Monday, January 7, 2019

Soup’s On!

Happy Monday!!!  The first one of 2019!

Many of you asked for the recipe for the chicken and wild rice soup I mentioned it last week. So here it is!

I have never been able to find the Lundberg wild blend rice that she recommends in this recipe. I just use Uncle Ben’s or farmhouse brown rice mix in the box.  Whatever I find that is on sale. This is seriously some delicious soup. I had a lot of chicken so I doubled the recipe. I froze about half of it and we’ve been eating it all weekend. Yum!  I hope those of you that try it like it as much as Dennis and I do. Mandy fixes it quite often too.

I started and finished another nine patch cozy memories square over the last several days.

I take this bag with me to all of my doctors appointments with a pair of socks for Dennis in it. I need to get serious and finish them as I’ve been carrying it around for about five weeks now.   I just put a round or two on it while I’m waiting for my appointments, but never work on them at home. That needs to change.

And today I’m going to start working on my “mystical lanterns” crocheted blanket again. I want to get some of my small balls of scrap yarn used up and then this will be donated somewhere. It really is fun to crochet on, I just haven’t worked on it for a while as I’ve had other projects going. Like two sweaters for Dennis and Alex.

I want to make one of Helen Stewart’s shawls soon too.  It is called “Smowmelt” and Dennis bought the pattern for me for Mother’s Day last year. I really like her patterns and when I get around to knitting it, the shawl will be for me. However, it will take a lot of concentration and I would also like to add some beads to it.  Since it will be for me it keeps getting put on the back burner. I actually sorted out yarn for it last week and it’s all sitting on the desk now in the office, so maybe there is a chance I will actually start knitting on it soon. :-)

I have faithfully been doing the exercises the physical therapist gave me last week.  I’ve been down with back spasms more in the last four days than I have had for several months. It’s all so frustrating. By the time church was over yesterday, I was in my recliner for the rest of the day. The spasms just would not stop until sometime during the night.

I think the Sunday school class went well. I don’t think I was the children’s favorite teacher, because I actually expected them to not talk over me when I was talking and to sit quietly and listen to the story. I did have several games planned out and there was plenty of running around time for them. Is it just me, or do any of you think a lot of children aren’t expected to mind very well these days?  Oh well, time will tell on how it goes in the long run.  I appreciate those of you who were thinking of me.

And now begins the long stretch of months where Dennis doesn’t have any days off for holidays unless he takes vacation time. It’s always a rude awakening after having so many days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.  

I hope you’re all enjoying your Monday morning. We have snow showers in our backyard and sunshine in the front yard this morning.! How does that happen?

“If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. 1 John 4:15

 Blessings, Betsy


  1. Thank you for the sounds delicious. I wish I wold have done the square memory blanket like yours as mine is really getting heavy to drag around and to store. I love Dennis's socks...really nice yarn. The mystical lanterns are so pretty and colorful...will there be a lot of ends to sew in?
    Kids in the winter have lots of pent up energy....they need to get outside and run around in the fresh air which will get them good and tired for bedtime....I wish I had their energy! Happy Monday!

  2. I think you are right. Very little is expected of children these days. They aren't expected to behave appropriate to where they are (yelling in the library???? or sitting at the table in a restaurant???) and they certainly aren't expected to have any manners OR do what they are told.

    I never thought I would feel this way about children, but I don't much enjoy being around them anymore and this is coming from a former TEACHER.

  3. As a former teacher and can tell you that you are right about the children's behavior. I feel sorry for teachers these days.
    Love that bag!!! How adorable is that?

  4. The soup looks delicious. I like making a big pot of soup so I can freeze portions for future meals.

  5. I look forward to seeing the shawl you are going to make for yourself. I am meeting my sisters and Shirley for lunch on Thursday at Claim Jumper, which just happens to be by the new Hobby Lobby at Clackamas Town Center.. :-) I want to get some new yarn for a winter shawl for me. I printed up that soup recipe and we're going to try it out. Thanks! I hope to see you in person next month!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I have found that once children are given clear guidelines their behaviour is fine, sounds like you had lots of fun things for them. Love the lantern throw and hopefully you will make a start on your shawl. Like you I am always working on things for others. The soup sounds delicious. Take care.

  7. The soup does look yummy. I made a pot of chicken vegetable soup today. I admire all you pretty stitches! Still praying for your healing. Visited a friend in the hospital today, and making progress in cleaning and unpacking/organizing :) xx

  8. After seeing your soup, I think I need to make some (vegan) corn chowder tonight. :) I haven't crocheted since Christmas. Really need to decide on something to do. All of your projects are lovely. Kids definitely need to learn to listen, but also have to be engaged. Whenever I read a story, I ask a lot of questions in the beginning -- based on the book cover and pictures inside, asking them what the story might be about, etc. Even while reading, I might stop to reinforce what they've heard by asking questions. Sorry to hear about your spasms. Sure wish you could get some long term relief. Take care!

  9. Dear Betsy, I agree with the young ones needing to mind their elders, but children do test and try out a new teacher just t see what they’ll take, so you did the right thing to set boundaries first thing and they know where they are at. The Lord will bless and enable dear sis.
    Love the look of the soup but the cream and milk combo wouldn’t go well with my tummy, I’d have to swap cream for stock and low fat milk for milk ... that would work!
    Love the handiwork, of course great socks and blankie and the crotchet lanterns too. Hope we see this shawl really soon, I love to see you making them so don’t keep us waiting tooooo long!
    Praise God for His creation, sunshine in one spot and snow in another, how amazing is He!
    Praying for easing of those spasms.. wonder if it’s related to exercising.?
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  10. Thanks for the recipe - looks yummy!! i agree that kids are just not expected to behave these days...or are just allowed to NOT behave. My parents would never have tolerated some of the behavior I see (nor would I have tolerated it by Colin).

    Your Mystical Lanterns is just so pretty - very colorful and fun.

  11. Oh, my, that soup! It looks and sounds so delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I totally, 100% agree with you about the lack of discipline of children these days. They can't sit still for a long enough period of time to even listen to a Bible story. Everyone is so overstimulated with electronics, and it is like children don't even know how to play or sit still and listen anymore. Sorry to rant, and I will get off my little soapbox now! I am sure you did a great job, and even if they didn't like being made to come under your authority, it is absolutely Biblical that they do so. Stay the course, my friend, and you will eternally impact the lives of those little ones!

  12. So sorry your back is still giving you grief. Have you ever tried Pilates? It sure helped my back and neck. Your soup looks yummy; now if only I could do milk/cream! Kudos to you for teaching Sunday school; some of those kids' parents could learn from you, too! (about discipline)

  13. oh that soup!!! with a slice of warm bread ? I will be over shortly.
    Zach's 11 year old students can be a huge challenge.
    Ive never taught Sunday school , how many are in your class? Can you ask them to bring a book that shows kindness and read it to the class ? Can you have them write letters thanking someone in their life and acknowledging God's bringing them to that student? i have many questions and I love your socks. Dark yarns are difficult for me........but beautiful when finished.

  14. Thanks for the soup recipe. We always have lots of wild rice in the cupboard, I cook it up and freeze it and use as needed. Maybe fun activity and then a story for the little ones.

  15. I am sorry about your back spasms. Having health problems is discouraging at times. I love that little bag you use to tote your things to work on at the doctor appointments. Nancy