Thursday, December 14, 2023

More Christmas!

Hello, life has slowed down a little bit for us this week. I had crocheting on Tuesday and Bible study with a potluck luncheon on Wednesday. Today Dennis took me out to lunch and we had a new reclining sofa delivered to us this afternoon. I think we’re going to love it, but Zoey is terrified of it. She hasn’t left our bedroom since they delivered it at 2:00! It’s now 6:30. Well, she’ll have to eventually adapt won’t she?

I thought I would show you some of our Christmas decorations. Please forgive me if I’ve shown them to you before. I’m sure you’ve seen them in one of our houses or the apartment but now we’re at the condo so they’re in a new place for this year.

In the photo below, you will see the candle holder that Curt made and gave to each couple at the dinner party last week. They’re made out of old wine bottles. You can change the candle inside the bottle by loosening the wire. He also gave us a prepared, clear bottle too. It’s an ingenious way of lifting the glass bottle up and down off of the wooden base that he also made. We have a small nativity set that I’ve had for years and years next to it and my snowflake garland hanging under the island.

This is the nativity set that I made the first year we were married. It’s been the centerpiece of our home every Christmas for the last 45 years. Unbelievably, none of the pieces have ever gotten broken.

This photo shows you a close up where you can see the faces that I painted on. The wire that you see is actually a small string of battery operated fairy lights that light the stable up at night.

This is a quilted picture that a friend in Spokane sent me two Christmases ago. She is an avid quilter and used to go to craft fairs all of the time. I don’t know how she gets everything she does done, because she also works full-time at the family business.

Next is my basket full of snowmen ☃️ that make me smile. I usually leave a lot of the snowman out after Christmas is over to brighten up the house in January.

Even more snowman! I wish you could tell how sparkly the Merry Christmas picture is. It’s a diamond painting that I did earlier in the year. I’m very fond of the little red trucks that are so popular right now too.

And look at these guys! I found them for a total of $4.99 at Goodwill earlier this week. To give you an idea of how big they are, the shelf is about 3 feet long. I Love how happy they look as they’re out and about playing in the snow.

I’m still working on the prayer shawl that I was working on last week. It’s taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. It’s about 4 feet long now and I think I want to make it at least one more foot. It is very soft and squishy though. I’m using Hobby lobby‘s Baby Bee Darling Dear. The color is “pretty in purple.”

Last night I decided to start another prayer shawl just for a little bit of a change of pace from the knitted one. This is the Pando Aspen Shawl. I’m doing alternate rows of the pink and cream. I’m going to have a lot of ends to weave in, but I think it’s going to be pretty. Now it’s harder than ever to go and go back and knit on my plain garter stitch shawl. 😍

I hope you are all having a wonderful December day. We had a beautiful day in the mid 50s. Tomorrow is supposed to cool back into the 40s for the next several days, but you will hear no complaints from me. That’s very warm for December here. Remember to take time and think about the Reason we’re celebrating this season of happiness and togetherness. It’s Jesus!

Blessings and love,


  1. Oh Betsy, how I love seeing all your precious Christmas ornaments! The nativity that you made way back when, is a treasure! The candle holder is really unique! I love all your snowmen, and what a bargain on your newest snow buddies! Your quilted snow picture from your friend is lovely and your shawls are looking wonderful. I just got over covid 3 weeks ago, now I am sick again. Praying I will be better in time to travel to our daughter's for Christmas. Take good care, both of you and your families. God Bless You.

  2. So beautiful. AND - I have the same little nativity that you have on your counter. I bought mine in 1977, I believe, to go in our very first stable. I always thought I would replace it with something nicer, but I love the memories. I also have my paternal grandmother's set - it has some issues, too, from a flooded basement. But I treasure them both. The shawls are just lovely. I hope your poor puppy gets over the trauma of the new sofa!

  3. Nice little nativity set in your kitchen. It looks like a Precious Moments set. I've had one for years that's got many animals and people in it. I need to rearrange mine soon. I've not done much that I should do lately but it will get done. I like your creativity in your other nativity scene and shawls. I'm sure your puppy will realize that the couch isn't bad. I'm sure she'll be on it soon. 😏 I'm going to send Christmas cards out soon. I'm a bit behind but that's how life goes when unexpected health issues show up. Hugs and prayers, Becky 🎄

  4. Pretty decorations! You have s very festive home.

    My decor is almost all snowmen. It states up until the end of January.

  5. All your snowmen are so cute! The nativity set you made years ago is gorgeous!

  6. Love the snowmen. You reminded me of my own, that are still packed away. I have had very little ambition to decorate this year. Just missing Mom I think. I may have to go search for those snowmen. My Aunt gave them to me. I love the snowflake garland. It's something that can stay up for winter.

  7. My mom had a snowman collection like yours. She would have loved Olaf. I had to laugh at Zoey being afraid of the couch. Critters can be quite peculiar sometimes.

  8. Beautiful decorations--the Nativity is a gem! The new shawl is very pretty!

  9. Absolutely love your snowman collection!!! Soooo cute! I think it’s a great idea to leave them up past Christmas as they fit in nicely with the winter.

  10. Your snowmen are so cute. I miss putting up our Nativity set, it was always the first thing out and the last thing put away. I am trying a new hat pattern called a Kaldi Beanie on Ravelry, I am mixing it up and trying to do one in a soft yarn and one in wool and then slip stitch them together...we will see:)

  11. Such a fun post! I love your nativity set! You did a remarkable job painting the faces!! It's very special. And I love the snowmen! They are so cute and happy! That prayer shawl is so beautiful. I love that ministry. The church where I used to work had a group of Prayer Shawl ladies that met weekly to work on their shawls, and then they would pray over them before giving them to someone who needed it. I was the recipient of one as was my son while he was battling cancer. It was a very special gift. Thank you for doing that. have a wonderful Christmas more week!!

  12. Your Christmas decorations are lovely...the nativity set, the unique candle holder, all your cute snowmen!! I've been busier than usual this week and have not had time to e mail you, but I will do so soon. ❤❤❤❤GM

  13. Hello!!! I loved visiting with you and seeing your decorations! I love them all, and the nativity??? Absolutely beautiful and so very special! I hope you have a cozy Saturday as we enjoy this blessed season.

  14. Your decorations are beautiful! Your nativity is very special. You did a masterful job painting it. I put lights around my creche but all I had were little red truck lights! LOL!
    The diamond painting is so cool! I love doing it but I can't do it for very long as the bending over it makes my back ache. Your shawls are lovely and might I suggest you start weaving those ends in now? LOL! Have a great week!

  15. Hello Betsy! That wine bottle candle holder is brilliant! I love all your snowmen. I lost mine in our move four years ago. I just found them! They were packed with my snowman cookie jar! I haven't needed the jar, so I didn't open it! Glad to have the snowmen and the jar for this year.
    Thanks for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage!

  16. I came to your blog for the first time today.
    I enjoyed seeing it, just like your previous profile (we have a lot of affinity)
    I'm following with great interest and will see the previous ones.
    Holy Christmas!

  17. Poor Zoey! I hope she's warmed up now. I moved the livingroom around to accomodate Dave's Mom coming tomorrow and the cats are totally weirded out. Though Relic likes having an extra recliner beside mine all to himself. He's going to be mad when Dave's mom comes and takes it over