Friday, June 18, 2021

My New Craft Room

Hello my friends. Dennis and I have been working so hard since we got home on Sunday night. Of course he’s working his normal 11–12 hours a day and then moving boxes for me well into the evening hours. Last night he and my nephew Tim drove clear to the other side of Omaha to pick us up a new dining room set that I bought on Facebook marketplace. More on that in a later post. 

I’m so excited to finally have my own crafting space. The family room area is on one end where we can watch TV in the evenings or I can sit and play with yarn, but the other half of the room is all mine! Here, I’ll take you on a tour. I’m sorry for the photo overload once again.

First of all I need to apologize for the darkness in the pictures. I tried turning the lights on and that just made everything glare and you couldn’t see anything. I hope you’ll be able to see enough in the photos though.
An overview of the craft room...

First is my yarn wall. This is pretty much all of the yarn that I have. It’s actually not as much as I thought I had compared to a lot of knitters/crocheters. I go through a lot of yarn. On the top of the cabinets on the left are two of the quilts I made and a crocheted afghan. On the right are totes of finished objects. The full one on top is mittens. So far I have 70 pair! Then I have several shawls for a nursing home. The two on the side that are full have baby blankets for the hospital.

This is the beautiful crocheted medallion that Amanda made for me. She has the blog “Crafty in the Med” on my side bar. And those two cubbies that you can see are the sum total of my sock yarn stash.

In the bin you see below is the wonderful sock yarn that Debbie from the “Araignee”blog on my side bar sent to me for my cozy memories blanket. Her generosity amazes me. The shipping alone was ridiculous. The porcelain doll on the right was my grandmothers. Her arm is falling off and she has some cracks and chips on her but I’ve been told not to have her restored because that would make her less valuable. I just love her and she always has a prominent spot in our house. I cross stitched the picture in 2009.

This is the final spot for my Hoosier cabinet. We tried it in the kitchen but it just seemed to want to be in the craft area. The door you see leads out to our backyard. When it’s nice weather I can open this door and the windows and there’s a nice cross-breeze that blows through.

This corner has a lot going on. Besides the baby blankets in the totes I have a lot of little sheep and llama’s given to me by knitters around the world. More of Debbie’s yarn is in the jar and my grandmother’s buttons are in the Pioneer Woman jar. Underneath the shelf is a bookcase that holds my cards and some patterns. The plastic drawers hold gift bags and tissue paper, Cross-stitch supplies and some fabric.

I found this baby doll for $.99 at a thrift store. She is the exact size of an average newborn. It makes it handy to try on hats and sweaters that I make for the hospital. The little truck and the yarn Queen sign were gifts from Dennis. We wanted to get a golden lab in the back of the pick up so it would look like Chloe, but all we could find was a black lab. Close enough!
On the shelf below is my mothers button box, some Yarn Harlot books and sock patterns, along with gifts of pincushions from Gracie “One Saylors Log” and Taci. Hanging from the door is the gnome that Meredith from “Mereknits” sent me last Christmas. 

This dresser was Dennis’s when he was a baby. We refinished it and all three of our children have used it when they were small. Now, it’s been in my craft room for years. It holds fabric and sewing patterns, along with odds and ends of craft supplies that don’t have any other home. On top is a little three door chest that holds ink and stamps, along with beads and more buttons. The fish on top was made for me by Jamie when he was in elementary school. I’ve received all three cards from blogging friends recently.

One of my favorite spots is how I have my sewing machine and desk set up. When my sewing machine is open I have a huge workspace using the desk too. I love having a place to sit down and write out cards and where I can leave my sewing if I’m in the middle of a project at the end of the day. I’ve always had to clean everything up in order to make dinner or someone else needed the space I was working in.

I made this little bunny picture about 35 years ago and it hung in our kitchen here in Omaha before we moved to Spokane.  On my desktop there is another empty pioneer woman jar and my washi tape. There is a yarn scale there on the left and on the right a box of sewing clips. I had found a little chicken sitting on a nest at an antique store that I had bought for dear Teresa’s birthday. Unfortunately, as you all know, she passed away just before her birthday. Teresa had so many collections and chickens on nests were one of them. I’m going to keep it here as a memory of a dear friend who will always be missed. 

This is the sitting area corner of the family room. Mine is the side with the craft cart by the chair. We have purchased a new sofa in May and we will give this loveseat to Dennis’s mom as it matches the sofas we already gave her. The store called yesterday and our new sofa was supposed to be in by September 8. Now they’re saying at the end of October or November! I don’t understand what all of the delays are. I took mom to the grocery store this morning and I couldn’t believe the empty shelves again. And for a pack of 100 paper plates it was $9.99! Nope. For that price I’ll wash my plates thank you very much!  In this picture and the next one are also Cross-stitch pictures that I did about 35 years or so ago.
Obviously the TV side of the family room. There are still some things sitting around here. The roaster will go into the garage once we get boxes cleaned up in there. I have to fill the hurricane lamps in the corner. Don’t you love how they wired the TV? It comes out of the wall on top! Dennis is going to relocate the wiring to behind our television set and patch the wall. I don’t think I had shown you this rug in earlier post. We got it for $99 at Costco at the same time we bought the one for upstairs. The Berber carpet is pretty hard on the knees and Piper likes to sit on the floor and play with Legos so we thought this would be a lot more comfortable for her.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour and then it wasn’t too boring for you. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. If you’re somewhere cold I hope you stay warm and cozy and if we are somewhere as hot as it is here in the Midwest I hope you find a way to stay cool!

And finally, I’ll end with a scripture verse that I cross stitched a few years ago. I have it hanging around all year as a reminder. It’s on the wall around the corner from the medallion that Amanda made me.

Blessings and love, 


  1. Betsy what a wonderful tour of your craft room you took us on. Such a delight to see how quickly you are making your new house a home. To see where you will be working on your amazing projects was a joy, surrounded by much love from friends. Take care dear friend and have a good weekend.

  2. Your home is just lovely! I bet you are so excited to have all that crafting space. It is so wonderful to be able to see all your supplies and not have to pack everything up at meal time. And the tv watching space is wonderful, too. I love all the personal touches on the walls - it really makes it a home with all the memories and familiar things. It looks like things survived the move pretty well. The rug is gorgeous, too.

    I bet Dennis is pretty tired. It will be nice when you both get a chance to relax.

  3. I have a serious case of craft room envy! I would give anything to have that much room. I know it's been a lot of work getting it set up but what a treat it's going to be when you finally get in there to do your thing again!

  4. What a great, organized craft room you have! I'm envious... I have a craft room but it is need of serious organization! Have a great weekend!

  5. WOW. You have been hard at work . You look rather like Betsy QUEENS' knit shop!!! WOW. So much stuff to work with.f HOW FUN. Thanks for showing it all to us. IM thrilled for you and Piper!

  6. What a wonderful space!
    That TV wire would drive me husband insane!!!! Lol.

  7. I've looked forward to seeing your home with everything in place. Your post could never be boring. Your craft area is adorable! Never seen so much yarn, and I love the two dolls. The sitting room looks so comfortable and cozy too. All of it is looking so pretty.

  8. Bored? Not at all. I loved the tour of your craft area which is so organized and tidy. I'm in awe of all the various crafts you do.
    The area rug that you got at Costco is pretty and much easier on the knees I'm sure. Have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh, Betsy, you have to stop apologizing for how long your post is or how many photos you have on it! Most bloggers LOVE long reads with lots of photos. (My long posts with scads of photos don't seem to bother you. πŸ˜‚) I truly enjoy knowing what you've been doing with yourself since your last post. It's like being neighbors just down the street! I so happy to be able to visit you here!! And the craft room is AWESOME, my friend!! You are blessed!! Hug and live and prayers!! πŸ™πŸ» πŸ’•

  10. I did not get bored while reading your post. Nice craft area in the living room that you have. I recgonize a few things from your house in Spokane. I am glad you are getting things done as needed and Dennis is with you and helper as well!!! It has been warm this week, Monday was humid and hot. High 80s this weekend and 100 on Monday. So thankful to have a/c and a outdoor shade over the kitchen window. I got some new curtains for family room and Megan's office room. That way it will be cooler in her room when she's working. Not doing much this weekend, home, church, lunch out...have a good weekend and find some time to relax!! Hugs and blessings my dear friend!...Becky

  11. Love your embroidery of verse dear Betsy.
    Oh that eyes would see these gems and hearts would fully Believe!

    Loved seeing your house tour, Betsy, I was puzzled though at the roof height changes in the middle of a room like that, it’s very unusual, or is to my Aussie Mind, Not sure I’ve ever seen that before.
    Love the hard work you’ve all put in has reaped this lovely spacious area. Magnificent.. and 70 mittens a grand total are you sending them placket to the Spokane school I wonder? It’s be colder than where you are now,
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  12. What a splendid craft room and so much room!The way you have organised it has given me ideas! I really need to do something with mine! I bet you are itching to get in there and enjoy this your very personal space. I love your grandma’s doll and I imagine that she is quite old. She looks really Victorian. This isn’t boring at all for me... this is an open door to who you are. Thank you for sharing Betsy! I have already gone back in to examine carefully some of these shots, Call me nosey if you like! πŸ€“. Take care. Amanda x

    1. Thank you also for the mention Betsy. I so love to see my crochet travel the world. A x

  13. Betsy, I love your craft room. I see many ideas that I may just make of use.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Hugs and Blessings, Kim

  14. Thanks so much for the tour! Your home is lovely. I was so glad to see you Hoosier cabinet. I remember you mentioning it when you were moving out of your house, so glad it made the trip to Nebraska. We lived in Indiana many years ago and I have loved them ever since.

  15. Yay! On having your own space, and what a lovely space it is, too. You always make everything so nice. You have decorated your place so lovely. I had to smile seeing all the love gifts you have made that awaiting their forever homes. Such love you always spread to others. Bless you always dear friend. You reflect His love in so many ways. ((hugs))

  16. Your craft space is so amazing. You can be sewing and still be near Dennis in the evenings if you want to. You will never be far apart but can continue to use your wonderful space as needed. It looks wonderful Betsy, well done.

  17. How nice to get a tour and to see some treasures! You are going to love having a designated space for your beautiful creativity!

  18. Thanks for the tour! I love your yarn wall! And that Hoosier Cabinet is just perfect in your craft room! It all looks wonderful! I am so happy you are both in the same spot!!

  19. What fun to see your new space Betsy! Love your yarn wall - like having a store right in your own home - LOL. so glad you were able to see your son in Montana on your way back.

  20. What a nice craft room! I'll bet you'll enjoy spending time there. You must be a very popular donor; you certainly set a great example!

  21. Wow! What a great craft area. You are blessed! Your family room is also so cozy. Thanks for sharing them with us! Blessings, Debra

  22. Your crafting space is a triumph and full of so many good ideas and sweet reminders of loved ones. Thanks for showing us so I can visit you in my mind's eye creatively making blessings to share, wonderful Queen BetsyπŸ’œ