Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Been A Long Time

Hello all of my friends out there in blogland.  It's been almost a month since I've posted and I haven't been commenting on other blogs either.  The reason?  That ridiculous myleogram I had.  I ended up with a leak in my spinal cord which caused a spinal headache.  If you have never had one of those, I am SO happy for you.  As long as I lay flat on my back, the headache went away.  If I lifted my head at all, even 6 inches or so, it came back.  And it's not a normal headache.  It's awful.  I spent a day in the ER while they did all the prep work to do a spinal patch, but it ended up that I asked them NOT to do it.  I didn't want another hole poked in my spine when the first one wasn't healing.  I was told it would eventually repair on it's own and I just had to stay down until that happened.  So, for 2 1/2 weeks I laid flat before it began to go away.  That is gone now, but I'm weak from laying around doing nothing for so long.

Our son Jamie and grandkids, Kyleigh and Caleb came for Thanksgiving along with a friend and her little family.  The kids were all about the same age and had a great time playing together.  Everyone helped tremendously with dinner and cleanup and I did very little.  They made me sit in the recliner and give orders.

Saturday, Dennis and I took a drive up to the lake and that was really nice.  Just to get out but it wore me out completely.  Yesterday my handsome husband preached the sermon at church and so I went for the first time in a month.  I have NEVER, EVER missed 3 weeks of church in a row in my entire life.  Even when I was born I was at church when I was 4 days old!  I'm still wobbly and dizzy and know all of the issues aren't fixed but at least that horrible headache is gone.  Would you believe after all of that, the tests came back inconclusive?  That's it though.  They aren't poking on me again. I'll just deal with the back pain.

I thought I owed you all an explanation as to where I've been.  I wasn't able to write on my phone or Ipad to comment.  I couldn't read books or knit or crochet.  You talk about a boring few weeks! But now lets move on to the fun stuff.  We had a new little preemie baby born at church just before I was laid up.  I had knit her a newborn hat, sweater and blanket but she needed an extra small hat, so I whipped one up Saturday night and she wore it the next morning in the church nursery.  Meet little Rachel Grace.  Isn't she precious?  Those are her big brother Trevor's hands patting her.  He's in love with his sister.
We chose two boys from a children's ranch in Montana to grant Christmas wishes for.  They asked for such simple things. Cheetos, socks, silly putty, soap, etc.  I decided that since it's a working ranch they could definitely use a hat too, so we included an antler toque, (hat). 
Here they are finished.  The top photo is more representative of the true color.  Yesterday we found out they still had several children who hadn't been chosen so we took another teenage boy.  I'm starting another hat today for him.  They're delivering the gifts this weekend so I need to get it done.  He asked for bookmarks, skittles, guitar picks, body wash and shampoo.  When I compare that to things I hear a lot of kids asking for these days, their wishes are so small.  Dennis and I have tried very hard to get every single thing these boys have asked for and then a few extras too.
Two more blankets put together for the Crisis Nursery.
I have six squares made for my Sock Yarn blanket.
Two more are done but need the borders.  They are time consuming but don't take any thought and are easy to take with me.
I did start another gumdrop blanket before my time laying around and haven't gotten back to it yet.  I've been busy making hats for the boys since I've been upright.  :-)
I have received some very nice surprises in the mail since my last post.  Nancy from Wyoming sent me this wonderful packet of sock yarn ends, perfect for the blanket and some tea too.  I love tea as I'm not a coffee drinker.  These little balls of yarn are so welcome and give some variety to the few colors I had from sock leftovers.  Thank you again Nancy!
A closer look. 
Sherri in Las Vegas sent me five pair of mittens to add to the back for next year.  Even after being laid up from an accident, she thought of the children and made some mittens.  How sweet was that?  Thank you so much Sherri.  We now have 12 pairs in total for next winter.  A great start!
And Kris.  Oh my goodness, Kris sent me these amazing project bags!  I mentioned to her that I had been trying to get a quilted pastel patchwork bag from an Etsy shop but by the time I found out she had listed bags, they were always sold out.  That very day Kris made me that perfect bag on the right and even embroidered my initial on it.  It's even better and more perfect colors than the ones I was trying to buy.  It's the perfect sock project bag. 

And then.  She made me a vintage camper shawl size bag!  Just look at those campers.  Kris and I share a love of camping and I can't believe she did this for me.  I'm completely blown away by her generousity.
A closer look.  Perfection.
And the camper bag has a flamingo progress keeper/zipper pull!  Is that perfect for this bag or what?
I just cannot get over how sweet this was.
You ladies have blessed me this month and may I admit, I needed it?  I was feeling very, very down and then you three showed me that I'm not alone in this big world.  Thank you all from the bottom of my banged up heart!  :-)

On Friday, we gave Christmas gifts to Jamie and the kids since we won't see them at Christmastime.  Caleb was thrilled as you can see by his smile.
Kyleigh was pretty happy too.  We were still in our jammies and they had a wonderful time playing with their gifts.
Here they are all bundled up to go home.  Gosh, it's hard to say goodbye knowing it will be months before we see them again.  We have set up google chat though, so I'll be able to keep in touch with them on their kindles now.
I mentioned we drove up to the lake on Saturday.  The wildflowers are still in bloom...or they were before last night when we received a few inches of snow here in Spokane.  That means the lake probably got even more.
Snow on the mountains but none in the valleys on Saturday.
Well, I think I've made this post way too lon,g so I'll close.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you live in the U.S. and if not, your weekend was a lovely one.

Hopefully I'll be back before too long.

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name."  Psalm 100:4



  1. Thanks for posting, Betsy! I am so glad you are getting better, but so sorry for the misery you have been feeling. I admire your stitching and the lovely gifts you received, and I am glad you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving. I'm trying to get a post together and you have inspired me! xx

  2. Oh, poor you. Under the weather or still put me to shame. Those hats are fantastic as are the blanket projects. All that would have taken me years. I am happy to see that you've been spoiled by the residents of blogland. Feel better soon. I missed you!

  3. Such lovely and thoughtful projects. Loved seeing all the happy, smiling faces. Bless you sweet friend. I am glad you are feeling better. You were missed. :) Blessings always.

  4. Glad to see you post again! I'm glad you're feeling well enough to do it. Sounds like you had a nice time with family. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving. I made s turkey breast and fixins just enough for us. I crocheted and watched football and other tv stuff. I didn't want it to be Monday and have to work, but it was. I should finish up the blanket border tonight. Only one long row to go. Hope you continue to improve and feel better!

  5. My dear Betsy, I am so, so sorry you have been having all of these issues. Bless your heart you have been through so much these past couple of years. I am so happy that you are finally headache free, I hear those headaches are the worst, and that is coming from someone who suffers from headaches. You are so productive even during your time of recuperation. I hope that you are taking it easy and resting as much as you can. Love the photos of the grandkids, they look as happy as can be. And that sweet baby, she is gorgeous. Betsy I am sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. Blessings to you my sweet friend. By the way you deserve every special treat you receive.

  6. I had hoped you and Dennis were off on some fabulous adventure. . . sorry that you've had such a difficult time this month. Thrilled to hear that you're feeling better and that you're able to be upright.

    Love the hats you're knitting for the boys. Those that have little appreciate getting items made especially for them. Bless you for sponsoring another teen in addition to the original two boys.

  7. It's so good to hear from you. You poor dear! I'm so sorry you went through all that. Little Rachel is so precious! She looks like a little doll. You are very talented. I think I will get my crochet hooks out and do some crocheting.

  8. I'm so glad you got to have your son and grandkids there for Thanksgiving! What fun to have Christmas with them while they were there.. very smart. Those antler hats are so gorgeous.. they look like something in a high end store. I'm so glad you're better and wow.. people sure are spoiling you!! Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. It was so nice to catch up with you, Betsy. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with your health. I understand how difficult it can be to have to lie around so much; I had lots of bedrest before and after both of my births, so I know what that aspect is like. The headache sounds awful. I remember a friend having that kind of headache when something went wrong with her epidural during labor. She said it was terrible. I enjoyed seeing all the wonderful things you've made for kids lately. You're so kind and generous. It was nice to see your grandchildren and the new baby girl too. My mother-in-law's name is Rachel so that's a lovely name to me. I hope you're feeling more like yourself soon, take care.

  10. Once I read your comment on my blog post, I knew you were better. Then I spied your post! So good to hear from you again and glad you are much better. Sometimes it is just irritating in life with tests that don't show any thing. I've had one MRI and that was enough and sometimes I just do the best I can without the doctors getting involved. Glad you had a nice time with your son and grandchildren. I pray that your health will continue to improve and no more problems!!! You've sure had your share but God's been there for you in all of it! What would we do without Him? Hugs and love, my sweet friend,

  11. Oh, Betsy! I am so happy to see a post by you. I am so very sorry that you have been suffering so much...that is so terrible to hear. May God just bless you and send every bit of healing you need. I am so glad God blessed you with such thoughtful gifts from kind friends. What a blessing! He is always faithful.

  12. Dear Betsy, my goodness. You have been through the wringer a lot lately. Sometimes those medical tests are so invasive and you still get no answers. A shame you had to go through all that. I can just imagine the headaches. I get awful migraines at times and know that what you experienced was 100 times worse. I've had lower back problems for most of my life and definitely won't let anyone go near it. I hope you get your strength back very soon. It's not easy feeling unwell so often and for so long. May you be blessed with healing. Perhaps it's time for a more holistic approach rather than all the tests doctors want to perform. Sometimes I feel like we are their guinea pigs. I have to say, for someone who was laid up for weeks, you certainly have accomplished a lot craft wise. I love that the boys have asked for such simple things. Most of us have way too much stuff that we don't really need at all. Will be very easy and satisfying putting a gift pack together for them, adding your handmade gifts of love. Those teas you received sound really yummy! Such wonderful gifts that will be put to good use and well used. Bless you, Tammy

  13. I had wondered how you were. Good to hear you are a lot better - what a dreadful time you've had of it. Thanksgiving sounded lovely - pleased for you. You have been very productive. Love the gifts you have received. Take care. Anne x

  14. So sorry to hear you have been poorly and so pleased to receive a post from you...I was wondering!!! It does indeed sound as if you have had a rough time but I hope you can put all that behind you now :-)


    Amanda xx

  15. IM so thrilled to hear from you Betsy. Your family looks so happy in the photos. Distance is so hard on us. WE are lucky to have technology to help. Your thoughtful friends made a difference in your heart and I'm so glad. The GIfts those young boys asked for are so so basic and humble. I bet they will LOVE your hats. Bless you

  16. Hello, Well all I can say is you have chosen joy in the midst of this affliction!
    Please take care of yourself and rest when you can! This to shall pass!
    Blessings, Roxy

  17. Oh Betsy, I do feel for you, I've had a spinal headache the first time I nearly died had a few now, I had it for three days so feel for you for having it for three weeks!!! I was 16, and it was when they finally found out what was wrong with me, they drained all the fluid out of my spine and pumped it full of air to take an X-ray. My body went into shut down. And they had to inject me with cortisone to bring me back.

    I survived, and God is still with me through all the ups and downs...
    ...... technically I should've gone long ago. God has other plans. I'm so glad you were able to see your grandees, and thrilled re your gifts from loving friends, God knows cares and gives us the desires of our hearts... isn't He wonderful!!??? How blessed we are!
    God bless you dear friend, rest in Him..
    Ps 37 rest in the Lord ...wait patiently for Him..fret not thyself in any wise...
    Hard how I know it, but it's a God chosen path dear sister.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  18. Bless your heart that sounds so painful! But I am glad you are healed now, and your knitting projects are so sweet. Your grands are sweet and I am glad you got to see them since they won't be coming on Christmas. Have a blessed day!

  19. Hope each day finds you feeling much better than the previous one! Love that gumdrop blanket! Is it crocheted or knitted? Hugs from Bellevue!

  20. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. I'm playing "catchup" with your posts.I always admire you for all your charity work and contributions to others. I love the fact that you got some "treasures" yourself!

  21. Sometimes when it's a long post I can't remember it all or think it was another post when I go to comment....sorry. I hope your headache is gone for good and so sorry you even had to go through that! I think you are smart to stay away from doctors for awhile if you can. I only go if I need a refill on meds and I don't take much anymore. I love my doctor because he is very holistic and does not believe in doling out a lot of them....I agree whole heartedly but then I don't know your situation. You have to do what is right for you. I also do not have mammograms or pap smears anymore. I think if something is wrong I will know it and I don't believe in looking for problems where there are none. My Mother had her masters in nursing and she never had them either and she never got cancer of any kind. Big medicine is big business don't forget. My RA and Graves are both in remission and I know what caused them and I know how I got them into remission. I take no meds at all for them now and my RA doctor was not too happy either....many doctors get commissions (kickbacks) on some of those high price meds they prescribe. He doesn't want to see me anymore which just fine by me! But he looked at me and said almost arrogantly...."just don't think you're cured because you aren' will always have it". My holistic doctor, on the other hand was truly thrilled that I no longer needed to take the RA meds. Anyway....I don't mean to mind your business....I just sincerely want you to feel better and be healthy but bottom know your body better than anyone else....but remember....your body is naturally healthy and can recover itself in most cases....they don't call it dis-ease for nothing....make sure there is nothing bothering you or that you might be burying in your psyche....issues or sadness not dealt with many times surface as illnesses. Stay healthy! Hugs.....Sam
    P.S. I am not in any way indicating that all diseases are caused by the person that gets ill....I hope I didn't come across like that....I just meant we have to do everything we can personally to stay healthy and not rely totally on physicians to cure us of our "ills". But they are definitely an important part of the team of healing....just make sure you have the right people on your "team".