Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Such a crazy week!

I’m just going to touch on the highlights or low points whatever you may call them for the past week as life has been very crazy with its ups and downs this week. Although, I think a lot of us experience weeks like that all of the time, we just don’t share them on our blogs.

First of all I want to share a definite High Point. I received this beautiful hand made card from Connie who is “Far Side Of Fifty,” on my blog list over on the side bar. She sent it to me and I received it on a day that I truly needed the message inside. Thank you Connie from the bottom of my heart. Doesn’t she do beautiful work?  She is truly a great artist in so many mediums.

Another High Point was on Saturday. We went with Paul and Lori for one last ride around the lake. They pulled their boat out of the water and most likely none of us will be returning to Loon Lake again. I have to say, the new management stinks. I won’t say anything else derogatory about it here, but it made choosing to leave and move closer to town a lot easier for us. Maybe them being not very nice was a blessing in disguise. Ha!  Many of the people who have been there a long time like us, have left this year. We have a friend who I will just say has links to the sheriffs department and he says the park is developing quite a reputation. That’s all I will say.

But, we had a wonderful time on our last boat ride on this particular lake. I’m sure we’ll be going out again with Paul and Lori as we’re planning a camping trip with them in a few weeks as long as the weather holds.  Here are Dennis and I enjoying speeding across the lake. I have one of his old shirts on because the sun was so bright and it was 98° out. I burn very, very easily.

Here is our Skipper, Paul. I didn’t manage to get a photo of Lori and the one I got of Nita isn’t very flattering so I don’t think I better post it here. If she saw it I would be in big, big trouble. 🀣

Another High Point is this corner stand I finally found at Walmart. I had seen it online at a group of fellow Grand Design trailer owners. However, as you all know, I haven’t been shopping very much in the past several months.  I finally ventured in to pick up my new glasses Friday morning when they opened at 9:00. There weren’t very many people there, so I took the chance and ventured to the section where I was told they had them back in stock. I love the fact that it gives us a little more counter space in the bathroom and a place to make it a little bit more homey too.  Be kind.  I want to shout it to the world right now.

One of the low points of the week are the horrible wildfires that seem to be popping up everywhere out west. There was a town about 30 miles south of Spokane that 80% of its homes and businesses burned down during the night last night. The California wildfires are getting most of the media attention, but the fires here are devastating as well. Jeremy and Alicia have a fire burning less than 8 miles as the crow flies from their house and the winds are blowing directly toward them. They lost their electricity yesterday and she has two freezers full of meat and things she has harvested from her garden. Jeremy came last night about 10:00 and borrowed our generator which is keeping the freezers going at least. But they have no water because they are on a well. That fire is outside of Blanchard, Idaho.  This is a horribly grainy picture for some reason, but this is what our skies look like. Disgusting.  We had winds blowing 20 to 30 mph yesterday, with gusts of 55 to 60. There are fires in all four directions from where we live. None very close to us but all within 25 to 35 miles.

Another High Point is this.

There is a small airport directly behind the RV park.  A couple of mornings a week, three people take off with these contraptions. I don’t even know what they’re called. They have a harness they sit in and a fan of some sort strapped to their back.  It sounds like a lawnmower engine!  They fly all around and then come back and land. Look how close they are to the trailers!  It is very fun to watch them and all the children come out and point and follow them on their bicycles.  I am truly enjoying watching all the children play here. I miss my grandkids. The other day I took a couple of boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes outside and passed them out to all of the little ones. They sure did like that. I guess I can be the trailer park grandma! Ha!

This is a High Point and a low point. This is my Pimpelliese shawl. I love working on this shawl. I’ve made many of them. I always use one 100g skein of sock yarn per shawl. Look at that little tiny ball that’s left. There is no way I’m going to be able to finish this. I certainly hope I can order more. It is Stroll fingering weight from Knit Picks in the Manatee colorway. Right now it is out of stock but the website says it will be back in a couple of weeks.  I should have weighed this skein before I started. I know it did not have 100g in it.  Out of a skein that size I usually have plenty to make a shawl and still have a small ball left over to put into my cozy memories blanket.  That was disappointing.

Since I was going to run out of yarn anyway, I set it aside to work on these. I started this pair of socks late Sunday night. They are for Dennis‘s mom for her birthday this Friday. That is the day we should arrive in Omaha. I have until tomorrow evening to finish the second sock and I’m working as fast as I can. She loves homemade socks and wears them almost exclusively. This is Lion Brand Sock-Ease yarn in the “rock candy” colorway.  One sock is done to the point where I need to Kitchener it. The other one I have the cuff finished and I’m beginning the leg portion.

There are a few other family things that are definite low points.  I am trying hard to turn them over to the Lord and let Him handle them. We were never promised that life would be easy and I think many of us are being tried right now. It has definitely been a tough year for our family so far. We will be leaving on Thursday morning to drive back to Omaha again for Karen’s memorial service. The plan is to sleep in the back of the truck once again to avoid exposure as much as possible. We will be returning next Tuesday and Wednesday. We would appreciate your prayers and I have a feeling I won’t be online much at all during that time away. Please forgive me if I’m not able to read your blogs and comment.

I’m wishing you all a safe and happy week. Know that somebody out there truly loves and cares about each one of you. Not just me but our Heavenly Father does too.

Blessings and love,


  1. It is so good to see you and Dennis out on the lake, and to see more of the wonderful setting of your new home, Betsy! I am glad you are getting more beautiful knitting done, and I pray your trip to NE will be safe and your time with family be filled with love. πŸ’œπŸ™

  2. oh, sometimes things just go like this...I'm glad you can go with Dennis for the service for Karen. Be safe. I like the idea of being the 'trailer park Grandma'!
    It is good to do for others in any way you can!

  3. Parachute or skydiving looks fun. We have thick smoke in air again. It was clearer when I got up late this a.m. due to asthma wake up early. Now it's smoky again. I called my bro who lives further south and it's very dark there now. Fires near Detroit and and Stayton have made people evacuate. Weird! I was outdoors after we came back from dinner at Red Robin. I wore my mask and sunglasses as I needed to water my potted plants. Came inside and saw I had tree trash in my hair. Brushed it out and hair was static-y!! Phil still found a spot of tree trash I didn't find. I need to stay indoors even though I was planning on going out to buy a few things today. NOPE!!! There is snow in CO where Megan is at!! I am glad you had a good boat ride on the lake!! Loon Lake...so pretty. I enjoyed being there a bit with you! Praying you and Dennis have a good trip. Give your worries to God. When you feel like your thoughts are spiraling down, toss them away and replace them with the truth...scripture. I am glad you are going with Dennis. Take care my friend! Hugs and blessings!!! x======x Becky

  4. What a week. I’m having one too, though maybe not as tough as yours.
    I totally understand what you went through with park management. Our townhouse development is having a similar issue. The owners hired a manager who is so lazy, it’s incredible. Not only are maintenance issues not resolved unless you harp on him, but he also can’t be bothered to enforce the development policies... ie parking, children are allowed to run amok through everyone’s yards, trash everywhere, letting tenants walk all over other tenants. This place was really nice when we moved in seven years ago. We want to move now, but sadly, the housing market is too far out of our reach, and the rental market has skyrocketed. We’re already at the limit of what we can afford (and thanks to rent control, it’s stayed there)/ If we were to move the best we could get for what we are paying now is a one-bedroom basement apartment in a much worse area. It’s crazy.
    I remind myself. Others have it worse…. We don’t have to worry about wildfires! That’s so scary.
    I saw one of those parachute thingies just the other day. I’m not sure if he had a motor or was just gliding though (Its an area where you can jump off a HUGE cliff and glide down). I was driving and couldn’t tell.
    Both your socks and shawl are beautiful. Thank goodness we have knitting to help ease some stress.

  5. Your Pimpeliesse is gorgeous! I've never done one that big and that sure is a beauty. Knit Picks did that to me with some sock yarn. They need to check their quality control.
    Your boat photo is adorable. You both look so happy. Like a couple of kids.
    Safe travels on your journey!

  6. Safe travels to and from Nebraska. I hope you’re able to obtain another skein of the shawl yarn: it’s such a beautiful color. Lifting you and your family up in prayer.

  7. I'm glad you'll have that wonderful last memory of Loon Lake to remember. I can't imagine what the new owners did that would be so bad. Sounds pretty depressing. That shawl is gorgeous, sorry you ran out of yarn, but good you could put your mind to the new socks for your MIL. Why aren't you taking your little trailer on your trip? You could sleep in it going and coming home plus while you're there. Your life has definitely had it's ups and downs over the last year. Here's to smoother sailing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Your life seems full of ups and downs these days. I hope things settle down and you can enjoy the lovely Fall weather. I hope the wildfires get under control quickly and you stay safe. Especially when you travel to the memorial service. Take care, GM

  9. I'm glad that you survived the winds yesterday. We lost power for a while last night. I placed candles around the house, but the wind gusting through blew them all out. By the time I began to consider what to do with the freezers the power came back on. You must knit very fast. I knit continental style and I am no where near as fast as that. It takes me at least 4 days to knit a pair of socks. Your socks look great. And thanks for the warning about Loon Lake.

  10. You certainly have had a week of ups and downs. Travel mercies for your trip to Omaha. Hopefully, attending the service will bring you some sense of peace. My thoughts will be with you this week.

    Hugs from way, way over on the east coast!

  11. Safe travels Betsy & Dennis...will be thinking of you and holding you close. This has not been a good year - especially for you two. Hoping the future is much, much brighter, calmer and pleasant. Take care. xoxoxo

  12. I will pray for a safe trip for you. Yes, the fires are terrible and I hate it when we get fire danger warnings here. I hope things get a little calmer everywhere for everyone. Stay safe and well!
    I love your shawl and your MIL will love those socks! Your shelf certainly holds a lot! Connie's cards are beautiful and treasures for sure!

  13. Think thats what we call hang gliding, but could also be parachuting... just the canopy and controls looks like hang gliders here and they can twist turn directions with habd control on device. Parachutes here are a different shape and carried by wind, no controls.
    Sad indeed re fires. Praying for mercy.
    I know what that is like, we had skies like that last fire season here, very close, had burnt embers in yard and I had car packed, just in case, even though live in town.
    Yes pray with you re the wool that it will come back in stock please Lord..
    And journey mercies from Thurs onward till home again.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  14. Praying too for God's keeping upon you and all you love in all things esp in respect to fires. May God watch over all and kerp safe. Xxx πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  15. I will say a prayer for you and Dennis to have safe travels. I also love that corner shelf in your bathroom, I love how you were able to tuck those two cords behind it!

  16. Glad you got to take one last boat ride... How much fun that must have been....

    Prayers for your trip to Omaha and back. I think I read the the weather in that area is 'iffy' right now... Just be safe.

    Ups and downs is exactly what your year has been.

    Prayers and Love,

  17. So glad the card cheered you up a bit! I enjoy making them and sending them. Prayers for safe travel to Omaha this week. The wildfires are awful...they don't seem to be stopping either....so sad for everyone.

  18. That card is amazing. Betsy, grief is tough work!!! Those fires are scary. Im praying for you

  19. Oh, sweet friend, again, I am so sorry about Karen's passing and trust the dear Lord will protect you all and give you as pleasant a trip as possible, under the circumstances. I can't imagine you getting a good night's sleep in the back of the truck, but trust the Lord will help you and make it as comfortable as possible for you. I second your thoughts about how hard this year has been. Just tonight, dear Zach commented on how horrible a year it has been. We are all tired and weary of the physical afflictions and so many hard trials. How we long for better days ahead, and we trust the Lord to help us all through. Please drive safe and I will be thankful to hear when you are back home safe again. Praying for you and sending hugs.

  20. Just had to say, I love the picture of you and Dennis on the boat. That is such a good picture.