Wednesday, June 23, 2021

More yarn!

I have been hearing from all of my favorite podcasters this week that Hobby Lobby was having a yarn clearance. So the first thing I want to share is the yarn I bought this morning.
I paid $22.29 total for all of this yarn. The regular price would have been $87.13!! I am so pleased with the sales that I got. They only had four skeins in the color way on the left, but I think I will have enough yarn for these two colors to become baby blankets.

The three skeins on the left are #2 weight so will most likely become shawls or scarves. Then the “Cozy Toes” will most likely become socks and the last little package of minis is #three weight. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet. 

I also began working on my cozy memories blanket again late last night. I haven’t gotten very far on this nine patch yet.
I also began a new baby blanket a few minutes ago using the “Tune My Heart” pattern below. I’m not using the pinks and purples that the pattern shows, but instead I’m using a pale blue/green and tan to make it more for a boy. The yarn on the hook is Baby Bee Sweet Delight in the colorway “Naked.”

Miss Piper helped babysit a little girl in their neighborhood Saturday while her mom held a garage sale. Look what she bought with part of her earnings! Oh my! She actually wore these while we played a game of Uno. She did pretty well with those long nails! She also caught a cold somewhere along the way, so I spent the day with her Monday while Mandy worked. It was a hardship but someone has to do it.🀣😍 Mandy said she’s feeling much better now and she actually went to kids camp yesterday and her tennis class last night. She’s a pretty good tennis player.

Our middle son Jamie sent us this picture last week. He had bought it almost a year ago, but kept forgetting to send it and when we moved from Washington, at first he didn’t think we would want it anymore. Then he said the more he thought about it, he thought that it might mean even more to us now. He’s right. This is where we camped for 10 years from May through October. The mat is actually made of wood. We both got a little bit teary-eyed when we saw it. We have some wonderful memories of our years at this lake. Our RV was directly to the east of the part of the lake that is 100 foot deep toward the bottom of the picture.

Last week I got a new to us dining room set. If you remember we had a table and chairs and the china hutch that were left by the previous owners. The table was not big enough for our needs. I ended up selling it on Facebook marketplace for $150. I then found this one for $300. Honestly, I can’t believe it. This set is like brand new. There are no scratches anywhere on it that we can find. It also has an 18 inch leaf to make it even longer. It is solid wood. When Dennis picked it up he commented that it looked brand new. The neighbor lady was standing there and said that it should, because she never let anyone sit on the chairs! It is super heavy and they had to take the table apart just to be able to carry it.

It is a Trestle table and it’s made very well. So basically, I got this beautiful almost brand new table and chair set for $150. Isn’t that amazing? I am really enjoying using Facebook marketplace since we moved!

The kitchen has quite a few cabinets but they aren’t very deep. Some of my larger appliances wouldn’t fit and still have the doors close. When I was in Omaha last week I found the shelf at the “At Home” store. It folds up flat with the shelves folding upwards and the sides folding in. It was very easy to put behind the seat in the truck for the trip here. I also found this picture at Hobby Lobby in Spokane at the same time. I have never, ever had a kitchen wall to hang things on in all five houses that we’ve owned, until this one. Previously all of the walls were covered with doors, windows or cabinets.

Yesterday we had a crazy day. We had an appointment to sign our wills in the afternoon but at the last minute Monday, Dennis found out that he had to be available all day via zoom to do a deposition for work. After some on again, off again appointments, we finally made it to our attorneys office in the afternoon and signed everything. It’s a good feeling to know that everything is signed and taken care of in the event of anything happening to either of us. We’ve had our wills done twice before, once in Nebraska, then Washington, now Nebraska again.

I also have a bit of good news to share with everyone. We are taking a trip at the end of July to see Alex in London. I’m sure we will have to quarantine for part of it, but I am so excited to see him, as it has been over a year and a half since he was home for thanksgiving in 2019. They had planned to try to be here for a holiday last year but we all know how that went with Covid. We’re hoping that our quarantine will only be for five days and not 10, since we’ve been vaccinated. We plan to be there for two weeks.

 I hope each of you is doing very well. We have brilliant sunshine and 95°F temperatures today. A beautiful summer day.

Blessings and love,


  1. Lol- Oh Piper! That's something my niece Rowan would have bought when she was that age!

  2. Oh Betsy!!! I'm so happy to hear you will get to see your son. You'll have to share lots of photos with us of London.

    Love Piper's fancy mitts! She is a girly girl through and through!!!

  3. What fun to have Piper as your BFF! And what a deal on the yarn. That is a gorgeous dining set. I have found some great bargains on marketplace too.

    The picture of the lake is wonderful. It is a wonderful memory and a great piece of art, too.

  4. You’re a great bargain hunter on both yarn and dining room furniture! Excellent news that you will be able to see your son and his fiancΓ© and her family next month. God is good!

  5. Oh, those nails!! I swear I just watched a horror movie and Vincent Price was wearing those very same things.
    That is some yarn haul you came away with! That is what is going to happen to me if I ever get into a situation where I can buy yarn in person again. No yarn shops here so I have to wait for a fiber fest and I know it's going to be ugly. I better start saving now.

  6. Wait! I'm missing a yarn sale! Piper looks adorable and I can't believe how big she is getting.

  7. I laughed when I saw the gloves Piper was wearing! Why would she buy that? Nice yarn you got! As Araignee wrote about a fiber fest, the one I usually go to in Canby most likely will be at Linn County fairgrounds in Albany. Not sure why they can't do it in Canby as they've done in the past and closer than Albany. Will see at Clackamas county has been opened up. Still waiting for Mario county as governor keeps changing her mind. It is getting warmer each day and 101 degrees on Sat. so I am not going to an outdoor gathering as I don't even know what it as the park, tree---covering...sad as it was a classmate's family's gathering for people who knew him. Good thing to get your will taken care of. We need to get ours done as well.Megan is feeling much beter, thankfully. Take care my friend! :-}

  8. What a great deal on all the yarn, happy knitting/crochet. Another bargain with the dining table/chairs it is looking good. You are certainly making your lovely house a beautiful home. Glad Miss Piper is on the mend, what a joy to be able to help out and sit with her. Exciting times about your trip to London, there is to be more announcements made soon about the changes in quarantine times and travel. Speak soon.

  9. It has been fun to follow your move and when I saw the picture of your beautiful new dining room furniture, and saw the great price you paid, I couldn't help but think of the song, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"! All we have needed His hand hath supplied. Anxious to see what you end up doing with that big yarn haul!!

  10. The yarn is a great catch! You will turn it into lovely comforts soon enough! The new table is gorgeous! So nice to see the house become your home. So nice to spend time with Piper-so sweet.

  11. Wow Betsy - you really did get a great bargain with your table and chairs. Well done. Many years ago I moved into a huge house with my husband, little money as we'd overstretched ourselves and ploughed all our savings into buying a bigger house and our furniture certainly didn't stretch to fill a second lounge/diner. I still recall the thrill of finding in the small ads, £25 in those days, a beautiful but battered teak sideboard. I spent hours/days with wire wool rubbing it down and then oiling with teak oil until it looked like new. A few years later when we could afford to furnish more I gave it to someone in need as it had truly saved us at the time. Often something pre-loved is a real blessing. And boy, it looks great! Love your yarn and Miss Piper is a real doll!

    Di xx

  12. Your new table and chairs are so nice and you managed to pay so little for them! I like your new kitchen shelf and sign. I have that problem of not having much wall space to hang anything!!
    I don't knit or crochet but I have no trouble imagining how excited I would be to get all that lovely yarn if I did.
    How exciting to be planning a trip to see your son and in LONDON!!!!
    I hope you have a lovely day.

  13. Betsy,
    I can't believe that Piper plays tennis. But then I think of all the activities my grandchildren do and it shouldn't amaze me so much. They are getting bigger every day.
    I love the little shelf in your kitchen. I could use something like that here. We have several deep lower cupboards that I have a hard time getting into.
    The pictures of your home are always so nice. Have a great weekend, my friend.
    HUGS and God's blessings,

  14. Piper and tennis! Awesome.
    Seeing your son...priceless, I know!!!!

  15. That Piper is just adorable. She is such a cutie pie...and loves her grandma so much! Betsy, that is a beautiful dining table and chairs. What a buy! I love the wood, the color and that it is heavy solid wood. The map from your son is such a sweet gift.

  16. Piper's nails are just plain spooky LOL! Perfect for a Halloween fancy dress. I am so thrilled for you that you will finally get your trip to London to see your son. That is something really fantastic to look forward to. Really lovely dinning table and chairs and that it is extensible for your large family get togethers! Just perfect. keep well Amanda x

  17. Wow! What a jam packed post . . . I love it! So happy that you found such a great sale on yard. That should keep you busy for a while, but then again you are very fast with your needles. Piper just keeps getting cuter and cuter, I know that you are so happy to be able to see her more and watch her grow up. Having a grandmother that reinforces her in the ways of the Lord is a gift that will be a blessing in her life now and all through her years. The more our children are taught the ways of the Lord and from family and loved ones . . . the less we have to worry about their future. I'm sure that her parents are over joyed that you moved back there.
    Love your new dinning room table . . . I see Thanksgiving dinner at your house :)
    Betsy, it is always a pleasure to stop in for a blog visit, I always feel so welcome. God bless you and your family.

  18. First wonderful yarn, a beautiful new table and then you finish with a trip to London to visit your dear son Alex. I am so excited that you are having the time of your life in your new home, seeing Piper often and being a big part of her life. You sounds so happy Betsy. Stay safe.

  19. Nice to get a sale!! You are using one of my favorite crochet hooks! I have two of those! Your dining room set looks so pretty! That was a good buy too! Hope you are staying cool and I think it is wonderful that you can go to London!!! :)

  20. Piper is just so cute with her long nails - lol. Glad to heaer your news of visiting London...I know you must have been (and still are) missing Alex something fierce. Wishing you safe travels and a fun time!! Nice new yarn too. I caved in over the weekend to the sale at KnitPicks. Will show my haul once it arrives!!

  21. How did Piper play Uno in those gloves??? πŸ˜„ Fun times, and I am so excited that you plan to visit Alex soon! It will be inspiring to see what you make with your new bargain yarn, and imagine the good gatherings you will have around your new table!!πŸ’œπŸ™

  22. I can't wait to see what you create with your new yarn. Love Miss Piper's gloves... how fun! Your new to you dining room table is beautiful. What a deal you got! So glad you are going to get to visit your son. How exciting!