Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rainy Days

Hello and Happy Saturday.  It's a rainy, rainy, rainy day here.  And wind!  Oh. My. Goodness.  Yesterday was terribly windy.  The coasts of Washington and Oregon are both getting slammed by wind and rain.  The wind seems to be gone here today without much damage.  I'm hoping all of my friends in the Portland area are okay today.

This was the scene two weeks ago today.  We closed up the trailer for the the rain! The process was about half done here when I took the picture.  It's always a sad time of year but hopefully next summer will be a better one for us and my health.  We would really like to spend more time here.

Dennis and I actually just got home from driving up to check for damage after yesterdays wind.  All was okay except the tarp you see  covering the chairs, etc. had to be retied. 
We even had some snow on Mt. Spokane earlier this week after the clouds cleared.  Yuck.  It's too early for this. :-)
I thought I would show you this cute necklace my sister sent me.  She is so sweet to me.  Her husband has been very sick and had to have surgery and is now going through radiation and chemo.  Could you please keep Mike in your prayers?  And yet, she still took the time to send this to me.  Gosh, she used to be mean to me when we were growing up.  She admits it too!  But now?  We are close and I love her so much.  That saying is so right that there is nothing like sisters.  We will defend each other up one side and down the other and I know that she'll always be there for me.
I started a cozy memories blanket a few months ago but didn't really like it and I ripped the entire thing out.  Then I saw this on someone's podcast.  I apologize, but I don't remember which podcast.  You basically knit 9 squares together with a border, like a 9 patch quilt.  Then I'll put them together.  This will take me a long, long time but that's okay.  It uses the little bits that are left from the ends of skeins of sock yarn after you make a pair of socks.  Anybody have any little bits of sock yarn?  I'll gladly accept them!  :-)
I made myself a hat.  And took a picture of me wearing it.  I dislike pictures of me intensely but I took one anyway for Instagram.  This hat literally took only about 2 hours or so with chunky yarn.  So fast and easy even though it looks hard with cables and everything!
The reason I made myself a hat is because we're planning a trip to the Oregon coast next weekend and I want to do some beach walking!  It will be our first time away in a long time.  Dennis has Friday and Monday off so we're getting up early and driving to Portland where we'll have lunch with Gracie, (One Saylors Log), and Taci. (TACIStudio).  Then on Saturday we're meeting Becky, (GrandmaBeckyL) in Lincoln City for lunch.  We're hoping to connect with Teresa, (Teresa Kasner) and her husband Dayle at the coast, because they're planning to be camping there at the same time.  How fun is that?  I'm just hoping the weather is better next week than it is this week.

I've begun a SAL with Vicki, (StitchyMcFloss).   It's a sweet little precious moments style cross stitch nativity scene.  We're having fun emailing and texting each other to see how the other is doing.  Please feel free to join in, we just started yesterday!  The links to the free pattern are on her blog which you can find on my sidebar. 

All of the names in the (***) are the names of the blogs of these sweet people I've mentioned.

Well, I know you've all been missing my sweet little Piper haven't you?  Her preschool has been observing special days in October and Tuesday she was supposed to dress up in her favorite sports teams uniform.  Here she is in her Nebraska Cheerleaders outfit.  I think Dennis' sister got it for her.  We hope it's not an omen of the next place they'll live.  We're rooting for Spokane at the top of our lungs.  Here other Grandparents are hoping for Omaha so we'll have to see!  Maybe we'll be retiring back to Nebraska after all!  Isn't she a doll?
And this was this morning.  She asked Mommy to take a picture of her and Polly to send to Daddy at work today.
Gosh it's a process to post a blog now.  Blogger won't let me post photos from our desktop but it also won't let me write on my iPad or iPhone.  So, for now I have to upload photos from my phone to a draft, then get on the desktop and write the post.  Kind of a pain, but at least it's working for now.  I know it had to have something to do with Apples new IOS 10 that I had to update to my phone and iPad.  Everything worked fine until I did the update and that night I couldn't write a post.  I sure hope it's a bug that they figure out soon.

"I keep my eyes always on the Lord.  With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken." Psalm 16:8

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a wonderful week ahead.



  1. Hi, hi hi! I am so sorry you are all done at the lake. Always a sad time. Greg is taking our boat out and bringing it home today...
    Love your necklace. I saw that and the hat on IG.
    Have fun on Oregon with the gals. Wish I could be a fly on the wall, or better yet, be there with you!!
    Oh, and that Piper...she is beautiful!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Your Piper sure is a cutie! We are hunkered down here, hoping the storm won't be as bad as predicted. Hope things are calm in Spokane! It was pretty ugly here yesterday, that's for sure. Love your hat! (And the photo, too!)

  3. Oh goodness, I hope the wind calms down up your way. Ahhh sweet little Miss Piper is always so cute with her bright smiles. I hope she gets to move closer to you soon. I love the 9 patch you showed, I can't wait to see yours. I hope others join you and I on the SAL. I am having fun stitching along with you sweet friend. Wishing you a lovely day filled with many blessings. Oh, and prayers sent for your Brother in Law as well. :)

  4. It is a little breezy but I can see patches of blue sky and the sun shining on the tree across the street! We must have been on the edge of the storm. Yesterday a big branch came down off our neighbor's tree and it landed on our mutual fence so the men of the household have a new project. Your pretty hat should keep your head warm while you are at the beach, and you are very clever to take a good selfie and post it on IG. Sorry you are having blogging problems, still, but I really enjoyed reading your latest and of course enjoyed seeing sweet Miss Piper in this post, so thanks for persevering! Your new blanket idea is pretty. And it is sweet of your sister to send the necklace! I am asking the Lord to bless you and Mike and yours with good health! xx

  5. Sorry you have to do that go-around to get a blog post up.. I do hope it fixes things for you. I haven't tried to post on my iPad or iPhone in a long time.. I do best on my laptop. But it's good to have a backup device to use. Good job on your hat.. it should keep your head warm at the beach! I'm glad you get to see everyone even if it's not all at once. I look forward to seeing you both. Piper is so cute.. she's sure growing up fast! I'm looking forward to some nice relaxing "getaway" time next week. See you soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It's so nice "seeing" you! The hat is adorable and so is the sweet little Grandgirl in her cheerleader outfit.
    Even though the summer was miserable it's hard moving into winter this year. Maybe because both spring and summer were a bust. I miss the outdoors. It's already cold enough for the heat to be on. What a year.

  7. I hope all is well after the storm. Your brother in law will certainly be in my prayers, hoping all goes well with his treatment. The hat is lovely and a perfect addition for beach walking. Hope you have a wonderful time meeting up with all your wonderful blogging friends. I do wish I could be there with you all. Miss Piper is growing up so fast, she has a beautiful smile. Take care.

  8. I hope everyone makes it through the storm okay. Your hat is really nice! It will keep you good and warm, I am sure. It was nice to see Piper again, what a big girl she is getting to be. I will of course keep your brother-in-law in my thoughts. I hope all is well with you and Dennis too. Take care and have a good week, Betsy.

  9. The mini blocks connected for a larger block and surrounded by white are appealing. I'll search to see if I have scrap sock yarn to send.

    Have fun on your trip.

  10. They predicted such strong storms but everyone I've seen posting from the different northwestern states seem to say it wasn't so bad after all. Your sock yarn blanket is coming along nicely and will look really quilt like when you are done. Your upcoming trip sounds great and so fun that you will get to meet up with such lovely ladies. Piper just keeps getting cuter. Sending healing wishes to your brother-in-law. Have a good week. Tammy

  11. Hope you survived the weekend storms ok. Have a fabulous coastal trip - so nice to get to see so many different people. Beach walking in the Fall is great and your hat will be perfect. You did a great job on that. Piper is just as cute as ever.

  12. Travel safe and and laugh! I am so glad you are meeting Teresa! WOW. I don't know If my last comment went through, but Im sure I'll hear you two laughing in the wind all the way to Wisconsin!

  13. Yes, Piper certainly is cute! I like your hat. Have a nice trip! Lovely necklace your sister made you and means so much. I like that verse you ended with! Nancy

  14. You look lovely in your hat! The weather looks promising this weekend! Yes, much better than last weekend, for sure! Megan asked me "What time we were leaving on Sat. to take storm pictures at the beach?" I replied "What are you talking about?" She was joking but she had to ask, though! Can't wait to see you again. It's raining here today and chilly. Now I think I'm having a bit of ice cream since Megan's got some out. Piper is adorable and so glad you get photos of her alot. I know you miss her though. Hugs and have a good week and travel safe over the mountain! Hugs!

  15. I am so excited you are traveling to see all the people you love so much. You are going to have a fabulous weekend. Piper is getting so big, and her hair is so long! I love the hat you made Betsy, you are adorable so take all the photos of yourself you want!

  16. What a fun trip that sounds like! Following Alicia Paulson's blog who lives in Portland, they have great shops and restaurants and healthy eateries and just a great town for sure! I've heard the people are very friendly there too! Also, Paula from Knitting Pipeline went to a yarn festival there and visited some great yarn seems they have plenty! Keep your eyes peeled! LOL!
    Piper is growing for sure! She looks taller.

  17. Closing up the camper would be sad, but you have a fun trip to look forward to. How awesome that you'll meet up with blog friends!
    The necklace from your sister is both sweet and touching. I will keep her husband in my thoughts.
    That granddaughter of yours is just too cute! So she's a Nebraska fan. Here in Madison, we are always amazed by how many Cornhuskers travel here when they play the Badgers. Those are dedicated fans!

  18. So glad those high winds did not do to much damage. I do not like those high winds at all. Your hat should keep your head toasty warm. We do need some rain in these parts, but as you said it is to early for snow!
    Blessings, Roxy