Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Days

Happy Tuesday!

It is so beautiful here right now.  I absolutely love the spring. We went to the lake on Friday and got ours and Larry and Nita’s trailers all opened up and ready for the summer. Dennis even has the gazebo set up. Unfortunately my back did not cooperate and I was confined to a recliner from Friday afternoon until this morning. It’s a bit better today and I have an emergency appointment tomorrow at the spine clinic. I sure hope they have some answers. It was bad enough to be laid up in the winter time but now that spring is here I have lots to do!

We have the deck all set up for eating our evening meals outside.

And I have my rocking chair where I can sit and read my Bible in the mornings while enjoying a cup of hot tea. Spring, how I love thee.

Gracie gave me some beautiful Redheart yarn when I saw her in Oregon.  I started a baby blanket and had about 18 inches done when I realized that I had made a mistake back at the beginning. Rip! This is all I have done since I restarted it.  Thank you Gracie for this beautiful gift.

While we were in Depoe Bay, Oregon, Dennis saw this cute little llama in a shop and bought it for me. Jook at that sweet face!

He is joining my little menagerie of sheep. Now if I could just shear their wool for yarn!

Here is the Jade plant that I bought in Troutdale, Oregon. I have re-potted it and it seems to be doing well so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t kill it before the end of the summer.  I don’t have a very good track record when it comes to Jade plants.
I bought these DVD/CD cases over a year ago but I had no idea how to begin organizing our DVDs. I wanted to get rid of all of the cases and consolidate them into one spot so they would be easy to take to the trailer for rainy days and that we would also still have them if we end up moving somewhere smaller after retirement that doesn’t have as much storage as we have here at the house.  My sister Melanie had consolidated their collection of thousands of DVDs recently and while she was here she showed me how to organize them.  Within one hour by working together, we had all of our DVDs in these two cases. They are all organized by genre and I am so glad we did this. We went from having over eight bookshelves full of DVDs to having them all in these two small cases.

Well, I was so encouraged by that success, I ordered two cases for our CDs on Amazon last week and yesterday I did the same thing with our CDs. In both the CD cases and the DVD cases there is plenty of room to add more movies or music CDs.  I left plenty of room between each category so we can add to our collection.

It’s amazing how many plastic cases we got rid of. I filled our huge recycle container twice! And now everything is in one small spot.  

I have also been knitting on the little Christmas socks. At last count I have 74 finished! I’ve been looking on Amazon and asking for suggestions and I think I’m going to order some mini flashlights to put inside each stocking. What do you think?

I’m wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.  I’m trying to remind myself of the Bible verse below when I start whining too much about my back. I want to remember to retain my joy and think of others.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  Romans 12:12



  1. Oh Betsy! I am so sorry to hear that your back is still giving you problems. I love your little llama. Glad your lakeside home is all ready for the season. Wishing I could sit with you at the lake and knit and chat.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. My husband has been having back issues too so I understand. I like the idea of the flashlights. I want to find a crochet pattern of your knitted dishcloth. Everytime, I use the dishcloths you made me, I keep thinking about crocheting dishcloths.😊

    Have a blessed rest of your week.

  4. Your deck looks pretty for the trailer. I enjoyed visiting your place a year ago this month. Sorry your back is still giving you problems. Remember God is there with you through this trial. Why it happens? No way of knowing. Good idea about the dvds and cds. I have a bunch of cds in a case already but need to go through more and get a few gone as I don't listen to all of them any more. I had to rip out a few rows on my shawl and now I'm back to where I was. Add another color. The yarn Gracie gave you is so pretty. Have a good week my friend and prayers for less pain in your back. Gentle hugs!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your back and will be adding you to my prayers sweet friend. Take care and let us know what the doctor says.
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  6. I could sit and knit on your deck forever! It reminds me that I really need to get outside and do some sprucing up before it gets too hot. That DVD/CD idea is brilliant. I need to do that too.

  7. So sorry to hear your are in pain. Hopefully the Doctor will be able to give you some answers and help with the pain. You will be in our prayers. What a joy to see you back at your beloved trailor, getting ready for the wonderful breaks away there. Such a lovely gift, the yarn is very pretty. Take care.

  8. Can you believe it's snowing here this morning! Thankfully, the pavement and ground are warm and it's melting. I would love to sit on the patio but not when it's so chilly. I hope the spine clinic doctors are able to give you some answers.

  9. Hi dear sweet Betsy,
    Ah, yes those spots in your house look so inviting, the back porch for eating meals at night and the front porch with your rocker for the morning bible reading.
    How wonderful indeed. Love the llama, sooo cute...
    ... and re your jade, maybe you kill them with kindness and water them too much, succulents are desert plants and don’t like a lot of water. I’ve never killed a jade .. mine do live outside though and rarely water them ...maybe give them the sunlight sometimes too.

    Oh I just noticed crazy Safari is doing its thing and I’m not signed into Google on the comment box. So it won’t publish and will lose it.. will try copying saving and closing programme down.
    Mmm tried that and switched off iPad in end had to come on Chrome. Don’t like Chrome but doesn’t misbehave like Safari with blogger cos they’re both Google owned...
    Love the knitting but oh that’s a lot to unpick.. I’ve done it though too, if bad mistake, slight mistake nit noticed or affect wear don’t worry.
    Am praying the back appointment bring results, sis, concert, positive results..
    .... and love DVD CD storage. I don’t have many of either so I’m right.
    Praying dear sweet sis.
    Sending barrel loads of very gentle hugs all the way from Downunder,
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. Your deck looks so inviting! I hope you have good luck at the Dr. I am praying for you! :)

  11. Betsy we are very grateful for your prayers, thank you so much :)

  12. I enjoy seeing your places to sit on the deck, and knowing that you are organized at the lake to enjoy it as well. I will have to send you some photos of the patio here that I just arranged on Tuesday. Your organization of the DVD/CD collection really does save space. Good work! Your flashlight idea sounds good and I was wondering if little magnifiers would be possible to give. I guess both would depend on finding a reasonable source for them. I am sorry you had to do some frogging on the blanket but am glad you are enjoying using the yarn. Fun to see the new addition to your flock from your dear husband :-) Your parting verse is a good one for me to apply. The van has been in the shop waiting for a new part for a week, the WiFi in the condo has not been working and I am preparing for a med test tomorrow, but like you I want to focus on enjoying the Lord and caring for those around me as He enables me instead of whining too much. Thanks for posting, Betsy. xx

  13. Great organization. We have so many cd's that we don't even use anymore but what to do with them all? There's no places around here to donate them to. :/ I just can't believe that after all the doctor's visits and tests and treatments that you still continue to live with such back pain. So many people, even after surgery, still have debilitating pain. Even with all the expertise, doctors can't seem to figure out the spine. I hope you are able to enjoy many comfortable days out at the lake. Love that little llama. My Colorado boy brought me a knitted one when he came to visit a few years back. They are so cute, especially in real life. :)

  14. Oh, I just love your and your sister's idea of consolidating the dvds and cds down into such a small, orderly space! This is just wonderful! I pinned it on two of my boards, so I will remember how you did this. Thank you, sweet friend!

  15. This is a late thought..but DVD's can be donated to rest homes and such for people there to watch. Our Goodwill and other used stores takes DVDs and VHS even. Libraries take them and either use them or put them in book sales to raise money for the library. Christian ones can be given to churches but if they are shown at church to say a room full of people permission needs to be obtained to show them. Individuals or a family though can take them home from church to watch with out obtaining permission. Our church has a library for use by all and I donate and even buy good ones for there. Sarah