Thursday, February 29, 2024

Still coughing

Sorry I haven't been around. This cold I have? I haven't been tested for influenza but I'm pretty sure that's what we've had, (have).  I did do two separate covid tests, days apart and both were negative but didn't even think to get an influenza test. But it definitely isn't a regular cold. We're both still coughing but are getting better very, very slowly. Mom has it too. I'm afraid I gave it too her when we were moving her and I thought it was just a sinus thing. She does seem a bit better too. I'm exhausted all of the time. So much for getting a flu shot and RSV vaccine. 

The night before we both got sick, we went to Florentino's. It's a dinner our church youth group does every year just before Valentine's Day. It's been going on for almost 40 years. In fact, we were part of the group that started it, long before we moved to Spokane.  It's the big fund raiser for the youth every year to help pay for camp, rally's, etc. for kids that can't afford it. Dennis said that Olive Garden could take lessons in efficiency from these kids. They have it down to an art. They cook ALL of the food from scratch. They always have the Friday before the dinner off of school and spend the day at the Union Gospel Mission, using their commercial kitchen. They make meatballs and grill all of the chicken there. They even bake the bread! The kids do it all, with supervision of course. 

They decorate the church basement with fairy lights, candles and flowers.

Every year there is a fountain with goldfish. Oh, the stories I could tell about the goldfish!

Isn't it pretty? The kids work really hard on this dinner and decor. We're proud of them all as it's not a big group. Only around 13-15 kids.

My selection was chicken fettucine. I had plenty to take home for a second meal the next day.

Dennis got the spaghetti with huge meatballs. The sauce was made from scratch too. That's not regular sliced cheese. They buy huge blocks of cheese and hand slice it and the meatballs are buried under the sauce.

Here's our group. My sister Melanie is at the end of the table, her granddaughter Anna, her SIL Tim and daughter Chaela, Mandy is facing away talking to her best cousin Chaela. Dennis and our friends Donna, and you can't see her husband Ted. We've known them since before we were married. Donna and I sang in the choir together for years before we moved to Spokane. They are in their late 80's and don't drive much at night anymore so we gave them a ride. Oh, we had so much fun! You can tell we were in the first dinner seating and one of the first groups there.

Then, the next morning I was sick with whatever this is and Dennis succumbed about 3 days later. As I said, we thought it was just sinus or a cold, but it's definitely not. Much, much more severe and long lasting. I'm so glad we were able to go to the dinner though. It was so much fun. They had three seatings, 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 and served hundreds. Since our church is fairly small, only about 100 people, you know that word of mouth has spread throughout the area. The kids are very attentive waitstaff and it's donation only for payment. 

I did finish Piper's third sweater several days ago. In the picture, I haven't washed or blocked it yet. I think she will like it. It's a combination of the Pure Comfort and Portage sweaters.  I used Big Twist yarn in Dk Coral and it took a little over 4 skeins. It's the womens small size. She loves the pockets. Yes, my baby girl is growing up and out of little girl sizes! She'll be in middle school next year. I can't believe it.

I have started a new blanket using five different colors and cream for the linking color. It will be for charity, either a toddler blanket or wheelchair blanket, I haven't decided. It's a pattern of crochet shells. I'm sorry that I forgot to take a photo. 

Mom is adjusting somewhat to her new surroundings. She changes moment to moment. One minute it's the best place she's been, the next she's sure she's at the hospital waiting for us to pick her up. Yesterday she told us that she's managing a bistro, (the diining room), and she has all of these great young people working for her. An hour before that she had called and told us that she was waiting for us to pick her up to go to lunch. That they told her she can't eat there anymore. It's a hospital and the doctor never shows up and we just left her for her appointment alone. None of it makes sense, but it does to her at the moment. We just go along with whatever she says and try to make her feeel better. She hangs up on us, tells us we don't understand. It's hard. Especially when we were so sick we couldn't go see her. She didn't understand why we weren't there every day.

I know that many of you have went through this with parents and know exactly how hard it is. We just do the best we can. She remembers nothing of the apartment we moved her out of two weeks ago. Only this place and they are amazing people there. We couldn't have chosen a better place for her to live. So far they have been the epitome of patience with her and happy and cheerful. They all seem to love her.

Beginning today, I'm going to try to get back to all of your blogs. I'm SO, SO sorry that I haven't been here. I have read them all, just no energy to comment on them at all. I've missed you all very much.

We broke records for high heat on Monday. It was over 80F, which apparently it's never reached 80 in February in Omaha! Then the very next night, Tuesday it snowed, with a "feels like" temperature of -9F!  Crazy! No wonder we're all sick. Today is supposed to be near 60 again. I thought this meme was very appropriate for the past week here in Nebraska.

Take care my friends. Stay well!

Blessings and love,


  1. So sorry you have been sick! Our daughter tested postive for the flu this morning after we spent all day at her house yesterday-keeping our fingers crossed we don't get it! (We had the flu shot that's supposed to be more powerful (the quadrivalent shot), so I hope they know what they're talking about.) Hoping you are better soon and that your mom stays well. It's so hard when our parents get old and we become the parents. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. The annual flu shot has never actually been effective. I was usually told it makes the disease mild. Sometimes, not even that. I think the use of the mask is more beneficial.

  3. Lucky Piper! That's a nice looking sweater. So sorry to hear you are still sick; might you have RSV? It seems to be going around now. It sounds like you have lots to deal with at the moment. Take care, and feel better real soon.

  4. So sorry to read that you and Dennis are still under the weather. Hope that ends soon and hope Dennis' Mom can settle into her new place. Dementia is such a cruel disease.

  5. I remember Steve's dad asking us to take us home. We said you ARE home. This is your home now. He said ... no, his real home. We asked which home that was and it was his house from when he married his first wife. Well, Steve and I just about fell on the floor, but we held it together. He and Steve's mom had a very contentious and abusive relations (her to him). That's the LAST place we thought he would EVER consider home. He also once told me his first wife was his best wife. WHAAAT????? But, I think maybe it's because he remembers being young and relatively responsibility free.

    Your church dinner looks very nice. The kids did a great job.

  6. Your cold/flu? sounds just awful. I'm so sad that you've been suffering so long with this nasty bug. Praying for you both, that you'll feel much better soon! That Florentino Dinner you went to looks so fun. How wonderful that the kids make it all themselves and then serve it....I would love to have been there! i hope all the diners were generous! I love Piper's new sweater....can't wait to see her in it! Sorry "Mom" is so confused....thank goodness you guys have loving hearts and are so understanding with her. Get well soon, friends. God bless you.

  7. I'm so sorry that both you and Dennis have that awful flu. One small blessing is that you didn't get sick until, AFTER that lovely Valentine meal. I'm sorry too that your Mom in law is so confused. Poor lady. A dear friend had such a rough time when her husband ( who had dementia and was still at home) refused to believe that she was his wife. That sure caused a big problem which continued until he went into a home.

  8. I am hope and pray that you and Dennis and his mom feel better soon. No fun to have some type of virus/flu. I've not had a flu shot in years. When I did, it wasn't the best as I did get more sick than normal. The dinner you ate that the teens at church made. They sound creative !! Megan is home now and feeling better daily, even though there is still pain. It's been cold, rainy and a bit windy this week. Last week more sun and warmth during the day. Have a good week, my friend! --Becky

  9. Everyone always seems to be sick all the time now. There is so many nasty things going around that hang on forever. Daughter's skating students are almost non-existent due to constant illnesses. She sits at the rink all day doing nothing but answering texts and emails about sick kids.
    The saving grace I had with dad was that he didn't have access to a phone. By the time I got him into a care place he was so far gone he didn't even ask to come home anymore. It was still so heart breaking. I knew behind those confused eyes was my Daddio trying to make sense of it all. It brings me to tears just to write this. I don't think I'll ever get over it.

  10. I am finally feeling like a person again so I will pray for your restoration! <3 The sweater for Piper is amazing--you are such a great knitter!

  11. I am glad you are finally feeling better and able to get around to visiting, but don't wear yourself out! And yes, I do understand what you are going through with your MIL. We went through that with our MIL as well. Hopefully she will adapt and be happy there. I'm sure when you are able to visit more regularly again it will help. But don't push yourself. She is safe there and in good hands. God is taking care of her. I appreciated your comment on my post today. Thank you so much I did respond on the post, not sure if you saw it. Thank you again. Please take care and God bless you.

  12. We got the Senior Flu Shot, but both still got Influenza A. I am feeling better but Gene is still not well, but we have him here at Jens so he has good nurses. I hope he doesn't have to go back to the hospital. So sorry about Dennis's Mom it is very hard when they are confused. Prayers for you all. Piper's sweater is so pretty what a nice color! Get lots of rest Betsy.

  13. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so poorly. It's no fun being sick. We had to move my mother in law to a facility when it became clear that she could no longer live alone. It was so hard when her thoughts were all over the place. The place she was at was wonderful but it was still hard to have her there, but she needed to be someplace safe. I'm glad you and Dennis are starting to feel better. Take good care of yourselves!

  14. There seems to be a lot of bugs going around at the moment. Looking forward to warm weather and sunshine, I think that will help us all :)
    You totally amaze me with your knitting projects, you are the Queen :)

  15. I'm so sorry you are sick. In our family the only influenza victim was a grandson who missed his flu shot due to basketball camp when the rest of his family went. I heard the tamiflu does help a little. Hope you recover quickly!
    Mom sounds like my grandmother when we finally moved her into the nursing home. She became much more healthy physically - we think she was trying so hard to focus, it affected her health. In the home she created a fantasy world. She was in her old house, her roommate (Frieda) was her neighbor Myrtle (and Frieda went along with it). She was always asking us to let the cat out (we opened the door and did). She would go uptown to a local restaurant for dinner (the dining room) or meet my grandfather (deceased for decades) at a lunch counter uptown (and again the dining room). I was my aunt with the same name who died in her 40's, she was never sure who my mother was (her daughter) but every brownie or 4H girl that visited was my oldest daughter Emily. It was all very confusing to everyone but her and it was a hard choice, but the right one.
    That sweater is lovely! And I love the dinner. What fun and what a great experience for the youth and the community! !!

  16. That dinner is quite amazing! The room is beautiful and the food looks delicious. What a great group of students. I'm sorry you've been so sick. I pray you find answers to what you have and that you're feeling better soon!

  17. My friend. I am so very sorry you both have been so sick. I pray you are on the mend, but take your time. It takes awhile to get back to normal. I am sorry Mom is having a hard time. I know change always makes the disease worse for a bit. Prayers that she will adjust soon. I am glad you found a wonderful place for her. Hugs!

  18. I am so sorry you are sick! Everyone is getting sick! That dinner the kids put on is amazing! The decor, the food....just amazing. What great kids! I hope they got plenty of donations for camp.
    The sweater you mad for Piper is so pretty! I love that design.
    So sorry about your must be awful for her and for you and Dennis and your family.
    I hope you all recover soon!
    Hugs ~ Sam