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Monday, June 3, 2019


Hello everyone! It’s late Monday afternoon here and I’m at the lake enjoying the beautiful blue sky. It is really windy though. I just took a couple of photos for you and you can see that the wind is blowing almost 20 mph and has been all day long!

I guess you can’t tell very well in these photos. It was all I could do to remain upright to take these photos a few minutes ago. These are my favorite color of iris. Aren’t they gorgeous?
I bought a bowl of beautiful flowers to sit on the stairs. You can see which direction the wind is blowing by the way the grass is pointed!
This is a little bit better picture of the flowers. Aren’t they pretty?  I always like to have a bowl of flowers on the trailer steps in the summer. I think it makes things much more homey and welcoming.

Last week I dropped off a batch of baby hats and blankets to Holy Family Hospital. The nurses told me they are out of the burial buntings that I make so I told her I would make more.  My friends, it really depresses me to make these, but the nurses tell me that it brings the family a lot of comfort and often they keep the bunting as a momento. They are very easy to make and I would encourage you to see if your local hospital could use them. The nurses repeatedly tell me that it is good for the parents to see their baby wrapped in something pretty instead of just a hospital blanket. It does make it worthwhile. I would be happy to supply the pattern that to anyone that would like it.

The first Hermione sock finally has the heel completed. I love the colors of this yarn, but my goodness it is splitty. It is Knit Picks Felici sport yarn in the color “Dockside.”

My back is doing fabulous! I see the spine doctor on Wednesday and I’m so excited to tell him that. I don’t know how long this Botox injection will last, but it’s been like an absolute miracle. I can’t say that enough. I am over the moon! I’ve been able to work in the yard. I have been able to take walks. I have been able to stand for more than five minutes and visit with people. I am so happy right now.  The hardest thing is to try not to overdo it.  I can’t wait to be able to book a flight somewhere!  

Alex asked me if I could find any pictures of him with Mutsuko. Mutsuko’s family hosted Alex when he first went to Japan when he was 13. Mutsuko lived with us while completing her bachelors degree and Alex lived with her family in the summer while teaching in their private school for several years beginning when he was 13. She is like a daughter to us and we miss her very much. She was in her 30’s when this photo was taken! Doesn’t she look 16?  I think Alex was 14 or so.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  I have gotten to visit with her several times when I’ve gone to Japan to visit Alex.

And, just last week Alex sent me this picture. This is Harumi. Harumi also lived with us while she completed her degree. She is married and has two children now. I find that so hard to believe. Harumi is absolutely wonderful. She is also like a sister to Alex. Just like Mutsuko. She calls us Mom and Dad and I actually arrived in Tokyo just hours after the birth of her first baby. I was able to see him right away. I can’t wait to go back to Japan and see my two girls there. I hope it will happen soon. I was so glad they got to meet up with each other again last week. Alex just happened to be in her office building in Tokyo. What are the odds of that?

And I thought I would leave you with a photo of our place at the lake that I took Friday evening. This is definitely my happy place. It is so peaceful and quiet here. I wish I could stay here year-round but I know that isn’t possible. It’s not unusual to have 4 to 5 feet of snow in the winter here.

I’m hoping that each of you are having a wonderful day.  I know that I tell you all often that I’m praying for you for various things that you have happening in your life.  I write them down in this notebook and I pray for them each and every day.  When I tell you I’m praying they are not just empty words. Even though I haven’t met most of you in person, I care very much for each and everyone of you.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Philippians 4:6

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”  Ephesians 6:18

Blessings Always,


  1. Hi Betsy, I just love that photo of your lake paradise. It's beautiful! You're very kind to make the burial buntings.. I am not sure I could do that as it would make me so sad. Alex is so handsome, and a good adopted brother, too. I do hope you're able to go back to Japan to see him.. I do wish he'd come to see you more! Thank you so much for your prayers for Dayle.. he's doing better now, thank goodness. I hope you come back this way someday soon so we can see you again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I am thanking the Lord with you that your back is better! Thanks for sharing your lake haven photos. I especially enjoyed seeing the outdoor room beautifully welcoming and lit for the evening. While I can understand your sadness in making the burial buntings, each one is a special way to celebrate the life of a child of God who I believe is ever loved by Him, and a meaningful way to offer comfort to families who are grieving the loss of their child here on earth. I would like to make such a gift and will ask my Wednesday baby blanket group if any of them would like to make one. I think I have the pattern link and will check after I stop typing to you. It is always good to see photos of Alex and special that he was able visit with his Japanese sisters. It will be lovely when you get to fly to Japan again! Hummingbirds are visiting my hanging plants out front and the feeder out back!! I am so excited!
    Thanks for your prayers, dear Betsy. xxxx

  3. We have the old school step in our front garden. I have a little pot of petunias there for the same reason as your step flowers. They look so welcoming.

    I'm so glad that your back is doing better. Sending you continuing healing waves!!!

  4. Betsy I am so happy your back is behaving! You have waited so long! I'm overjoyed and praying prayers of thanksgiving , my favorite kind. I love the photos of you son . I am hoping you can go to Japan soon. Please pray for a very special intention that I cannot share at this time. I am very anxious about it Betsy. I pray the Blessed Mother will wrap her arms around the ones I love and keep them seeing the good in the world.

  5. I enjoy reading your blog so much! (You're on my own blog's list!) I used to have that very same gazebo at the last house we owned (2013)! We loved it so much! And then, a sudden unforeseen late season snowstorm brought it crashing down overnight and ruined it that winter. Ah, well. It's just stuff. I will be praying that your back/spinal problems resolve for you! My hubby has multiple medical problems and a failed back surgery is just one of the problems. Lots of prayer is what gets me through the caregiving for him, and him living through it all as best he can. If not for God's grace, what would we do, right? Bless you for making those precious things for the babies! ♥

  6. I am thrilled to read your back is still good, our prayers have been answered. Long may you be pain free so that you are able to fly and visit with your family. Your beautiful evening photos of the lake are such a joy, I know how you love it there.

  7. How generous of you to make those buntings. My sister had a full term stillborn back in the late 70's and the way the situation was treated was so terrible for her. She never even got to see her baby, something she regrets to this day. The baby was just whisked away like old trash. I had to fight the hospital to get the body for a funeral. No one could even imagine that we would want to spend the money to do that and it was highly discouraged. Thank goodness times have changed. A few years ago I knit a shawl and donated it to a hospital that was looking for pretty things to wrap their "sleeping babies" in when they are presented to their parents. What a difference it would have made to my sister if she had experienced that kind of goodbye.

  8. Oooooh dear precious Betsy, I’m sooooo excited and saying Praise, ohhh Praise God!!!! How utterly wonderful this answer to prayer. I’m thrilled right down to my thick warm socks (it’s cold here for us)
    My friend who has Botox for a totally different condition (muscle contractions in throat, affecting her voice) has hers every three months I think, but possibly like lots of meds it varies from person to person and condition to condition. I pray for wisdom for your treating physicians dear sis that the right treatment for you will be given.
    Am thrilled at your irises too, I love irises too, glorious flowers, and colours, saw amazing shades in France in Annecy in 2012 when there with my family it was spring there too, tulips too.
    Splitty wool is ugh. Ought to be banned. 😆
    Said re wee garments sis made for such a purpose but those little ones do go straight to the arms of their loving Heavenly Father so they’re blessed, it’s their family we need to pray for and I do now.
    I pray that these little gifts might soften their hearts to hear how much He loves them, in spite of this sorrow, they might seek Him.. for blessing eternally.
    Prayer hugs sis, loved seeing Japan, such a needy place read that 98% are other religions and do not know Christ.
    Such tremendous news today. ❤️ Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  9. What great news about the relief for your back pain!!! You have indeed made a home in your summer lake house-beautiful. The plant dish on the steps is a warm welcome!
    I would like the dimensions you use for the bunting-then I could knit to that size for our local hospital, thank you. The prayers are welcomed-thanks for caring!

  10. Oh yay for your back feeling so good!! That is the very best news of all.

    Your lake setting does look so peaceful Betsy. It must be a dream to spend time there.

    Soon maybe you can go to Japan?????

  11. Betsy, this is a lovely post in so many ways and you dear friend have a heart of solid gold. Every time I visit your blog I feel blessed with encouragement and love :)
    Thank you,
    Connie :)

  12. How wonderful that you make buntings for babies! I am so glad that your back is better! My Mom had shots in her back last week and she is a bit better too! Don't over do! How wonderful that you have girls in Japan, I hope you get to visit them soon. My nephew lives there too. He puts photos on facebook:) Your gazebo looks just perfect!! :)

  13. It comforts me more than I can put into words to know that my family's and my name are written down in that prayer journal, and I know it is not just empty words, but you truly carry a burden and pray for those you say you will pray for. You are a Divine gift to this world and to all of us who know you and call you friend. Thank you for every, single prayer you have lifted on my family's and my behalf. We need your prayers right now more than we ever have. I want you to know that your name is written down in my prayer book, too, and I am lifting you, too, dear friend. I am SO thankful to hear that you are feeling so much better. Oh, that is wonderful news!!!

  14. How exciting that the shots have made such a dramatic difference in your life. I know you've struggled with spasms and pain for a long time. I hope you will be able to fly to Japan this year.

  15. Alex looks so happy and grown up! I love that you have hosted so many wonderful people and they have become your family. And great news about your back Betsy! I am so happy you are doing better.