Thursday, April 16, 2020


Hello my friends.  Are you all hanging in there?  Is anyone else exhausted? I’m not doing anything to speak of and I’m exhausted all the time. Maybe that’s why. I have been cross stitching this week and have not knitted or crocheted a stitch since Sunday. This is what I’ve been working on.

I have really been enjoying working on this. Many of you may recognize the sheep virtues from the ones that Debbie made, who has the “Araignee s Tangled Web” blog on my side bar.  Unfortunately I am starting to run out of several of the colors of floss. Since I don’t want to go to any stores to buy more right now, I’m going to raid my floss box and see if I can find similar colors. If I can’t find anything it will have to be set aside until all of this virus stuff is over.  One thing  I’m regretting is not using a darker colored cloth. Some of the sheep are a little hard to see, so I may go back and do some outlining in a darker floss.

Speaking of the dreaded virus. Connie from “Far Side of Fifty” sent me this mask that she made. Wasn’t that sweet of her? I still can’t sit at my sewing machine long enough to make anything, so I desperately needed a mask. Thank you so much Connie, I appreciate it more than you know.

Kathy B. from “Compassionknit” sent me some elastic to make masks with. She sent it on this very interesting recipe card for cocoa applesauce cake. It looks delicious. Thank you Kathy.

Eggs have been almost impossible to find here, at least at the stores I’ve checked. Luckily I have a friend who has a coworker with organically raised chickens. She brought me two dozen eggs on Tuesday. I receive them unwashed but I happily cleaned them because I know just how fresh they are.  These are the best tasting eggs.

Mandy has a neighbor who gave all the little girls in the neighborhood flower pots to paint and flowers to plant.  This was Piper saying “ta-da!” after she finished painting her flowerpot.  They live in a great neighborhood where everyone knows each other. I think this was a very nice thing to do. By the way, this was yesterday when she was outside painting the flower pot. I just talked to her a little while ago and it’s snowing today!  Quick weather change in Nebraska.

I hope you’re all hanging in there. Through my reading of blogs it sounds like people are keeping busy with various projects around the house. I really should try to motivate myself to do more. Wishing you all a wonderful week. 

“I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  Psalm 27:13,14

Blessings, Betsy


  1. Hi Betsy,

    sorry you are feeling exhausted. I guess many people are. I've been so busy with work that some days I don't know what end is up! I guess that's a good thing (kind of...).

    Let me know what floss you are short...I have so much.....xoxo, vera

  2. The cross stitch is lovely and coming along well. I hope you can get the floss you need so you can continue working on it. Outlining the sheep in a darker colour sounds like a good idea.
    I'm glad you not only got eggs but super fresh ones !! Do I see an omelette in your future?

  3. It snowed all day yesterday, and thankfully this weekend will be a bit warmer to melt the stuff. Love your cross-stitch.

  4. My neighbor sewed the mash, I sent her over some elastic since she was making masks. I cannot sew! If you outline the sheep that will make them stand out! It is a beautiful sampler:)

  5. You are EXCELLENT at cross-stitch! I used to do some embroidery, but I'm definitely not that good. Nowadays I only use my floss when I make yearly felt Christmas ornaments for the kids and grandkids to add to their trees. // I feel exhausted, too. I thought after my walk yesterday I would feel refreshed but it just wasn't the same. I do believe it has to do with being stuck inside all the time and not being able to do my normal running around all the time. I feel bleah. Maybe it'll be better after the Spring warmth gets here to stay. // Tell Piper her flower pot looks amazing! Great job, Piper! I plan on doing something similar with the grandkids soon. I'm interested in that recipe Connie sent to you! Looks like it's very yummy! Keepimg you and Dennis in prayer! Blessings to you, dear friend!

  6. It is so nice to see my sheep friends again! I sure miss that project. I got all my floss delivered from 123 stitch since I have no place near that I can get floss from anymore since Walmart stopped carrying it. They make it so easy as the floss is listed with the pattern.

  7. I think the neighbour who have all the little girls a pot to paint is wonderful as is your Piper with her beautiful pot. Well Betsy dear friend I think that crossword is simply superb!! Is it going to really be a cross-stitch ie in the shape of a cross? I’m guessing no t just went back to peep. I adore the fineness of your detail on the diamond green edging and the delightful internal details and the words too.. what we all attain too faith hope love and wisdom most of all!
    Thanks for sharing and some lovely gifts each one telling you of our Father’s lovea nd the caring thought sof dear friends too!
    In answer to your question YES!!! I’m very tired, more than normal. It’s not because am doing more than normal, I’m sleeping poorly. I struggle at best of times.
    But so grateful to the LORd I have hands that can work, make beautiful things and manage much, might not be bounding out of my skin but I can walk see, and hear and smell the beautiful creations of our Father God!
    Your know last night I just looked out at the still dark sky and stared and stared at the Milky Way, Souther Cross with tis two pointers, my our southern sky is stunning it catches your breath. I’ve never seen even in Countryside of Finland anything to match the trillions of glittering stars in our Milky Way. We are very blessed.
    Wonder what it will be like in heaven as there is no night so no stars I guess. Curious isn’t it.
    Lord you bless dear Betsy, and all who you love, I pray God’s keeping upon all your near and ear one side far and near. Keep looking up, it’s only mud underneath... in these troubled times, may we look up in faith!
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. PS meant to say, am sure you could buy floss online somewhere, ask around over there, or google it! Praying you can if need to! ❤️

  9. Exhaustion is a result of upheaval in your life--I think this counts, don't you?!
    The cross stitch work is beautiful--I think the sheep will show up much more when you block your work when finished and those stitches will stand right out! Beautiful!
    Love the pic of Piper! Hugs....

  10. So sorry to read you are exhausted it is probably the worry of this pandemic. The flowers pot looks amazing Miss Piper, you have done a great job. How lovely that a neighbour gave them out so very generous. Lovely cross stitch, have you tried ordering what you need on line Betsy? Stay safe and take care. Every blessing.

  11. My dear friend. I have been fighting with my knitting mojo, working a little at a time and hoping to be inspired again. Anyway, You may be exhausted but the blessings in all of your pictures are amazing. I made my first mask, for Randy yesterday. I figured since he is the one that goes out of the house he should have one. Today he was going up to where his office is so I thought he needed it, in case someone else shows up.
    Take care
    God's Blessings

  12. Hi Betsy, I think I can relate about feeling tires, Sometimes it just hits me! But in a few days you will feel better! This has been a strange time, but we will get through this! The stay in place order feels a bit tough, but we are keeping ourself and others safe. I have made masks if you need another one let me know! I have been making those little felt bords, but I love your cross stitching!!
    Hugs, Roxy

  13. Your cross stitch is lovely! Years ago I enjoyed doing it but I haven't done anything in years. Love the idea of kids painting pots and planting flowers. That's a great activitiy for them to do. I know the feeling of being tired and not doing anything... sometimes I think sitting around doing nothing is more exhausting than doing chores.

  14. Hi Betsy, I hope you feel better soon. Your cross stitching is beautiful.

  15. I find that I'm more exhausted lately as well. I try to have something to do each day. It helps a bit, but I think that this self isolation is just getting to me mentally. It's nice to read blogs like yours and feel like there's a community out there. Your eggs look good! Nice find! And the picture of the little girl (granddaughter?) is a bright spot in my day. She looks so happy.

  16. Feel Better Betsy! I love to see Piper. My elastic looks pitiful!

  17. Betsy, sorry to read you're feeling exhausted. I've been sleeping pretty good at night. Two more weeks from work. Am hoping May will be ok to go back to work. Store is busy.
    Your cross Stitch looks nice. I've got quite a lot of floss not used. Need some? It was mid 70s today. Saturday is to be 60s and some rain in afternoon. Got some things done outdoors which was nice. Still working on blog but looks like set up has been changed. I just need to have less side gadgets. Sigh! Glad you got a mask from a friend. Megan ordered 2 Trailblazers masks and all money goes to people who need food. Thankful we have enough. Megan tried to find me a few things but no Kleenex square box I wanted. Just put tissues in from another box. By my bedside. Have a blessed weekend.

  18. Hi Betsy, I don't often comment on here (maybe never?). We met once, at a twisted threads spinning meeting,out on the Palouse Hwy. A LONG time ago! But I often check in here; I'm always amazed at all you create and the beauty you produce. I love your cross stitch; I have a sampler I started around 1973, when I was 20. I'm getting close to 70 now, and still plan on finishing it! LOL! Is your back bothering you? That certainly can cause exhaustion. I wanted to say, we have laying hens also. We don't wash the eggs and don't refrigerate them. I have never had an egg go bad, even if I do wash them (then you do need to refrigerate them, as it removes the natural coating that protects them). And I have been raising chickens since I started that cross-stitch sampler! Well, I hope you feel more rested soon. Maybe someday we will meet again!

  19. Sounds like you have some fantastic friends!

    Piper's pot looks perfect! Well done her!

  20. I love all the wonderful gifts you have received Betsy, you are loved in this community of ours. Piper always brightens my day, she is darling. Hope you get some energy back, this whole this is simply exhausting isn't it? And with no real end in sight it makes it even harder. Rest and stay well.

  21. I wish I could get motivated to do projects around the house. All I seem capable of is knitting obsessively and reading trashy novels.
    I have a fairly large collection of DMC threads that aren't likely to be used any time soon. If that's what you are using, I'd be happy to send you some. Just drop me an email with details. I'm

  22. Your cross-stitch is beautiful. I can see the sheep just fine but if would make you feel better then a little backstitch certainly wouldn't hurt. I don't ever stitch anything by following pattern colors anymore, especially during this time of staying home. I'm just using what I've got on hand. Nice idea for the neighbor to give the kids pots and seeds to plant. I found an expired seed packet of marigolds that I planted but nothing happened. Seeing as the expiry was July 1999, I guess I shouldn't have expected much. :)

  23. Dear Betsy, thanks so much for posting! Your stitching is lovely and the message in each block so encouraging. I am glad that Piper lives in such a supportive neighborhood. It is wonderful you were able to get the fresh eggs, and were sent the elastic and mask. I was gifted with a mask from a nearby knitting friend. My last post of three weeks ago lost two of its photos. I tried to edit them back in and was unable to so I left the that post offline and have started working on a new post. I cherish the verses you shared. 💜🙏

  24. Hi Betsy! I've seen you at Farmgirl Sam's blog and I'm so glad I finally stopped in to see what interesting things you share. I love your cross stitch above. :) I've certainly had days during this lockdown where I've just felt tired - for no good reason that I could tell. And then I have days where I'm full of energy - or at least not exhausted. I'm sure it's all an emotional response to this uncertain time we're in.