Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Birthday & Flying

While Mandy, Brad‘s mom Marilyn and I were at home with six little girls plus Piper for her birthday party, Brad, Dennis and a friend went flying. Dennis took the flying photos with his iPhone and texted them to me. I think it’s funny that no matter who takes the pictures and emails them or texts them to me, in my photo gallery on my phone they are put in the time that they were taken. So, little girl party pictures are interspersed with flying!

That sounded like a long and convoluted paragraph I hope you understood it! Here we go!

Here is the birthday girl wearing her dirndl that they bought for her while in Germany last month.  She really wanted to wear it for her birthday.
Seven little girls making princess crowns and magic wands. I was absolutely no help whatsoever as my back was acting up and I spent the entire day in the recliner chair. Thank goodness for Marilyn and one of the girls mothers who stayed and helped Mandy.

Here they are, minus one little girl.  They were all so good and play so well together.

Of course what birthday party for a little girl would be complete without “pin the horn on the unicorn?”  Notice they all got them fairly close except Piper? Hers is the one with a “P” down by the hearts.

Then it was outside to bash the unicorn piñata to try to get the candy out of it. For little girls they were pretty strong!  Just look at that blue sky. And some of the girls were barefoot. Who would have guessed that there would be 3 inches of snow on that grass the next day?

Meanwhile, the guys are up flying around.

I could not believe how high the Missouri River and all of the lakes were back there. While we’ve been in a drought here in the west, they have an overabundance of rain in the Midwest.

They even flew over the house several times so the girls could see them. Unfortunately Marilyn and I were the only ones that actually waved at them, because the girls were busy eating their cupcakes at the time.

That evening there was a grown-up birthday party too. We had 24 people at the house Saturday evening for hotdogs, nachos, chips, cupcakes and all the trimmings. Both sides of the family were well represented. I am so very happy for Brad, Mandy and Piper to be so close to both of their families after the years of moving around. I think it’s wonderful for Piper to be able to get to know her cousins on both sides, along with aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles and grandparents, who all spend time with them.

And here I am back home. While driving through South Dakota on the way home I finished this shawl. It is a Christmas present so I won’t name who it’s for. This is the “Utilitarian Faroese Shawl.  I really do believe it’s my favorite shawl I have ever made.  The shaping around the shoulders makes it hug your shoulders and neck so you don’t have to use a shawl pin and it doesn’t fall off.  It’s a very easy pattern too.  

The recipient of this shawl is always cold! I think this will be great for her in her office, as she can just throw it around her shoulders while she’s sitting at her desk and not have to worry about it falling off or getting in the way.

I almost finished Piper’s new “Wonderful Wallaby” while we were there. All I had left on this when we had to leave was about 1/2 of the hood.  Not bad for only a few days of knitting! I kitchener stitched the top of the hood and the underarms and put a button on and off it went to her a day or two after we got home.  It doesn’t quite match Mandy’s, but the color and dye lot that I previously used has been discontinued.

I hope you are all having a lovely week. We have had beautiful warm weather and blue skies, but that’s beginning to change. A lot of the leaves have turned and have fallen.  We are planning to go to a local orchard this weekend with Jeremy, Alicia and the boys. We’re hoping the weather holds for that.

Last week the doctor put me on a medication for my back that actually seemed to be helping a little with the spasms. Unfortunately, yesterday I had an allergic reaction and after talking to the pharmacist, it was decided I probably should stop taking it. How disappointing. So the saga continues. 

I have started the mitten making for next year and I’m currently on the third pair. I called them my “seed mittens” to encourage me to keep going! Ha!

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Jeremiah 1:5



  1. Riding in small aircraft makes me feel very sick so I wouldn't be flying around, but the birthday party and craft making sure looks like a lot of fun. Sorry to hear your back was acting up at that time. That shawl really is perfect. Looks like it stays on the shoulders really nicely. You sure are a knitting whiz finishing that hoodie up so quickly. Wish I could snap my fingers and make all your pain go away. Sadly, most of the medications meant to help us often have side effects. Have fun at the orchard.

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  4. What wonderful photos of your trip!!! That Wallaby in orange is just too cute. I made one for my son once and it's a fun knit. The shawl is lovely and you are right about it being practical. It fits just right!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Piper!

    The shawl and sweater look fabulous. I love that shawl pattern, too. I've knit two for myself and one for my sister. The Wallaby pattern is a fun knit, but my stars the pattern is a BOOK!

  6. So sorry your back pain interrupted your activities, but I am glad you were able to enjoy watching some of the fun of Piper's party. Her dress from Germany is pretty and fitting for Princess Piper! The great photos Dennis took remind me of the sights I saw in 1971 when my BIL flew me in a small plane from Sonoma, CA to Pleasant Hill, MO....adventure! I really do admire the shawl pattern and Piper's cheery Wallaby, too. Thanks for sharing the pattern sources. I just started a new preemie blanket yesterday. I am using the Grandma's Dishcloth pattern but knitting it on size 8, 29inch circular needles which is fun so far. Praying for blessing for you and yours, dear Betsy. xx

  7. I'm glad you found the app to help you blog with photos! I enjoyed seeing Piper's party. She's such a sweetheart. :-) Sorry you couldn't continue with the meds that were working.. dang it. But hopefully something new will do the trick. We're enjoying the beach for a few more days, then back to reality. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Miss Piper is absolutely adorable! Looks like she and the other young ones had a great time! Love the idea of a unicorn birthday party.
    PS: Sorry to hear of your continued back pain. May God be with you.

  9. I like Piper drindle! Glad you were able to enjoy the parties in spite of your back pain! Nice photos of flying over NE! Yes I miss all our rain too and hopefully there will be more soon. You are a knitter guru for sure! Nice shawl and wallaby....I'm sure the receivers will enjoy them. Prayers for ease of back pain...again! Hugs, gentle, and have a good week anyway my sweet friend! xo

  10. So sorry to hear about your medication Betsy it must be so disappointing. You are in my prayers for a solution. What fun the birthday parties sound, I was thrilled that you were able to be there and despite the pain able to travel. We are hopeful that we will be able to get away in December, I am trying so hard not to get too excited. The shawl is stunning, a beautiful gift filled with love. Take care.

  11. Beautiful shawl and Piper's sweater. I am sorry you were allergic to the med to help your back. Wishing I could find a med to help this CFS. Hope your week goes better. Nancy

  12. I love seeing the photos from the air - they are great! And, that shawl and the orange wallaby turned out great Betsy! So glad you could have a good time despite your back issues...and so sorry you had to stop talking the meds that were helping. That has got to be so frustrating.

  13. Jeremiah 1:5. I needed that today. :)
    Pipers parties looked amazing. She looks so sweet and it seems she knows she is very loved. The gift shawl will be WONDERFUL. Those are the only shawls that last on my shoulders!!

  14. Piper is so cute! Looks like a fun party, I am so glad you got to go. That hooded sweater looks awesome as does the shawl. You are a very talented knitter!! I hope you back gets better soon. :)