Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Cold, cold, cold

Happy Tuesday morning everyone! It’s very cold here and the furnace is chugging away as I type this. I had the same issue yesterday with blogger that I had last week. Three attempts and each one disappeared. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to try to do this. Anyway, it is supposed to be down to 14°F for the low this weekend and we are forecast to have snow on Friday.  As much as I’m not ready for this, I guess I don’t have much choice.  Dennis and Larry spent Saturday and Sunday adding foam board behind the skirting on the trailer to give us additional insulation so hopefully that will help.

Inside I was knitting away on Pipers lavender sweater. It is now completed and I have started a red one. Here is a photo I took yesterday when I still had the sleeves to attach.  It’s dark and cloudy and you all know what these sweaters look, like so pretend it’s finished! Ha!  I don’t think any photo I would take  this morning would turn out.

A couple of people wanted to see my artwork from my lessons with Piper.  Now don’t laugh. Some of you are real, true, artists. She is a very good teacher though, because I normally can’t even draw a stick figure. These are a bit above that, although not much!

Now, aren’t you all duly impressed?  Seriously though, she is a pretty good little teacher. She has you do everything step-by-step.

She plans to be Hermione for Halloween. I think this is a fantastic costume. She even has an official Harry Potter wand that Mandy‘s friend bought for her in Disneyworld.

They have been asking people to not do trick-or-treating here in Spokane or have any indoor parties. They have put out a notice that there’s to be no trick-or-treating here in the park. I have already bought candy and I have been giving it to the kids as I see them outside. They know I’m the lady with the candy and have no problem coming up to me and asking if I have my candy with me!

That’s about it. Even though we have been very busy with winter preparations, they’re just little things that really aren’t blog worthy. I think we’ve done all we can do and now it’s just wait and see what happens.  Some people have already had quite a lot of snow. It does make me wonder what this winter will bring. 

I posted this photo on Facebook last week. My mother would have been 98 years old on October 16. This is a photo of her back about the time she and dad got married in 1944. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think I’ve mentioned before that when she died the church was completely packed and they had to set up speakers in the parking lot because people were standing outside with no room inside. She was a simple woman who never went to college and she stayed home until I was in the ninth grade. Then she went to work as a “pinner” for Pendleton Woolen Mills. She never held a fancy job, but everyone knew they could talk to Jo. She never met a stranger and always had a smile for everyone. People commented on that FB post that they still remember her laugh. She was always laughing. She has been gone for over half of my life. 31 years. It’s hard believe, because I still think of her every day and I miss her.

I look at that little smirk that you see on her face in this photo. My sister has the same expression. When either one of them have that expression on their faces, you know they are up to no good and have mischief planned. I think my sister looks very much like our Mom.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Tuesday.

During these tumultuous days, I am relying even more on the Holy Word of God. I fear what this election will bring from both sides, and I pray people will find peace and love in their hearts no matter what the outcome is.

Blessings and love, 


  1. Don't give up on blogger, dear Queen. Our moms were born about the same time and your mom sounds like a lovely woman; mine was too. I like the blue duck you painted, you have a good teacher. I like the lavender color and the style of the sweater; lavender is a favorite color of mine.

  2. What a beautiful picture of your Mom (and I love the little smirk!!). Gosh it seems like you are getting winter weather (14 degrees and snow??) early. The lavender sweater for Piper is so pretty Betsy and I love her Halloween costume. I'll be surprised if anyone is out trick or treating here.

  3. I would miss you if you didn't blog, but oh my golly, Blogger sure takes the fun out of it sometimes, doesn't it?

    Your mother sounds like a terrific person. Remember .....memories keep them with us forever.

    The blue bird --- is that from Don't Let the Pidgeon Drive The Bus?

  4. You are such an amazing knitter and your art isn't bad either! I can't draw either, yours looks good to me! Tomorrow will be five years since I lost my mom. The hole in my heart is still there and I don't imagine it will every go away. I miss her so much. It's hard to lose your mom, isn't it? ((hugs))

  5. I am sorry you are having such a time with blogger. I wonder why??
    Piper is very cute as Hermione! Her sweater is beautiful! You are such a good grandma!
    I smiled at your Moms photo my Mom has similar photos knobby knees and all.
    You will be an artist before Piper is through with the art lessons!

  6. I can't believe how cold it is up there! We're at the beach and it's sunny and warm. We are off to sight-see later and will order some fish and chips to go and eat at a picnic table nearby. I was told by someone who does risk assessment for the US Government that dining inside a restaurant is very risky for contracting Covid-19. Piper is one lucky little girl to have a grandma who would knit her so many colors of her favorite sweater. She is so cute in that costume!! I hope you stay warm with the temps dropping. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Brrrr....that is cold. I won't tell you that it's almost 80 here and I am still wearing my summer clothes even down by the water.
    That is a wonderful picture of your mom. I was just thinking that I never saw my mom grow old so it's going to be interesting watching myself age and wonder if she would have looked like me. I think I miss her more now than ever for some reason. She would have been only 84 in April. She still had so much life left to live.

  8. It's chilly here, but not THAT cold yet. I try to resist turning on the heat until Nov. 1. It all depends on how much it interferes with my knitting. If my hands are cold, I can't knit and we can't have that!

    I think your drawings are great! I love that duck! Piper is a great teacher and a perfect Hermoine!

    Dave's uncle's funeral was like that - I've never seen so many people at a funeral. He was a great man, and is still very much missed (he was only 55). Your mother sounds wonderful

  9. Thanks for not giving up on using Blogger dear Betsy...I wonder what the issue is. Piper's lavender sweater is such a pretty color and pattern. I hope that you are able to be cosy in your home even when the snow flies! Last week coming back from a small group meeting at ALC I got gorgeous glimpses of snow covered Mt. Hood. It is such a thrill to see it! Our Lord is a wonderful creator! I hope you continue to enjoy your art lessons with your caring art instructor. 💜🤗🧶🙏

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your Mum; she seems to have shone in her life, no matter what she was engaged in, and brought warmth and sunshine to others. I am admiring her little knitted cardigan with the flowers - would that have been something she knitted herself? Your lilac cardi is very delicate and pretty ...Piper just looks the part and, like Hermione, talented and good at teaching others things they want or need to know - your artwork is full of character. Indeed, we need more peace and love ...

  11. Could the issue with Blogger be your internet connection cutting in and out? Mine does that sometimes. Piper is cute in her costume.

  12. Hi Betsy! This is my first time reading your blog. Wow you are having colder temps that we are right now. Yikes. I like that pic of your mother...she looks like she was a great person. Love her sweater too. Take care.

  13. Your mother is beautiful. Don't you wonder what our parents would have thought about this virus!!

  14. Please don't stop blogging, you would be missed much more than you can imagine. I've been doing my best to prepare for winter, time will tell if I did a good enough job. I'm with you about the election either way it goes I think we're in for some huge changes and not good ones.

  15. It's lovely to remember your mother and have all the memories that you keep in your heart. My Mom had an October birthday as well. Hers was on the 8th. She died at 70 which is 5 years younger than what I am now. I still find it hard to believe she's gone.

  16. Sorry blogger is messing with you--they are tweaking things again so hang in there!
    You are really hammering out the sweaters! Beautiful!
    Wonderful drawing--remember they reflect the interests of Piper and that makes them treasures!

  17. I don't comment on too many blogs but just want to chime in with the hope that you persevere in blogging. I found your blog a while ago, then "lost it" and couldn't remember the title and now, happily, have found you again! Your blog is such a welcoming place with photos of a life that is very interesting!
    Your photo of your mother makes me think of mine. Another lovely woman who didn't "achieve" anything monumental but was loved and respected and also had a bit of an impish streak! You made me smile this morning, so thank you!

  18. I hope you don't stop blogging, I would miss your posts so much. Blogger has become a pain, that is for sure. I love what you wrote about your beautiful Mom. What a great picture of her, too. We never stop missing them, ever. The years trickle by and the love remains..but face to face you will see her again one day in Heaven. ((hugs)). What an adorable sweater you are making for Miss Piper. She looks adorable in her Harry Potter costume. Wishing you a day filled with much joy and many blessings sweet friend. ((hugs)). :)

  19. Your Mom looks so sweet and precious. We were so blessed to have the mamas we did, and their influence lives on in us. The sweater is just gorgeous! I LOVE, love, love that color. I'm so sorry to hear you are having such problems with blogger. I hope you always blog because I would miss you terribly, sweet friend. If you do, I trust we can always keep in touch via email. Sending hugs and love to you today.

  20. I have had issues last evening while writing my post, with adding a few photos later....so annoying lately. But we can make it through these rough times. I could be where you live, as in internet...hopefully you save it..which is seems to do automatically. It has been getting cooler at night here. My dau-in-love, Erin, said it was to be down to 29 this weekend at night!!! I am thankful we have heat that will turn at night. Piper is adorable and getting tall! Nice sweater you are making her. I hope to finish quilt I started for Melody a few years ago. I'm home so I should be able to finish it, as it's not too big. Not going to work til later, early J021, will see. Have a blessed day my friend! Becky

  21. Hey Betsy,, well, you probably heard,, we are due 4-5" of snow in a few days.. Over here on the West Plains we actually got a wee bit of snow flakes this morning... I am not looking forward to this weekend of snow..
    I have talked with some friends (out of state) who said that some communities are doing centralized 'drive-by' trick-o-treating..
    One of the things about living out in the country where we do,, Trick-o-treating isn't something of the norm, unlike for those who live in the city. But,,, it won't stop me from buying lots chocolate and hiding it in my sewing room,,, so I won't have to share with hubby... lololol! or should I saw BooBooBoo...

  22. Betsy, I would miss you too. Dont let blogger run you over. I switched to Wordpress without a hitch. It took a little bit to work out their structure, but I would help you over the phone if you want. Piper is so so cute. Your mom was obviously a wonder, because you are!

  23. Hi Betsy.
    Am so glad to see your post dear Betsy, I think that we are all praying you’d be able to post again.
    Obviously you have conflicts with software.

    The programme that you use on your iPad to write your posts most likely has not caught up with the changed blogger and needs to do an update.

    I have found with the new blogger that on my iPad the Chrome webroswer..( it is a free app) works really well with it.

    Its better than it ever did before and write all my post with it on there.

    They, Chrome and Blogger, are both owned by Google. I think it would help. Another thing before hitting publush etc, ckock copy and paste post into an email so dont lose all info and need to retype.
    However it quite obviously a conflict with the blogger and your writer app.

    Love the sweater for Piper praying it doesnt get really cold.
    Your mother is wonderful indeed.. a joy to know we will see our darling mum and dads again. I miss mine everyday too.
    Love your art lessons.. that's such precious memory time. Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}


  24. Betsy I love the sweater for Piper. I wish I could knit. I tried it once but just got frustrated. I do crochet but am a novice at that too. I do hope that you can get your site fixed or blogger fixed I would miss you so much.

  25. The sweater looks great! I'm sure that she'll love it. And that costume is perfect. Looks very authentic. What a beautiful picture of your mother. She sounds like she was an unforgettable woman.

  26. Did someone stretch Piper! She's gotten so tall! Your mother was very beautiful. Piper looks just like her. My dad also would have been 98 this month.
    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my dress. I like that pattern. I want to make a Mennonite cape dress but sewing has been put on hold now due to my finger injury.

  27. Knitting is one skill that I also wanted forever but never came around. Now, i want to nit for my grandkids but alas I cannot. Regards Naomi https://divineangelnumbers.com/

  28. I LOVE THAT DUCK!!! That is the cutest duck ever! You have done well with your art. Piper's a very good teacher. And her costume is great! Your mama looks like she had a few tricks up her sleeve lol, but wow she was a beauty! You know, your mama and mine both lived in much simpler, and I truly believe, better times. I really would have loved to know my mom before I was born, just to see her in life back in her early years. I've often wondered what she would have been like had she lived past 42. I like your mama's cute sweater!! Such neat clothes they wore back then. May we always be blessed with beautiful memories of our moms! Hugs!