Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Trying Again

I am going to try again to post what I tried to 5 times yesterday. We’ll see if it disappears again. I sure hope not.

I received a box in the mail from Sherri in Las Vegas. She made nine pairs of mittens for me to donate to the school. Aren’t they great? They are going to keep some little hands nice and toasty warm this winter. Thank you so much Sherri.

She also sent me a couple of sweet little gifts. A little snowman ornament and a project bag that has a built-in tape measure and DPN holder. Best of all? It has camping trailers on it! You are so thoughtful Sherri.

Look at the expression on his face. Doesn’t it look as though he’s keeping a secret? Most of you know how much I love snowmen and with space limited in the trailer I won’t be able to have very many things out this year so this little guy is the perfect size.

I was able to deliver over 115 pairs of mittens yesterday morning to Stevens Elementary school in Spokane. I also took well over 100 baby hats and 10 baby blankets to Holy Family Hospital yesterday. It was a good day! I wasn’t able to go into either building but people came out to meet me and get the bags of yarny goodness. I also want to thank Nita for letting me keep them at her house until deliveries were accepted again.

I finished Piper‘s pink sweater. I haven’t sewn the buttons on or washed it yet but I love it.

Here is the back.  I have started her lavender sweater and have the back within a few inches of being completed.

We were also able to get the skirting finished on our trailer just in time. It is supposed to be 29° tomorrow night and will get below freezing toward the end of the week too. I took all four pots of flowers over to Larry and Nita’s house on Sunday. She has a covered patio where hopefully the frost won’t bother them for a few weeks yet and she can enjoy the blooms from her kitchen window.

I don’t remember if I told you that there is a very small airport right behind our trailer. These hangers are literally only about the equivalent of three city blocks from us. Sometimes if the weather is nice, I’ll take a chair and go sit along the back edge of the park and knit and watch the planes takeoff and land. Brad, Mandy and Piper could literally fly into this airport and walk over to our place. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful surprise?

Piper has been giving me art lessons most days after school. We FaceTime and she was very disappointed I didn’t have any crayons. I took care of that in my grocery order yesterday. I ordered a box of crayons but would you believe Walmart of all places, was out of crayons? So I broke my own unwritten rule and stopped on the way home and ran into Target just to buy a box of crayons. They had a display set up just inside the door so the only person I was near was the cashier.   We both had our masks on and I ran out of there quickly. But now I have my crayons for my classes with Piper.

OK, I’m going to close this quickly so I don’t risk losing it all again. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


  1. Betty I love your post the sweater is beautiful. I have never tried to knit cause my arthric hands just wont let me. I am so glad you got ready for the cold it looks like you will get it before us here in Utah. I love snowmen too. They are my favorite winter decoration. I made a snowman quilt and I put it our every winter. So glad you are doing good. Keep strong. We are in High alert here in Utah county so masks are required and only gatherings of 10 or less. I pray for everyone every night. Thanks for the lovely post I enjoyed it. Carla

  2. 115 pairs of mittens!! That's very impressive. I'm sure they will be very appreciated by the children that receive them.
    The pink sweater is so cute. I can't believe what a fast knitter you are.
    Well, I'm glad you finally managed to post on your blog. I hope you enjoy your art lessons now that you have crayons!

  3. Congrats on all the charity knits.

    I love that little snowman. His handknit cap is so adorable.

  4. Holy Family Hospital. I wonder if Dr. McDreamy is still there? He was my sister's doctor in 2015. Not great bedside manner but so easy on the eyes! Bless you for delivering all those mittens, baby hats and baby blankets!!

  5. Piper's sweater is gorgeous. I'm sure that she will love it, especially coming from you. That snowman would look good anywhere! So cute and uplifting! It will surely brighten your trailer.

  6. That little snowman is too cute! And Piper's sweater is gorgeous!
    I have a big box of crayons. I bought it when my nieces were small so we could colour together. I've kept it now they are big - it may come in handy one day!

  7. I am glad your post is still here for me and your other friends read it as well! Lots of cute things on your post. Piper's sweater is adorable! That's so good for you to donate mittens etc for those in need. I was looking thru a bag to see if I misplaced something...found a pair of long pillow cases I didn't cut down yet. Last year's or so reunion...I didn't know they were that long ,, but making correct size will be good. Bag I was looking thru had flannel fabric that I need to make for Melody's Christmas gift. Now that I am at home til who knows when, I will do it! Glad your trailer is all set up and I like seeing the airport as well! Have a blessed week, Becky

  8. I am so in awe of these beautiful sweaters. They are so lovely and you create them so quickly! And your granddaughter looks just adorable modeling the first one. Glad you got the trailer finished just in time. That cold air blowing underneath would be awful.

  9. Kudos all the charity knitting you’ve done. The mittens, hats, and blankets will be loved and appreciated. Nice skirting! I hope it makes your home extra cozy.

  10. Wow that was quite a donation! Way to go! Piper's pink sweater is so lovely! What a talent to be able to knit like that!! So glad you are all winterized...sure hope it is a mild winter for us all. Take care and have fun in art class:)

  11. Bravo on getting your photos up!! Also congrats on getting that sweater almost done. You really are amazing at how fast you can knit one. What an extraordinary amount of mittens, blankets and hat you donated. Just thing of all those little people who will treasure your handiwork. We will be at the beach a week from today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I always amazed at how much you are able to donate AND get sweaters done in a flash for Piper. She would have outgrown it before I finished it.
    I remember so well getting my mom's trailer ready for winter. They used to have to move it up off the beach into a field behind the parking lot. One year, when she was very ill, she just brought it home and put it in her driveway so she could go out and sit in it whenever she liked. She loved that thing.

  13. Wow! What a lot of charity knitting Betsy. That is awesome. And Piper's latest sweater is beautiful. She will look so pretty in it. Glad you got the skirting done in time. What wonderful gifts you have received - I LOVE that camper project bag! And the snowman is adorable.

  14. Awww Miss Piper's sweater is adorable. I just know she will love it. You have been very busy with your charity knitting again I see. Always so thoughtful of others. Bless You Sweet Friend. Wishing you many blessings today and always. ((hugs))

  15. I bet knitting and watching the planes take off & land is a blast.
    Piper's sweater is beautiful. I must have missed it - what pattern is it?
    Wow! That's a LOT of charity knitting! The little snowman and project bag are both adorable!

  16. Aw, that is so sweet that you get to take lessons from Piper each day! That is crazy that Walmart was out of crayons! God bless you for your kind, giving spirit in making all those things to donate. Surely your reward will be great in Heaven.

  17. Incredible contribution on the mittens and baby hats, etc! Wow. Just think of all those kids warming their hands from all the love! My that seems like a short Fall for you-those are some very cold temps already! Glad the skirting is on the trailer!

  18. This whole post is great Betsy! That sweater for Piper is so beautiful and dainty! I love it. I know she will. A landing strip by you? How PERFECT is that?You and your friends who have donated to keep cold hands warm make me feel like there is so much good out there. You are wonderful. I have to bring ZaCH'S Cactus in tomorrow. The old iscomisnghere quickly too.

  19. Thanks for trying to post again! I enjoyed my visit with you, Betsy. The gifts you received are lovely, as are the gifts you give. I imagine your Art Instructor will be thrilled with her beautiful pink sweater! The wind blew my Morning Glory trellises down again, and a kind neighbor, a retired missionary to Romania, came over and helped me set them up again. I am so grateful the Lord is our strength and shield! 💜🙏😃🧶

  20. Am so glad to see your post dear Betsy, I think that everyone was praying you’d be able to post again
    I suspect the issue is the programme that you use on your iPad to write your posts has not caught up with the changed blogger and needs to do an update.
    I have found with the new blogger that Chrome webroswer..( it is a free app) works really well with it, better than it ever did before and write all my post with it on there. They, Chrome and Blogger, are both owned by Google. I don’t know if that will help with your problems?
    ... the only issue I have is losing photos, but that’s on my phone because that’s where my photos are. Not tried on iPad but write and edit after I add photos added no issues.
    How good of Lord, 115 mittens and 100 baby hats and also blankies too, how wonderful!
    Today I took my friend who had the roses arrangement some beautiful sweetpeas ... it was God sending me, when I went found that her hubby had a bad turn when out with friends and was in hospital. I was able to listen to her and pray with her, she loved the sweetpeas. I do too. Such a gift of God.
    Pretty jumper for Piper, how good God was having those crayons right at the door! He loves us so much, answered prayer your van is now wintered too. So glad!
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  21. Look at all those mittens and all the donations you made! Is there a reason for the bow on each of the mittens? I love the sweater for Piper. It is a darling pattern. She is a lucky little girl to have a grandma like you. Is the skirting attached on the bottom of the trailer or the ground? It looks like it would blow in the wind thus defeating the purpose? I know nothing about mobile homes. That is so cute that you have art lessons with Piper. I get videos from my grands of their lego builds. When you're done with your lessons let us see what you did! Have fun!

  22. Wow, those mittens are GREAT! How wonderful for these sweet donations you make for the little ones. I love the look of Piper's sweater, I've not seen one like that before. Very nice work as always! I know so many people are having issues with the new blogger, but so far I've not run into any problems, so not sure what's going on. My only thing is that I don't like the new setup lol. Ah well, I'm used to it now and all is well. (I use the Opera browser.) I love snowmen, too!! In fact, the ornaments I'm making everyone in our family are different this year than I usually do and are snowmen (I'll blog about those when I have time). What a neat thing if Mandy/Brad/Piper would fly right in and walk to your trailer for visits! You have to start showing us some of your artwork that you do with Piper! Blessings to you, dear Betsy!!

  23. Very sweet of Sherri to contribute to your donations. What a blessing to be able to give so many mittens, hats and blankets away for a good cause. Have fun with your crayons and your art tutor. :) Stay warm and safe.

  24. Love that verse! The Lord is my strength. Amen.

    Cute mittens. My fav are the green ones.