Friday, May 24, 2024

Stormy Weather

Surprise! We did go camping after all. Dennis unhooked the lights from the "topper" or "canopy," whatever you call it where you live, from the truck battery and jump-started it with the car. Zoom! It started right up. No problems all week. So this morning he's back at the shop with it, and hopefully they will wire it right this time. I'll have to get a photo of it for the next post for you. It looks really nice and was so much easier to camp with. Especially during the storms we had. We had much more room to just throw things in to get them out of the weather.

On Tuesday morning severe storms were predicted around noon. Whoo-boy! They were some major storms! Five inches of rain fell both at the campground 25 minutes from home and at the condo too in less than an hour. Major flooding all over Omaha and the surrounding areas. The difference? We had no hail at the campground. The condo got 2 1/2 inch hail. If we had stayed home, Dennis' truck would have been destroyed. It ruined many, many roofs, and even broke off pieces of the hardy plank siding of Mandy and Brad's house and broke their neighbors windows. I guess it was good we were in the camper! We had no leaks and the winds didn't move us at all. It did break some trees off in the campground. These were the same storms that spawned tornadoes that killed five people in Iowa. My heart goes out to them.

We were there from Monday about noon until yesterday, Thursday. It was so nice and quiet all week and then on Wednesday night lots of campers started filling up the spots with campers, vans and tents for the long holiday weekend. And dogs. Lots and lots of BIG barking dogs. We were glad to come home. You know we love dogs. All kinds of dogs. But not dogs that people allow to bark constantly for hours at a time.

The drawback though? I had no internet to comment on your posts with. Normally my hotspot on my phone will work and I can use the laptop to comment, but it didn't work this time. My phone won't let me comment at all. I did read all of your posts, just couldn't comment. I've tried to touch base with all of you this morning. Since we have no other camping adventures planned until we leave for Spokane late next month, I should be able to keep in touch now.

Susan q. asked what the pattern was on my last post for the donation blanket. It was the "Every Which-way Blanket" which is free on Ravelry and I added a few rows at the top and bottom to make it a little longer for the wheelchair.  I also do a lot of granny squares for the donation blankets. There are so many options when you make grannies.

Moving on to last night when we woke up at 1:30 a.m. with the tornado sirens going off. Five simitaneous tornado warnings were up for the Omaha area. One was right over where we were camping yesterday. We were fine here in the condo, but the two biggest storms went about 1 mile north of us and approximately 2 miles south before moving into Iowa.  What in the tarnation is happening this year? It's been pretty quiet since we move back to the midwest three years ago until now. THIS is the reason I agreed to move west when Dennis was offered his job by a headhunter 31 years ago! We had spent most of the spring/early summer in the tornado shelter. Last night we had straightline winds of 94 mph in our immediate neighborhood! It was crazy. Lots and lots of rain again. We've had more rain in the last 3 weeks than in the past two years combined!

But...we're home. Safe and sound so far and no more storms predicted until Sunday. Whoo-hoo!

More news! This happened yesterday! Piper graduated from Elementary to Middle School. Just how did this happen?

How did she go from this...

to this in just a few short days?   Ha! It does seem like just a few days doesn't it?

Papa is on his way right now to pick her and sweet Lizzie up to spend the day with us and this ruffian below. Zoey, not Papa is the ruffian! :-) Zoey is a great camper. She loves to watch out the windows and play in her pen that we have for her. She just watched the world go by and uses us for her personal ladders when needed. Please ignore Papa's unbuttoned shirt. This was just before the storms rolled in Tuesday and it was getting pretty hot. Look at that deceptive blue sky. That sure didn't last long!

I did start this during the storms on Tuesday. It will be another wheelchair blanket. I like the colors. The different creams, grays and pinkish squares are from the same skein of yarn. The lavender is a solid skein. I'll get the ball bands and give you the names next time when it's finished.

And I better finish this off before our girls arrive. They'll keep me busy all day long. I pray that you'll have a peaceful and safe holiday weekend. No storms either. Pray for the peace of the middle east. My heart breaks for them.

Blessings and love,


  1. Wonderful news, so glad you got to go camping after all and it worked out to be the best decision! We've lost a roof due to hail, it's awful. Sorry about all the damage in your area, Houston was hit hard last week, also a lot of damage. Congrats to Piper!!!

  2. I'm so glad you got to go camping. And it sounds like both camping and at home, you were in the right place at the right time! Storms are so odd. We were at our daughters the other night (either dropping off food for refrigeration or picking it up) and it started to storm. Ping pong ball sized hail and buckets of rain. We left to go home and got about 1/2 mile down the road. No rain, pavement was dry, no sign of hail. Crazy. I'm glad you were safe during all the warnings and pray for those lost.
    I know what you mean. I swear I just gave away my baby bottle collection and the youngest grandson turns five on the Fourth of July. And I can barely say it out loud but the oldest grandson is going to start his junior year of high school. Gosh, it goes by so quickly. Congratulations to Piper - enjoy every second with her this summer!

  3. All those terrible storms in your area are downright scary. I'm glad you were (mostly) spared but feel badly for those who were not. Compared to what you have I should not complain about our endless chilly days of light rain.
    Congratulations to sweet Piper who is growing up way too quickly.

  4. Wow! You really are having too many storms this spring! So thankful you are all okay, even though your family did get some damages from the hail. Praying for families who have lost loved ones as well as homes. So much devastation! Wow, God was certainly watching over you in that camper and kept the storm away from you. Praying you have a lovely weekend. And Congratulations to Piper! Yes, they DO grow up way too fast! Turn around and blink and she'll be graduating high school! I hope she will take time to enjoy her adolescence in the meantime. Love the pictures. Take care my friend, and stay safe!

  5. Stay safe! I'd love to see a blogpost from Oz, but let's just settle on Australia instead. That is Oz enough!

  6. I have been hearing of storms in Nebraska and thinking of you. I am glad you got to go camping. Congratulations to beautiful Piper growing up so fast!

  7. I'm so glad you got to go camping and that you weren't harmed in any of the storms. Sounds like you've really had it rough with so many tornados and big storms by you. We had tornado warnings and hail and winds this past of the huge pine trees was uprooted just two condos away from us.....but luckily it got hung up in the other pines and didn't fall on anybody's condo. whew. That Piper is such a sweetie and now going into middle school. I'll say a prayer for her. Take good care, Betsy and Dennis. God bless you both and keep you safe.

  8. So glad you got to go camping and also that you didn't get hit by the storm, things just get harder with the weather!
    How quickly the children's years pass as if they grow up overnight!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. I am glad you survived the wind you've had lately! I have been seeing it online on a Facebook group I am in. I am glad we are living here in OR. Let me know when you are going to the beach in Oregon and I hope to see you there. Adorable Piper. I hope all things to well for her in life. My oldest granddaughter will be 16 years old next week. Sadly, I won't be able to see her. It was fun to see her and family in Dec. God bless you and Dennis and keep you safe!!--Becky

  10. You've had some frightening storms-so glad you are all safe. Enjoy your graduate! Beautiful blanket you've made!

  11. Piper sure is a cutie! How'd she get so grown up so fast? It's been windy here, too. I was out for a walk when a tree came crashing down. Fortunately nobody was near it!

  12. Glad you were able to go camping. Even more glad you are safe from the storms. Crazy weather. Congratulations to Piper - she is growing up fast!!

  13. The name of the blanket is Which Way Filet Blanket and is available on YT from Fiber Spider.

  14. We watch The Weather Channel every morning and we can't believe what we are seeing. I'm glad you are safe at home. Keep vigilant. I'm watching on Sunday morning and it's still scary out there. So many fatalities. How sad.

  15. So glad you are safe!!! I thought of you when the storms were in Nebraska and yes, then Iowa but the kids are all fine. I spent a few hours in the basement last night as we had tornado warnings but they hit west of us. Your camping adventure sounded great and Zoey is so cute looking out the window.
    Piper is growing up! Grayson started middle school this year and I just want to keep them little but it doesn't work that way. Tell Piper congratulations! Your blanket is lovely in those colors. I hope you have a quiet weekend. We might have more storms this afternoon or evening or both. Take Care!

  16. Glad to hear the worst of the storms missed you. There was a tornado warning in the town a little south of is, but I don't think they got anything (apparently there was a severe storm with water spouts over Lake Erie, and they were worried it wouldn't slow when it made landfall). By the time it got to us, it was just heavy rain - not even a boom of thunder. It's still raining and is supposed to continue on and off for the next couple of days. My gardens are really going to enjoy it, but I'm missing the sun a bit.

    Tell Miss Piper she is growing far too fast! They all do! Miss Paisley has graduated college and is starting her first "Big Girl" job in her field next week! How did that happen!?!

  17. Hello, my friend. So glad you went and missed all the storms! Your Piper is growing quickly. They tend to do that, don't they? Darn it! Have a cozy day!

  18. So glad you didn't have any damage from the storms and stayed safe in your condo. We're having a wicked rainstorm here tonight and the wind had been unbelievable! Our power went off for a bit this afternoon. The generator that we had installed last fall was finally put to use! Stay safe !

  19. Hello! I'm so very glad you're safe. It sounds like you've been in the right place at the right time. This is a crazy year for tornadoes. We even had a small one in our town.
    We were fine as were our neighbors.
    God bless!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage