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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Few Finishes and a Start.

Happy Wednesday my friends.  The sun is trying to break through the fog here and the snow is melting.  Life is good!

We have a baby shower at church on Sunday for a sweet little girl that is due February 7.  I made this sweater set to go with the blanket I showed you last post.
Remember I told you that Harumi is having a girl too.  well I made her a set just like the one above with this yarn....
But as soon as I finished it yesterday I popped all of the blankets and sweater sets in the washer and dryer and then I packed up Harumi's and took the box to the post office this morning before I even thought about taking a picture.  Imagine that little sweater, hat and sockies in the above yarn.  It was really cute.  Sorry about the no picture thing.  :-)  I bought a few little girl outfits and some toys for Harutaro.  I know he'll be a great big brother to the baby.

And then I started something for myself last night.  Lucy at Attic 24 made one of these ponchos in the Lucy colors and then sweet Pammy Sue at Scotty Place on my sidebar sent me the pattern after she made her beautiful poncho.  You should check hers out.  I changed the colors a bit, but here's the start.  I've never made a crochet ribbing out of front and back post stitches before.  I've used those stitches as design elements but not as ribbing.  It works amazingly well but let me tell you, it sucks up the yarn.  What you see there is an entire skein of Red Heart Soft in wheat color.  256 yards.  Just for the cowl part.  Wow!  I bought another skein this morning on my way home from physical therapy.  I'm trying to decide if I want to put a row of the darker wheat (like the cowl part), in the body of the poncho.   I'm liking it so far.  What do you think?
Speaking of physical therapy, I've been twice now and go back again on Friday.  It turns out that they don't believe it's my back at all but my neck!  Oh. My. Goodness.  The pain I was in Monday night after the exercises they did to my neck.  I also get a machine with electrical impulses up and down my neck and ultrasound when they are all done to relax the muscles.  I have exercises to do here at home too.  The thought is that I injured my neck at some point in the past and may not have even realized it.  When it wasn't fixed, the pain just traveled down my spine to a weak point.  Pretty interesting.  My back hasn't hurt since they started the therapy though!  Who woulda thunk it?  :-)  I won't complain if this fixes the problem.  Everyone is really nice there too and I really like the phyical therapist.  We've had a couple of good conversations while he's been working on my neck.

I'm going to relax for awhile and then work in the kitchen a bit on some pre-prep for our Christmas party tomorrow night.  We always wait until the first part of January to have our Bible study potluck and gift exchange.  It gives us all something to look forward to after the rush of the holidays and the inevitable let down.  We've done this for many years now and we love it.

I hope you are all settling into the new year well and happily.  I am so glad to call you my friends and for you stopping by to visit.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that thye may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."  Matthew  5:16




  1. Adorable work Betsy. Your poncho will be so nice and warm. It is positively frigid here.

  2. The baby sweater, hat, and booties are too sweet! Very cute. You made those two sets really fast! LOVE your cowl poncho!! Isn't it fun so far? I'm thinking about starting another just for the fun of it. I'm not sure if I'll use the same pattern or not though. I'm finishing up a doily today. Glad you are getting some relief for your back. I hope it continues to work. (Love that doily in the picture too!)

  3. LOVE it Betsy!!!!! Can't wait to see it done. I love the baby set too. As will your daughter of the heart love the one you have sent to her!
    Enjoy your post Christmas dinner party!!!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Hi Betsy! Gracie, Taci and I met for lunch today and we really missed you! I hope you get to come visit soon. I love your baby sets.. I bet the one you sent to Harumi will be treasured.. maybe she'll send a photo of the baby in it? Hope so! Love the start of your poncho.. so many are making those! Have fun at your party! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I am so glad you are getting some relief from your pain at physical therapy. I have a love/hate relationship with therapy. I always love the therapists but oh do I hate the therapy, especially the first few after surgery. Your poncho is looking really nice. I saw Lucy's and love it but I'm not much of a poncho gal. Hugs, Sharon

  6. Hi there my dear friend. I'm so glad the storm is over. The sweater, hat and booties are so very cute. I'm sure the other one you are sending to Harumi was just as beautiful. You are a knitting machine. I can't believe how quickly you work. The poncho also look so very cute. It will keep you warm this cold winter. Miss you my dear friend.

  7. So glad your neck is healing, Betsy! The baby set you showed us is precious, and I am imagining the pink one is too :-) Your Christmas party sounds like good fun. Today my Orthodox nephew called to thank me for the fruit I sent to he and his wife for Christmas. He greeted me with the seasonal Orthodox greeting, "Christ is born!" There was silence then muttering from me as I tried to remember the correct response, but I finally remembered and exclaimed, "Glorify Him!" He chuckled and was delighted we were "on the same page!" Love to you and Dennis. xx

  8. The baby set is a real delight, and such beautiful colours. Love the cowl of the poncho, the ribbing is amazing. Wishing you every success with the therapy on your neck and hope you will be back to full strength soon.

  9. Such sweet and lovely gifts you have made. :) Love the poncho, it's gonna be very warm and cozy. So glad you are feeling better. Blessings to you always sweet friend. :)

  10. Hullo dear Betsy a beautiful piece of knitting so glad to see your handiwork still going there .. hope it is not too cold lovely here.. and praying that this sorts out the pain.. neck/back pain is not fun!!
    Every blessing dear sis.
    Hugs Shaz in oz.x

  11. Betsy, didn't you have a bad fall a while back? I seem to remember you being hurt. And that is true, the injury will sort of travel to a weak point and cause problems. I am glad they are getting to the source of the problem. Hopefully they are stretching you out and working on your neck as well as giving you exercises. Love the baby set and of course the poncho. You deserve something for yourself.
    Sending you a healing hug,