Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello, I have been trying to post this since last Tuesday.  This will be short and sweet because I'm afraid blogger will kick me out yet again before it's finished.

These photos were taken at dusk at the lake a week ago last Sunday.  Dennis and I were the only ones in the resort and had taken a walk down to the beach.  It was so quiet with only us and the geese flying south.

The last rose of the season from my rose bush. I love my little knitting bunny keeping it company.
Isn't it gorgeous
I received the most lovely gift in the  mail from Araignee (on my sidebar).  She is so generous with her homemade soaps and lotions.  I had already given a bar of soap to my best friend when I took this photo.  The smell when I opened the package was amazing.  Thank you so much!
Two more blankets to the Crisis Nursery.
And another knitted from the Granny's Favorite dishcloth pattern.  So easy and so squishy made with baby yarn.
I also finished another Random Act of Color shawl.  I am NOT happy at all with the way this blocked out but since it's for me it's not a big deal.
Okay, this post is an entire week and a half late and I've made several more things since I put these photos in a draft pos,t but I'm afraid to type much more and lose it.  I'll send this one and see if it works and then try to post again in a day or two.

I had to do an update on my iPhone an iPad and that seems to be where the issue might be.  I don't think blogger is playing well with the new update.

I hope you are all having a lovely fall/spring wherever you may be.  It was 19F on our deck when I woke up this morning.  Brrrrr.



  1. A post worth waiting for! 19? right. It's been a chilly 40 here at night. Looks like we are skipping fall this year and going straight to winter. Boo.

  2. I have had a few problems lately too. I keep losing my photos and blogroll it really is a nuisance. How wonderful to be at the lake on your own it must be lovely. The temperatures are certainly dropping here too, although we don't have extreme temperatures like some. Take care.

  3. Araignee's soaps are the BEST! I know you will enjoy. You've been busy with your knitting Betsy and it all looks great. 19 is cold for sure. It was in the 30's at my place the other day and I thought that was bad....

  4. Always a little sad to say goodbye to the lake I bet! I am so loving this cooler weather we are having the past few days. Today is just wonderful!
    I love your new makes. My random act shawl will probably not block out well either. It is very tight along the edge. I am not happy with mine. I have made many mistakes in the lace part by losing count, and it is way off. But onward I shall go.
    Hope you are well my friend.
    xo Kris

  5. Such lovely pictures of the lake. It's a truly beautiful place. I like to imagine sitting there with you on the porch just knitting away. Love your shawl. I think it's very pretty. I love the colors you choose, too. I am gonna have to sit down and make one of these one day soon. Love see all the pretty things you make sweet friend. Thank you for joining with me on the SAL. It's going to be a stitchy fun time! Blessings to you always sweet friend. :)

  6. Your projects turned out well. Love the crisis blankets and your rose - beautiful.

    It's been very cool here, too, as well as rainy and windy on and off for the last week.

  7. It was chilly last two nights here. Cool mornings as well and rain on the way to last most of the week. Glad your post made it to blogger. I get error messages once in awhile but rarely a problem. Your rose looks lovely with your bunny. You've got lots of projects and so do I. Working on calendars soon. Hopefully see you soon. I'll text you! Hugs and blessings!

  8. Love all of your projects, especially the shawl! Glad you are back on blogger, too. Is it chilly on your part of the state? It's getting a little cooler every day here, and we're supposed to have strong winds tomorrow.

  9. Sorry you are having Blogger problems... I haven't noticed anything on this end... BUT--we do have new updates on the iPhone, iPad, along with the fact that we both updated our systems to Sierra on our iMacs.... I know how frustrating problems with Blogger can be...

    Love your ROSE (you know how much I love Roses). I'll bet you enjoyed having the lake all to yourselves. SO gorgeous!!!!! Is it cool there now? We are having a little cooler temps here ---which is nice, but still no rain...

    Beautiful gift...

    P.S. How are you feeling?

  10. I do my blog posts on my computer and never have problems.. sorry it's giving you issues. I was glad to see your post! I enjoyed seeing your little knitting bunny.. I have the twin. I'm excited to see you soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Yay! So glad you could post! Even though you have been warning us, I am sad to think of you not being at your oh so pretty lake for awhile. Your stitching is amazing! I am sorry your shawl did not block as well as you hoped it would...but it is perfectly purple :) The gifts you received are so lovely. It was 39 degrees here this morning but it warmed up and was sunny most of the day. I tried to soak in the sunshine because we are headed toward rainy days. Still praying you are feeling better and better and I am looking forward to seeing you soon, dear Betsy. xxxxxxxx

  12. Morning, I can see you have been busy and all your treasures you make for others! I love homemade soap and what a nice gift to be given from your friend and you even shared that! I know what you mean about blogger sometimes my post will just disappear and other things won't upload. Hang in there and enjoy your lovely Fall!
    Blessings, Roxy

  13. Oh Betsy, those views at the lake are so beautiful! What a nice evening to spend your time there.
    You make the prettiest blankets and when I went back to read your post before this one and saw that gorgeous sweater you knitted for Dennis WOW! And those socks for your son---awesome! I love them! You are always giving so much to so many many and I love you for it!
    Thank you dear friend for the sweet words you left for me on my post. You are such a kind soul!
    much love...

  14. Ah, update IOS 10! Guilty as charged. Not the only glitche in it, I hate the new clicking of home button plus some you tube issues as well. Clunky plus!
    Am so glad you could post this Betsy, lovely post, soap joys, plus your superb purple shawl, how I love that colour too. Thanks for popping over.
    Hugs and prayers,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  15. 19 F ... brrrr, that is cold. All of your projects are so wonderful! And those are great pics from the lake. Have a good weekend.

  16. It seems you just opened the trailer up and now you have closed it down for the Winter, this year has flown by. You have made some wonderful things Betsy. Stay warm and safe my friend.

  17. This summer went fast but it was 87 here yesterday! I want cool temps but at least the humidity is gone and there was a breeze. Love all your blankets and I have to say that shawl is beautiful!