Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Still Rain

Well hello everyone!  Would you believe it is raining again?  Yes, I know I live in Washington and everyone believes it rains all of the time here, but they are thinking about the other side of the Cascade mountains and the Seattle area.  We live in what is called "high desert" and usually only have a rainy period in the spring and maybe a few small showers in the fall.  This year?  All bets are off.  So far we are in the 2nd rainiest October in recorded history.  I may need to buy a rowboat!

But, the trees are pretty  down the street.  I took this from the truck window on Monday because all of the trees in our yard are bare of leaves already.
We even have moss growing in our driveway!  That has NEVER happened in all of the years we've lived here.  I feel like I've moved to Portland.  But as long as it's raining, it's not snow so it's okay with me.  It makes for a cozy house.  Yesterday I baked a chicken and tonight I'm making homemade chicken pot pie with the leftovers.
I got out the 38year old Kenmore sewing machine to do some mending yesterday.  This machine has never been worked on and is a trooper.  I've made lots of clothes and quilts with it.  It was my very first Christmas gift from Dennis the first year we were married.  Very basic but it does the job well.
I started on next years mittens yesterday!  I forgot to mention in my last post that I delivered the mittens about 2 weeks ago and they were so happy to get them.  I received an envelope FULL of thank you notes in the mail yesterday and I'll share some of them with you next time.  We had a few days of below freezing temperatures and I wanted the children to have warm hands so I delivered them a bit earlier than last year.
I made two pair yesterday to go into the bag for next year!  I feel very good having made this start already.  And in my favorite color!
The SAL cross-stitch I did with Vicky (Stitchy McFloss) is done!  I absolutely had the best time working on this and it went very quickly.
Dennis hung it up for me last night.  A perfect place for it, wouldn't you say?  I think it will be left up all year and not just at Christmas as a good reminder to us that our hope is not in this life with it's troubles and trials.
My Trader Joe's $3.99 flowers after THREE WEEKS!  Can you believe how beautiful these flowers still are after 3 weeks?  Very worth every penny.  I just change the water every few days and trim the stems at the same time so they keep absorbing water.  Love them.
And here is Miss Pipers school picture.  She goes to Londontowne Christian Academy  for pre-school on Tuesday and Thursdays and they have this blue polo shirt as a uniform.  The picture was taken on her birthday!  She told her Mama that the lady was trying to get her to smile.  I would say she succeeded and made her laugh!  I love this little girl with my entire heart!  I miss her more than anyone can imagine.
So.  The trip to the coast.  It didn't happen.  Suffice it to say that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I'm tired of not doing any fun things.  I missed seeing my sweet friends.  They were all wonderful about it, but gosh, I was so looking forward to going.  I'm having an ultrasound done on my arm on Friday because of the sting/bite that I got five weeks ago.  It's still swollen, sore and red and the doctor thinks there could be infection deep inside.  Next Monday I have a mammogram and bone density scan.  I didn't have my mammogram last year because of the recent pacemaker surgery so he is adamant I get it done ASAP.  Then the following week I'm supposed to have a mylegram, (spelling) on my back.  Whew!  Once again, I will be glad when this year is done and over and I certainly hope next year will be better. 

I want to see my girls again.  FaceTime is great, but no substitute for actual touching and little girl kisses.  I really don't mean to complain though.  So many are so much worse off than I am.  I can still knit and crochet for other people and I have family and friends who love me.  That is a GOOD thing!  Dennis and I took a drive with Chloe to the lake on Monday when it was 70 degrees and had a nice walk.  No one was there except the guys closing up and we had nice visits with all of them.  And Dennis and I had four wonderful days together.  I miss him this week, the house isn't the same with him back at work.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the changing seasons wherever you may be.

"But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love: for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble." Psalm 59:16



  1. Love that cross stitch; it is beautifully done. So sorry you missed out on the coast trip, and hope you will feel 100% real soon. It's raining here, too, even more than usual. ;>)

  2. While it is amazing that our innards can be scanned and scoped and even rearranged to help us feel better, I can certainly imagine why you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, Betsy! I'm praying your tests go well and that you rapidly feel well! Some little hands will be nicely warmed by those pretty purple mittens. We still have some colorful leaves left on some of the trees in the area, but the number of leafless trees is increasing. Miss Piper looks radiant! Sending you lots of hugs! xx

  3. Your stitching is beautiful! I am struggling with mine and it is making me sad because when I started it two years ago I could see and these days I can't.
    I love your Kenmore. Mom had a Kenmore and I still use only the most basic Singer machine. I don't want a computerized one or one that does fancy stuff. Just sew in a straight line and from time to time zig zag for me and I'm happy.

  4. Oh your cross stitch looks so pretty and that is indeed the perfect place for it. Thank you again for cross stitching along with me sweet friend. Oh little Miss Piper is so adorable. She is grow up so fast. I pray you get to see your girls soon. I will keep you in my prayers for all your visits and test, too. Love that color of purple you are using for your next mittens. Blessings to you always my sweet friend. :)

  5. Personally, I think older sewing machines were made to last, which I can't say about most machines made today. All one really n eds to sew is a straight stitch, a back stitch and a zig zag stitch.

    Congratulations on finishing and donating mittens early this year. I know they will be appreciated.

  6. If moss is growing, then it is definitely wetter than usual around there. I wonder if we will have a rainy season this year. Weather has been pretty good for a while and is getting cooler with each passing day. Not much dust so that's a good thing. Granted, still have dust inside the house all the time. I can't and don't want to stay on top of it. A spotless house is not a priority for me. I love that you made so many mittens, already delivered for this season, and have started on next. Very organized indeed. That Piper is just so darn cute. I sure hope you get past all these health issues so that you can carry on with normal life. Thank goodness for crafting to keep you occupied. Hugs, Tammy

  7. What an adorable photo of Piper! I do hope you get to see them soon.. can the girls fly out to visit with you? Good job on your x-stitch project! I'm glad you got to go deliver the mittens.. you are such a giving, generous and talented woman! I might try to make some hats for your kids. But I doubt I could ever do as many as you do! Good luck with your tests.. I hope you get to feel 100% and soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. The wonders of technology been able to see inside is amazing. Hope all the tests go well and that you will feel better soon. You are such a generous woman to donate those wonderful mittens. So sad that children are still in need in a world of plenty. Take care.

  9. Oh dear sweet Betsy how my heart aches for you. I pray it's not an infection in your arm, something simple and easily remediable then, please dear sweet Lord and also I pray the mammogram is clear. God comfort your heart as only He can.
    Love your magnificent crossstich with that very beautiful and yes Christmas is all year round, it certainly isn't on 25th Dec. in the middle of winter as shepherds don't keep sheep on hillside in winter. Wonderful laughing little Piper how precious she is.
    Sending loving hugs from downunder dear Betsy,
    Shaz in Oz.x
    PS paper piecing is when you stamp a number of images, in this case different patterned papers and cut them out in small sections and add them to a plain stamped image to fill it in, so yes a lot of fiddly cutting and pasting of small stamped shapes. Hope that explains it for you.

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. Hope you are feeling much better soon Betsy! I think I have the same sewing machine and I love it. I've had it cleaned and oiled and each time I've been asked it I want to sell it - heck works like a charm. Cute picture of Piper.

  11. The mittens are so cute. I love the colour ♥

  12. Lovely mittens and cute picture of Piper. Your sewing machine is a trooper for sure and I think they made a lot of things to last back in the day. I don't get tests just because the doctor recommends them. If I am sick that is one thing but I no longer have pap smears or mammograms. I did have a bone scan a few months back and years ago they told me I had severe osteoporosis....funny thing...the bone scan said I was borderline....hmmmm....he wants me to take some medicine but not so sure I will. I am in remission on RA so I don't need to see him now unless I have a flare up. All meds have side affects so we shall see. Good luck with all your tests.

  13. My dear Betsy, you are not complaining you are just stating the facts. Of course you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you have had a long haul with all of this. Piper is so adorable. We got Little Buddy's school picture back and it was horrible, he was leaning sideways with his right hand up to balance and a grimace on his face. In this day with digital photography that should not happen. Retakes are next week. I wish your friends could come and visit you. I know you were so disappointed about canceling your trip, I know they were sad too.

    Hang in there Betsy, things will get better.

  14. I was sad that we couldn't meet up. Went shopping instead for food a couple places. We're having a lovely day today. No rain this weekend! We've had alot of rain this month. I went to physical therapy today for leg and back. Thankful it's nothing major. Praying you get better soon. Your cross stitch work is lovely. Piper is so cute. Can't wait to see my grandchildren soon. Hugs and blessings my sweet friend! Becky

  15. Betsy, I will keep you in my daily prayers. I hope that the tests are all wonderfully normal.
    It is so difficult to be awayfrom our family. There is nothing like them.
    Your mittens are a wonderful way to think of others . Good karma !!