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Thursday, May 21, 2020

A week?

My goodness. Has it been a week since I posted? The time is flying by. I spent five days at the lake and it’s hard to get Internet out there sometimes so if I seem to be behind in commenting on your blogs or not posting as much, that could be the reason why. I apologize in advance for that.  But I have been busy. I finished knitting the Reyna shawl with the yarn that Meredith sent to me.  Here it is before I had a chance to block it.

A bit of a closer look.  This was so much fun to knit and it is a free pattern on ravelry.  This was a very quick knit and only took me three days.  I didn’t even feel like I knitted on it that much, because we were at the lake and doing some long walks, etc., so there was no chance of getting bored with it at all. The color changes were wonderful and the yarn was so soft. 

Have any of you ever heard of “Knitted Knockers?“ There is a group online that makes these for mastectomy patients. I have made dozens of them in various sizes and donated them to local oncologists. A good friend at the lake had a double mastectomy about three weeks ago. Would you believe she got out of surgery at 10:30 and was home by 2:30 the same day?  All because of COVID-19. She has ended up back in the hospital twice for emergency surgeries because they sent her home so soon. They sent her home with FIVE drains! Two of the drains got plugged inside her body and they had to go in and put new ones in. It’s been very traumatic for her.  She still has two drains!  They won’t be able to do reconstructive surgery until this virus threat is over. She has been very depressed because the doctor told her the gel prosthesis that most people use will not work for her because of her scar locations.  I asked her if she had ever heard of Knitted Knockers and she was thrilled when I offered to make her a set. I have made them before for ladies from church who have had mastectomy‘s. They all love them. This is what one looks like finished.  This is showing the front and  the second one is on the needles.
The next picture is the back. You leave the tail on the yarn so the recipient can remove or add fiberfill if they want them less full. The pattern has sizes from A to DD!  This one is a C. Some ladies like them crazy wild colors, but I usually make them in neutral so anybody would be happy to wear them. They are so light and can just be thrown in the washing machine. You have to use a very, very soft cotton yarn so as not to irritate the new scar tissue.

My friend was so happy that I offered to make these for her, that she showed up at the door of the camper the next morning with these beautiful roses for me. I had told her I wouldn’t take any money for them and she’s so grateful.

If you are a knitter and you’re interested in making these, most oncology offices are happy to accept them. Or, you can send them to the national office unstuffed to save postage and they will stuff them and mail them on to ladies who have requested them. Hundreds of thousands of these are given out every year. It only takes about two hours to knit one. The pattern is free online, just look for Knitted Knockers!  They are very simple and just use the knit, purl, SSK, k2tog and m1 stitches.  If you can knit socks, these would be a breeze!

We were sitting outside the camper on Saturday and this huge Navy plane landed in the lake directly behind our camper. It is very blurry because I zoomed in as much as I could with my iPhone and he landed closer to the opposite shore of the lake.  It was a huge plane. First he buzzed the lake to see where the boats and kayakers were and then he circled around and landed. Almost immediately he took off again so he must have been practicing his landings and take-offs. There were a lot of kayakers in the immediate vicinity. I would have been terrified.

I took this as he flew directly over our trailer after taking off.

And finally, here is Chloe laying in front of the fireplace at the trailer. She loves it there, especially when we have the fire going during the evenings and the warm air is blowing right over her bed. Yes, I would say she is a bit spoiled. Ha!

My 74 year old brother Roger was recently in the hospital having something done with his pacemaker and then was sent to a rehab center for two weeks to recover before going home. He was only home for two days before he was admitted back into the hospital in Omaha with COVID-19. I suspect he picked it up at the rehab center. Please be in prayer for him. Obviously no one is allowed to go visit him. The nurse told my niece yesterday that he was sitting up and eating breakfast, so at least right now he doesn’t seem to be too ill. I would appreciate prayers for him.

I hope you are all doing well. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with whatever plans you have for the holiday. I know it will be much different than most of us usually have.

Blessings and love always, 


  1. I have had the Reyna shawl in my Ravelry library for years. Yours is lovely. Maybe it's time for me to actually knit it! That plane is amazing. What excitement that must have been!

  2. "I suspect he picked it up at the rehab center. Please be in prayer for him. Obviously no one is allowed to go visit him. The nurse told my niece yesterday that he was sitting up and eating breakfast, so at least right now he doesn’t seem to be too ill. I would appreciate prayers for him."


  3. The Reyna shawl is very pretty. I have seen the knitted knockers before. The roses are beautiful and I will definitely pray for your brother!

  4. I crotchet but haven’t knitted in years if I had a buddy next door I think I could again, but without close assistance I would be lost. I’d love to knit that shawl as it is beautiful.

    Perhaps, Roger will heal and if a second round comes he’ll be immune. I pray he does well.

  5. How sweet of you to knit the "knitted Knockers" covers for the women who've had mastectomies. I'm sure they are much appreciated.
    It's such a cool day here. I'd like to sit in front of a warm fire too. Chloe knows how to take life!!
    Too bad your brother picked up that dratted virus. I hope he'll soon be well again.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your brother illness. That is a worry. I've heard many stories like this of people going in for rehab and getting exposed. There were many young folks in Dad's nursing home on the rehab hallway and many that were permanent residents due to disabilities. I wonder sometimes how they are getting along.
    Your shawl is so pretty. That pattern is gorgeous as are the colors in the yarn.

  7. Prayers for your brother Roger! It must be hard for you knowing he is prayers for you too!
    Your shawl is just beautiful! I had not heard of knitted sister in law will be having a radical mastectomy sometime this summer. So I appreciate knowing about them...I will have to order some yarn or wait for the shops to open here again....I would like to go in a yarn store!!
    Your roses are so pretty and no it is impossible to spoil a dog too much:)

  8. Oh dear, Betsy, so awful to hear your brother contracted Covid19 at the rehab center! They should be taking better care of people there, that horrific. I'm glad he seems to be handling it okay. Scary. Sending good thoughts his way right now. Your shawl turned out magnifique! So generous of dear Meredith to send you that yarn. I'm starting on my shawl today but it will probably take me 2 months to do it. You're soooooo fast! Dayle is going to do a roast beef today, can't wait for dinner. LOL! Tell Dennis we send a big hello and we're glad you're both doing well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Your poor friend and brother! OH, my. So much to be concerned about and pray for. May the Lord have mercy on both of them and keep you safe, too, Betsy. Many blessings to you!

  10. You're so kind to make something for someone who needs it. Like your latest knitting project. Glad you're enjoying time at the lake. A co-worker's fiance had a triple bypass done when all this virus came about. He came home a few days later. He's not been able to see any Dr at all which is weird. At one point we didn't know how well he's gonna get. Feeling better now. Thankful our county is opening up Friday. I finally got a hair appointment for next Friday. Yeah. Long thick hair in a bun daily. Have a blessed weekend my friend. πŸŒΌπŸ“

  11. Oh Betsy! I'm so glad you were able to get away to the lake. Wow. How wonderful that must have been during these trying days. Your projects are so beautiful and please know I'm praying for your brother! Blessings, Debra

  12. Oh dear Betsy that shawl is so beautiful, amazing array of stitches and colours. If I liked to knit I'd make one! 😊 but I don't enjoy it.
    Love the idea of knitted knockers and so thoughtful to knit it for your friend. I pray sge recovers well..
    And dear brother Roger too, most certainly will pray for him.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  13. PS loved your verse too and very apt, for indeed God's grace is all sufficient for every need.. He sees, He cares. Xxx

  14. So nice to see you back at the lake dear Betsy I know how you love to be there. So sorry to read about your brother he will be included in our prayers as will your dear friend. Love the shawl, the yarn looks beautiful. Take care and stay safe.

  15. The shawl is beautiful. I hadn't heard of the knitted knockers. What a nice thing for you to do along with all the mittens and the other gifts you give! Hope your brother is doing well.

  16. Lovely shawl, and beautiful roses!
    I would have loved to see the plane! We have an aviation museum not far from our house and get to see lots of old planes flying by.

  17. Oh Betsy I am going to pray right now for your brother > That is such difficult news.
    I love your shawl.
    Those planes would have scared me to death if I was paddle boarding

  18. The shawl is beautiful. You have been busy this past week. Praying for your brother to get better. Also will keep your friend in prayers as well.

  19. Great results on your Reyna shawl--it is beautiful!
    How nice for you to be at the lake so long! fun to see the sea-plane land!
    I will be praying for your brother daily and each time the Lord brings him to mind.

  20. Betsy, you are a saint . . . always filling your days helping, loving and caring for others. God bless you, sweet friend. Your brother is in my prayers.

  21. Prayers for you, Betsy, and your family. I am so sorry to hear about Roger's death. May God Bless ALL of you.


  22. You and yours have been in my prayers, Betsy. Thank you for knitting for your friend. The youngest member of my Wednesday morning group also knits these. Your Meredith shawl is lovely. I am so glad you had time at the lake. πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ§Ά