Tuesday, March 16, 2021

One More Day

Happy Tuesday my friends.  It is another beautiful day here in Spokane. I took some Japanese items for donation to the Mukogawa Institute where there are a lot of Japanese students. On the way back over the river I stopped to snap this photo. This is the reason it’s hard to leave the Northwest. It is stunning. You can see the clock tower there in the upper right portion of the photo and what used to be a big tent in Riverfront Park for the world expo in 1974. Lots of different events are still held under that structure. Then, there is the pedestrian bridge crossing the river. It is beautiful.

The veterinarians office called me this morning and Chloe’s memory box and ashes were there. I haven’t been able to get myself to look in the bag yet. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s not here with us anymore.

I finished the last of the three bunnies that I’m going to make right now. Yesterday when I took this photo it was very cloudy. The colors aren’t showing up very well but there is a purple bunny that I gave to Nita this morning. Purple is her favorite color. The pink one is for Piper. The brown bunny is for Lori. I think they are adorable! I will eventually make myself a purple one also.
I finished all six of my dresses Saturday evening and was able to clean up that mess. I just started a pair of socks this afternoon but I’ve only accomplished a few rows so far.

I spent the morning running errands and trying to fix Nita‘s cell phone for her. Intermixed amid all of this were calls from our realtor, who even though we closed on the house several weeks ago, is still working on things for us. She was in the house this morning with a painter getting bids for us on painting all of the walls and ceilings. At one point she called me and said they found a gas leak behind the dryer! She even contacted a company to come out and repair it. I’m not sure they will make it there today, it will probably be tomorrow. She and Mandy found another small leak in the water heater before we ever closed on the house and the gas company repaired that. It’s crazy. I hope nothing else is found.

The carpeting in the living room, dining room and hallway was torn out yesterday by our nephew. He is a professional carpet layer and if we decide we want carpeting he will install it for us. Apparently there are beautiful hardwood floors throughout the entire upstairs. The dining room has a little bit of damage on the floor or something must have been spilled onto the carpet. The realtor knows someone who should be able to repair that for us also if we decide to forgo the carpeting and keep the hardwoods.

The next two photos are of the kitchen. We will be getting rid of the table and chairs. As you can see it has double wall ovens and a new dishwasher. I have never cared for this style of cabinetry, but it seems to be in very good condition from what I can tell so I will have to learn to love them won’t I?
The stove top is a countertop electric stove top which is very different from my Jenn-air gas stove at the old house. This entire kitchen is completely different from my old kitchen and will definitely take some getting used to but, I have learned to be happy wherever I’m living. As long as I’m with Dennis it will be fine. They’ve left us the coffee maker and a can opener and I’m told that tall cabinet by the refrigerator is also full of appliances. God does provide doesn’t He?  After giving away almost everything we own, He has provided everything we need to get started in this house.

Mom came home from the hospital yesterday and bless Mandy and Jessie’s hearts, they are trying to find ways to have someone with her every day for awhile. I ordered the medical guardian bracelet and necklace for her so if she ever finds herself in the same situation she was in before, she can just push the button to call for help and won’t have to sit on the floor all night. Hopefully that will never happen and we’ll be right next-door to help.

Dennis is scheduled to get his second Pfizer vaccine shot next Monday and then I will get mine the week after that. I listed our small camper for sale on Facebook marketplace because it didn’t make sense to keep both. Some wonderful people came to look at it last night and are supposed to come back tonight to pick it up. That will take a great deal off of our minds. There is so much to be done before I leave in a few weeks. Please keep us and all of the decisions we are making in your prayers.

I hope you are all doing well and have not had too many issues with the snow storm that came through this week end. Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday. 
Blessings and hugs, Betsy


  1. Betsy I am sending you lots of love as you travel these next few weeks getting things done before you move. Those hard wood floors sound wonderful and so easy to clean. Glad your MIL is home from the hospital, she gave you all such a scare. Take care of yourself.

  2. Sounds like things are rolling right along.

    If you really prefer gas cooking it shouldn't be too hard to replace the electric stovetop with a gas one since you already have gas service to the house. I had never had gas cooking until this house and WOW . . . I love it.

    I had my second shot today and while the line was a fiasco of complaining people, the actual shot was a breeze. I have to say, it wasn't as organized as the first one, but I was willing to wait quietly while they figured things out. I can't say my fellow linesmen (and women) were quite so quite. Some had quite a bit to say. LOL

  3. Picking up the ashes is almost as hard as losing them in the first place! They really do steal our hearts!

    Those bunnies are adorable!

  4. You have so much going on Betsy! Do take care of yourself. Wishing you peace and that everything goes smoothly for you.

  5. The Northwest is beautiful and will be hard to leave, but you can always return to visit your friends and church family. Love the bunnies!

  6. You are living in a beautiful place! And now you can keep your memories of it when you move to the next place.

    Gosh, I can't believe all that is going on at your new house. God certainly put the right people in your life to make it a home for you. Lots of changes but lots of new adventures too. When we moved to town and bought our new house, cooking on an electric stove was a whole new world. Now I have forgotten how to cook on a gas stove. I will stay I preferred the coils to the glass top I have now. And maybe once you've lived with them for a while, the cupboards will grow on you or you could come up with an inexpensive fix. The floors sound wonderful! Just think, next year at this time, you will be moved in and settled and how wonderful it will be!

    You asked about waiting the 15 minutes after our shots. The nurses said that since we were together, we were free to go and to just keep an eye on each other. We looked at each other in surprise and said . . . "okay". We went home and were fine.

  7. That rushing water is so beautiful.

    Your new kitchen looks so spacious! How wonderful that all those appliances come with it.

    God bless you and guide you in all your decisions over the coming weeks.

  8. I like your bunnies! And that kitchen that will be yours very soon has lots of cupboards too. You could always have different doors made if you don't like this style. The wood floors look wonderful. When we built this house 40 some years ago we had carpet everywhere, even in the kitchen. We changed that as the years went by and now we have wood in the LR and kitchen/dining room and in the bedrooms laminate. So much easier to keep clean.
    I'm glad your MIL can come home again. She's been on my mind ( and in my prayers).

  9. You sure are having a busy and stressful time. I hope you can get through these next weeks as serene as possible and your trip to the new home goes safely and smoothly. I had to laugh when you said you were surprised that I did a Tuesday blog post.. lol.. I thought it was Wednesday! I do hope that someday you'll come back for a visit here with Gracie and me and get to go to the coast to see the ocean. I'm glad your MIL is safely home. I know you'll feel better when you're close to her and can be there in emergencies. Good luck with it all. Tell Dennis we said hello. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hoover passed away in November and I just unpacked his ashes and paw print last week. Well, that's not actually true. I cleaned out a drawer in the dresser where I keep my beloved parrot's ashes and had The Mister unpack them and put them away. I cried all day and still didn't have the courage to look at them. It takes time and all this Covid stress and worry isn't helping my grieving process. It just seems to keep piling up.

  11. The bunnies you made are so cute!!! I like your kitchen in your new to you house. I hope the leaks are found and stopped without too much money to do it. I am so glad that your mom in law is out of the hospital and doing better. So kind of you to get her what she needs for help. Small town of Yoder is close to town where I live. We are getting another aborist to look at our tree and see how much it will cost to get it done. Most likely another one as well. We are getting help from our church, so we don't have to pay for all of it. Good to have Chloe's ashes back even though it is hard to have her in a different way. I remember seeing my mom's ashes....sad!!! Cried tears. It still makes me cry at times when I remember seeing them. We had a nice sunny day and we were able to eat indoors at Panera and able to get our own drinks. I am so thankful restaurants are opening up. Take care and stay safe and feel blessed by God daily, my sweet friend!! Hugs!

  12. What a beautiful photo of the river. I feel for you so much not being able to look in the bag with Chloe's ashes. I felt exactly the same but of course over time it did get less painful. You have so much going on in your life at the moment, I am so glad your mum is home, but everything you are going through all added up together is exhausting. Thinking of you and sending love and prayers. xx

  13. Such good news that your MIL is getting better and has now left the hospital. The medical guardian bracelet sounds like a very good idea and as you say you will be living side by side very soon.I have heard that you can get the same sort of gadget from the Red Cross here,something to keep in mind for the years to come. I do love your bunnies such wonderful gifts. Have you got the link to the pattern please :-) A kitchen all ready set up that is excellent and so practical for you because it means you can gradually change things to your liking once you are living there and over time. I know carpeting is warm and comfortable but IMO hard wood floors can be a dream and they look far better than carpeting. Sending happy thoughts your way take care Amanda x

    1. I found the link to the Bunny's pattern now to find some velvet squishy yarn like what you have used. A x

  14. So much to get through these few weeks but you will do fine! The bunnies are adorable; great job with them!

  15. I agree with you about accepting things when you move. I still am not crazy about our cabinets but we are getting used to them.
    I think about Chloe every time I see my puppy and my heart goes out to you.
    Those bunnies are adorable. They look so super soft.
    I can get my vaccine in two weeks. My oncologist said to wait 2 weeks after radiation ended and that was Monday, so I have written on my calendar to call on the 29th to schedule. Life is moving along.
    Podcast today so I will talk with you soon.
    HUGS and God's blessings

  16. You will make that house your home before long. The kitchn is bright and cheerful, I know what you mean about the Jenn Aire...I love mine but it is electric. Put Carbon Monoxide detectors on your list...do you know how to check for gas leaks? Make a container of real soapy water mostly soap and put it on the connections with a small paint brush and slather it on...and if it bubbles you have a leak.

    My arm is very painful today BUT I am so glad to have it over with. I have napped on and off all day...I am tired.

    I am certain you will miss Chloe for a long time. It isn't easy, cause we love them so much.
    SEnding good thoughts your way!

  17. I. Couldn't rest until hucks ashes were back by my side.

  18. Hi Betsy, Your new home will be so lovey. Your area you live in now is beautiful but there is nothing more beautiful than living close to family. Love the bears. Nancy

  19. Just love those bunnies you make. They will be well-loved.

  20. You're often in my prayers dear Betsy, each day at prayer time and other times too. Sorry not many comments, struggling to comment afaun sometimes on mobile devices. Lost a whole blog post last night just as ready to publish. Might try again tomorrow.
    Sad indeed re Chloe. I struggle when pets die so really feel for you. She was so beautiful. God was kind to give her to you and Dennis.. for those wonderful years. You surely are entering a new stage of your life.. but God gies before, is with you and is as OT says your rereward too!
    Precious, so glad mum is home and being cared for.. praying fir her and those caring for her too.. and your shots not to have any of the bad reactions please Lord.
    Spokane is so beautiful indeed!
    Am soooo slow to comment. Days are simply tooo short!

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  21. Thanks for the idea. I plan to crochet a bunny for our local hospice Labor Day auction to benefit cancer research.

  22. Those bunnies are so adorable! I'm sure their recipients will love them. Maybe some paint and new hardware with spruce up the kitchen for you. You are lucky to have a such a great realtor. Glad your MIL is finally home and your girls are making sure that she is looked after until you can get there. Keeping you in my prayers ((hugs))

  23. Thanks for sharing the stunning river view, dear Betsy. I remember seeing it in person! I am glad you have been able to enjoy it and the surrounding area for so many years...and I hope you will be able to visit it [and the Portland, OR area!] after you get settled in NE. As you mourn the loss of dear Chloe I care very much.๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™ Your creative efforts making bunnies, dresses and socks inspire me! Our baby blanket making group received more donated yarn from the family of our friend who died a few months ago. As they were clearing out her house they found another three big bag stash of yarn in her storage shed! I picked three skeins of pastel shaded acrylic yarn and started crocheting a new baby blanket during our Zoom stitching meeting Wednesday morning. It is wonderful that Dennis's mom is home and your family is rallying to help her continue healing and stay safe and soon you will be there in person to help! I am celebrating with you all that is being accomplished in your new house to welcome you when you get there. Thanks for posting! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™

  24. Bless your dear hearts. I know how hard it can be to make a long distance move and not be there in person to deal with all the hiccups. I am so thankful you have such a dear family who are there to fill in and do things until you can get there. I am also so grateful to hear that your mother-in-law is so much better and coming home. What a relief it will be to all of you to be together again and able to support one another! I can't imagine how excited little Miss Piper must be to know she can soon come to see you so close by! While it is hard to leave the beauties of the Northwest, the joy that awaits must surely be so exciting for all of you. God bless you and work out every detail of your lives.

  25. Hi Betsy,,, just getting caught up on Blogging after being out of State for 2 1/2months,, first,, my Heart goes out to you and Dennis on the passing of your sweet Chloe,, Cherish her memories, they will bring you joy and comfort.

    Glad you two are getting your vaccines,, we just got our 1st one this past week,,

    And,, Congrats on the new home,, especially with it's location,, next door to your mother.. What a Blessing.
    Have a safe and healthy Spring...