Sunday, January 29, 2023

Chelsea Physic Garden

Yesterday, Baby J, my sweet daughter-in-law, and I made a trip to the Chelsea physic garden. I thought you may enjoy some photos of it. Otherwise, I’ve been home all week with just a few brief forays into the neighborhood. I did discover an Aldi‘s grocery store close by which is much less expensive than the Tesco Neighborhood market. It’s a little further away, but the exercise is good for me after sitting at the house so much.

You can see that this garden was established in 1673. It was originally founded as an apothecary for physicians. Now it has plants from all over the world as well as medicinal plants, household plants, useful plants, etc. There are separate little areas for each as well as greenhouses with orchids and ferns.

The snow drops were everywhere, and so beautiful on a cloudy, drizzly winters day. But the promise of spring is there in these little beauties.

These tiny, tiny flowers are called Wendy’s Gold. I am assuming it’s Wendy of the Peter Pan stories.

Black mushrooms are something I had never seen before.

Baby J and our lovely DIL are enjoying the trees all around the garden.

Just one of the many, many signs placed in each section of the garden, describing the plants that are there. If you enlarge it, you can read the print.

There were sweet little pansies, and other flowers tucked in the trees throughout the garden.

This is a Piper plant. It’s covered up for protection from the cold, but I thought it was fun that there was a plant named Piper.
We stood at one of the gates overlooking the River Thames, and I took a photo of the Peace Pavilion in Battersea park across the Thames.

There were also greenhouses and a little tiny shop, along with a place where you could purchase plants and a little café, where we had tea.

These are some homes in Chelsea, behind the garden. I’m told that they START at around 11 million pounds!
Beautiful, but WOW!

I finished my Christmas socks last week. They are not identical twins, but rather fraternal, which is fine as they are for me. They make me happy just to look at them. 💕

I’ve also begun this years Christmas socks. These were made using Patons Kroy socks, and once again, I didn’t have enough to finish the toes. The last few pair I have knit with Patons Kroy seem to be short a bit in the skein. I’m going to have to weigh the next skein and see. I haven’t changed the length of the leg or foot so I’m not sure why I’m running out of yarn, unless they’re making the skeins with less yardage. They will need to wait to be finished until I get home and find a scrap ball to use for the toes. I have started another pair with a different brand of yarn, and I am almost finished with the leg of the first sock but I neglected to take a photo of that. I’m sure glad I brought some extra sock needles with me to leave these on.

I hope you enjoyed our afternoon at the garden. I’ll be back soon with more adventures!

I don’t know how many of you read Lorraine‘s blog at Mama’s Mercantile. She and her husband lived on the Isle of Lewis between Great Britain and Scotland. Dennis and I spent the day with them last year when we were here in London and they are such, happy, fun and wonderful people. Lorraine lost her battle with cancer on January 25. Please keep her dear husband, Gerard in your prayers. She was such a wonderful friend and I’ll miss her.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. I like the hopefulness of the little yellow flower prevailing despite its circumstances.

  2. What a beautiful garden! So many interesting things to see. And those I watch Escape to the Country and have seen how $$$ houses can be over there but still wow.
    I was just tempted to buy some Kroy but didn't for that very reason. They always short you with yarn. I love those stripes and would buy that in a minute but won't. At least the Christmas socks turned out lovely.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful photos of the garden walk. Spring has already come.
    We got some fresh snow yesterday and today, but I have to say it looks wonderful... better than this eternal gray on gray without snow.
    So I'm happy :-))
    Your socks are wonderful. Have fun finishing the striped socks. Many greetings from Viola
    p.s. I love the snowdrops and the beautiful brick houses at your place.

  4. What a wonderful place to walk around! So sorry about your blog friend Lorraine, it is very hard to lose friends;(

  5. Sad to hear that Lorraine lost her battle with cancer. I have several balls of Kroy in my stash. They are several years old, so I think I’ll have enough to make a full pair of socks.

  6. Nice time out and about with family. Lovely flowers. Everything seems to be smaller and a bit $ to buy it. Your socks look good. I like solemate socks as they have same colors on it but different areas on socks. It's been freezing at night but ok day time even though cold. No ice. Hugs and blessings my friend. I'm sending you a card via Jaquie Lawson website.

  7. The Physic Gardens are so lovely. A great place to wander around and admire the unusual plants. I was saddened by the news that Lorraine had passed away and also saddened by Blogger not allowing me to post a comment for her daughter to read. I'm able to comment on fewer and fewer blogs all the time. It's time Blogger stop messing about. Granny M

  8. That garden looks like a fun place to visit! So sorry to hear about your friend. That happened to me last year, and I'm still sad. Love your Christmas socks, but it's a bummer when you run out of yarn when you're almost done with a project. I've noticed that the angora yarn which I use to make booties seems to have a smaller amount like yours did, too. Sad, isn't it? (Nice to see your post!)

  9. What a lovely excursion to walk in the garden! An amazing place to visit! I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. Prayers for you continue and now for your friend's DH. Take care!

  10. Thank you Betsy, for taking us with you on your trip to the garden. What a lovely day you had! I love your colorful socks too! Sad to hear about Lorraine, thank you for sharing that. May the rest of your visit there, continue to be wonderful!

  11. So sad to hear about Lorraine she was so brave. she was a blog friend of many years. I shall miss her posts. Thanks for sharing this Betsy I am often away from blog land at present. Lovely to hear you are having such a good time in London with your family. Keep well. Amanda xx

  12. Glad to hear you are having such a nice time Betsy. Grab all the hugs and kisses from Baby J that you can while you are there!!

  13. Love your photos of the UK and your socks. Those cream and black ones would be great with some brightly colored toes if you run out of yarn. Stay safe.

  14. I'm so sad to hear about Lorraine. I discovered her blog through you and she seemed like such a lovely person, so close to her family. A tragic loss.
    What a wonderful garden to visit, especially with your little person in a stroller. It looks like spring to me, which is so welcome in the cold and dark here. I loved the pansies in the tree. And a Piper plant! How perfect!!!

  15. I just saw Lorraine's family post about her passing. That makes me so sad for us and her family, she was such a dear friend in our blogging community, but I am happy for her! I am glad to see you enjoying your visit in London, what a beautiful garden to visit, sure do love those snowdrops and their early heralding of spring! Your socks always amaze me, they are so beautiful! Many blessings to you dear friend, enjoy your time with the little one!

  16. Oh, what a lovely and fascinating garden. It sounds like you are having a wonderful visit.

    The Christmas socks turned out well, and I really like the stripey heels on the new pair. I can just see some red toes on those.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your blog friend. Saying a prayer for her husband.

  17. How interesting..still going since the 1600's? Amazing! I love your Christmas socks and that is really odd that you ran out of yarn. I'm sure you are correct about less yardage. Does it say on the wrapper? I would call the company. They will probably send you some free yarn.
    I'm so sorry about your friend. I will pray for her husband to find peace and rest.

  18. You must be getting close to coming home again, Betsy. Sure have missed your posts. Praying for safe travels for you when you head back this way. God bless you. Hope it's been a great time there for you and your son and his family.

  19. Those socks look so warm and cozy! Loved your photos and hearing all about your trip.