Friday, October 23, 2020

Let it snow!

It’s here already!

Once again I have written this post several times and it has disappeared, so I will make this a quick one. We are supposed to get 6 to 8 inches of snow today and we are in a winter storm warning.  I am staying inside where it’s warm and Chloe is enjoying it too. It’s toasty warm here in the RV.

I posted this this morning on Facebook and I thought it was very appropriate.

We have been having trouble with condensation on our windows since it started getting colder. Although we had a small dehumidifier, it didn’t seem to be keeping the moisture down. We ordered a larger one from Amazon and it arrived last night. Hopefully this will do the trick.
I’m knitting Piper’s fourth sweater now. I have pinned the left front to the back in this photo. I pin the pieces together as I knit them to make sure everything fits and I don’t have any nasty surprises at the end. Even though I follow the pattern, mistakes do occur don’t they?

We have a new management here at the RV park. Apparently the park was sold about five weeks ago. The changeover has been interesting to say the least. Although we haven’t had any issues to speak of, it has made Dennis more sure than ever that he does not want to buy a condo or in an HOA when we moved to Nebraska. Until now we have always owned our own homes and have taken pride in keeping them well-maintained.  He really does not like the idea of other people being in control of our living situation.  

I have been checking Zillow and the housing listings in the Omaha area recently. Last night I found a house that I fell in love with. It is over 100 years old and has so much character. It is probably a bit bigger than we need, but I fell in love with the remodeled kitchen and the main floor laundry area, along with all of the built-ins and the original woodwork. There is a room with windows on three sides that would be perfect for my sewing/craft room. I can just see yarn in open shelving units on one wall!  Dennis looks at it and sees 100 year old plumbing and wiring! Isn’t it funny that when we look at at homes we see completely different things?

Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy weekend. 


  1. Oh My! You have WINTER. It sure is beautiful though even as it is inconvenient and cold too.
    I just know I'd love the 100 year-old house you mention. How hard can it be to update the plumbing and wiring? *just kidding*
    Stay warm and cozy. ((hugs))

  2. Good afternoon Betsy! It is sure snowing up a storm here too! I think a lot of people didn't realize we were going to get this much snow. I spent all day yesterday winterizing everything. A lot of work, but worth it, once you see the snow flying. We are keeping our taps dripping as it supposed to get so very cold tomorrow. Sounds like your RV is warm and cozy, so glad to hear that! I hope the dehumidifier helps with all the moisture. I know what you mean about how men see things differently than we do, ha! I hope you can find your perfect dream home to live in when you get back home to Nebraska :) Much love to you dear friend, stay warm and dry!

  3. Whoa.....snow? Wow! I am happy to hear you are cozy and warm in your little nest. We've got two dehumidifiers going and the AC on to keep the humidity down and it's not helping one bit.
    I had to laugh at your house search story. That's the reason we are still here in. We can't agree on anything when it comes to our next move. I suppose we will be here until we drop. lol....

  4. Winter crept in overnight and it’s COLD. The prediction for the high temperature on Sunday is 8°F - yikes, it’s too early for temperatures that low!

  5. Wow.. that is some heavy snow! We are having some misty rain today but I am not at all unhappy about it. The ocean is still pretty on grey days and the sound of the waves pounding the shore is wonderful. I like the red sweater! Now she can't grow for a while.. lol! I have to say I'm envious of you getting to find a new home. I would like a chance to do that as our kitchen is SO small and our family room is NOT big enough and I'd love to have a home on a lake or stream or ocean. But my spouse will not discuss living anywhere else so. That's it. Can you send me a link to see the house you like? I'd love to see it. Stay warm! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. i saw a friend post of FB how much snow they have where they live out of Spokane, not you. Chilly for sure. It is to be chilly this weekend. I wore a hat and warm coat today when I went to Bauman Farms. A bit windy but I enjoyed being there. I hope all goes well for you. Find a nice house that works soon, when you move to Nebraska....take care!

  7. We have replaced plumbing and wiring. That is why we can never move LOL. We have been blessed. We bought a single story starter home when we were 19, then rapidly had five children in a row and couldn't afford to move. We have rebuilt the house from the inside out and even added a 500 square foot addition when they started to marry and visit in pairs. Now our house is the perfect size again and all on one floor. And the new wiring and roof and plumbing and everything should last us the rest of our lives. God knew what he was doing when he made it impossible for us to move.

  8. Stay warm! I love the red of that sweater!

  9. So glad you are cozy there! Piper's red sweater is coming along beautifully. I can understand why Dennis does not want to risk the HOA situation. For me it is a blessing for now...I appreciate the help of those who serve to help us all maintain our properties because I am not confident I can do a good job on my own. Your hundred year old dream home does sound lovely to me too. We have no snow here in the valley, but I have the heat on and am wearing a vest and thick sweater and turtleneck shirt and a scarf around my neck! I have the little electric fireplace sweetly pumping out heat as well. Thanks for being persistent in posting in spite of your Blogger challenges! Blessings on your weekend!💜🤗🙏🧶

  10. Our house is 169 years old electric wiring and mostly new plumbing! I'm on your side on this one. LOL I LOVE my old house. Does it take work? Yes. But, there is joy living in a piece of history and it certainly has charm. (I'd love to see the photos if you have the address.)

    Be careful in the snow. It sure does LOOK pretty from your photo.

    We have one more day of "outside" weather and then it is supposed to turn markedly colder.

  11. Utterly annoying losing your post so often have you sent in feedback to New Blogger? I wonder if it is spikes in your internet connection...just a thought!! Totally understand Dennis thoughts about a HOA situation! We have HOA where I live in the residential complex;lots of rules and regulations! However,in our case it isn't too bad but we say we are lucky because in other complexes it can be quite problematic. Your dream house sounds wonderful an old house has so much ambience in it.....I would worry about the plumbing and electricity of course but the hard work not at all as you would stamp your personal mark on that house and so love it more. :-) Love snow from behind glass or virtual trips in the snow via blogs! I would rather not go back to snowbound winters.:-) Gorgeous red!! Piper will love it!! stay safe Amanda x

  12. Brrrr! Glad you have the trailer skirted and snug! You are really producing sweaters like an assembly line! This one is a great color!

  13. It sure seems it is snowing early all over this year. Usually you need to add humidity in the winter but you;re doing just the opposite. I hope it fixes the problem for you. The read sweater is lovely. The house in Omaha sounds awesome! I'm sure if they upgraded the kitchen then the wiring and everything is probably upgraded too. I love older homes....the older the better! Enjoy your house searching!

  14. Yes it is all about perspective! It must be fun to look at new homes online! Sorry you have snow...yours may melt. We never did solve the humidity problem in our RV in the winter I would just wipe the windows everyday it they were wet...not so much if it was frost! :)

  15. No zoomy zoomy in the slick slick, how I chuckled dear Betsy ... crazy plus weather. My family in Mirway sent photos of big snowfall overnight too, but not in their town, in the mountains as they aren’t in high altitude town,
    In three days your amount of knitting on Piper’s cardigan is soimply amazing. One post it’s pretty mauve, next it’s rose red. Gobsmackingly quick dear Betsy!
    Phew glad you’re perservering with blogger would like everyone else miss you so much. I think it’s a conflict with your two programmes one you write in on iPad and the new blogger as said twice before and recommend using web browser instead of conflicting programme.
    Software do get conflicts with changes such I was there to help you, but pray instead.

    I don’t lose any posts on my iPad at all, I’ve only used web browsers with blogger, not another programme with blogger. The new blogger is much more stable on iPad ... have lost things on mobile but not iPad.

    I’d also copy and paste each time into notes or email draft before hitting publish so don’t need to rewrite it.
    Well I pray you get okay through winter also dear sister, and agree with Dennis and his thoughts of managing own maintenance. A bad manager can really be a major issue. When will you be moving I w
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
    onder. Pray condensation isssue is sorted okay for you too,

  16. Oh my! Beautiful snow, but it's early. Be careful and don't do too much shoveling Betsy - I worry about your back. I hope you and Dennis are cozy and warm in your trailer. Take care.

  17. I can't believe you have snow already! So pretty! I can surely understand not wanting someone else to be in control of your living situation and look forward to see how the dear Lord leads you and Dennis in the future. The Lord has been showing me more and more that nothing and no situation in this life is permanent, and I need to always look at things as being temporary. It is all a part of the adventure, right? The best we can do is settle in to His will and just enjoy the journey. May He continually lead, bless, and keep you and Dennis.

  18. The snow is pretty, but I am not ready for that kind of weather. Here in Maryland, we won't have it for a while. We have the same dehumidifier in our basement. It works quite well.
    Love the sweater! Bright red knitting is so pretty.