a post soon. Sending up prayers for mom and you guys. Hugs and love, my friend.

  8. I will certainly be praying. Its so hard when our elderly family members need extra care. Your shawl came out quite lovely. It seems Red Heart Ombre is very popular so I'm going to have to try it some time. Take care!

  9. I've actually seen the Boys Town movie, though it was a long, long time ago

    Sending lots of good healing vibes for Dennis' Mom. After our experience with Dave's grandma, I understand just how hard it can be when they are confused like that. And to have COVID on top of it. All my good juju is coming your way!

  10. Boys Town is certainly a wonderful place. We need more places like it. I remember watching the movie when I was a youngster. So sorry to hear about Dennis's mother. I hope she has a very mild case and is on the mend soon. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your MIL being so sick. I am praying for her, and also for your hubby as he cares for her...but also for you because you were with her as she was getting sick. May God take care of all of you and give you strength. I enjoyed reading about the "Boys' Town". I do remember the movie, but I am not sure if I ever watched it all the way through. Now I want to go back and watch it again. Love the shawl you made. That is so beautiful! What a blessing it will be for someone. Have a wonderful week, but please take care of yourselves.

  12. Boys Town looks like a great place, which I have heard of before and of the movie...I would love to visit it someday! I'm so sorry to hear about "Mom"...sounds like many tough things going on for her at the same time. Will send up prayers for her and for all of you. and if you would be so kind as to say a prayer for our son-in-law, Armando, who was just diagnosed with leukemia a day ago. We are so worried. Thank you so much, Betsy and Dennis. God bless you.

  13. Echoing Nancy, your MIL is so fortunate that you and Dennis are close by, but I'm sorry you have so much to deal with - it's not easy! Sending healing wishes across the miles.

  14. Many years ago we were traveling to Wisconsin and pulled over on the roadside and had lunch, across the highway from Boys Town. I was just a little girl but remember it well. When my parents talked about Boys Town it really touched my heart and I've carried that memory with me all these years. I remember it being a beautiful place. We didn't take a tour but kept on our journey. I really enjoyed all the pictures you shared.

  15. I remember getting a letter to support Boys Town and how it was developed years ago. I remember donating $ to them for awhile. It's been years since I've been to Nebraska. I visited a friend who lived there 2005. I hope your mom in law is feeling better. We had some rain 🌧 then hail for 20 minutes. Megan decided not to go to bible study as there was hail on her car, sidewalk and road. Very slippery. Phil and I went on a walk after dinner since the roads in our area were thawed. He usually walks before dinner. Colder half way on our walk. Your shawl looks very pretty. I still have the shawls that Lorraine made me. Cozy for sure. ❤️ hugs and blessings, my friend. 🌷 Becky

  16. What a blessing this home is for the children, such an incredible thing! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am so sorry about your Mom's illness and bout with a bad medication! I pray that she is feeling better by now, and also that you don't get sick too! May the rich blessings of the Lord be with you for Easter!