Sunday, June 13, 2021

Another Long Drive

We’re on our way home and should actually arrive in about 2 hours. We’ve been on the road since 4:30 this morning! We had planned to drive to Wall, SD, just east of Rapid City last night, but after several very nice young men at various hotels checked over 200 hotels, the farthest we could go was Gillette, WY. There was not one room available last night ANYWHERE from Gillette to Wall, so our drive is several hours longer today than we wanted it to be. The Black Hills and Mount Rushmore are in that area and I’m sure that’s why it’s so busy. We have to unload the POD today when we get home as well as unload the truck which is full to the brim. Dennis has to be at his desk at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

We were able to meet our son, Jamie, and our grandkids Kyleigh and Caleb for lunch in Helena, MT yesterday. It was a “bit” windy.

Kyleigh drove them to lunch in her very own car. Unbelievable that she is that old already.  We sure love these kids but they have never been comfortable being online much. They gave me permission to post these. Caleb even has his own utube channel about snowboarding in the Montana Rockies and mountain biking too.

Heading up McDonald Pass. I never tire of these views.

Into Montana from Idaho. The top of Lookout Pass. Much less snow than when I drove it in April!
We’re in the clouds!

Down we go! Brake check anyone? 80 mph around the curves. It IS fun driving.😀

So pretty.

The last mountain view’s for us for a long, long time. These are the Bighorn Mountains just outside of Buffalo, WY.

This is “Dignity”, a 50 foot Native American girl at a rest area in Chamberlain, SD overlooking the Missouri River. This photo is from the internet.

This is the back and shows the quilt she’s holding. I took THIS picture while we hurtled down the interstate at 80 mph!  I love my iPhone. 😍

He’s a trooper. This man hasn’t stopped working for months. Seriously. 

I have my mitten factory all set up on the center console.

Seeing the wonder of the mountains makes me even more thankful for a Creator who loves beauty too.

See you soon. A few more hours and we’ll be unpacking the last of our belongings.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment on your blogs since I left Wednesday morning. 
I have to use my laptop to comment and my iPad to blog. I have no idea why, but that’s Blogger. I didn’t bring my computer with me so there has been no opportunity to comment.

Blessings and love, 


  1. I know you guys will miss all those mountain views... such stunning scenery to have lived amongst!! I bet you're HOME now since it's almost 3:00 in the afternoon as I read this. How wonderful you were able to see Jamie, Kyleigh and Caleb for a while!! Take it easy as you start unpacking, now there is no rush! Sending you lots of love and blessings and prayers as you continue life in this next HOME! ❤️ 🏡

  2. While we still RV'd we had the privilege of driving that route a few times and never failed to be thrilled with the views. By now you may be home and beginning the big job of unpacking everything.
    I'm so glad you got to see your son and lovely grands for a short visit.

  3. Fun to see your Montana Grands! I hope you have arrived safely by now...I am so happy that you and Dennis will be together again in Omaha! Happy Unpacking!

  4. Those mountain views are spectacular. I'm so glad you showed the back of the quilt. Stunning!

    We don't live far from South Mountain in Pennsylvania, but our mountains are much more subdued than the western mountains. Still...I love them with all my heart. I can see why my ancestors settled there.

  5. What a trip!!! What amazing views. I've never been that way and doubt I ever will so it's so nice that you took us long for the ride.

  6. Glad the trip came off safely! And what wonderful grands you have. So glad you got to meet for lunch! This has been quite the experience for you, and not expected either. But God has a plan and it all falls in place. Eventually.

  7. Betsy, you are the sweetest person! I can just hear the smile in every word you type! So glad you are getting home safely. Your pics are wonderful. I love mountains too, and the native girl in Chamberlain is amazing. I'm wondering if you watch "The Chosen"? ...the new series about Jesus and his disciples....I think it's very good. Well, have fun unpacking everything. This will be a surgery week for me...broke my wrist about 10 days ago, and it's not healing right so...........

  8. I'm glad had a safe ride home with Dennis. Lovely photos you shared especially Indian woman statue with the quilt. I always go online and find hotels prior to travel. I had to reschedule our trip to Alaska today due to car rental shortage. Saved a bit of money which is a good thing. Hope you had a good night sleep and stat safe while unpacking. I'm glad Dennis is now home with you. Hugs and blessings my friend. *Becky*

  9. I hope you have arrived home safe and sound Betsy you have been in our prayers for safe travels. The views look amazing, I am thankful that you shared them with us. So nice to see your family, that must have been wonderful catching up with them.

  10. You and Dennis won't know how to act once you get settled in your new place--you've both been so busy. It is wonderful, though, how God guides us and carries us during the crazy journeys of life. Happy for you getting to spend time with your son and grands. Nothing compares with family time. I remember family vacations including Wall Drug. Many years ago, my parents were members of Hart Ranch in So Dakota and we spent several nice vacations there with them. Take care Betsy!

  11. Oh, what a marathon you two have had--almost at the new beginning not the intermission!
    Love to see family--
    Great views--incredible cross country trip!

  12. Happy to hear you had a safe journey home and were able to see your son and grandchildren, too.

  13. I kept thinking I would email you the past few days but then I remembered that you weren't home.
    This trip has to be the longest you have been able to sit still for a while. I am glad you got to see you son and grandkids. And that statue is beautiful
    Have fun unpacking your treasure from the pod and the truck
    Take care
    God's Blessings and HUGS

  14. Wonderful views! Hope the rest of the trip and unpacking went well!

  15. Great photos! Hope you are finally home. We've driven to MN from here and know what that drive you took is like!

  16. So glad you will be home and unpacked very soon. The views you showed us are so beautiful Betsy. Glad you are safe.

  17. So happy you are finally together again!!! Betsy the in the CLOUDS photo is amazing. Look at you 80mph. No way! Your son and grand kids are just great. I'm so glad you back is better and you can be traveling and now you are done? are you?

  18. Oh Betsy, some of these pictures take my breath away. 80 mph down the mountain! I would panic! I love the NC mountains but do get nervous when we are driving way up high. Can't believe the traveling you and Dennis have done. I am amazed at all that you've seen on this trip alone. I need to get out more. :) So glad you are almost settled in and the moving is finished. Sure sounds like Dennis never quits. Does he ever get tired. Loved seeing your son and grandchildren. You have a very nice family.

  19. I love the photos Betsy. It seems so exciting, all the vast spaces, we have so little areas that are like that here and lovely to see your family too. I really hope the last part of your journey went well. You must be absolutely exhausted.

  20. Sorry so long to comment, loved the photos with yoyr family, you'll really miss them. Wonder if you can see Alex etc soon. I pray so, giant prayer hugs that the Lord will comfort you all in this big move. Thanks for showing your mountain images too. Lovely indeed . we've mountains near us too, but nit that high.. and you saw our snow in Aust. Its funby folks dont know we have snow. We even have a range called the Snowy mountains! Think its goingto be a cold winter up thereas more snow forecast.
    I posted a post on my Christian blog too, first time in a while. On hymn writer Annie Johnson Flint. An amazing saint, we'll meet one day.

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  21. Although we talked about your trip on the phone it was wonderful to see some of the fabulous sights you saw! Thanks for taking and sharing the photos. Glad you enjoyed the 80 mph curves...I want someone else driving them so I can close my eyes and not freak out😄💜