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Monday, June 10, 2019

A beautiful Monday.

It was rainy and cold here Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cold, as in 37°F out at the lake! Not many people were there, but Dennis and I were warm and cozy inside our trailer. We came into town and ran some errands Saturday and on Sunday we went to church and mowed the grass at home before returning back out to the lake for the late afternoon and evening.  On a whim we decided to come home last night. I haven’t been home on a Monday for well over a month. I have spent the morning going to Walmart to buy new solar lights for our yard at home, going to Home Depot and Lowe’s to look for some lawn furniture for the house.  We have spent most of our summers at the lake for the last eight years and we took our furniture from the house there.  We are finding we would like to spend some time outside when we’re at home, but only have these two deck chairs to sit on.

Now, I do enjoy sitting out here and having a cup of tea and reading my Bible, but for longer stretches of time I need something that reclines more because of my back. Would you believe that the first week in June is too late to buy most lawn furniture? Oh, you can still find an odd resin chair here and there, but as far as comfortable lawn furniture goes, most of it is done now. At Home Depot a sales person told me you had to buy it in February! Well we had almost 3 feet of snow on the ground in February. I wasn’t thinking much about lawn furniture at the time!

As long as I was outside, I snapped a few other photos of our backyard for you. Dennis had the shed built several years ago and a friend made the plaque above the door that says “Papa’s house.” That’s what Piper called it when it was being built it has stuck. We don’t call it the shed very often. It’s always Papa’s house. :-)

I would like to get a couple of comfortable chairs to go back here under the deck. That’s where we had kept our other lawn furniture and I really enjoyed sitting out there and knitting while listening to books on CD.
See the blank space under the deck? We put rope lights up underneath and it makes a nice and cozy little room outside on a summer evening or afternoon. This is the east side of the house so it’s always nice and shaded by about mid morning.  This is the area that I would like to find some furniture for.

I have harvested the rhubarb three times now and it looks like it’s ready to be picked again!

Last week we were driving home and we saw this beautiful double rainbow. Of course, by the time I got my phone out to take a picture of the right side had faded somewhat. It was absolutely stunning.

And the mist at the base of the mountains was gorgeous too.

I have finished three burial buntings in blue. The smallest is for 1-2 lbs. The medium is 3-4 lbs. and the largest is for 5-6 lb. babies.  

I just started a pink one last night.  The color looks very washed out here but it is a very pretty pastel pink.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday and were able to enjoy your weekend. I read a lot of blog posts last night and this morning and I think I’m all caught up.

“Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”  Proverbs 3:7



  1. Good afternoon, Betsy. I know what you mean about lawn furniture. I've been trying to find a simple outdoor cushion for my chaise lounge - none to be found locally. I'll probably purchase one online. The burial buntings are wonderful and will bring comfort to the family of the precious angels who need them.

  2. Your backyard is so pretty.

    I hope you find something you like. C'mon over to Philadelphia. We still have yard furniture in the stores. LOL (P.S. We are looking too. We have the table and chairs the previous owner left behind and it's in okay shape, but the chairs aren't very comfortable. The wind killed our pergola--- bent the metal standards and ripped the canopy to shreds.)

  3. I came here from someone else's blog and now don't remember whose! I enjoyed reading this post. I wanted new chairs, too, and could not find any that I liked. And I have hunted for a swing the past two years and finally ordered a little one from Amazon...which I do like just fine. Not sure how durable it will be.

  4. The bunting are sure to be appreciated by family.
    Ace hardware still has chairs as does our local farm store. I thought of buying some...but didn't :)

  5. Thanks for the help so I can make some of these burial buntings.
    Yours are sure beautiful.
    One of the nice things about FL, summer items are available here year-round! lol
    The yard is so pretty-no wonder you want a comfy lounge chair to sit in and enjoy it!

  6. Hope you find just the right chairs for the backyard...somewhere soon. You have a wonderful room under the deck. I did not realize that rhubarb grows in crops like yours does. Thank you for making the buntings, Betsy. I believe they will be a tangible comfort for the families who receive them at such a difficult time. I will try to show the baby blanket making group your photos from this post. I'm so excited you got to see the beautiful rainbows! I have seen very few double rainbows in my life, and I love seeing even one rainbow at a time. xx

  7. Your yard is so neat and tame compared to the jungle I live in! I could sit all day in that peaceful setting.
    Your buntings are precious. I am sure they will bring grieving parents a bit of comfort in that difficult time.

  8. Such a thoughtful thing at a difficult time and so pretty, I am sure the bunting will be a great comfort. Who knew that garden furniture would be so hard to find. You have a beautiful garden, such a lovely place to sit and read.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Your house and yard looks so neat and tidy! I am heading to Home Depot tomorrow to look for outdoor large plant pots. Hope they still have good selection.

  10. Pray you find your chairs, dear Betsy God made your back like it is with increasing years and He sully needs and this is a need... now at this stage. Our stores have outside furniture all year around. We live outside all year around even in winter our courtyard is comfy. We have stores that just sell outside furniture. I’m amazed we have a store that you don’t!
    Am praying your chair will appear in God’s time. So glad your back is up to being outside and enjoying your lovely yard. What beautiful work that baby bunting is dear Betsy and it is such a gift of comfort that is immeasurable.
    Sending prayer hugs. Am not back walking but soon! In week I hope, as Lord wills. Leg is healing is just going to take a while more.
    Thanks for sharing, dear sis, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  11. As someone that lost a child at 8 days old, I know the buntings will be so appreciated. I didn't think to make something like that for my Lee. His birthday is June 18 and he passed on the 26th so this is a hard time of the year, but it is always nice to see others lend a helping hand to parents in times of sorrow.
    Your house and yard are beautiful. I could come and stay there very easily.
    HUGS my friend,

  12. You have lots of nice places that you can sit and enjoy good weather days. A shame that summer furniture isn't sold when you need it. Kinda the same here with our neighborhood home center that sells plants in winter but during the summer, they don't even sell house plants. I mean, we have a/c so why wouldn't they sell indoor plants? I'm sure the burial buntings are much appreciated as they are a gift of love at a very difficult time. Blessings, Tammy

  13. Oh I would love to join you sitting and knitting in your back yard. Then we could pick/cut some rhubarb and make a pie! Good luck finding the furniture you like. They rush all the seasons - school isn't even out here yet, but I expect to see "back to school" supplies in the stores any day now. And Halloween candy too.

  14. What a lovely and tidy yard you have. Ours is so wild compared to yours. But keeping up with 5 acres is a huge challenge. It would be nice if we were neighbors and I could come over and enjoy some chatting and crocheting with you in your shady spot. Have you thought of trying to find some rattan chairs at World Market or Pier 1? I love my big comfy rattan chair I found at P1. Miss you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Oh, that double rainbow is so beautiful - I never see one that I don't think of God's promise and how He is STILL keeping it all these years later. It comforts me to be reminded that He keeps His word and never goes back on it. Your house is so beautiful, and so is your yard. Everything is so neat and tidy. It makes me so sad to see those little burial blankets. Just heartwrenching to think about, but it is so very sweet of you to make things more comforting for those dear families. God bless you, sweet friend.

  16. Your home looks tidy and inviting. The rainbows are for you for knitting those sad little burial blankets. THEY are so beautiful. Is there a pattern Betsy? I may send it to my pal Regina

  17. I'd love to be sitting right there with you, knitting away and catching up.