Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Five More Days!

Are we ready? Five days left to get all of our ducks in a row for Christmas. Dennis’s brother and his girlfriend are flying up from Florida tomorrow. We just found out this afternoon that we will be hosting Christmas dinner for them and Mom. The original plan was we were going to join Mom at her facility for Christmas lunch. I have just sent Dennis to the grocery store with a list so I don’t have to go closer to Monday when everyone is shopping. He doesn’t mind grocery shopping and it’s one of the things I dislike most of chores that need to be done on a regular basis. He has called a couple of times asking where things are in the store, but I don’t mind that at all. It’s still better than going myself!

I finished the most recent prayer shawl yesterday. I used Big Twist yarn from JoAnn’s. It’s very soft yarn to work with and is machine wash and dry so I think it will work well for shawls. I used the modern granny stitch. It hasn’t been washed or blocked, so it looks a little strange laying there.

After I finished the shawl, I started another sweater for Piper. This time I’m using the “portage” pattern that I used for sweaters for Mandy and I. She has asked for this white one and also an orangey color. I found the rusty orange yarn at JoAnns yesterday, as they were having a big sale on yarn. I like my cute little snowmen stitch marker, and progress keeper. Aren’t they happy and festive?

Piper saw Santa last weekend. I love the deer peeking out from behind Santa’s chair. 🤣 No, she doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. Someone told her the truth last year, but she still enjoys all the fun things that go along with it.

Of course, she had to have a photo taken at home with Lizzie and the tree. That puppy sure does love her Piper.

And just one more. I think their tree is beautiful. She’s wearing the dress she wore for the wedding in London, along with the sweater that I made for her and the other two little girls in the wedding. I think this is the last time she will wear it, as the arms are too short already. I adapted the pattern to make them all waist length for the girls to go with their dresses.

Mom got a package in the mail a couple of days ago and Dennis took it over to her. His cousin in Denver had sent her this beautiful blanket and a box of cookies and said to have her open it as soon as it arrived. Since Mom is always cold, this was a good gift for her to send.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and immediately thought of a fellow blogger Debbie, (Araignee). Isn’t it hilarious? I enjoy seeing all of the little escapades these elves get up to in December.

It is supposed to be around 50°F tomorrow, so I think we’re going to take Miss Piper to the zoo. Today is her last day of school before winter break. Last time I didn’t make it all the way to the baby elephants and I would really like to see them. It’s nice to finally be close enough to a grandchild to be able to things with them.

I hope you are all doing well and joining the festivities that this time of year brings. But I hope that you always remember the reason that we’re celebrating is Jesus. He was born and died just for you. And He would have still done it, even if you were the only person on this earth. He loves you.

I love this picture shared on FB by a sweet friend of mine! 

From the cradle to the Cross it was and will always be Jesus! Amen!

Blessings and love,


  1. Piper sure is growing up, isn't she? What a sweet, sweet girl and I do love that you and Dennis have so much time with her. She will have precious memories. I don't mind grocery shopping...I actually like it...I just wish I could stick to my list and buy NOTHING else, but that never happen. LOL Merry Christmas Betsy. May your days be filled with love, joy, relaxing and a few tasty treats!

  2. Oh, my had me laughing so hard at that photo. I'm going to be honest with you....I was just thinking of buying myself a new pair for my birthday. I'm not sure what color I don't have though. I need to make a chart so I don't have to keep digging them out to see.
    I can hardly believe how grown up Piper is. I remember when she was just a little thing.. They grow up so fast.

  3. It never hurts to put a good word in with jolly ol' Santa. LOL

    Loved the croc infested water.

    One of our local fire departments has Nozzle the Elf and he gets into all kinds of escapades this time of year.

  4. Happy Christmas, love that photo of the cross and the cradle. Piper is so cute!

  5. Piper is such a lovely young lady. The wedding dresses are beautiful, and the sweaters were perfect. I did go to the grocery store today, I had procrastinated about a menu. I am pretty sure I am completely done. Despite people saying they weren't coming, the lack of snow has cancelled ski trips and all five of our children and their families are coming on Saturday. That makes 23 for dinner. I finally think I have my food ducks in a row. 23 stockings are done and I am so close on gifts. WHEW. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love all your pics of Piper in her pretty dress and sweater and in front of the Christmas Tree. Isn't that a wonderful blanket that Dennis' mom got for looks so nice and cozy. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

  7. Miss Piper photos are always good to see. You are making more sweaters for her again? Spoiled and treated well in her life by you, Betsy. I hope to knit more rows on my sweater. Not done it for a month. I showed it to Erin our dau-in-love on Sunday. She likes it and so does my sister!!! It is getting cold again. We had a good day and celebrated Megan's birthday. We got a cake for her and food from a friend through meal train from church this afternoon. Delicious food and cake! Your card is on it's way. Got my cards done a bit late but better than not doing it. Megan's been feeling better for 2 days and hope to get her to a service Sat evening at her church then she'll go with me to church on Sunday. Dennis' mom's blanket looks cozy! I have one that style as well. Hugs and blessings and Merry Christmas with family!!

  8. What a precious post!!! Piper is lovely and so is the sweater-3/4 length is great, too! lol
    You will have a good time with family for dinner! My guy groc shops for me and calls several times also!

  9. I prefer the picture of Piper holding Lizzie to the one of her beside the rather tired-looking Santa. Your MIL's new blanket must be just the thing for her to get cozy under. Merry Christmas to you and Dennis 💚💚
    Granny M

  10. Oh, I enjoyed your post so much. The "Cradle to the Cross" picture is wonderful. We did that at our church a couple of years ago in the church vestibule. I loved it so much. It certainly tells the whole story! Piper is such an adorable young lady! She looks lovely in her pretty dress and sweater! It's a shame she is growing out of the sweater already! But I guess that is what happens with growing children becoming young ladies! The croc/elf pic is hilarious. And I am glad Piper is still a good sport about Santa. I still believe in Santa...he's the fun part of Christmas. My parents made Christmas a fun and happy time and we never felt like we were being told lies to believe in Santa. They also made sure we understood the real meaning of Christmas. But there's nothing wrong with making memories that are fun and happy with the family. Sounds like you will be busy and making some happy memories with your guests. I hope you have a lovely and happy time together. Merry Christmas to you and to all a good night! :)

  11. Piper is so pretty in her dress - a fairytale princess!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  12. My dear friend, Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

  13. Merry Christmas to you and Dennis and all your family. Will you give Miss Piper a big Christmas hug from me? She is so pretty in that dress. I love how she smiles all the time. Yes, their tree is beautiful too.