Tuesday, August 4, 2020

This and That

We’re still having some hot, hot weather and we’re still waiting to close on the house, so there are a few days of a lull before we move on August 17 to the new RV park.  Meanwhile, we have been making a few improvements to make the trailer more livable long-term. I ordered a spice rack on Amazon Sunday and it arrived yesterday!  This is going to make my life much easier. The spices have all just been thrown in a box in the pantry and I would have to root through them whenever I wanted something. I still don’t have a lot of them that I used at home but I brought the ones that I use most frequently.
We have also ordered lots of different command hooks that we’ve used throughout the camper. They have command hanging thingys for just about everything! I have hung my broom with them and our towels and soaps in the shower too! Our key holder is also made by command.  Dennis ordered two vent covers for the top of the trailer that arrived today. Those will protect our vents when it rains and from snow sitting on them in the winter.

Have you ever heard of a Berkey?  It is a water filtering system. Apparently you can take water from a river and run it through this Berkey and it will be drinkable. I must admit, it has made the water here at the lake much more drinkable this year. The first few years we were here it was very good, but the last six or seven years it has tasted terrible.  It was definitely a good investment. We know campers who have used this to filter water from their trips in Canada all the way down into southern Mexico. They have never gotten sick from any water.  We bought this last February and we are really glad we did. Supposedly the filters last for thousands of fill-ups. At our rate of consumption it should last us about eight years before we have to buy new filters!

It is starting to look bare here at our lake place. We gave our patio furniture to Paul and Lori who just built a new deck at home. All you see here now is my clothes dryer with a towel and a pair of Dennis’s jeans on it!  We have given the gazebo and the table with six chairs to the people who are moving into our spot.  After all, we can’t use it at the new RV park, our spot will be much, much smaller there and they can get some good use out of it here.  We also have a brand new roof and screens for the gazebo that they’ll be able to put on it next year.

I have no idea what flower this is. It was growing in the flowerpot with the geraniums but it was crowding them out. I moved it to its own pot and it’s filling it up too.  This is an 18 inch pot!

This has been happening all afternoon. These two planes have been practicing touch and goes on the lake.
*** Edited to add... I just found out that we actually have a wildfire burning right on the other side of the lake and I can see the smoke billowing right now. We are now up to four planes and they aren’t practicing touch and goes, they are picking up water to fight the wildfire. 😲😮😲

Our son-in-law Brad, who is a pilot and certified to fly float planes, says that these are some of the most dangerous planes to land and takeoff. If you hit the water the least bit wrong the plane can flip very easily.
I tried to add a video I took of all four planes taking off and landing and picking up water but for some reason Blogger won’t let me add a video.

Remember this?

I frogged the 18 inches of shawl that I had completed because using two strands of yarn was making it very thick so it had no drape and it hurt my hands terribly to knit.

It is now becoming this.

Much more fun to knit. I’m using a single strand and size 8 needles. I have no idea why the pictures are so blurry. I’ll try to take a better one next time.

My friend who is receiving this shawl had her surgery this morning. It was a four hour surgery where they removed two larger tumors and numerous smaller ones from her diaphragm down into her abdomen. Please pray along with me that the results of the biopsy will be that they are benign tumors.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the photo of Miss Piper. I asked Melba from the Henny Penny blog if she would send a couple of her dolls to Piper. You all know how much Piper loves her babies. This face says it all. Mandy sent me the cutest video of her opening the package and I sent it on to Melba. Thank you again Melba for making my little girl so happy!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13



  1. Piper is so cute with Melbas dolls! Always good to hear that you and Dennis are doing good. You are getting lots of loose ends taken care of. Stay safe! :)

  2. Oh and your plant is a Begonia...probably one called Angel Wing...maybe:)

  3. You're getting more and more organized every day!
    A good water filter system is so important. Although our city water is considered good we still use a filtering unit in the kitchen. When we brush our teeth we notice when the city adds more chlorine. Yuck.
    It's clear to see that Piper loves her new babies. She's such a sweetie.

  4. Sounds like you are already to move.

    I'm sorry to hear about the wildfires. Hasn't this year given us all enough headaches without that???

  5. I'm glad things are getting organized inside for you-make it as convenient as you can! I'm smiling with Piper! She's contagious! lol Yup-begonia plant-they like to be big-it will winter over for you if you can bring the pot into the dark for the winter--hmmmm, I would say into your basement but that's not an option! Ha!

  6. I feel so bad for you having to leave your beautiful spot on the lake! May the Lord bless you as you move forward with your plans. The picture of little Miss Piper is just adorable!

  7. Plant is a begonia, dear Betsy ... see lots of varieties in Oz Ive one in flower at moment... thats a big rose one.. you've done well to get it going.. have green thumb.
    Praying for your friend... sounds very invasive surgery. Had several go through agressive ome called a Whipple, hope its not that.
    Praying all benign and all removed.
    Love your knitting..and spice rack, and dear happy little Miss Piper, with her adorable dollies .. could that smile get any bigger??
    Praying re bushfire that it will be controlled too. Not fun. Yes your spot looks quite bare. The start of a new stage in your life.. heading toward moving over to your dear ones.. in God's time.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. Nice to read that everything is still going so smoothly for you. I am sorry you have to leave your lake space - it is so pretty. But wildfires! 2020 is not a very good year, that's for sure. Cute picture of Piper!! I think your mystery plant is a begonia - very pretty.

  9. I still marvel at your big adventure. I've got such a bad case of trailer envy. If we had one now we wouldn't be stuck home but The Mister still isn't parting with a thin dime these days. All I know is our kids are sure going to have fun with the money we leave behind. Sigh.

  10. Living in a RV would be challenging, but it sounds like you and a Dennis are making it work with the improvements. I know the Command hangers are removable, but I’m always afraid I’ll do something wrong and damage the surface.

  11. The plant is a tuberous begonia and you are lucky to have it doing so well as it will reward you with the most wonderful flowers. You are so generous to give so many things away but I know with each gift you are lightening your load so I know it's a good thing. Will your new RV location have a view? Dayle is in surgery as I type this.. I dropped him off at the hospital at 8 am and I am not allowed to be there and wait for him and all. I'm a nervous wreck. That was very nice of your friend to make and send those cute dolls to Piper, she looks very happy. Stay safe. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. It's sad that you have to get rid of so many of the things that made your lake place cozy but you are so generous to give them to someone who can use and treasure them as you did. Miss Piper has the most beautiful smile, she sure looks tickled to have new babies to take care of.

  13. Piper is just like me! I loved all dollies . At ten I asked my mom , if I was too old to ask for a doll. She said, no, you can have a doll! I felt silly asking for one, and I was so sad I put that pressure on myself to find new toys......

  14. Piper has the cutest smile and I like her hair cut. Praying your friend will be ok. Glad you're getting ready to go to rv park and making RV cozy. I'm glad we had some rain this morning. We needed more than we got. I have 2 Dr appts Friday and I'll get results of my CT scan I got on Tues. One appt Wed with physical therapy too which was good as they helped my back feel better. Not sure why it was painful. Better now and less tight neck muscles. Enjoy rest of your week my friend. Hugs and prayers!🌻...Becky

  15. Some much to prep for you move. Good luck as you continue this journey. Piper is as always so adorable. Stay safe.

  16. You are both so brave making these moves, but with your kind heart and spirit I know that you will make new friends at your new location and soon be surrounded with caring people. The Lord could even be bringing this move about because He wants others to see the light that shines within you and draw them to Him.
    I was just sharing with my niece the other day how I have a hard time memorizing verses and how I feel inadequate in sharing the gospel. She said, just be a light and share your testimony and the Lord will use it. She has no idea how much that helped me . . . I can do that :) Some are teachers, but we all have our testimony and we all have the gifts of the spirit :)
    You are in my prayers and so is your friend that you are making the shawl for.
    God bless you, Connie:)

  17. Angel Wing begonias! I've planted those for many years in my gardens. This is probably the first year I haven't in any of the kids' gardens. They're so easy to grow, and even after they have seemed to go dormant for years they'll suddenly pop back to life and grow all over again. // Back in 2017, there was a wildfire in the north part of our city that completely devastated many homes and went on for quite a number of days (unpredictable Kansas wind) before they could get it under control... there were several military planes from the regional bases that did the same thing, getting water from a local lake (which is actually just a large pond) here to help in the firefighting. I remember going to Walmart a couple times and just sitting in the parking lot watching them for a while. That fire got close enough that parts of the city were evacuated, something that had never happened here before then. // I don't know if you see my replies on my blog posts to comments, but to answer your question... we had several days of on and off rain and much cooler temps back a couple weeks ago, but about mid-week it all went away and we're back into the upper 90s and 100s with very high heat indexes (105 and above). I've noticed Nebraska has had lots of days with rain this year (according to the weather radars I'm seeing). Our state is still in the middle of a bad drought. Oddly enpugh, the few rains we have had are keeping everything green so far and that almost never happens through the summer! This afternoon we're having hit-n-miss showers and some thunder, but not enough to help. // Miss Piper sure is a pretty young lady! She has such a beautiful smile that goes all the way to her eyes! Her little dolls are so cute. I'm going to have to check out Henny Penny's blog! // I'll be praying about your friend's biopsy results! Blessings and prayers to you and Dennis also in this great adventure! Take care, dear friend!

  18. Oh! I love that spice rack (very cool) and wow, how much easier it will make your new life. I'm so enjoying the details of your new adventure, Betsy! Keep them coming, ok? Hugs, Debra

  19. Your Berkey sounds like a great investment! I have a Pur filter pitcher that I am thankful helps improve the flavor of my city water. The beautiful prayer shawl you are making for her is a lovely gift for Debbie. I am so glad Miss Piper loves her new babies :) love and hugs to you and Dennis dear Betsy.

  20. Gorgeous smile!! I can see its a dead cert that Piper is thrilled with her dolls! What an upheaval and it must be so difficult downsizing and moving to the winter site. I imagine during the winter months you will be able to sit back and rest and make up for all the hard work these last few months. keep well Amanda x

  21. Betsy, I was reading your post and thinking about what beautiful gifts you had received, and also thinking about what a beautiful place you have your trailer parked there at the lake...and Miss Piper popped up with the dolls. Oh my goodness, she is so adorable. I've been meaning to ask you if I could show the picture and little video on my blog. You are such a kind person. Thank you. Hope there was good news for your friend after the long surgery.