Monday, March 29, 2021

Second Vaccination Done!

It’s Monday and I got my second Pfizer vaccination about five hours ago! I am so happy. I’m hoping it goes as well as Dennis’s did and I don’t have any side effects. With the first one I just had a little bit of a headache and a sore arm for a day, so I’m hoping for a repeat. 

We have a busy week coming up. Everyone in our small group Bible study except one person has now been vaccinated. They have asked if we can have a potluck together on Thursday night, since it will be my last week here. Then, on  Saturday, we’re going out to dinner with Neal and Jenny. It will be my first time in a restaurant since last summer. I’m told the Pfizer vaccine is fully effective after seven days and the Moderna is fully effective after 14 days so I should be good. Our restaurants are still open at only 50% capacity.  Then, on Sunday we are having Easter dinner with Alicia and Jeremy and the boys. This is the busiest my social life has been in over a year! Monday morning, if all goes as planned, bright and early, I will leave on my 24 hour drive to Nebraska. It was snowing hard in Montana this morning and I’m hoping it’s not like that next week.

I have a lot to still accomplish this week so I’m really hoping I can keep plugging along and the vaccine doesn’t affect me in any big way.

Along with Larry and Nita we watched Gonzaga play Creighton yesterday in the March Madness basketball. It was hard to know who to cheer on! Gonzaga is our Spokane team and Creighton is the Omaha team! I solved that dilemma by just cheering for both teams whenever they scored. :-) Nita did not like that because they are huge Gonzaga fans. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Gonzaga won and is going on to the elite eight. They have been there before and we’re hoping for a big win this year.

I did finish one baby blanket this weekend and I started another. I love this color.

Matchey, matchey. ๐Ÿ’œ  I bought two one pound skeins of yarn so there will be easily be enough for two blankets out of these two skeins.

I forgot to take photos of the lapghans that I delivered to the veterans home this morning on my way to the vaccine clinic. Yesterday I dropped off a big bag of baby hats and blankets to the hospital. I also packed all of the mittens that I’ve made so far into a drawer in one of our dressers that is in storage. Little by little we’re winding up our life here in Spokane. Dennis is having a meeting today to let all of the people who work for him know of our plans. He will continue to work from home after the move and will fly back to Spokane when he needs to for meetings.  He will still be here for a few months.

Next, I have the last of the photos of the new house for you to see. The first two are of our bedroom. Look at the beautiful solid maple set that they left for us. Mandy says that it’s very high-quality furniture. The dresser that you see the edge of on the right has a big mirror attached to it.
A bit of a different view. They even left the TV on the wall for us.  It’s not a big room, but it will work fine for us. We do have our own mattresses that we are bringing next month, but they told us this was a brand new mattress and only slept on a couple of times by their mom.  It seems strange to think of sleeping on someone else’s bed, but I guess it’s no different than staying in a hotel is it?  I want to get new blinds and curtains for these windows because we like it really dark when we sleep.

Here is Miss Piper showing off the family room. They left another TV on the wall here but we’re going to take this one down. It’s in an odd spot and we don’t have to want to have to crane our necks up so high. Jim, who passed away several years ago was an avid Harley Davidson collector. Every year they would go to the Sturgis motorcycle rally. They would pull their motorcycle in a trailer behind the truck and then ride it around South Dakota. The ceiling fan in the photo below is a Harley Davidson ceiling fan. That will definitely be replaced. They used this room as a rec room. They had a bar in the corner and Harley Davidson memorabilia all over the room. Carpeting down here is in very good shape with just one stain in the corner. Our nephew Russ, who is a carpet layer is going to replace that little patch for us with some carpeting that was left behind. He says we won’t even be able to see the patch. We are so grateful for everyone who has been helping us so much with the house. I don’t know how we would have done any of this without them.

This is the other end of the same room. This is what I hope to make it into my crafting and yarn storage area. The door goes out to the backyard.  You will notice that they had ceiling fans all over the house. I think they are very necessary in the Midwest where the summers can be very hot and humid.

Remember what I told you about Harley Davidson? Obviously the door on the shed will get a paint job too! They do have the yard nicely landscaped. I’m thinking of trying some container gardening in that mulched spot in the corner.  We have been told that it is red rubber mulch! I have never heard of such a thing.
 And one more view of the backyard.   There is a little retaining wall with some rocks in the shade next to it. The yards are not very big here and that’s fine with me. We haven’t seen chain-link fences like this since we left Nebraska. The yards here in Spokane are mostly surrounded with 6 foot tall privacy fences. For some reason the chain-link seems much more neighborly to me. ๐Ÿ˜

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a severe wind storm last night with gusts of over 70 mph. It’s still blowing today but not nearly as strong. The RV did very well. It did shake a bit at the strongest gusts, but Dennis has it resting on several extra jacks to stabilize it.

I’m praying that you all stay strong and healthy. I hope that everyone is able to get the vaccine very soon.

Blessings and love, 


  1. It amazes me that with all the last minute chores to do you still found time to complete those knitting projects. The pictures of your new home and yard must make it all seem like a dream. Soon you'll be living in that place and hopefully you'll love it. Have a good week. I hope you have no bad effects from your second shot.

  2. It was fun to see more of your new home.. you will have fun feathering your nest there! I can envision many posts of how you'll be setting it all up. The blankets are gorgeous, I bet some new baby will be warm and happy wrapped in those. Good for you to get your 2nd shot, I got mine last Wed. The boys just got picked up by our son so it's quiet here again. You will love having Piper stay with you often. Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I think you are going to love your new home. Being closer to Piper certainly makes things a lot nicer, even though you will miss your friends.

    Hope tonight and tomorrow go well. Congrats on being among the fully vaccinated!

  4. Happy to hear you are fully vaccinated and have the opportunity to meet with a few friends before you head east. May the roads will be dry on your drive to Nebraska. Have a safe journey.

  5. Glad everything went well with your injection. They're telling me not to get the shots since I had cancer a year ago and also have two auto-immune diseases in my system. They say the shots could possibly kill me. Your house looks great....wishing you safe and good travels back to Nebraska next week.

  6. Yay for your second shot!!!
    Your new house has such possibilities. Your craft area looks huge compared to my itty bitty rooms-and that yard. I'd love that garden area. I'd have everything growing out there.
    I finally saw your Ravelry message and answered you. I've been having headaches so I've been restricting my screen time so I'm sorry about not seeing it sooner.

  7. Im so glad you said just 7 days after second injection! I am already storming the heavens with prayers for your trip Betsy!!!!!

  8. That's quite the nice bed other owners left you. There are ways to clean mattresses. I have seen recipes you can use essential oils with. I bet the ceiling fans are interesting. I have a friend who flew bombers in USAF then pilot of southwest airlines. Their new home had propeller like ceiling fans. I hope all goes well with you as you go thru next few days after your shot. Prayers that your drive to Omaha goes well and snow disappears soon in Montana. It got chilly when we left church Sunday. Rained hard for a bit. Quit. We weren't able to do what we wanted to do outside in lawn. A bit warmer today. Take car my friend!!!

  9. I'm so happy for your new home! Those baby blankets are so pretty and purple is my favorite color.

  10. Hello dear Betsy! How exciting to read of your new adventures you are about to embark upon! I will be praying that you have no overt effects from the vaccine, and that you will enjoy your time spent with friends in Spokane before you leave, and that the roads to Nebraska will be clear with bright sunshine along the way! The house looks wonderful and it will be such a blessing to be back with your family again! Those winds yesterday were crazy, but thankfully we had no damage here, although our power was out for most of the night. So thankful that is all it was for us. Many blessings to you dear friend!

  11. So glad you are fully vaccinated Betsy and how nice that you will be seeing frineds IN PERSON before you leave! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you safe (and weather-free) travels!!

  12. Hope the reaction to the vaccine is minimal. I got the Moderna and am still tired two weeks after the last shot. The house looks wonderful, thanks for the sneak peak especially of your yarn area! Have a good rest of your week!

  13. I'm so glad to hear your vaccinations are done! We're still months away from ours, but more and more vulnerable are getting vaccinated every day so that makes me happy!

    Your house is just beautiful - I hope Dave and I can find something half as nice!

  14. Wonderful news you have had your second vaccine Betsy. You are right about the matress. I bought some beautiful old bedding and when a friend said they couldn't sleep under someone elses bedding I said well you stay in hotels! Your house is so beautiful and spacious. How exciting to be moving there.

  15. I'm in a whirl just reading about all you have done and plan to do! Exciting! Thanks for letting us see the beautiful continue to inspire me in so many ways. Yay for getting your second dose of vaccine!! I got my first dose on Sunday and am scheduled for the second dose on April 18th. I can imagine you enjoying your lovely new home very spite of wanting to replace the H.D. decor ๐Ÿ˜ May the Lord bless you and yours, dear Betsy, as we celebrate...He is Risen! He is Risen indeed! ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒฟ

  16. Prayers for an uneventful and safe travels to your gorgeous new house!!! It is so lovely. And all the furniture and accessories are just wonderful too. You might want to think about the television on the wall. When we are in our recliners, we are always adjusting our bifocals to watch television. Ours is in a cabinet. We are thinking about mounting it up on the wall for easier viewing.

  17. Great to hear you are now fully protected from that odious virus! You know it is strange but I feel quite excited for you. You will be off and away very soon,on to another stage of your life,moving into your new home. All this moving is exhausting I am sure but it is also thrilling that you will be building a new home with your family right there beside you. These new images of your new house look amazing I can see you have been really fortunate with this acquisition and so very kind of the former owners to leave so much behind. It is a good new start Betsy ....look forward dear blogger friend ... Life is good! Take care Amanda x

  18. I'm sure you are excited and home sidck all rolled together. It helps to keep looking at the new house pics! You are going to go crazy with all of that room!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  19. I agree with others who are amazed st handicrafts appearing in midst of all those other jobs Betsy.
    Am praying snow stays away for trip across next week.. that God will go before and make those crooked paths straight!

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

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    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}