Monday, March 22, 2021

Good Morning!

Happy Monday morning to everyone! It’s pouring down rain here this morning and I’m loving the sound of it on the roof of the RV. I had planned to take a long walk this morning, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless the rain stops. It started out as snow/rain yesterday afternoon and has continued nonstop, but now it’s just rain. It’s a very cozy sound. I have the fireplace on and I’ll do some knitting on mittens this afternoon.

Dennis got our patio furniture out of storage on Saturday. Obviously I won’t be around to enjoy it very long but maybe he will sit outside in the evenings and read. You can’t really see how hard the rain is falling  and I’m not about to go outside to get a better picture! Ha!πŸ˜‚

I did finish this pair of socks and I think I mistakenly said before that they were the “Petty Harbour” pattern. That’s wrong! They are the “Vanilla Latte Socks”, which I believe is also a free pattern on ravelry. I’m sorry I can’t put them on the blockers to show you the pattern better, but as you’ll see in the picture below, I have a lot of things packed up and I have no idea where I put the blockers! These are made with Knit Picks stroll tweed and I loved using this yarn. I have used it many times before and I never get tired of how soft it feels and how well it wears. These will also go into the gift box.

I knitted 1 and 1/2 pair of mittens yesterday evening.

And oh, what a mess I have. There is a dilemma. My car already has one entire layer from the back of the drivers seat to the tailgate. This will be the next layer! Ha! I make it sound like a cake. I have a lot of things not in boxes because I’m hoping to be able to tuck them into nooks and crannies. Dennis also wants me to take the computer printer with me. I plan to only stay in a hotel one night along the way so I can avoid germs as much as possible. Even that one night makes me nervous because I’m afraid someone will break into the car with all of these boxes in it. They don’t know that most of them are yarn and not expensive treasures! Already in the car is bedding, some kitchen things, and three totes of yarn! Hopefully Dennis will bring the rest of my yarn when he comes in May. First things first you know!  I don’t want to wait until September to get my yarn.
Honestly? I never want to move again. We have owned five different houses including this new one and enough is enough. The older I get the harder it all seems. Here are a few more photos of the house.

Look at this teal bathroom! Wow! They left all of these things on the walls too. I believe she used to sell home interiors and it shows. I am told the sinks and tub and toilet are all in beautiful condition, with no chips. I’m torn between completely replacing everything and leaving it as is. We do have to add a shower to this tub, as the only shower is the one in the master bedroom. That won’t work when the kids come to visit. Look how nice they left it for us. They even have soap at each sink in both bathrooms and in the kitchen. They left me all the cleaning supplies too!

This is the bathroom off the master bedroom. You can sure tell this was built almost 60 years ago when master bathrooms were just becoming popular. In new houses they are much, much, much bigger than this.  This part of the bathroom is identical to the one in my mother-in-law‘s house next-door. The doorknobs are even the same.
This is the master shower! It’s half the size of the one in our RV! It’s also the only shower in the house right now. But they left this place immaculately clean and we have absolutely no complaints. We got such a good deal on this house. If it had hit the open market I’m sure we would have had to pay twice as much for it if we had even been able to buy it. We are so grateful to the Lord for providing this beautiful place for us to live.  

Now I do find the magazine holder on the wall pretty hilarious. 😍 Mandy has already taken the shelf and the rack off of the wall in preparation for the painter.

Mom is doing very well at home. She still is not allowed to do the stairs by herself and has to use a walker for the time being. Someone goes over and spends most of the day with her every day and makes her meals for her. I think everyone is getting anxious for me to arrive. Mom is so excited. I told Mandy last night that Mom said she can’t wait until I get there and we can start working on the house together, unpacking things. Mandy just laughed and said there was no way grandma would be able to get all the way over to our house at this point even though it’s just next-door. She is still very, very weak. I would appreciate continued prayers for her. Every day she sounds more and more like herself though.

It is really hard to wrap up almost 30 years of living somewhere and moving halfway across the country. When we moved here we didn’t have nearly the medical things going on that we have now. I’m trying to get doctors lined up before we go so records can be transferred. I don’t think that will be very successful, although I do think I have found a cardiologist. I will be going to the same office mom does so that will make appointments much easier. I’m sure we will have different doctors, as I need an electrophysician and she has a regular cardiologist.
I’m taking care of mail and bank accounts and utility companies, but we still will have things here because Dennis is not leaving for a while. Sometimes it gets very overwhelming to me.  

I am so, so, so excited though. We will be back with family and especially Mandy and Piper. It’s going to break my heart to leave Neal and Jenny, Larry and Nita, and Lori and Paul especially. I can’t even talk about it with them without crying. They have become our family here, since we have had none. Our plan is to come back next summer for a month or two to visit. I truly hope God allows that for us. We love the people here in Spokane and Spokane itself.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday. Take care of yourselves and be safe. Dennis is getting his second Pfizer vaccine today. I’m praying for no side effects for him. Mine is next Monday! Herd immunity, here we come!

Blessings and much love,


  1. Happy to hear your MIL is improving each day. I’m sure that is a relief for you and Dennis. I love the sound of rain,too.

  2. It is hard moving and leaving everyone you love behind but you have so much to look forward to. Stay strong and enjoy the process of making your new house a home. Safe travels.

  3. How quickly everything is coming together for you Betsy! Hard to believe that before too long you will be on the road. I'm sure it will be a relief to you to be near your MIL, Mandy and Piper...but I do know you will miss Dennis terribly. Maybe your Spokane friends could visit you in Nebraska? Just a thought.....

  4. Things are moving along for you. You are dealing with a LOT my friend. I actually love the green sink and bathtub, it reminds me of my jadeite! LOL! When you make your reservation at the hotel, how about asking for a room near the office so your car will be safer from nefarious individuals. Those kinds of people look for cars in the back and out of view. I'm glad you're getting to make your move sooner rather than later for all your sakes. Hang in there.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your move sounds exhausting, as you said, no more moves after this one. Plus emotionally it is sad to leave people yet joyful to be with family. I got my two jabs a month ago, so went to church indoors yesterday, it was very energizing, everyone wearing masks and following the city rules. So fun.

  6. Moving is always so stressful and your move is even more so since you'll be driving by yourself. I hope once you're on the road things will look more manageable. Such good news that your MIL continues to get better.

  7. Your new home looks like it was lovingly cared for all these years.

    Hope your move in goes smoothly. Sounds like you are well on your way.

  8. Moving is such hard work physically and emotionally-not to mention that you are doing this by yourself in the middle of a pandemic. You get lots of admiration from me just for moving forward. I can't imagine how much courage that must take.

  9. Moving is so multilayered with tasks! Just take it a job at a time. Your new house is great! The fact that it is immaculate is very import ant. Mandy and piper will be such loving support I think your hardest time is now and will be over soon. So much emotion and Chloe on top of it all. Lean on Him He is your strength!

  10. Spring! Showers of all sorts...we just had a little hail! So glad Dennis's mom continues to heal! I so admire your knitting!! Having moved 15 times as an adult I care very much about the process you are going through now dear Betsy. πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ™

  11. One day at a time. I am sure it is all overwhelming. My parents were movers - we lived in 8 houses in my town between the time I was born and turned 18. After that they moved out of town and I moved in with my grandmother until I got married a year later. We bought our house 42 years ago and we still live here. I had enough of moving.

    I think your house is adorable. I love vintage and it is SO CLEAN. How wonderful!! I think you just need to live with everything for a little bit and see how you like it and what you need to change. I agree with adding showers.

  12. I enjoyed the photos you shared. I like both of the bathrooms, especially the wood in the master bathroom. Nice house and hope all goes well when you get there. Add a shower sprayer to the smaller bathroom might work. Hopefully nothing will get stolen. I know for a fact that the hotels are cautious about keep people separated and everything clean.
    We are getting our heritage birch tree removed tomorrow morning. A day earlier than I expected but it will work out and insurance will cover it. There is a small hole on the roof of our house and damaged a few shingles. Not sure about the garage. It is a bit sad to see it go. I am sure the birds and squirrels will not be too happy about it either. At least we have a white pine tree.
    Continued prayers for your mom and the shots you and Dennis get to be good, and not big reactions to them. Prayers appreciated for my friend Tina who is still in the hospital with sepsis and now has breathing problems. Hugs and blessings! *Becky*

  13. Hi Betsy,
    So very good to hear from you again especially as you’ve so much going on it’s good of you to fit us into your schedule.
    It’s going to be hard for you and Dennis to be away from each other, but I do believe with all my heart as surely as our loving Father God has provided the house with so much still in it, (built sixty years ago it will be well built as our is firstly and much better than today’s)... as He has dove-tailed everything in so beautifully thus far, He will in each and every day that lies ahead, as you put your hand in His.πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ
    He will go before and make those crooked paths straight.

    “The angel of the Lord encampeth about them that fear Him, AND delivereth him”! Praise His name for what He will do, you will never be alone.

    Praying earnestly you’ll both get through all the jabs just fine, by God’s great mercy too.
    May the LORD bless and guide especially in all the decisions you have to make, set out especially the medical ones, and in what must go with you and how.
    Beautiful knitting as always.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  14. Betsy, I had to laugh at your 2 new bathrooms, they are the same size as ours. We are blessed to have two showers, however one is in the basement, no bathroom, just a shower! lol
    It will be so great to move close to family and I know your mom must be so excited. When you get moved you will have to send me your address.
    Take care, take deep breaths, God's blessings and love

  15. The last time I moved (here 14 yrs ago) I said that was the last time, Lord willing!
    It is hard mentally (decisions) , physically (the actual moving of things) and emotionally (all of the memories)!!!! Prayers for your journey....

  16. Oh I like your main bathroom...very retro looking. Company can take baths!
    As for your stay at a Motel...back your car into a space next to the building...if you talk to the front desk people they may let you park next to the door especially if you have a handicap permit. I am sure it is a worry for you.
    Good to hear that Dennis had no bad reaction...I hope the same for you!
    Yarn is an important thing to pack:)

  17. Excited that you’ll be on your way to your dear granddaughter soon! I love the bathroom. Calming with the green. What thoughtful sellers to anticipate your immediate needs when you get there! So sorry to hear about the loss of your dearest pup Chloe. She certainly was a blessing from God and you will always savor sweet memories of the love she gave you. Safe travels eastward. May God continue to watch over you ❤️

  18. Those doors and doorknobs in your new house look just like the ones I have here. Yep, 70's for sure. I can't believe you MIL lives in such a big house. I hope she has a cleaning person! I'm so glad she is home and doing well. I wish you a safe trip! Your new home is lovely.

  19. Your new bathroom is so clean and pretty. If you decide to not redo the color just remember that in a few years whatever color you choose will be out of style again. LOL Nancy

  20. Dear me Betsy how busy you are and you still find time to make some mittens and socks! Please don't wear yourself to a frazzle with all the packing! Don't rush it give yourself time to think it out, having said that I sure you have more experience than me at it but I know stress is definitely the enemy! Lots of good advice here from other bloggers especially about the motel :-) How very considerate of the previous owners they have left it in tip top condition. The bathrooms look splendid. Very glad to hear your MIL is improving. Take care Amanda x

  21. Hi Betsy, you asked my opinion on your bathrooms. So, I came right over to look . . . they are both in very good shape and my motto has always been, if it's not broke don't fix it. I would just work with what you have, later after you have lived there a couple years you will know better any changes you might want to make. I kind of love that teal bathroom and it speaks to me as being a spa color. I would paint the room white and then bring in towels and accessories in the shade of the tub, plus maybe one shade lighter and one shade in a light spa like green something soothing and relaxing.
    Anyway, what do I know? Everyone will give you a different opinion. The right thing is to choose something that you like.
    It's kind of like asking the lady cutting your hair, what she would do. What you have to remember is that she doesn't have to live with it . . . it has to be something that you will feel good about each time you walk into those rooms.
    I hope I was a help, but I guess I sort of threw the ball back into your hands. You're going to have many decisions. I just wouldn't do anything that didn't need changing until you have lived there awhile. That of course doesn't mean that you shouldn't do inexpensive things that make big differences, like paint. Paint is cheap and can truly make huge changes that make a home more to your tastes.
    Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy the process. Remember it's all temporary, you have a home waiting and the best designer of all is preparing it for you. It will be perfect :)
    God bless you,
    Connie :)

  22. Take care of Mom. I know she is so happy to have you back near—well, next door.

  23. So thankful to know all is proceeding well with your move. I must say that I do not envy you. It is SO hard to move, especially across many miles. At least you are able to break it up a bit. God bless you and work out every detail.

  24. I wish I could be there to help you pack up. I know you will miss those close to you but being near family is everything! Stay safe Betsy.