Thursday, May 23, 2019

A Holiday!

I’m so excited! Dennis has Monday off. I stayed at the lake until yesterday and came home to do laundry and go to the grocery store. We’ll have Bible study at our house tonight and then I’m heading back out tomorrow.

For those of you who are interested in the saga of my back issues the paragraph below is for you. Otherwise skip on down for the yarn fun!

It has been an interesting week and a half since I last posted. I got my Botox injection last Friday! They called me on Thursday and said the insurance had approved it and they had an opening on Friday, did I want it? Yes, I did! It ended up being eight injections total, on both sides of my back, into the muscles. Not a pleasant experience. Saturday, Sunday, Monday were all terrible. My back was worse than ever. However, this week the neurologist told me it would take 7 to 10 days before I noticed a difference. Then Mandy called and said the doctor that she worked with over the weekend told her the exact same thing and that I would be so glad I got the injection. That made me feel a little better, although the spasms were still excruciating. Then the spine clinic called to check on me on Tuesday and they said it always gets worse for several days after the injection. I sure wish they had told me that to begin with. I was really feeling quite depressed for those days. I was at the lake, but I was flat down on my back the whole time.

The good news is that I do feel much better yesterday and today. It’s still not great, but much better than it was over the weekend so I have hope! My friends, you don’t know how much this means to me. If I can get my back into shape, I can fly to go visit Mandy and Piper. I can fly to go visit Alex in Japan and Tara in England. I know that a lot of you are praying for me and I appreciate it. Compared to the things many of you and your spouses are going through this is “small potatoes and I hate to even ask. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know.

And now on to the more fun things. 

I finished all 100 mini-stockings for the veterans home.  I was worried about having them done by Christmas and look! It’s not even the end of May yet.  Now I’m trying to find little flashlights to put inside them. I really like how they turned out.
Another dish cloth completed for the gift basket and I have another one about half done on the needles.

I am almost 2 months behind in my temperature blanket. I brought it out and I’m working on it today trying to get it up to date.  I’m really not crazy about this. I like the crochet linen stitch, but I don’t like the color sequences. I guess that happens when the temperature changes all the time! I’m committed to it though, so I will finish it.

My rhubarb has gone crazy. I have already harvested it once and gave all of it away. Three big grocery bags worth. It looks like it’s ready to pick again.  I should have taken a picture for you.  The one below is at the lake. They have four big tractor tires with rhubarb plants in them and anyone who wants the rhubarb is free to pick it.

This is one of our neighbors places at the lake. She has beautiful pots of flowers everywhere. Her tulips are lovely right now.

Just a few of the pots. It has just recently gotten warm enough for us to begin planting flowers. We are always told to wait until after Mother’s Day. We even saw a few snowflakes just last week!

I hope you are all having a lovely week. If you are in the U.S., do you have plans for Memorial day weekend?  When we lived in Omaha we spent the weekend visiting various cemeteries and putting flowers on relatives gravesites. Now, we have no one to visit and pay our respects to.  We will just have a quiet day at the lake visiting with friends there.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  Romans 12:12

I’m working on having patience.  :-)



  1. Your flowers are lovely and your rhubarb is amazing! I am glad you are seeing some progress with your back, and that your stitching projects are progressing as well. It will be interesting to see how your temperature blanket develops....the color sequence may grow more pleasing! I plan to get together with some family and friends on Monday out at Elisabeth and Gary's new home and hope you have a good day with friends at the lake. xx

  2. Glad the Botox helped a bit. Sending continuing healing wishes for you.

  3. Hi Betsy, gosh I hope the injections make your back start feeling better rather than worse! I'm glad you've gotten to enjoy being at the lake and hope the coming days will be happy for you. I'm amazed at how many of those little stockings you've made! It should be fun to fill them. Maybe you could ask for donations of things to put in them. I've been sewing in ends of my Dune shell afghan. I do enjoy doing a smaller blanket, it goes so much faster. Thank you for all your prayers and concern you've shown to Dayle. He's napping in his chair next to me. Poor guy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I hope the Botox turns out to be very healing for you. I like your flowers and rhubarb.

  5. Ah wonderful news Becky if not great weekend .. been praying for those injections so trusting by miracle of grace, with God blessing and helping you, it will be a real case of Rom 8:28 and work out for good for you.
    I pray so with all of my heart dear precious sis.
    May our Loving Father God richly bless you in all things but most of all in respect to helping with your back... please LORD. 🙏🙏🙏❤
    Now those wee stockings are so cute. Trust the right lights will be raised up.. great flowers too. Love rhubarb it grew like that when we lived in cold country but not happy here at all.
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  6. All those!!!!
    So sorry to hear of your back troubles. I hope the shots work out. Those spasms are the worst. My poor son had a miserable honeymoon because of his. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  7. I really hope the injections help, they certainly helped with my shoulder. You are always in our prayers Betsy. How wonderful it would be if you were able to travel. We have some rhubarb growing Gerard loves rhubarb crumble, so I make it for a treat for him. My goodness you have done so well with the mini stockings. Have a wonderful break away at the lake.

  8. The Botox will help eventually-my oldest granddaughter has CP and has to have injections in her calf every 6 months. Prayers....

  9. I can say back pain in never easy. I do hope that you notice more and more improvement over the next days. It is good that you have a goal to be able to fly. That would be great.
    Once again, I love your projects and your flowers.
    Take care, my friend
    Blessings and HUGS

  10. Love seeing your pretty pictures of your back yard and flowers. Those little stockings are adorable, I know they will be truly appreciated, too. Praise God your back is getting better. Will continue to pray, as well. ((hugs)). Wishing you a lovely weekend as well all stop to think of those who have fallen so that we might all be free. Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  11. I have been gifted with those dish cloths over the years. They are the best things ever.

  12. I am so glad you are feeling a bit better. I am holding you up in prayer my friend! Your stockings are wonderful...and you are done early! Someday i would like to do a temperature blanket but I have too many irons in the fire right now:)

  13. Hi There! Hope you continue feeling lots better and that the weather on your side of the mts. is much better than here! Love that dishcloth and that pattern, a favorite of mine also. Fun idea to make a temperature blanket. I did a scarf last year, and like you wasn't crazy about the colors. But we can't control those temps, right? Happy Memorial Day!

  14. Praying every day for you Betsy. I need to make some cloths for the upstairs bathrooms I think I have some cotton somewhere.

  15. I am so happy you are getting some relief. Just from experience the Botox will tend to build with each series of injections and you might not have as drastic as a reaction after your first few rounds. The firs three times I got Botox for my headaches I had an excruciating for a few days. The muscles are starting to relax but you actually use the stiffness to maintain an upright posture against gravity. So as you stop using some muscles others have to take over. Soon you will feel much better. Your body will adjust and the next round will help even more. Good luck!

  16. Bravo for finishing the holiday stockings so early. How I'd love to pick some of the rhubarb to put in the freezer.

  17. So happy to hear you are getting some pain relief! Thank God ❤️
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS. With family this weekend, but we sometimes visit cemeteries on this day.