Wednesday, January 22, 2020


And Crochet....  I do love them both.  It was snowing, snowing, snowing and now it’s raining, raining, raining, but the temperature has gone up to 40F and I have high hopes that the rain will wash away some of the snow. This was the view off of our deck as of Sunday afternoon.  We have about 2 feet of snow in our front yard but I’m hoping it will rapidly go away with the rain and warmer temperatures.

I am two weeks ahead on my mitten project. If you remember, I have set myself a goal of two pair per week. Then I should be in good shape by next fall with no rushing to get to my goal of 125 pair.

Two more hats are done for the nursing home project.

I finished a dish cloth at church on Sunday.
My current project is a granny square baby blanket made with Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop yarn in the blueberry color way.

I was FaceTiming with Piper this morning while crocheting on it and she informed me that her music teacher is having a baby boy and asked if she could have this blanket to give it to her. Of course I said yes! I just have the border to put on it and then I’ll wash it and send it off in the mail to my precious little girl to give to her teacher. I am so glad she has a heart for giving to others.  It was bound for the donation pile anyway and Piper is a very good person to donate to!

As I said, Piper and I FaceTimed for quite a while this morning. They had a snow day! She propped me up on a chair and proceeded to draw pictures for me, as she’s showing us in the picture I took on my computer below. We also had a few math lessons and a lesson about the different seasons. She is a very good teacher. She has an easel with a whiteboard on it and she lines all of her babies up on the floor and teaches them.  She is a demanding teacher and expects you to listen to her very closely. Ha! I can tell that she is mimicking her own teacher and I think it’s wonderful. She has done this ever since she started kindergarten and it makes me wonder if she’s destined to be a teacher someday. She doesn’t seem to be losing interest in it at all.  Just look at that smile!  How I wish I could feel her arms around me giving me a big hug right now. 
I have not been feeling very well, with some strange chest pain and extreme fatigue along with a lump in my throat that seems to come and go. Very odd. I did send in a download from my pacemaker yesterday to the cardiology office pacemaker department and they said everything looked fine with it, so I have an actual appointment with the cardiologist next Tuesday morning. I would appreciate any prayers you would like to send up as I’m not quite sure what’s going on. I’ve been staying home and just taking it easy since Sunday.

One thing they did discover with my download yesterday was that my transmitting device is not working correctly. It kept giving error messages. So I have a new one coming in the mail next week. The new one will download the information from my pacemaker and then transmit the information through my smart phone. Another learning curve for me as I have to figure out how to operate it.

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm if you’re in the cold areas.  I’m also praying that the rains will continue for those of you in Australia.

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”  Psalms 113:3



  1. I used to love it when parents would tell me that their kids were playing teacher and pretending to be me. I knew then I was doing a good job. My step daughter used to do that and now she's a principal! All of my kids were teachers at one time or another. I suppose Daughter's figure skating coaching is a form of teaching. She used to pretend that she was her coach and teach her American Girl dolls to skate.
    I hope you are feeling better. I am hoping your chest pains are from all the yarn work. I get a pain on my left side if I knit too much. That's a heck of a note....I'm getting so old knitting is now strenuous work! Lol....

  2. Piper looks like such a cheerful little girl. I love that she wants to give her teacher the blanket you're making. That blanket will be much more meaningful that any 'bought' gift.
    I hope the doctor can figure out why you are having strange symptoms.

  3. Piper is a cutie... isn't it wonderful that we can Face Time our grands? I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope that they get your pacemaker all straightened around and get to the bottom of your symptoms. Sending prayers and hugs.

  4. She is adorable and a very serious teacher LOL We have had a mild winter so far but March can be a humdinger. I will add you to my prayer list! I am so sorry your feeling not quit rosy. Just rest and things will get better, because you have much more knitting and crocheting to do (smiles)
    Hugs, Roxy

  5. How lovely that Piper wanted that baby blanket for her teacher.. that is just sweet. I'm glad you facetime with her a lot. She's your little angel. I hope you feel better soon.. I've just felt pretty tired lately.. we gave up sugar here and I miss the happy feeling when I have something yummy. :-) I volunteer at the falls tomorrow.. I'll try to get a few photos to share.. I know you miss seeing it. I hope your snow melts all away. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Isn't it amazing how technology can keep us "in touch" whether with our doctors OR (more fun) our family.

  7. Prayers for you Betsy and hope you feel better soon! Your mittens are lovely and how nice that Piper can visit with you on Facetime! :)

  8. Such fun learning about your disciplined remote online teacher :) We are awash in rain this week, too, down in the valley while Mt. Hood gets a thicker coat of snow. I admire your current finished projects and pray you feel better soon dear Betsy! I have completed knitting some rows on the merino wool blanket I started years is big enough to warm my legs while I stitch. ((hugs))

  9. Certainly hope you are feeling better this evening. I'm scheduled for a pacemaker transmission in two weeks. Love all your knitting and crocheting. I haven't touched my needles in over a month.

  10. Hi Betsy! So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Do take care! Glad you are able to Face Time with Piper. She is just too cute!

  11. I am so sorry to hear about the pain and the lump in the throat. I will pray for you and your doctor that you may be able to find the answers you need.
    You have been busy, though, look at all of that work you have done. And beautifully.
    I know what you mean about wanting to feel Piper in your arms. When I feel like this I just praise God for the technology that allows us to see each other when we visit.
    My dear friend, I wish you God's blessings and many

  12. Good thought for you ,coming from here. Beautiful blanket and thoughtful of her.

  13. Oh, I am SO sorry to hear of your chest pain and discomfort. I will surely be praying for you, dear friend, and I trust all will be well with you. Little Miss Piper looks like quite a good teacher! It will be interesting to see if she truly does become a teacher one day! May the Lord richly bless all of you.

  14. Prayers for your cardiology appointment. Piper is a sweetheart. How you must enjoy your facetime with her!

  15. I am hoping that you are feeling a little batter, you remain in our prayers dear friend. Isn't technology wonderful enabling us to keep in touch with family. Miss Piper is a darling and so thoughtful wanting to give her teacher a gift. Take care.

  16. how wonderful to FT your grand-she loves you; just look at that smile!
    I'm sorry you are not feeling well-it is hard on you to wonder....
    Beautiful job on the mittens!

  17. that is so nice you can FT with Piper. I don't with my grands but it's just as well as they call me right when I'm ready to turn out the lights! LOL!
    that is so nice that Piper is so thoughtful and that you are too. I will pray that you feel better and that it is nothing serious.

  18. I've been continuing to pray for you even while I was stuck offline, and now will add your new symptoms to my prayer list. It sure can be hard to not know what's going on with your health. Very glad the new device is on it's way to you ... hopefully it's gotten to you by now. I want to say a delayed thank you for the lovely little gift you sent to me in December! What a cute addition to a bracelet I'm starting for myself of special little things from special people. Your friendship is a blessing to me, Betsy! Much love and many prayers! ♥