Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's Already November!

Happy November 1st to you all!  Can you believe it's already November?  I can't.  It's been a year and that's all I can say.  I'm ready to begin afresh.

One bit of news.  You know how in my past few posts I've talked about rain a LOT?  Well, here in Spokane we got almost an inch more of rain in October than has ever been recorded in one month.  Not just in October, but in ANY month since they began keeping the weather records.  That's a lot of rain.  Good to know it wasn't just part of my crazy imagination, thinking we had lots. :-)

Let's start out with some cute faces, shall we?  Just some of the thank you notes from the children who received mittens a couple of weeks ago.
I love how the teachers took photos with them wearing the mittens.  How sweet and thoughtful was that?
89 pairs were taken to the school.  There are 82 first graders this year so there are a few extra pairs in case new students arrive.  I just wanted to share some of these cute faces with all of you.
Teresa, (Teresa Kasner) is making a C2C crocheted blanket and generously shared the free pattern with me.  It was so fun to make and is 38 inches square.
Here's a close up.  I admit, I cheated and used a baby yarn that was white with pastel flecks so I didn't change colors every two rows as the pattern called for.  It was MUCH quicker this way and no ends to sew in.  Nice!  This will go to the Crisis Nursery.
I completed another square for my sock blanket.  Each nine patch square is about 12x12 inches with the cream border.  I really like how these are going together and are pretty much no-thought knitting. Something I'm enjoying right now.
I had a set of salt and pepper shakers that were the mill type grinders we bought years ago while at the Oregon coast.  Well the salt mill quit working so I took it apart, cleaned it well, re-filled it and it still didn't work.  I bought new salt crystals and it still didn't work so look what Dennis bought for me this weekend.  The Pioneer Woman's S & P shakers.  I love them.  I'm going back to the "old-fashioned" shaker type.  Lots less to go wrong with them. :-)  Aren't they just happy and cheerful?
A photo of my flowers from Trader Joe's taken this morning, almost 4 weeks after I bought them.  Still looking okay but starting to wilt.  I'm buying new ones today.  These have made me very happy for almost a month.  For $3.99 I think this is quite a bargain.
Looky what else Dennis bought for me! I love this.  It's a 20 ounce mug and I've been using it everyday for my water.  Quite perfect for me wouldn't you say?  My favorite color is purple/lavender and of course my last name being Queen he couldn't go wrong with this mug.
Now for Miss Piper.  This may be overload, but being a Grandma I'm invoking my Grandma rights and sharing anyway.    :-)
Mandy made her this cute sweater last week.  I think she did an amazing job on it and Piper models it so well.  Yay!  My daughter likes to knit too!  Yippee!!!  How fun is that?!  Isn't it beautifully made?
Our little "Doc McStuffins" for Halloween.  Grandpa and I sent her this for her birthday.  We got her a set just like it two years ago but she had outgrown it.  She loves playing Doc with her babies and stuffed animals.
Daddy, (Brad) and Piper trick-or-treating.
And my girls.  I sent Mandy and Piper matching "Snappy" hats last week.  I was hoping I made the right size for Piper since the pattern didn't go that small.  I think they are both so beautiful.  And they fit.  And they like them.  It makes my heart happy.
So, today was interesting.  A mammogram with a pacemaker.  I don't recommend it.  Ha!  Oh. My. Goodness.  That was painful but done for another year.  I thought they were painful before and that didn't hold a candle to this time.  She did show me the picture in 3D of my pacemaker being squished by the machine.  Quite interesting. Ha!

Then I had a second ultrasound on my arm from the bee sting.  They still aren't sure what's going on. The radiologist even came in and talked to me.  He can't believe how swollen it still is after almost 7 weeks but didn't see any absesses or pockets of infection.  He made sure to say that I could still have infection but he can't see it with the ultrasound.

I did get out of the bone desity test that they do with physicals for us old ladies.  They realized I had one last year so I didn't need that one.  Yippee!  That would have been the only pain-free test all week and I didn't have to have it!  Oh the irony of it all.

I have the mylegram on my back on Friday so Dennis has to take the day off to stay with me.  I'm not supposed to be alone for 24 hours. No walking around afterwards for those 24 hours. Just to the bathroom.  That will give me lots of time to knit, right?

I looking forward to the new year.  A new start.  Feeling much, much better.  The past two years haven't been great healthwise, but it has given me the opportunity to appreciate my friends who have been there for me.  Driving me to appointments when I couldn't.  Praying for me.  Listening to me whine.  :-) And lots of YOU are included in that group of friends.  It's also given me lots and lots of time to knit and crochet for charity, so it hasn't been wasted time.  I look at those little children's faces wearing the mittens and I realize that God can use me wherever I am, in whatever state I am in.  And He can use you too.

I hope you're all having a lovely week so far.  I think of you all very, very often and I'm so glad for each of you.

"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." Psalm 18:2

Blessinsgs always,


  1. What a wonderful post with so many great things in it! Where do I start? LOVE the mitten kids! How sweet is that? I will try to make some hats to send your way for them. And that gorgeous sweater that your daughter knit.. you must be so proud and Piper looks adorable in it! The hats you made for the girls, too.. what a good mom and grandma you are. I'm glad you enjoyed the C2C - you should try using some of this Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable - it self stripes! Love your new mug and S&P, too.. that husband of yours sure does know how to spoil you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I hope you get good results with all your health situations, Betsy. It has been a difficult couple of years for you, healthwise, and I hope it's over now. I loved seeing everything you've been making, especially those photos of the kids with their mittens. How wonderful. I'm sure they appreciate them very much. Piper looks adorable in her costume and both of your girls look beautiful in the lovely hats you made. I hope you're feeling well and that all goes well with your tests. Take care.

  3. Happy All Saints Day, Betsy! We had a record 10" if Oct. rain on this side of the mountains, too. Things are well watered, I think. Love the hats and found the pattern on Ravelry. Are you on it? Nice blanket too! It was fun to see photos of your family. Hope 2017 finds you some relief from your medical issues! Hugs.

  4. My first mammogram after pacemaker was implanted was difficult, but the subsequent ones have been much better. Doe you have an MRI compatible pacemaker? I don't, so I certainly hope I don't need an MRI in the future.

    Love the mitten thank you cards - they are precious.

  5. You are one amazing lady. Those mitten photos are precious!!!
    Piper is a doll. I would have to spoil her to death.

  6. So many health issues you are certainly still in my prayers, hoping they will all be sorted out soon. The thank you photos were amazing, how special they must feel wearing those beautiful mittens filled with love. Piper is certainly growing up, she has a beautiful smile and looks so like he Mama. Take care.

  7. Hello Betsey you have been going through the mill as they say. I pray that next year will be so much better for you.
    The mug is fabulous- how clever of your husband to find it. The photos of the children with their mittens are a joy. Lovely photos also of your family. Thank you for sharing. Take care Anne x

  8. Awww all those sweet little happy faces with their mittens. Such a true blessing you are sweet friend. :) Mandy did an awesome job on the sweater. Little Miss Piper is adorable as always. I do hope you get to feeling better sweet friend. I pray next year will be a year of great health and much happiness for you. :) Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  9. Love the mitten photos Betsy - just darling. And such sweet pictures of your family as well. Wishing you a much better year ahead!!

  10. Mandy and Piper in matching hats! Adorable. Mandy is beautiful. Piper's new sweater/poncho is adorable. Did Mandy use a pattern? I may try one someday.
    The mitten mission was really wonderful Betsy. Yes, God continues to show us ways to help even when our health is not perfect. Still praying for you. Im so glad the teacher sent you thank you with photos.

  11. Mandy and Piper in matching hats! Adorable. Mandy is beautiful. Piper's new sweater/poncho is adorable. Did Mandy use a pattern? I may try one someday.
    The mitten mission was really wonderful Betsy. Yes, God continues to show us ways to help even when our health is not perfect. Still praying for you. Im so glad the teacher sent you thank you with photos.

  12. Oh, it was so nice to visit with you today, Betsy! I have missed you. It seems I am so far behind in my blog reading of the ones that I don't get by email. Is there a way to subscribe to yours by email? I forget to check in on my blog list, and life stays so busy! I am so sorry you are having to have so many health tests done and go through so much, bless your heart. I hope this next year will be much healthier for you. It was so sweet seeing all of those precious children who received the mittens! And, that little Piper! She just gets cuter each time I see her photos! God bless you, Betsy. I am praying for you.

  13. What a lot of fun you've been having with the dr and all of the tests....NOT! Will pray that your arm heals up and quits bothering you. Interesting that they cannot figure out what is really the problem. God be with you, my sweet friend! The thank you notes and lovely faces of children that received mittens you knitted is great! Piper is getting so big and still so cute! Love all the photos of her and her parents! Take care and praying your health continually gets better each day!

  14. Cute little faces! God is with you always to make all things good!

  15. The children look happy, and how sweet of the teacher to take their photos and send to you. It's nice sometimes to see the results of what we do for others. I cannot even IMAGINE how bad it would hurt to have the mamo squishing with a pacemaker...Ouchie! Hope all your tests are over for now. I think I hate my gyno and mammo the worst of all. Have a blessed weekend!

  16. I always get a happy smile on my face when it's time to pop over to your blog dear friend, I've been bit full on here and really shouldn't be on here now, but not to worry. What beautiful girls God has given you in Piper and her mummy, and glad your tests are in part out of the way.
    Cute mittens for cute kids may our great God bless each smiling child and bring them all to knowledge of Him through our Lord Jesus..
    Running bit late here....
    Thanks for popping over and for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  17. Love all of the cards- I worked in a school, and the children loved home made mittens.
    I like those salt and pepper shakers and the mug.
    I'm praying for your health, Betsy.

  18. Dear Betsy, I missed this post while I was enjoying visiting Carolyn in CA, and just found it today. I so admire you. Thanks for sharing the adorable thank you notes, and the sweet photos of Piper and her parents. The sweater Mandy made is so pretty! I love the pattern that you and Teresa used for your sweet blankets, too. Dennis found you perfect gifts...and thanks for letting us enjoy seeing them too. Last week I was tired from the trip and daylight savings time and we celebrated two birthdays and an anniversary while fighting off a virus in our household, and the election results and the resulting concerns have me on a posting pause. I am praying you will keep feeling better and better, and I hope the Lord allows us to visit soon. Love with hugs, Gracie :)

  19. I hope this finds you enjoying better health Betsy. You have definitely had more then your share of trials this year :( Loved-as always-the photos of Miss Piper! Please feel FREE to post as many as you would like:)
    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  20. I love the photos of the kids wearing their mittens! My grandson Grayson loves Doc McStuffins too. Your daughter did a gorgeous job on that sweater for Piper and your daughter is gorgeous too. What a cute family and your hats look great on them. I love the C2C baby blanket and I pray you will heal whatever is wrong with you without going through any invasive procedures or operations. You are so right about God using us no matter where or how we are! Take care sweetie!