Sunday, October 21, 2018

Corn Palace

On Saturday night during our drive to Omaha we stayed overnight in Mitchell, South Dakota.  They have the worlds only Corn Palace there.  We used to visit it every few years on vacation while on our way from Omaha to the Black Hills or Yellowstone National Park.  We haven’t stopped there for well over 25 years, so we thought we would drive by before leaving early the next day.  The Palace wasn’t open but we did get photos of the outside which is what I wanted anyway.

The inside is used for community events such as graduations, concerts, etc.

Each year the Palace is completely redecorated using corn and parts of the cornstalk.  Nothing else is used. It is amazing.

The mosaic on the right was the only part not finished on the Palace yet for this year when we were there.  You can see where the picture is sectioned off for completion. It could be done by now.

On the side of the building they had a wonderful tribute to the branches of the armed forces.

This was the entire wall.  It’s really quite big, spanning an entire city block.  That’s a LOT of corn!

And the other side of the front of the building IS finished depicting the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.

When you think about the fact that all of this was done in corn and stalks, it is amazing to me.  And the fact that it is redone every single year is astounding.  It is real artistry, no matter how corny, (pun intended), it all seems.

If you are traveling I-90 through S. Dakota, I think it is worth the time to stop and see the Corn Palace.  I think it is free admission, but I’m not positive about that.

On another subject....Mittens will be delivered tomorrow to the school children. Although we’re having very warm days right now, that is changing later this week, and the nights are in the 20’s and 30’s even now, and I know they will be welcome.

I knitted 60 pair...

And sweet Sherri from “Sherrisneedlecrafts” on my sidebar, sent 17 more pair of beautiful knitted and crocheted mittens.  I am so grateful to her.  Thank you so much Sherri.  I know the children will appreciate them too.

77 pair of mittens this year.  A bit short of my goal of 100 pair, but health issues slowed me down a bit and my thought is that every pair helps, right?  Last year I made well over 100 pair and I’m setting that goal again for next fall.  I’ve already got a pair on the needles for next year!

Next time...Piper’s birthday and Dennis goes flying with Brad.  

“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:8 



  1. thank for the visit to 'The Only Real Corn Palace'. I would never see it if not for you so I truly appreciate it. How itneresting and what creative people there are everywhere.
    The mittens are marvelous! 77're amazing and a fast knitter! So wonderful of those who use their skills to help others. I'm sure God is smiling down at all of you!

  2. You are the kindest person I know Betsy. Well done on the mittens and a special shout out to Sherrie for helping.

  3. Oh, those mittens!!!! You are AMAZING!!!

  4. Look at all of the amazing mittens! They look wonderful clustered together - well done!

  5. I have always wanted to see the Corn Palace! How interesting. I think I saw pictures of it in a book when I was a kid and it always stuck with me as a place I'd like to visit someday. I haven't yet, but your photos help me see what it's like there today, so thank you for sharing. Wonderful job on the mittens, you are so talented and generous!

  6. Wow, I have never heard about the Corn Palace before, so it was a delight to learn something new and see such a fantastic display. You are so generous and loving to knit so many pairs of mittens, I am sure they will be greatly appreciated.

  7. Very interesting. Your mittens look great Betsy - what a wonderful thing to do!

  8. Oh Betsy. Your mitten donations are nothing short of amazing!!!! You are so generous and kind. Those kids will be thrilled. I cant believe the Corn Palace is made of corn. I m going to google a making of....

  9. 60 pair of mittens, You Rock! You're an angel :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet words. I think we would have a lovely time visiting while we each created something lovely for your family or home. I could make a pot of tea and some cookies, too :)
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  10. We were there in 1972. We should go back again sometime. Thanks for sharing the photos:)

  11. Thanks for the photos of the Corn Palace...amazing works of art! I am sorry we have always felt in too much of a hurry to stop. The mittens are marvelous thanks to you and Sherri. Thanks for letting us admire them and be inspired by your love...and thanks for the final Good Word, dear Betsy. xxxxxxx

  12. Love it Betsy.. God's creation can make beauty with clever hands in Corn palace and also in mitten making. Well done. Love it.
    Hugs Shaz. Xx ps p glad you've sorted blogging now. Xc

  13. Wow, that corn display is downright amazing! And that is a lot of mittens! I'm sure the little hands that will be warmed by your love and generosity will be so blessed! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend. :)

  14. I've heard of the Corn Palace but have never seen it.. thanks for sharing it! *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on all the mittens you made for the children! You're kind of a hero! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)