Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Three finishes!

I finally finished all three of Piper’s sweaters. I washed them yesterday and sewed the buttons on last night.  This morning I took them to the post office. I’m so excited to see her wearing them.  As you probably remember, I have already sent her the white one and she wears it constantly.

The red one.  Knit with Red Heart Soft in the “really red” colorway.

I have no idea why the hems are turning up on these three so significantly, unless I didn’t take them out of the dryer quick enough. The pattern calls for just two rows of garter stitch and I always do four to help with the rolling. Hopefully as she wears them they will get better.

This is really just a little bit darker pink than it showing up here but not much. I took the photos early this morning and the lighting wasn’t very good. I’m just showing the back on this one.
And the front of the lavender one. Since they are all the same, I didn’t think you really wanted to see pictures of the front and back on all three sweaters. Both the pink and lavender ones are knit with Bernat Softee Baby in the pale pink and lavender colorways.

I got this quarter with some change last month and I’ve been saving it to put in the package to send to Piper. Isn’t this a cool thing to put on the back? Bats! It says American Samoa on it, but I had originally thought it was representing Carlsbad Caverns because of the bats that fly out of the cave at dusk every night.

I took this last Friday afternoon when I took Chloe to the dog park. One of the kids who lives here in the park was there building a snowman. We ended up with 7 inches of snow on Friday. It was the perfect snowman snow. Very wet and heavy.   At this point it was still snowing and we received several more inches.

Yesterday the skies were bright blue, but you can see we still have some snow in the trees.   Many of the trees around town still had their leaves on them and with such a wet snowfall there was a lot of damage around our area. There are some people who still don’t have electricity. The temperatures have been very cold since then, although they are beginning to warm up a little bit and we’re supposed to be in the 50s by the end of the week.

We have tried all kinds of things to keep the moisture down in the trailer since it’s gotten so cold. It was in the single digits all weekend. We had a small dehumidifier that was supposed to be good for up to 450 square foot, which is a lot more room than we have! It did absolutely nothing. So we ordered this unit from Amazon last week and received it in just two days. It is supposed to be for a 2000 square-foot house! It is working wonderfully. Every evening I pour out about 2 gallons of water that it has collected. We are opposite of most places. We have very dry air in the summer when it’s hot, which is wonderful.  In the winter we have a lot of humidity, which is normally good too, but not when you’re living in a trailer. It can cause mold and mildew and we do not want that. So far we’ve been very happy although it does take up a lot of precious floorspace.
This post worked out very well for some reason. I would type a sentence or two or add a photo and then save it in drafts. Maybe that’s what I’ll have to do from now on. Hooray if that works!

We had to buy four new tires for Dennis’s new truck. We knew that when we bought it, but boy howdy! Tires are expensive!  We should be set for several years though.  I think we finally have everything set up very well for winter here at the trailer. The new manager has been very nice to us but I just found out today that the park is no longer having automatic deliveries of propane. We have to set up our own account with someone here in town. It was so handy before. A delivery truck would come to the park and fill up everyone’s propane and whatever the amount was that it took to fill our tanks would just be added to our monthly rent payment.  New owners! Everything always has to change. The office also had a very nice stock of emergency RV supplies. Those are gone now too. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me considering how many RVs are here at the park and something is always breaking on these things. Oh well. 

We are very cozy and content in our little home on wheels. I just wish it could be down in Florida by Cindy’s, (Delighted Hands), house instead of up here in the snow. She has the most gorgeous flowers in her yard. You should check out her blog post from this morning.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

With all of the numbers for Covid going up around the world and the elections here in the US, things are very stressful for a lot of people right now. Most of you remember Karen, Dennis‘s sister who just passed away last month from pancreatic cancer. Her husband Howard and their son Nathan were tested today for Covid. If you would pray that they turn out to be negative I would sure appreciate it.  Howard made a big pot of stew on Sunday and took it over to Mom’s house and spent several hours with her. That is worrisome. Both Howard and Nathan are showing symptoms and I am very hoping that it’s just colds that they have.  Mandy is quite concerned. She spent the entire weekend last weekend administering Covid tests at work. I worry about her too.  

I am definitely trying to turn all of these concerns and worries over to the Lord and not try to carry them on my own. I’m thinking of and praying for each of you too, as I know we all have our own things we are dealing with in our lives, especially now.  May the Lord bless and keep each one of you.

Blessings and love,


  1. Beautiful sweaters!! Piper will love them! Prayers for your brother in law and his son...Covid is so scary. My cousin who died from Covid is having an online funeral only he was a Minister and said he didn't want anyone to suffer like he did. He was such a comfort to so many people...but God apparently needed him more.
    Good to hear the new dehumidifier works for you! :)

  2. We have to use a dehumidifier too. Ours is needed in the basement. It sure was smelly down there before we got it. I can't imagine WHY the previous owners didn't notice it. Now, we can keep things down there (not that we have MUCH), but it is more convenient than the attic. Ours drains into the sump pump, VERY convenient.

    We are going to be cold over the weekend. Down into the 20s I hear and there could be snow flurries! YIKES!

    The sweaters for Piper are adorable and with winter knocking on the door, I'm sure she will really love wearing them.

    Hugs from way out east ...........

  3. You are so FAST and such a perfect knitter! 3 sweaters! It would take me a year to do one! LOL! I do hope you figure out a different health care option instead of Dennis having to work 3 more years. You need to be enjoying this time of your life. And I know how much you want to live near Mandy and Piper. I am amazed that you can get 2 gallons of water out of your air a day. I'm glad you are keeping warm and snug in your caravan. We sure have enjoyed our week and a half in ours so far. Just 4 more days and we go home. In all this time we only had one bad weather day. I wish you two could have come while we were here. You should try this place some day. Have a super week my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Beautiful words from Proverbs, and that is surprising to me that it is snowman weather.

  5. I can't believe you got all those sweaters done so quickly! They are all just lovely. I am in awe.
    My jaw dropped when I saw your snow. We were out on the water in summer clothes today. It is supposed to get cooler once this hurricane thing passes over us. I sure hope so.
    I can't live without my dehumidifiers. We have two going all day long. I still can't get it lower than the mid 60's in here. This tropical weather pattern we are in is just awful. I hate it.

  6. So glad you were able to post successfully💜 I admire Piper's pretty sweaters and your fabulous knitting!!! Even though Mt. Hood has a new cloak of snow it surprises me to see your little friend making an October snowman in Spokane. It got up to 63 today and I took advantage of the warmth to trim back the plants on the patio, including cutting down the Morning Glory vines that did not enjoy the cold snap in our weather a few days ago. Trusting in the Lord with you🙏

  7. Thats such a pertinentverse for every day Betsy.. but esp in these troubled times.. I'm sad over how troubles make trouble between sisters in Lord, just saw it in comments on FB. Think some folks are really struggling with everything. The disagreement was over face masks... some are so touchy... not respecting another.

    Praying for your mumma and also Karen's family are well in the Covid side of things.
    Glad the post went more smoothly. Praying.
    Well done on knitting. Agreed re updates on changeovers not being all smooth sailing.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. Piper is going to be excited to receive the sweaters.I’m sure she will wear them everywhere. COVID is touching so many families. The cases are surging in my community, so I don’t go out much. I do a lot of things online - what a blessing to have that option. Take care

  9. I'm glad Blogger was nice to you finally! The sweaters are amazing! It's nice to hear the new humidifier is working for you--too much damp in the trailer would not be nice! I'm amazed at the snow you have already! wow! thank you for the prayers...we need to keep bringing our cares to Him.

  10. Piper is one very lucky little girl!

    No snow here, but it's downright chilly. I'm still resisting turning on the heat - I try to get to Nov. 1 without doing it. Only a couple more days to go! Right now, I'm bundled up in a t-shirt, sweater, and cardigan; thick knit leggings; wool socks, and fur-lined moccasins! My hand are cold though so Im going to have to pull out some fingerless mitts. Lol.

  11. Oh, Betsy! I sure hope those covid tests come back negative. Bless their hearts, they have already been through so much. I am sure the grief is still so raw. May God bless all of them and allow them to be healed speedily and also protect your Mandy. I can't imagine what a worry it is for you to have her working in the health care field. Those sweaters are just gorgeous. I am sure little Miss Piper will wear them with much pride and feel the love in every stitch. Your words resonated so much with me as I feel the burden so heavy upon my heart over the election and so much upheaval. Oh, dear Lord, help us all. Jesus is our only hope.

  12. Piper is going to love each and every one of those sweaters! I really love that lavender shade! I cannot believe how quickly you knit! And always such beautiful work. We haven't had a whole lot of snow for a number of years, but it sure seems we get lots of sleet and freezing rain every year to make up for it. Ugh. Oklahoma had a bad ice storm this week, part of it made it into Kansas but stayed south of us. We've been through enough of that to not want to do it again. Very cold here, but supposed to warm up over the next several days, maybe even back into the low 70s by next week - I sure hope!! We will keep Howard and Nathan, and Mandy, in our prayers for health safety. It certainly is hard to turn these things over to God for His WIll in our lives. We lift ALL of you up to the Lord each day! Sending you big warm hugs and lotsa prayers, my friend!! Blessings to you, Betsy!

  13. The sweaters are so can you do this so quickly? I never mastered knitting, though crocheting used to keep me busy. What a talent you have!!

  14. It looks like you are living in a winter wonderland!! Sure is pretty.
    You are an amazing knitter. All the sweaters look great. Piper will have such choices which to wear!!
    I have a couple of cardigans that roll up at the hem and although I press them down they won't stay. I wonder why that happens.
    Good to hear that you now have a dehumidifier that does the job!!

  15. I am seriously thinking I shall have to learn to knit. It is pure envy you know!!! When I see theses lovely knitted items like Piper's cardigans and those lovely socks you knit I just feel I am missing something not being able to knit. My Mum did try to teach me but I was all fingers and thumbs!! However,as for crochet I picked it up in a tick, again from my Mum and Gran, when I was 10 or 11 and haven't stopped since ! :-) Hoping and wishing your family members tests come up negative and their symptoms are just common cold ones! So worrying!! Keep thinking positive Betsy Amanda x

  16. Oh Piper is so lucky and she will be so happy! Four sweaters that you knit with love. The cold weather is edging in here - tonight it is supposed to be in the 20's and will be downright chilly when I meet Dee tomorrow morning. Hope you and Dennis have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. You have the best posts! I hate when I've missed some. Those sweaters are simply adorable. I can just see Piper wearing them. I love the pattern and the colors. If only I could knit like you! The snow there is so pretty. We may get our first frost...a cold front came through last night with wind and rain, thankfully no storms but the yard is covered in sticks and tree limbs. I love the Bible verse. It is one of my favorites.

  18. Betsy ,I love all the piper sweaters . Beautiful work and I know you put love into each stitch.
    I will pray for your family . Covid is out of control here in Wisconsin. WE are literally house bound. WE don't trust anyplace!

  19. Such gorgeous sweaters! You should be proud of such wonderful work. It seems so foreign to see all that snow from my chair in Maryland. But then, we will get it eventually.

  20. Your sweaters are all so beautiful!
    Please may I borrow a cup of snow?

  21. Hey Betsy,, Piper is one lucky young lady to have sure a talented Grandmother..
    Oh My Stars! I can not believe how cold it has been since it snowed... I swear our house heater ran non-stop...thank goodness these past few days have been in the 50's to warm things up and melt the snow.
    You all stay warm and toasty cozy.

  22. The sweaters are just adorable - Piper will be very well dressed!

    I can't believe how much moisture the dehumidifier is pulling from the trailer - that is amazing. Good thing you got a bigger model.

    I hope those tests came back negative. Saying a prayer for them.

  23. Nice sweaters for Miss Piper. I am sure she will stay cozy in them, Grandma Betsy! It has been a chilly week here, and nights much colder. I have been decluttering lately and dontated items last week and more soon! Praying the flu goes away, and those who do have it recover. It is just a flu virus. I remember 2-3 years ago when there was a bad flu going around and people were dying in their sleep from it. I had it a bit but survived, if that what it was. There was never any testing going on back then. Sigh! Stay warm and hopefully ya stay happy and feel blessed!!! Hugs!! ...Becky