Saturday, July 18, 2020

Busy Week and Disturbing News

We have had an amazingly busy week this week. Between Dennis working and us working at the house we will be very glad when the house is closed.  I have kitchen cabinets emptied and all washed out.  I try to do that every year or two so how do they get so dusty and crumbs in them with just the two of us? I still have to wash the refrigerator out. The only thing still in the cabinets are my cleaning products under the sink. They will be one of the last things to go after I know everything is done and clean. Tomorrow they are hopefully moving our freezer to Paul and Lori’s garage. They live on the way to the lake from Dennis’s work, so he will be able to stop and pick things up once a week or so. The home appraisal is on Tuesday and after that we can start giving the furniture away. We are scheduled to close August 13 but hopefully it will be sooner.

I finished Dennis‘s socks and he’s already worn them to work. They are made with Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in the Prussian Heather colorway. The pattern is Petty Harbour.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous week at the lake. Blue skies and warm temperatures. We even went for a boat ride tonight with Lori and Paul.

My flowers are doing beautifully.

I have several pots around the campsite.  Look at all of the buds on this plant.

I also have geraniums planted all along this embankment.

The flowers make me smile whenever I see them and the hummingbirds and bees that buzz around them.

Miss Piper had a haircut this week. She looks pretty happy with it doesn’t she?

We had some disturbing news today. Dennis was in a meeting with a coworker in his office on Monday. They both had face masks on and were about 3 feet apart and were exchanging paperwork. Tuesday morning the coworker woke up with a fever and was tested for COVID-19. Today the test came back positive. I’ve talked to Mandy about it and she says it means that Dennis is a low risk for exposure since they both had masks on and were 3 feet apart. I’m still worried sick. Today would be the fourth day since he was exposed. They say he does not need to quarantine because it is low risk of exposure, but I’m still worried. 

We’re taking extra precautions here at the lake and not getting close to anyone. Even on the boat ride tonight we sat way in the front of the boat while Paul and Lori were in the back and then Paul water skied. We are being very careful not to touch anything anyone else is touching.  The thought is that if he has been exposed and has contracted it, I’ve already been with him for the past four days and I’ve been exposed too. They say he does not need to quarantine because it is low risk but I’m still worried. I would sure appreciate prayers that this turns out to be a false alarm for us. I have to tell you it is scary.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. The numbers out there seem to be terrifying virtually everywhere.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:4-7

This verse means so much to me in these difficult days we’re living in.  I know I shared it in my last post but I think it’s worth sharing again. I tend to be a person who suffers with anxiety and I’m leaning on this verse more and more every day. Especially with the news that we received today. I hope it gives you comfort too,



  1. Hello Betsy. What a mammoth task you must have getting everything tidy and sorted so you can hand over your house to the new owners. I have been in my home for 32 years so I really would not know where to start. I don't envy you the task. Now can I just say Betsy that you have to think positive where possible infection is concerned (we had a bit of a fright last month too) it is no good worrying it will only make you unwell. I know that is very easy for me or anyone to say but I have been in a similar situation and became rather obsessed about it and the incident was with a person who was not using a mask. It was just a scare in the end but we blew it out of proportion I think..thank goodness. In your case Dennis was protected and over 3 metres away from the person concerned. I totally agree that is low risk. You also are being very cautious and doing all the right things to avoid contracting or spreading the virus should that be the case but it is not! All will be well!!

    Gorgeous photo of your grand-daughter Piper;such a pretty girl and her haircut does indeed suit her. Children take such lovely snapshots they are so natural. Magnificent photo of the lake and I imagine that is a large forest on the other side of it. Would that be part of a national park?

    Thank you for sharing the verse Betsy. We are living such surreal times at present that it does help to sit back and find comfort in ones beliefs. I just wish they'd hurry up and get a vaccine so the world can return to some normality. Stay safe Amanda xx

  2. Oh dear, Betsy. That is too close for comfort with Dennis and his co-worker. I can see why you're nervous, I am too for you. I hope he used hand-sanitizer after exchanging paperwork, or washed his hands. Best to stay further than 3 feet away, too. When our older grandson and our son were here I made him stay 6 feet away from us and our grandsons. Such a crazy new world we're having to deal with. Prayers are coming your way for you both. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh Betsy what a scare this must be for you, you are in our prayers. Take care dear friend.

  4. Hope Dennis is safe from the virus.

  5. I will keep Dennis and you in my thoughts and prayers. Low risk or not, it is very scary.....

  6. Oh, dear. That is such a worry. It's the same worry I have with Daughter going back to work. She fights with parents and kids everyday who won't follow the rules. They come in with no masks and won't social distance. She is about to call the county and turn the rink in since management won't do anything about it. She's been taking photos to build her case. She doesn't care that she may be out of work again. It's not worth the risk since her area is a MD hotspot.
    Stay safe.

  7. Will be sending good vibes that you and Dennis remain virus free.

    Your house stuff is moving along so quickly. It seemed to take forEVER to get through all the hoops to buy this house. We offered in June and didn't move in until August.

  8. Fun things going on until the last bit! My middle son was exposed the same way-so far he has tested negative but they did tell him to self-isolate! The incubation for covid is 3-13 days--it can spread a lot in that time! Yikes--we will cover this with prayer!

  9. Brilliant socks Betsy.. beautiful flowers and Piper.. rayung all goes well with settlement of home, etc.. praying too your lovely new neighbours, sad at yiu leaving might seek the Lord as result of all this.. no accidents with God, He brought them there at right time.
    And likewise in respect to Dennis there are no accidents with God.
    As I see it there is much to praise and be thankful.. that masks and social distance with no touching was adhered to.. and all are right in saying its very low likelihood of infection.
    My times are in Thy hands.
    Ive learnt the length depth and breadth of that yet again since 27/6 and heart attack with heart failure.
    Came down with cellulitis this week.. and no, its not fun.. very painful. You wonder why God allows such tests? As for God, His way is perfect.

    You see... its because He can see what we cannot!!

    His eternal vision sees the eternal glory He is working.

    It hurts. Lots .. but He Who saved us from sin's curse eternally ..will carry us through sin's curse in the physical world too.
    I know you know this.
    He never promised ease, but He did promise His yoke is easy, burden is light.. when carried in His strength. Resting in His peace...

    I pray your faith will be anchored in the Rock, our Jesus.
    You're very wise in all precautions, God will bless as you rest in those everlasting arms. Praying much for mercy, praise by faith.
    "He faileth not" Zeph 3:15.

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. Oh dear Betsy that's scary! I will be praying but please keep us posted. And Piper looks so cute with her haircut😊
    Sending you love❤

  11. Love Piper’s haircut! It sounds like Dennis’ office has safety guidelines in place, so I’m sure Dennis was protected from the virus. That said, it pays to be extra vigilant until the incubation period has passed.

  12. Sending prayers that Dennis was well protected. My daughter in law is an ER nurse and we had a scare when she was exposed, but she tested negative, and my best friend's daughter is a PA in a doctor's office and has been exposed twice but tested negative. They both contribute their negative test results to having been wearing a mask at the time of their exposure. I hope that is the case for Dennis.

  13. I can see why that would be disturbing news. I hope Dennis will not catch the virus and I also hope his co-worker has a mild case. Do let us all know.
    These are very busy times for you, but it sounds like you're getting everything done.
    Piper looks so sweet with her haircut ( and her wonderful smile).

  14. Oh Dear Betsy. They were both masked so the odds are in your hubbys favor. I will get on the Rosary Beads for you both tonight!!! It must be very upsetting. If you can, imagine, the virus bouncing off an shield around your husband. Keep a good image in your mind if you can.
    You are really moving along with the house plans. Pipers haircut is wonderfully cute and pretty Keep up the precautions and go forward with God holding your hand

  15. Please know we're all thinking about you and praying for the best outcome. It sounds as if you have plenty on your plate without a covid worry, too.
    Be well...and be sure to update us all.

  16. Although I know you are worried sick, they both had masks on and that will be what saves your husband. Masks really are important and if everyone would just wear one we would all be safer. i know in my heart he is okay Betsy, try to take a deep breath. Stay safe.

    1. Our non virus believer chiropractor called to tell my husband he was exposed to covid. Unfortunately chiropractor did not call back to tell him he was negative. All that worry and anxiety. Just wear a mask (which at least my husband). Simply no consideration for anyone but themselves. And let's not get started on that certain someone in the white house. Be safe Meredith.

  17. Oh Betsy! So scary for you and Dennis. I'll say my prayers that you both will be fine and symptom-free.

    The socks you knit for Dennisi turned out great. Petty Harbour is such a nice pattern. Your flowers are gorgeous! So colorful and the lake looks so inviting. Piper's haircut is cut and she looks much more mature with it!

    I hope you are able to relax and enjoy the weekend. I know you are worried.

  18. I'm glad you've got you house mostly cleared. Praying Dennis will stay well and that his co-worker heals from it. Numbers seem higher due to more tests being given. I'm still on my bed as I was taking a short nap and feel the urge to rise and get a snack. We went to Trapala's today. Only people in there til half way thru eating a couple came in with young boy. Piper looks pretty. Prayers for you. Just give your worries to God as HE takes care of us. Always. Hugs×------× Becky💜

  19. So scary! My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Now i suppose you just have to wait and see. It is hard just waiting...stay busy and as safe as you can! Sounds like you have made great progress with the house! :)

  20. Dear Betsy, thanks for sharing your struggle with anxiety and for sharing Philippians 4:4-7. It is a passage I quote a lot...because I realize I often feel anxious. When I realize I am feeling anxious saying the verses help me focus on the resource the Lord provides for us to confront anxiety, communion with Himself. I make requests or moan and groan and cry or pray in words my understanding can not grasp. Sometimes by God's grace I give Him thanks in spite of my circumstances. Sometimes immediately but often slowly trust begins to guard my mind in Christ Jesus in ways that transcend my understanding and I realize peace. It is a process I go through again and again in this world where Jesus warned us we would know trouble. Ultimately Jesus cheers us on to take heart because He has overcome the world. We serve an all powerful risen Savior who promises to be with us always even to the end of the age and sometimes from a platform of peace I can sing "Hallelujah!!!" Thanks for letting us see the gorgeous socks you made for Dennis, and for letting us see your beautiful bouquet of flower photos, and for letting us admire Miss Piper's lovely haircut. 💜🙏🧶🤗

  21. That verse surely does mean so much to me, too. Thank you for sharing it over and over. We need to hear it. I am SO sorry to hear of this situation with Dennis, but I believe with all my heart that you two will be okay. Kevin has the same situation at work. Four people have it and three of their family members have it, but I am pleading the blood of Jesus and declaring Psalm 91 over us daily. If you can get some liquid zinc that has copper in it, it is AMAZING for killing any type of viral issues in the throat. Here is a link to the kind we use:
    It tastes just awful, and you have to be sure to take it on a full stomach. (You don't want to know how I know that.) But, if you feel the slightest symptom of getting sick and faithfully use this, it will help you. I'm no doctor - just sharing what we have found. There was some talk a while back about copper killing covid on surfaces, and I was so surprised to find that this particular liquid zinc has copper in it! The Lord led us to it because I had ordered the kind we have been taking for a long time, and the order was so slow in arriving we ended up going to a local health food store and getting what they had in stock. This was the kind with copper in it. So, I do hope it will help you all and anyone who may be reading this. I may blog about it. Your flowers are SO pretty. I am so thankful you all are enjoying your beautiful home on the lake! God bless you and keep you both healthy in spite of all.

  22. Everyone ahead of me in the comments has already said what I would have said, so just know you and Dennis are in our prayers. You know I live with anxieties, also, but I've learned that we cannot live our lives in fear or it will take over (which is what that ol' satan wants us to dwell on). Give it to God and trust that He knows what He's doing. Sending you big hugs (how much more social distant can we get than across the country huh). I LOVE YOUR FLOWERS, BETSY!! I shouted that so you could hear me over the stuff that's worrying you. :) Blessings, my dear friend!