Friday, May 10, 2019

HaPpY FrIdAy!

Hello my friends! It’s Friday! I have made it back out to the lake and so far so good with my back. A quick update for you all because you’ve been so sweet and concerned. I saw the spine doctor on Wednesday. He had no answers for me, but he’s going to have his assistant call the neurologists office and find out what the holdup is. That’s it. But miraculously, I woke up Wednesday morning and my back felt fine. Past experience tells me that can change in just a few minutes time, but I’m going to enjoy the reprieve why I have it. I am trying to be good and not lift very much, otherwise my husband yells at me. Just kidding. He has never yelled at me in 41 years of marriage, but he doesn’t want me to lift anything.

Today I thought I would share some photos of our lake cabin (trailer), to share with those of you who have never seen it before. I just took these pictures a few minutes ago. It is 72°F  and bright blue skies. Perfect lake weather.  The trailer itself is 29 feet long and is a 2012 Jayco Jay Flight.  This summer is our eighth summer here at the lake enjoying this beautiful trailer. It’s just like new to us.  We have it semi-permanently parked at Granite Point Resort on Loon Lake, Washington, which is about 25 miles north of our home and nestled in the mountains of northern Washington. I say semi-permanently because the sewer and water connections are put in but we can disconnect them at any time. We haven’t moved the trailer for eight years, but we’re trying to decide what we want to do in retirement. Start out with this trailer and see how much we like traveling before we buy something different? We have thought about a class A motorhome which is one the driving ones and we have also thought about a fifth wheel, which are the trailers that the front end sits in the bed of a pick up truck. Usually the bedroom is in the front part, but they are making different floorplans now. Our thought is we would start out with this trailer since it’s paid for and so is our truck.  Here are some photos for you.

Here I am sitting in my chair looking towards the front of the trailer. I have pictures of family by the TV along with some other decorative things sitting out. After all, it’s our summer home.

Standing by the television looking towards the back of the camper. Outside that window is a beautiful view of the lake.  We have a love seat that has a recliner on each end and two lazy boy recliner’s.

The dining table with a vintage tablecloth I found at an antique store several years ago. That little sliver you see clear to the right is the hallway that leads to the bathroom and bedroom.  You can see the hallway a little better in the first photo.

Our rumpled looking bed. It’s a queen size and perfect for us. I would love to get a new bedspread and prettier pillows for here, but since Chloe jumps on and off quite a bit, sometimes with not quite clean paws, I just keep this one on that’s easy to wash

Next to the bed is a small slide that contains a haniging closet, linen closet and six drawers.  There is a sliding door into the bathroom here also.  One of the things I like so much about this trailer is that it has real doors blocking off rooms, just like in a house, not just curtains. There is both a door in the hallway and the sliding door from the bedroom into the bathroom, and also a solid wood door in the hallway into our bedroom. That way Dennis can go to bed at night while I stay up a little later without the noise disturbing him.
Now I’m standing by the linen closet taking a photo into the bathroom. This door goes into the hallway, which leads to either the bedroom or the kitchen/living area
And my outside view right now from the rocking chair I’m sitting in.

I took this photo from by the gravel road looking into our space. Larry and Nita‘s trailer is on the left in this picture and ours is on the right.

Today was Pirates day at school for Miss Piper. She sent me this picture. Isn’t she the cutest little pirate you ever saw?

Well, if my back cooperates, we’re planning on spending several days out here. We will go home on Sunday for church and then back out late Sunday afternoon and I hope to stay until the middle of next week. Dennis commutes back-and-forth to work.  Since that had been the plan for this week, I know that plans can change in a moment. I am grateful for every day that I get to spend here and I have a lovely home in town too, so I’m trying not to complain.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

Happy Mother’s Day to each and everyone of you!

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”  Galatians 2:20



  1. Glad you are feeling better. Your motor home is gorgeous and I know you must enjoy that view of the lake. I always like looking out at water.

    Hope you have a great week and Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  2. Enjoy the start of your summer. The lake is so pretty!

  3. GreAt pictures Betsy. You've sure got a gorgeous view of the lake. Piper is so cute!

  4. Your place is very cozy! And Piper is sooo cute!

  5. I enjoyed your trailer last year when we visited. Great place to be in this weather. Praying your back stays pain free. Pirate Piper is adoRable! Hugs my friend!

  6. Your photos bring back such memories. My parents always had a trailer similar to that one on the Bay. My mom would have lived there full time if my dad would have let her.
    I've been trying to talk The Mister into getting a small RV with no luck. We used to love to camp but I just can't do that tent thing anymore. Mr. Tightwad is going to go out just like his mom. Plenty of money piled up from a lifetime of doing nothing. That's my rant for the day. Thanks for listening. Lol...

  7. Safari again has me locked out of commenting Betsy so on mobile. Piper is cuteness indeed.
    So glad that you've time pain free or minimal pain at the lake. Your trailer is so homey and comfy. Am glad you've sunshine too ... be assured of my prayers dear sis.
    Just about to publish on my Christian blog a new post. It's a subject I hope might bless you as it did me as I prayed over it and sought the Lord on where He would take it.
    Often our life is full of perplexities..
    We may not know What the future holds but we know well the Loving Father Who holds our future.
    In Him we trust.
    Prayer hugs dear sweet Betsy. Bedtime downunder.
    Lots of love in Him.
    Shaz in Oz.x

  8. A nice place to spend the summer. The gazebo would be delightful for leisurely evening meals.

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Friend. I love all the pictures. Your lakeside home is beautiful. I hope you are blessed with many days there this year.

  10. Love your little pirate and your trailer looks wonderful Betsy. I am glad you are back at the lake enjoying Spring. I think your back was acting up after all that traveling, hope you are free from pain very soon.

  11. Oops, I forgot Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Happy Mother's Day! It looks like you have a great place at the lake! :)

  13. Happy Mothers Day to you my dear sweet Betsy. I honor you and all mothers, and I pray to the Blessed Mother to bring our families peace and love. and NEARNESS

  14. I am thrilled that you were able to get out to the lake and hope you will be able to stay for a few days in comfort and hopefully pain free. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day, your little pirate is a delight.

  15. Oh, I just love your camper! We have been looking at the Park Model RVs and are considering living in full-time. I think we could make it work as long as it has a nice sized, spacious loft upstairs. I love the simplicity of living small. It was so nice to see into your beautiful lake home, and I am so happy to know you are enjoying it and able to spend this time in a place you love so much. I have missed keeping up with all the blogs lately and was so happy to have the time to visit with you today, sweet friend. Thank you so much for your kind email the other day. It truly meant so much to me!

  16. I love the extra touches that make your 'trailer' a home. And that view is incredible!
    I hope your back stays calm--lifting nothing really does give your back the break it needs! (ask me how I know!)

  17. Your trailer is very cozy with lots of seating and has all the essentials. Love the outdoor seating area between your two trailers. You certainly do have a beautiful view. Hope you are still pain free and enjoying your days.

  18. Oh Betsy! I absolutely love home tours and your vacation place is perfect and cozy (and oh, I love that big, beautiful closet!). I felt like I was right there with you in your sweet getaway place--thanks for that! Blessings, Debra

  19. Loved seeing the pictures of your delightful summer home retreat! I've not heard of Loon Lake (does it have loons on it?) I love to hear the loons, but we don't have any here in Idaho that I know of. I hope your back is doing better and that you are able to continue to enjoy being at the lake for the summers! So wonderful to be out in the great outdoors :) Blessings to you!

  20. Thanks so much for the tour! Your lake home is lovely and I am so glad you have good friends as neighbors! xx